PerriconeMD – Cold Plasma Eye

Dark circles and puffy eyes can be a result of a number of factors such as heredity, lack of sleep, stress and hormonal changes, among other causes.

The new PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye is a rich cream-serum suited for treating the delicate eye area. This emollient cream absorbs quickly and hydrates, while helping minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles in the targeted area.

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Features and Benefits of PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye

Looking to have a renewed, more youthful and luminous appearance? Look no further than PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye.

PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye cream is formulated to help reduce the appearance of:

  • Puffiness
  • Dark circles
  • Lines and wrinkles

Like the original Cold Plasma, the patented, fast-acting carrier system of PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye delivers benefits where skin needs it most.

How to Apply PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye

To apply PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Eye, Dr. Perricone recommends gently patting on the cream. Use in both the morning and the evening.

Cold Plasma Eye complements all other PerriconeMD treatments, including the original Cold Plasma and the Face Finishing Moisturizer.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

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  1. Hi . . .I need this eye cream because I want one that actually works! I am always searching for products that have the latest and most effective ingredients, and actually do what they claim. Perricone products seem to be always cutting edge and one of the leaders in effective formulations, and that is why I need the Cold Plasma Eye Cream. Thanks!

  2. I’m imprest by this innovation. Can i be a partaker?

  3. I have tried just about every dark circle treatment out there. nothing works on my dark circles and puffiness. I would like to try a product that will become part of my regular skin care regime, one that I can honestly recommend to my friends and clients.

  4. I really need this because I buy everything! I really want to stick with on special line which works, not to mention the antioxidant properties which is critical to good health. I take supplements internally and I know the importance of their role. I would love to try the topical side of clean advanced skin care products. Thank you…..Lin

  5. I have tried numerous products that promise to diminish dark circles. Even the more expensive products don’t do anything to help. I always have a tired look due to the darkness around the eye area. I woudl love to try the Cold Plasma for Eyes. Please help!

  6. I would love to try the product Cold Plasma for the eye, well the complete line, but especially the eye cream. I have tried several high end lines and still continue to get lines, and am thinking there isn’t anything that is going to work. I take good care of my skin, but this is an area of concern for me. I’m turning 50 this year, and others say I don’t look it, but I feel my eyes are giving it away!

  7. I am glad to hear that this may be the answerto treat and make puffiness and dark circles go away…the name of this product sounds great!! I have tried other products, but i havent seen a major effect.

  8. I am 63 and don’t know what I need I do have fine and deep wrinkels, also my neck needs something and crappey skin! help please

  9. I really need this product to help reduce line around the orbital part of the eye and some puffiness I notice. iI want to look good as long as possible. I am now 60, as of today and would like to continue to look the best I can.

  10. I love the cold plasma eye cream it makes my eye area look really smooth but hasnt helped the puffiness :(

  11. I would love to test this to see if I should buy it. I’m 18 and have had dark circles under my eyes. Literally looks like I’ve been punched in both eyes. It’s ridiculous, I always have to use my dance makeup or heavy concealed to look normal. I want to fix the circles to stop having to wear so much makeup

  12. I would love to see the benefits of trying this eye product. I have puffiness and shadows under my eyes as well as broken capellaries, and fine lines and wrinkles. I’ve heard incredible things and have tried all sorts of natural products, herbs and supplements as well as expensive cosmetic lines but nothing that I’m extremely happy with. Help :)

  13. My eyes make me look so old! My lids are hooded,crepey. I have puffiness,dark circles and dryness and yes, i do have lines.I have spent a lot of money on high end eye cremes and not one of them delivers. I would consider an eye job as a last resort. Please can your eye creams make a difference?

  14. I am 56 – like most am searching for that one skin regime that truly works. I take care of myself and at some point will seriously consider cosmetic surgery so my face does not totally plunge into senior abyss. I can honestly say I have tried just about every single brand out there including some of Perricones years ago and just recently have become intrigued by the Cold Plasma – which by the way is how I came across this site. There is definite slackening of the jaw line…..the tone of the skin is changing showing more fine lines overall with creases in the forehead finally becoming more apparant. The undereye area shows beginnings of definite tear troughs due to skin slackness as well as puffiness which magnifies dark circles.

  15. i NEED cold plasma eye !i have loose skin and puffyness under my eyes ,it adds years to my face ,i would love to try it,

  16. I love my Cold Plasma, its a miracle, ive seen a noticible improvement in my skin since i started using it. Would love to try all of His products.

  17. Since turning 50 I have noticed the puffiness and dark circles have really hit me hard. I hate it when friends and family continually tell me that I look ‘tired’. I have spent a small fortune on just about every anti-aging product out there and can only dream of being able to afford Dr. Perricone’s products, as they are not cost prohibitive on my budget.

  18. I would love to try cold plasma eye I have dark circles under my eyes that I fight every day. This sounds like a wonderful product that I would love to try.

  19. I would love to test cold plasma and other porducts

  20. I bought Perricone cold plasma for the face and was so thrilled that I went ahead and bought the cold plasma for eyes. It arrived today and I can’t wait to see what it does to the dark circles underneath my eyes. I’d love to try some of the other products involved in facial firming. I’ve heard the neuropeptide serum is just amazing but at this point in time I can’t afford it but am saving hard :-)

  21. I have had acne and bad skin for many of my 47 years until about 4 years ago I tried a sample of Perricone Face Firming Activator and was amazed at how quickly it began to clear my skin. I’m a hair stylist so my appearance was important to me. I then added Perricone cleansers firming facial toner to my morning and evening wash but I have never been able to clear up the dark circles around my eyes. I have looked into the product and it is too expensive for my budget. I would love to try this product my collegues always say how smooth my skin is but the dark circles tend to age me. Please help me try this product for freearound my eyes it would really boost my esteem.

  22. Puffy eyes are a terrible sight. Many hide their eyes behind the many fashionable sunglasses, yet there appears to be many interventions that can reduce this age old problems. I welcome some feedback as to the effectiveness.

  23. I would love to try this product out!

  24. I love all of his products!

  25. I started noticing how much wrinkles I got around the eye area when I turned 35. I am using the cold plasma and it really works. I would love to try the cold plasma eye too.

  26. I am 57 years old and am a cosmetic junkie. I have tried nearly everything and obtained some samples of the Cold Plasma eye, face and body and have to say that after a few days I could see the difference around the eye area. I believe I am seeing the same for the body (thigh area). I would love to become a tester of Dr. Perricone’s products. I am a quality software tester as my occupation and have a great attention to detail. Please consider me as a new tester of your products.

    Thank You

  27. I tried a sample of this and I’m astonished as to what a difference this made just overnight! My eyes were bright, tightened and rested! Amazing product!!

  28. Just one week using Cold Plasma Eye and the lines under my eyes look finer and the skin softer.

  29. I would LOVE to be a tester! I have troubled skin, sensitive, dry, red and nothing seems to work on the redness or the dryness! Dark eyes have become a problem and getting puffy with fine lines. I NEED HELP! I would love to know what to use that would really work!!!

  30. I would love to try this and become a perricone tester. I have friends about the same age that i would love to show a product that really works Linda

  31. Would love to try this product! I am turning 50 this month and as of today have not found a product that really really helps on the lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

  32. The Cold Plasma moisturizer works great with my oily, aging skin. The smell is a bit off putting when it’s first applied, but seems to dissipate fairly quickly. I’ll be curious to see if the eye cream works as well. Especially now that I’m noticing more fine lines and discoloration around my eyes.

  33. Great product, terrible smell! Made me want to throw-up!

  34. My son has really dark circles and we have tried so many products and none have worked. He has even been asked if he is sick or has not slept. He works in a customer service environment and feels bad about himself. Please choose him to try your new Plasma eye product. If this worked for him he would be a great example of how good your product works and we would be eternally grateful to find a product that will give him his self esteem back. thank you

  35. I have been a huge fan of Dr. Perricone since seeing him on PBS many years ago. I have several of his books and very much respect his scientific approaches to health and beauty. I recommend him, his books, and his diets all the time, as people are always asking me how I stay so thin, and what products I am using….(and, have NO idea how old I am!!) I would love to have the opportunity to test drive Cold Plasma Eye.

  36. I would love to test this product…and also some other products as samples.I want to see what really works before I put in any more money …these products are worth I am sure