Perricone MD – Super Berry Powder with Acai

Who doesn’t want to feel an overall sense of well-being? Acai is known to deliver not only that, but also a boost of energy.

Dr. Perricone’s Super Berry Powder includes acai among a combination of other berries to protect against free radical damage and to provide other benefits.

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Key Sciences and Application

Acai, Dr. Perricone’s #1 recommended superfood, has essential fatty and amino acids with trace minerals and fiber. This fruit from the Amazon is so packed with antioxidants that it perishes within 24-hours, which means you can’t get it fresh in the U.S.

Besides acai, Super Berry Powder is formulated with other beneficial berries:

  • Blueberry: a powerful antioxidant which helps to speed up brain functioning and encourages youth and vitality.
  • Raspberry, Blackberry, Cranberry: contain antioxidant phyto-nutrients, so they deliver anti-inflammatory benefits and fight disease.

Mix 1 packet with water per day for an energy boost and an overall sense of well-being. Using lukewarm water helps the powder dissolve more effectively.

Recent Reviews of Super Berry Powder with Acai

Really yummy – “I have a higher energy level-don’t get so tired & equally important, my stomach is much flatter. When I run out of this, the good effects go away. I love it & it does encourage me to drink that extra 16 oz. of water a day!” —From Sephora

Convenient, healthy boost – “The individual packets are easily tucked into your bag to take with you. I just pour one packet into a glass of water, stir, & drink. The flavor reminds me of a fruity diet drink. It does have the aftertaste of an artificial sweetener (stevia), which I personally don’t like. Hopefully they improve that issue. Otherwise, it tastes fine.” —From SkinStore

Love it - “its a good way to get that extra bit of insurance that you’re getting all those healthy antioxidants. also makes my skin look great from the inside out and helps boost my energy.” —From DrugStore

High energy – “Love this product, High Energy, quit drinking Diet Coke, started drinking this, have already gone down 2 pant sizes. Justify the price by adding up all caffeinated beverages I purchases [sic].” —From Sephora

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  1. How do I buy these packages containing acai berry? What is the price?

  2. I just tried this for the first time and the taste reminds me of drinking juice in the summer time as a kid. I love it!

  3. L O V E this product!!! I was given a sample at Nordstrom’s at the end of a long day, mixed in my water bottle and it was delicious. Soon after I had more energy and felt more clear headed, it was GREAT! I want a box of it for everyday!!!
    Can’t wait to get more,

  4. How much water for each packet ?

  5. I have been an avid fan for years.