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forever young

It’s been 10 years since Perricones first book, The Wrinkle Cure, which introduced his theory that inflammation is at the root of aging and age-related disease. Perricone used diabetes as an inflammatory model to understand its role in the production of free radicals that lead to glycation and inflammation. This helped lead him to is Inflammation Theory of Aging.

In Forever Young, Dr. Perricone discusses another accelerated aging model: an acute, severe, systemic infection known as sepsis.

Why sepsis? Sepsis leads to disorders that take place on a cellular level and closely resembles, in an abbreviated period of time, what happens to the body as it ages over a longer period of time. So from his findings, which Perricone reveals in the book, he was able to develop a diet comprised of certain nutrients that can turn on the genes that block disease and turn off the genes that cause accelerated aging, weight gain and disease.

Could Forever Young be your roadmap to the fountain of youth?

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  1. The book is amazing, i only did part of the diet and seen a change within a week. The fruits are a must that was the easy part. I tried one of his skin serums and loved it. I suggest all his products they’re amazing on sensitive skin.

  2. Please help me. I purchased Dr. Perricone’snew book, Forever Young, and my receipt number is 151207820 for the amount of $15.21. Please help me obtain the free $75.00 GIFT TREATMENT promised by Dr. Perricine upon sending receipt for purchase of his new book…Forever Young.
    Thank you for your assistance as I am a faithful Dr. Perricone customer. Please mail to my address: RITA VECOLI

  3. Sounds like something worth trying! I just pre-ordered the book and forwarded my order confirmation. :)

  4. I can’t wait to receive the book!

  5. I cannot wait to read the book and try the treatment! There is a lot of research and science behind the brand!

  6. I would love to see if this could help with the redness I have all over my face. I have been told only laser treatment can help.