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Explore if and how 3 products work in Perricone reviews and ingredient explanations:

No Foundation Foundation

Perfect for the summer season, Dr. Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation provides antioxidant benefits, natural translucent coverage, and SPF protection, all while correcting skin undertones and instantly smoothing fine lines.

But does it work?

No Foundation Foundation Reviews:

Absolutely Perfect – This foundation is just the right color, looks natural and gives complete & perfect coverage! The minute I applied it I knew I had found the the perfect foundation!! It also gives that glow to the skin that everyone wants! QVC, Please put on Auto-Delivery?? Please?”—From QVC

Incredible – “I am head over heels for it. It’s ultimately a tinted moisturizer. This evens out my skin so naturally and provides good moisture so my skin always looks dewy and glowing. I absolutely cannot live without this anymore. I am on my 2nd bottle now and still loving it as much as the first. My skin gets oily so on warmer days, I will set with a powder to control shine.”—From Sephora

I LOVE this Product – “I use this product every day. When it is applied sparingly, it lasts all day. I have oily skin, especially in the hot, humid weather we’re having in FL, but since I’ve been using Dr. Perricone’s treatment bar, and this product, my skin looks radiant!”—From SkinStore

How No Foundation Foundation works:

1. Alpha Lipoic Acid
This patented technology works hard while leaving your skin looking flawless.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that:

  • Protects the cell
  • Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration
  • Refines skin texture
  • Reduces pore size, puffiness, imperfections, and uneven skin tone

DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) is a naturally occurring chemical produced by the human brain, and is used in Perricone products to benefit skin.


  • Provides ultimate contouring benefits to skin beginning to lose elasticity
  • Delivers lifted, tightened and toned appearance to the skin
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

3. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide
These all-natural substances provide sunscreen protection without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Based on proven patented technology, and reviews by those who’ve tried it, Dr. Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation works, and can be applied evenly in gentle circular motions on top of treatment and/or moisturizer all over face.

Cold Plasma

Representing Dr. Perricone’s most comprehensive and efficacious work to date, Cold Plasma offers the skin all it needs for optimal health by correcting the 10 most visible signs of aging.

But does it work?

Cold Plasma Reviews:

Amazing Product – “I’ve been using cold plasma for about a week now, and I have seen a difference already. The redness around my cheeks are not as pronounced, and the wrinkle lines across my forehead are diminishing!! My face also seems to have a smoother more radiant look. I know it’s a bit pricey but it’s worth very penny. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed…”—From QVC

Perfect – “This cream already makes my face look better, if you want your skin to look younger, this is it. this is a very good product.”—From Amazon

Love this product – “This product has done wonders for my face. After 1 month of constant use, my face looks and feels firmer and toned. The red on my face is practically gone. The pore size diminished and the wrinkles less noticeable! I love it because it’s my day and night treatment product! Worth every penny!”—From Sephora

In clinical studies:

  • 94% said they felt it gave their skin all it needs
  • 89% said their skin never looked healthier or smoother
  • 85% reported instant results
  • 79% said it worked better than anything else they have used

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

How Cold Plasma Works:

1. Advanced Neuropeptide Technology
Neuropeptide treatment activates surface renewal of the dermis to reveal visibly younger looking skin.

Plus this technology also offers powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

Helps to lift, tone and contour skin’s appearance.

3. DHA
Docosahexanoic acid (DHA) is an Omega-3 fatty acid found in coldwater fish.

DHA provides superior hydration.

Proven to work, Dr. Perricone recommends applying on cleansed skin morning and evening. Follow with treatment and/or moisturizer. Cold Plasma boosts the benefits of all Perricone MD treatments.

Firming Neck Therapy

With the use of Phospholipids, Perricone MD Firming Neck Therapy is formulated to tone, tighten, and form a barrier to increase the appearance of skin’s overall elasticity and thickness while nourishing and hydrating skin.

But does it work?

Neck Firming Cream Reviews:
Amazing product – “I’ve been using this for over a year. I cease to be amazed at how firm it keeps my neck. I’m 57 and people think I’m 45 at the most. This is an amazing product. I saw a difference within a few days when first using it.”—From QVC

This product delivers – “This product delivers. After only using for a short period of time, the skin on my neck appears more firm and smooth. I love it!” —From SkinStore

Clincal studies prove that after 4 weeks of use:

  • 97% showed improved skin texture (skin appeared and felt softer and smoother)
  • 77% reported improvement in elasticity

How Firming Neck Therapy Works:

1. Palmitoyl Carnosine
This peptide has anti-glycating qualities which:

  • Help prevent wrinkles and loss of elasticity
  • Firm skin and smooths neck creases
  • Reduce the visible signs of aging

2. Phospholipids (Phos E)
Phos E is particularly effective on skin that’s dry or sensitive

Phos E:

  • Helps repair damaged skin
  • Hydrates and treats dry, fragile skin
  • Calms and soothes skin

3. Tocotrienols
Tocotrienol is a form of vitamin E and found in natural tropical oils.


  • Delivers antioxidant and emollient benefits
  • Nourishes and helps repair sensitive or dry skin
  • Improves skin’s overall health and impart a vibrant and rosy glow

Smooth Firming Neck Therapy over your entire neck in the morning and evening.

Perricone reviews written by real people, with ingredient explanations should help set a more credible platform for Perricone products.

If you’ve tried these products, what do you have to say?

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  1. On a weight loss program and developing a lot of loose skin in teh neck region. I would love to see if your neck firming formula will help with this…..

  2. WEll, I turned 60 last Jan and I can clearly see my skin beginning to say…does your neuro peptide creme really work? You need to test your products on women in my age group to see what results are obtained…..otherwise no one really knows what works and what does not.

  3. lovely the whole Perricone line, the whole enchilada in a system that can transform troubled skin to beautiful skin. wonderfully perfect way to become a new better you…. I would love the opportunity to experience this remarkable skin care line as a product tester..