QVC Customer Choice Awards

QVC Customer choice awards

Recently QVC announced their nominees for the 2012 QVC Customer Choice awards. 6 products from Dr. Perricone were selected to participate in the awards. Listed are the categories followed by the products which you can vote for until Sept. 30th here

  • Skin-care Cleanser: Nutritive Cleanser
  • Face Moisturizer: Face Finishing Moisturizer
  • Eye Cream: Acyl-Glutathione Eyelid Serum
  • Neck Treatment/Cream: Firming Neck Therapy
  • Anti-Aging Treatment: Neuropeptide Facial Cream
  • Night Treatment: Vitamin C Ester 15
  • Beauty Oil: Chia Omega-3 Serum

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  1. Dr Perricone’s advice wkored for me, and though it’s nice to have the book for reference, you don’t really need it. Just cut out all sugar and sugar substitutes, and follow a low-glycemic index diet. Ta-da! Seriously, it did miracles for me.

  2. I would really like to try this.

  3. Hello to all of you at PerriconeMD Cosmeceutical! I have to be honest with you I have tried PERRICONEMD it was the fantastic Neuropeptide Facial Cream! At the time I was working I am a Nurse and didn’t have ALOT of money to spare and the facial Cream was expense but I saved until I had the money and I bought it from QVC. When I received my package I tore into it like it was Christmas Day. I got some out to use and the smell well it was kind of bad that’s when I thought I should read the information on the back and it stated that it wouldn’t smell very good at first but would go away quickly and it did!! Then I put it on my face and fell in love. I love this Facial Cream I saw improvements to my skin in a very short time my face has improved 95% already that’s why I love PERRICONEMD AND I WOULD LOVE TO BE A TESTER IF YOU WILL ALLOW ME. I will be waiting to see if I got it I am very excited and I will always be honest.