PerriconeMD – Cold Plasma Eye

Dark circles and puffy eyes can be a result of a number of factors such as heredity, lack of sleep, stress and hormonal changes, among other causes.

The new PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye is a rich cream-serum suited for treating the delicate eye area. This emollient cream absorbs quickly and hydrates, while helping minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles in the targeted area.

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Features and Benefits of PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye

Looking to have a renewed, more youthful and luminous appearance? Look no further than PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye.

PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye cream is formulated to help reduce the appearance of:

  • Puffiness
  • Dark circles
  • Lines and wrinkles

Like the original Cold Plasma, the patented, fast-acting carrier system of PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye delivers benefits where skin needs it most.

How to Apply PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye

To apply PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye, Dr. Perricone recommends gently patting on the cream. Use in both the morning and the evening.

Cold Plasma Eye complements all other PerriconeMD treatments, including the original Cold Plasma and the Face Finishing Moisturizer.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

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  1. I got a sample of Cold Plasma Eye about 3 weeks ago and have been using it day and night and have noticed a big difference in my eyes. I just turned 37 and i am obsessed with keeping the wrinkles at bay. I have noticed a big reduction in the puffiness and dark cirles and im sure after a few more weeks of use the fine lines will start to diminish too. I love this product and i hope from all the hints ive dropped to my husband that i will get a full size product for Valentines. Love love love this product. Thankyou Dr Perricone and Staff.

  2. I turned 60 years in April of 2010. I would sincerely like to be considered to test this new product by the highly acclaimed Dr. Perricone. I am always interested in exploring ways to remain youthful. I feel young, and I want to remain young.

  3. I have tried every cream and concealer possible to cover my dark circles, which is now getting more difficult as I age. At age 60, I am finding that the moisturizing creams don’t seem to “absorb” and that the concealers now settle into the wrinkles within my dark circles.

    I would love to be a tester for the Perricone MD products.

  4. despite the fact that i am relatively young–(and yes i use sunscreen) the skin around my eyes is generally dry and lined.
    not to mention the fact i also contend with dark circles and puffiness. after 10 days i am genuinely shocked by how well cold plasma eye has performed: smoother looking skin on the upper and lower lids, darkness and circles have diminished, puffiness is improved. anxious to see the effects after a full month!

  5. I am 63 and have tried everything on the market for eyes. Have puffiness and lines even on my lids. I use all perricone products but would love to try the cold plasma for eyes!

  6. I am just turning 39 years old, have tried sooo MANY different skin care lines(being in the skincare field) and i have to say this brand is one of the best brands available.I have never seen my skin look so good from a product.I just tried the cold plasma for face and would LOVE to try the eye.People say my skin looks like a 20 something year olds.I owe a lot of it to dr perricone skincare.I’m a walking advertisment.Would love to be a tester for the new product!

  7. I read The Wrinkle Cure back in 2002 but I’ve never tried the products. I’m forty and most concerned about my neck and lower face, which have most noticeably deteriorated over the past couple of years (although my eyes could use some help too–ah cruel time!).

  8. I used to have such pretty eyes and now they are puffy with dark circles. I recently turned 40 and feel like I aged 10 years almost over night. I have tried a lot of different creams and none of them have made much of a difference. I would love to try your eye cream.

  9. The smell is very offensive.

  10. At 62 years old with “fading beauty” , Dr. Perricone offers hope to aging baby boomers who don’t want to age like our mothers. As long as he keeps developing products I want to try them. Therefore, please let me be your next “guinea pig”. I am an educator in the Phila. public school (middle school) and I have STRESS. I don’t want it on my face. Please Dr. Perricone let me get in line for your next trial.

  11. I’m interested in the Dr. Perricone products but would like to test some of them before I spend the money. I noticed that there was a special on the shopping channel on the cold plasma products but was too late to order them. The products are a bit expense and I would like to try some before I buy them. Thankyou

  12. do i need the potent eye lift or the cold plasma eye to make the most difference in puffiness and dark circles?

  13. I would love to try perricone cold plasma for my eye before i purchased. Could i get a sample. Thanks

  14. Hello!
    I’d love to test the eye Plasma.

    Thank you,

  15. I am nearly 59 and have used Perricone products for a while. Everyone at the office is always chocked when I tell them my age. I have just ordered the cold plasma and will see. It’s supposed to be even better then the other products…can’t wait.! One thing is for sure, when I got the email from Perricone products that showed the face of someone using the product after so many weeks, there was a before and after picture, I could not resist ordering it!

  16. I have just finished chemotherapy and will soon have surgery and radiation. I currently use several Dr. Perricone products and would like to step it up with cold plasma and other advanced anti-aging products.

  17. I saw a presentation of these products just last night on QVC and was very impressed. I am cautious to invest so much money on a product without sampling it first. I have been using the same products for the last 20 years and don’t feel like I’m getting the results I need as I’m getting older. This could be the answer to my prayers!

  18. I was just introduced to the Perricone MD Cold Plasma line today by QVC. I am anxious to see if it works on my eyes. I am 37 and have recently noticed dark circles under my eyes. And when I smile, I am shocked seeing puffiness! Makes me not want to smile. I would love to be a Perricone tester, especially if I become hooked on your product.

  19. I am not a fan of cosmetic surgery in most cases but would like to be the best I can be at my age.. I have pretty good skin for 57, very few real wrinkles, however my eyes have puffiness in the inner upper corner, and a little puffiness below. I respond pretty well to good products..would really like to try the Plasma Eye cream..

  20. I have tried several of Dr. Perricone’s products from the sample kits from QVC, and I have to say I find my 56 year old skin looks and feels many years younger. The majority of my colleagues are in their late 30′s-early 40′s, and watching their mouths fall open when they discover my age makes my day! I really want to try the products in the Cold Plasma line along with many of the other products, and hope I get a chance to as a product tester.

  21. I love Perricone products! My newest find is the Intensive Pore Minimizer. It is absolutely amazing! I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I am very interested in trying the Cold Plasma Eye. It has such great reviews. I cannot wait to see how it will improve the area under my eyes!

  22. I could use this because at almost 36 year old I already have pretty bad crow’s feet. Like an idiot, I smoked for 14 years and used a tanning bed in my early twenties. I’ve been smoke free for 5 years though!

  23. I turn 30 Saturday and definitely need this! I’m so worried about the fine lines I’m beginning to see just getting worse over time. This is just the thing I need. What a great birthday gift it would be!

  24. I am a 32 yr old who is in search of a new skin care line! I have heard amazing things about Perricone MD and specifically the new Cold Plasma Eye cream! I would love love love to be a tester, which I know would help me end my quest for my next skin care line! Thank you for the consideration!

  25. i like to try dr perricone products under eye area see if help remove some wrincles

  26. i like to become a dr perricone tester

  27. I love this stuff! This is my first Perricone product I have used. I have only used this a short time and already can see a difference. Can’t wait to try some other Perricone products to add to my anti-aging skincare arsenal!

  28. I am filipino/chamorro, 35yrs old, mom to 3 teenagers, wear hard contacts, have allergies, live in the NW, work at a computer all day, commute 2 hours/day minimum & need something to combat dark circles, puffiness, and lack of firmness around the eye. I have the occasional breakout with combination skin. I’ve used Perricone in the past & just haven’t been able to keep up due to the cost. I’d love to be a Perricone tester. I picked up a sample of the Cold Plasma Eye @ Nordstrom today & can’t wait to test it out.

  29. i am newly 40, and over the years i have used many different products..most i don’t see much-if any results from. i am ready to try something, that really works and stick with it!! i am a bartender, and i work nights, there is alot of smoke–and!! i don’t want to look forty…cuz i don’t feel it! please hook a sista up!! cindy b

  30. Love Dr. Perricon products, recently became unemployed and can’t afford to purchase many of the products that I’m use to.

    Donna E. Harbans

  31. I have been using Cold Plasma for just a few weeks. Already I can see the puffiness and dark circles diminishing. I am 69 years old and have used many different products. It is very discouraging to be asked if you are tired or not feeling well. Hopefully, using the Cold Plasma will brighten my eyes and give me a wide-awake look. Thank you, Dr. Perricone, for your wonderful product.

  32. I would love to be a Perricone tester. I am 59 years old and want to do all that I can to keep my skin young and radiant looking. I just recently tried the cold plasma for your face and in only 2 days just love the feel and the way it makes my skin look. I would like to try the Cold Plasma Eye for my tired eye look. I don’t want to sound like I am begging, but…..PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE PICK ME!

  33. I love the cold plasma, could take a bath in it. It makes my skin luminous, soft, more firmness. Wish I could afford to buy it all the time, but I live on a fixed budget. Please consider me to be a Perricone tester. I use a lot of the Perricone products, love the facial creme and deep wrinkle drops. Love to test more products.

  34. I love Perricone products so I was really excited to try the Cold Plasma Eye. I am only 34 years old, but I definitely want to prevent further aging as long as I can! I felt the Cold Plasma Eye helped me to look less tired and puffy. No matter what I do, I always feel like I look tired, so this product is a total lifesaver! I don’t even need to sleep anymore! Okay, thats stretching it, but believe me when I say after using this you will look like you had the best nights sleep ever!

  35. [...] different is that Cold Plasma Eye is formulated with anti-inflammatory antioxidant Vitamin C Ester to address loss of elasticity and [...]

  36. My eyes are a nightmare after trying every eye cream out there. I would love to try the Cold Plasma Eye cream to see if it will address my red irritated eyes which are developing wrinkles and puffiness.
    Thank you.

  37. I am currently using Perricone products, but haven’t tried the Cold Plasma line. I’m turning 55 soon and look forward to seeing what new wonders Cold Plasma can do for my eyes, which are seeing the effects of time.

  38. I’ve been an avid Perricone user for the past 7 years. I must say 40 is the new 30, with the help of Dr.Perricone products I’m always complemented on my skin. I suffer from dark circles I’d like to see what cold plasma eye can do for them.

  39. I hate the puffiness & dark circles. I have tried everything possible,
    except surgery. I would order this product if it was available. I tried the sample of cold plasma for the face & LOVE it. I am 61 & my eye problems make me look old & tried. I would love to try cold plasma eyes & see if I really can reverse some of my problems!!

  40. I would love to become a tester. i have tried many of your products and absolutely love them. Please consider me as a tester.

  41. I am using cold plasma eye that I bought on QVC. I notice you guys don’t have it on your web. Oh my God, It brightens my eyes so much. I notice a more hydrating effect. I love it. Can’t wait to see if it will help with my wrinkles around the eye area. I only been using it for 4 days. Love it!

  42. Love what cold plama does for my face I can’t imagine what it will do for my eyes (well… I can, that’s why I want to try it:). I suffer from loss of elasticity, dark circles, and puffiness:/

  43. Hi,
    I just started using your Cold Plasma and would love to try the eye cream as well, thank you! It would be wonderful to use them together!

  44. I just started with Cold Plasma Eye. What first struck me about this product was that it is absorbed so quickly. A lot of eye creams sit on top of the skin and many of them eventually work their way into my eyes and are irritating. The other thing about this product is that it is so gently, so comforting, so smooth . . . you feel like you’re doing something wonderful for your skin. I do have one question . . .Is there a Perricone product that should be used over it?

  45. I have tried Cold Plasma and am very pleased with it. It reduced my need for adding additional moisturizer during the winter months. I’m looking forward to Cold Plasma Eye.

  46. I would like to try your Cold Plazma products. I saw a review of your product on QVC and was impressed by their presentation. I would like to sample these products before I pay $150 for a product that I may not like.

    I am 66 years old and need some help! THANK YOU!

  47. Wow! I’m late coming to the party, but I got here as soon as I could!! If Perricone makes and eye product as good as the original Cold Plasma, count me in. I’ll order it today.

  48. This is absolutely terrific. Thank you Dr. Perricone for creating the Cold Plasma products!!!

  49. Hi,

    I am 62, and I am an avid Perricone fan. I love Cold Plasma, I have incorporated it into my HP poducts and my skin has never looked better. I am very anxious to try Cold Plasma Eye, since I am showing some puffiness and lack of brightness in that area.

  50. Hi,
    I am 63 years young and have spent much of my life taking the best care of my skin that is possible. Although I look good for my age one can always look better! I am anxious to try cold plasma eye to address the dark circles that seem to get worse with time. I would love to test this product to see if it can help!!