Pycnogenol: Therapy for Skin, Deadly for Free Radicals

Many trees and plants are rich sources of powerful botanical extracts with potential as medical and cosmetic treatments. One tree in particular, the French Maritime Pine, is on the cutting edge of this science. Extracts from the bark have been found to have potent anti-inflammatory properties.

French Martime Pine has proven useful in treating painful ailments such as arthritis, and it is playing a role in the battle against aging skin. This extract is called pycnogenol (a crucial part of an anti-inflammatory diet) and Perricone MD’s research has developed a series of skin care products that use pycnogenol to help treat skin’s loss of elasticity and pigment discoloration.

This article will discuss:

Pycnogenol is among the most powerful free-radical blockers available today. Taken in pill form or applied topically to the skin, it is loaded with highly beneficial bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are semi-essential nutrients also found in fruits and vegetables that aid in the treatment and prevention of many health conditions.

Watch this video for more about the anti-inflammatory diet:

The Maritime Pine Tree is native to the millions of acres of forests on the southwestern coast of France, near the popular Bordeaux wine region. The bark has been used for its healing properties for centuries. It is believed that in the 1500s, French explorer Jacques Cartier and his crew were cured of scurvy when of the pine bark given to them by the Native Americans. The substance has become much more popular over the past 35 years because over 170 studies and published review articles have established its safety and efficacy.

Research has shown that pycnogenol can be an ally in the fight against free-radicals and aging, but how does it actually function within the body? As an antioxidant, pycnogenol works as a kind of mop with the  ability to wipe away free-radicals that are trying to damage skin from the inside out. As a result, pycnogenol prevents irritation and skin redness caused by inflammation and helps keep skin looking fresh and healthy.

How pycnogenol helps both inside and out:

Internal Function

  • Improves immune system function
  • Strengthens blood vessel walls and capillaries
  • Prevents artery constriction for better circulation

External Results

  • Improves skin health and renews collagen, creating a face firming effect
  • Provides potent antioxidants to brighten the skin
  • Extracted from Maritime Pine trees, known for centuries old-healing properties, that grow in the South of France
  • Pycnogenol’s natural ability to reduce pain and stress-induced inflammation has interested researchers and skin care experts for decades. Dr. Perricone has made this ingredient readily available to his customers by adding it to his products and having a Perricone promo in order to help give aging skin back its youthful, smooth glow.


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  1. You know, men are also concerned about being healthy and looking healthy. Being over 60 years of age I do notice more fine wrinkles, thinner and more dry skin, as well as some sun-damaged areas. From what I’ve read pycnogenol may be of benefit, and I would like to know with a product I can trust. It would also be nice to possibly stabilize some moderate varicose veins I have on one leg.

  2. I would love to be a product tester.
    I have some brown spots or liver spots on my face and am only 34.

  3. I am anxious to try this product orally and skin serum I am 58 aging pretty well no wrinkles and want to keep it that way. Thanks. Pamela

  4. I’m a 32 yr old, asian/caucasian woman who lives in CA with a lot of sun exposure. I’ve experienced large patches of discoloration on my forehead, upper lip and under eyes ever since I had a photo facial 6 years ago. I’ve tried hydroquinone and various other topicsl treatments to no avail. I’m very self conscious and would love to finally find something that works! Please consider me as a tester. Thanks!

  5. I had small spots of melasma on either side of my nose and upper lip after my 2nd pregnancy. They faded without treatment. I have experienced extreme and extended stress for the last 3 years and the spots came back – larger, darker, and have spread to my forehead. I am taking pycgnogenol supplements but would love to see what result a topical product would yield. I have fair skin, do not smoke or sunbathe, eat organic and am quite healthy. Thank you!

  6. add me!

  7. I am very interested in learning more about Dr. Perricone’s products. Please add me to your Product Interest list. I’m also interested in receiving discounts and special offers.

    Thank you

  8. I am very interested in anti-aging supplements, and trying new products. I find new research fascinating.

  9. I live in New Zealand where the ozone layer is extremely thin and this causes a lot of skin damage. On previous visits to the USA I tried the Perricone range and was
    very impressed with it. Each time I go back I find the
    range has increased substantially, and don’t know what
    to purchase, so it would be such an advantage to trial products and see which are the most appropriate ones for me. I am surrounded by women with similar skin problems but the Dr Perricone range is not available in
    New Zealand so they have to miss out. We need it here.

  10. Would love to see if pycnogenol would help my melasmsa. What are the doses for taking internally?

  11. I’m Hispanic in my late thirties and recently developed brown spots. I had a laser treatment and now I’m suffering from post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. I would love to see how this product would work on this type if problem. I know I am very painfully conscious of my face now and if this product works then I would be a your most fervent spokesperson.

  12. I’m just becoming aware of Pycnogenol and the amazing amount of benefits it has. Many of them would be very beneficial to me and I intend to get started on the supplements. I also love using skin care and have seen several of the QVC spots for Dr. Perricone’s products. They sound amazing. I would really love to try the products with the Pycnogenol and see if it would help with my uneven skin with age spots. Nothing else I’ve tried has helped at all so I’d really like to be a tester. Would it also help with deep wrinkles and sagging skin?


  13. Are the Perricone tester free

  14. this is wonderfull blog … im still looking in this stuff

    Pycnogenol Benefits

  15. I have adrenal exhaustion and have had several vitamin C IVs to help correct all the damage that has come with coritsol overload. Vitamin C IVs breathed life back into my body…however I just recently started adding pycogenol to my multi-vitamin and for the first time in years I have my energy back. I’m back to sleeping only 7 to 8 hours a night as opposed to sleeping 12 hours a night b/c of the exhaustion. I am even thinking more clearly. My skin has severly sufferd b/c of my adrenals and cortisol overload…I would love to experiment with pycogenol on my skin. Pycogenol supposedly reverts the used vitamin C in your body usable again…it keeps the C in circulation. I’ve tried hundreds of different supplements before the doctors finally diagnosed me with adrenal exhaustion and now I know that cortisol depletes your body of Vitamin P (bioflavinoids)…and pycogenol is one of the most saturated. I will take this stuff forever.

  16. Hello,
    I got my Esthetician license in May 2011. However there are so many products out there and I stumbled upon pycongenol today. I am interested in products for acne, hyperpigmentation, anti-aging. I would love to do some case studies on your product. Thank You

  17. If I were to choose a candidate to promote the Perricone brand, my focus would be on the X Factors – Who, How, Why and What kind of person I can use to promote this brand and its products.

    It would be someone with certain skin criteria’s ie. Serious skin problems that is offensive to the individual ie. Pigmented, deep wrinkled, sagging, scarred, burn’t, lack luster, acned, pitted and inflamed skin etc. that requires a genuine product that works.

    I would want to prove to the world that this astounding product can make a dramatic difference with its power packed and amazing ingredients, technology which truly stands out from the rest with its guaranteed effectiveness and efficacy. The results driven brand has ground breaking evidence that is believable without any computer touch ups, technology that is advanced and proven to work in a short space of time and guaranteed to last, and the brand practices Good Manufacturing Practices – that also includes using the correct dosage of ingredients without any cheap fillers.
    Lastly, as per the above criteria, I WILL CHOOSE MYSELF to be the example to promote this product best.

  18. I would dearly welcome the idea of being a tester for all sisters out there who suffer from melasma epidermal or dermal and obsess about getting rid of it. Having researched the subject of melasma Pycnogenol comes up time and time again as one of the components to reduce pigmentation but I have no idea in which form or what dosage to take and then I stumble upon this website. Maybe I’ll be the lucky one to try it out. If not, best of luck to those that are picked out.

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  23. Would love to try this product. I have spent lots of time in the sun over the years and as a result my skin has uneven texture and skin discoloration. Other products I’ve tried have shown no results.

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  26. I have been taking 50 mg of Pycnogenol orally for a few months now. I noticed it helped reduce the redness in my t-zone and lightened my sun discoloration. Recently, I have tried and purchased Dr Perricone’s High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift, which includes Pycnogenol, and absolutely love it! It further lightens the sun discolorations and tightens my skin beautifully. I have used Dr Perricone’s Amine Complex Face Lift for several years and I’m so glad that he recently developed the High Potency formula. I absolutely love the Perricone Line and would not ever think of using any other skin care line.

  27. The Pigment Corrective sytem worked on my skin better than any other Perricone product I have tried. It worked quickly, and I continue to see improvement with continued use. For me, there was an added benefit that it really reduced the number of skin tags I had.

  28. Good Morning. I’m a fair skinned woman in her early thirties with a face full of sun damage & freckles. I’ve researched treatments for hyperpigmentation for many years & I’ve tried everything, including prescription strength 4% hydroquinone. One of my most pronounced areas of discoloration is a large sun spot on my lower check & my dermatologist has mentioned that, since all of our previous efforts with topical creams have failed, a last resort would be to ” freeze it off”. However, as much as I’d love to rid myself of this ugly marking, along with all the rest, I’m not so sure I want to potentially scar my face. Therefore, you can understand my excitement when, during some recent research, I came across your products containing Pycnogenol & became very interested after reading it’s great reviews regarding hyperpigmentation. However, as a stay at home mother of 2 toddlers, any extra money we make goes to our oldest’s extracurricular activities & such. Also, after investing, literally, 100′s & 100′s of dollars into past products that have failed, I am skeptical about spending more of our families hard earned money. Still, I’ve always loved Perricone MD products & I’d love to “product test” your Pycnogenol line to, once & for all, find the products that actually work & prove my dermatologist wrong. I have been signed up, for some time now, as a product tester, but I’ve never been picked. If I am chosen, I can only promise to give 100% honest & thorough reviews. Here’s to hoping we can work together to conquer “irregular pigmentation” in the near future.

  29. I would love to try this product. I have problem skin that I cannot find the right product to help

  30. I have been using the new pigment corrective topical treatment for my hyperpigmented skin and it DOES work. Compared to prescription hydroquinone, this is much more effective because I don’t have to worry about my skin reverting back to it’s previous condition if I forget to use it for a day or two. Thanks Dr. Perricone!

  31. Would love to try this product. I’m sure this would help my skin.


  33. I would live to try this product to see the great results that other posters are raving about!

  34. This product definitely sounds like something that would be beneficial to me. I have problem areas on my face, especially the under-eye area, that this product could possibly take care of. Thank you for the information!



  36. It also helps with Endometriosis.