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Skin and Total Body supplements are part of Dr. Nicholas Perricone‘s 3-Tiered Philosophy for a healthy you, which consists of an anti-inflammatory diet, supplements, and topicals. Each tier works to counteract cellular inflammation.

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In particular, Skin and Total Body supplements are recommended for:

  • Anyone hoping to treat the causes of aging
  • Menopausal women for increasing bone strength
  • People who want to detoxify their bodies
  • Those looking for an energy boost

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How Skin and Total Body Works

Watch this video for an overview of Skin and Total Body:

Skin and Total Body supplements are powerful nutraceuticals that improve your body both inside and out.


  • Improves immune system and cognitive skills
  • Maintains healthy joints, bones, hair, and nails


  • Stimulate growth of hair and nails
  • Enhances skin’s appearance, by working to:
    • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
    • Give skin a youthful, glowing radiance

The key sciences include:

  • Perricone Prescription Super Antioxidant Formulas
  • Omega 3
  • Derma-Glo
  • Rejuvenate
  • Skin & Joint Essentials
  • Calcium/Magnesium Blend
  • Astaxanthin

Note: Skin and Total Body is “the ideal cocktail of healthy skin vitamins;” for a list of the specific ingredients within each of these key sciences, see the “Ingredients” section on the Skin and Total Body product page.

Proper Dosage of Skin and Total Body

Perricone’s Skin and Total Body supplements are a synergy of high potency ingredients. Dr. Perricone recommends taking one packet 2X a day with meals.

Skin and Total Body is manufactured in a GMP-certified lab, which ensures that “good manufacturing practice” standards for the quality, safety, and cleanliness of ingredients are met.

These supplements are free from:

  • Synthetic fillers
  • Preservatives
  • Flavors
  • Colors
  • Sugar
  • Sodium
  • Wheat
  • Gluten

Recent Reviews

Worth the price – “I realize that Perricone Skin & Total Body Dietary Supplements are very expensive vitamins, so trust me, I wouldn’t recommend them if they didn’t perform. They do!…I really do see the difference when I look in the mirror.” —From Everyday Health

Noticeable results – “Perricone gives you a glow from the inside out…never upsets your stomach and people claim they can see the difference in my skin.” —From Total Beauty

Love this supplement – “I love these! I think they are the best out there. My hair gets thicker, my nails grow like weeds, and my skin glows! I will continue to use these!” —From

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  1. I am 42 years old , eat well and exercise regularly. I found my way to this site researching stretch mark treatments and am curious to see how these supplements may improve my overall skin appearance adn specifically, what impact they have on extreme, 22+ yrs old stretch marks. I have tried everything. If this product helps, I will be your biggest endorser!

  2. I am a 31 year old mother of 3 boys, and a full time student. Life has been hectic, busy (of course a total blast with my boys)! But I have neglected my skin and body. I just am starting to notice my larger pores fine wrinkles awful skin. I just order perricone a pore treatment and heard awesome reviews so excited to use and see results! I started looking at the sight and noticed supplements which I am very interested in, I know how beneficial they can be personally. I would be thrilled to have a chance to try these and would follow the daily regime and update my experience with them throughout. ThankYou!

  3. I am interested in being a product tester , I am currently struggling with menopausal skin , i would like to consider taking a supplement to see if it will be of any benefit , thank you

  4. I’ve been suffering from bad acne and now hormonal acne all my life. I’ve tried everything and my mom suggested maybe I should try these vitamins. I would be willing to be test them out to really see what kind of improvements they make for me overall. Thank you!!

  5. Perricone Youtuber Hello I’ve been watching your YouTube videos which I find highly suitable to help educate patients as well as myself. I’m a 48y old female with a highly youthful appearance, in which I receive many compliments and would like to maintain my youthfulness. Add me please. I find your products to be of good and highly recommended.

  6. I am interested in being a Product Tester, but wanted to let you know the video link above is not working. It says it is “Private”. I have been considering purchasing the vitamins and have been doing a lot of research on them. I would like to see the above video before making a decision. Thank you.

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  9. I have been taking one packet per day because I already eat a diet that is rich in most of the ingredients in Total Body, and I still cannot believe the difference since I began taking them! I have more endurance during my workouts, more focus at work and my skin looks amazing! Hooked!

  10. I’m excited and anticipate how these wonderful products will help fight the aging process.

    I admire Dr. Ps pioneering these new frontiers.

    Thankyou Dr. P.

  11. Follow your diet and i notice and feel immediate results. Ur advice saved me…. I would be interested in trying some supplements. I would even purchase a small box but am hesitant to purchase a box of 60. I am still young (33). Dont think i need too many but would love to try. Ty dr p !!

  12. Do you have samples (smaller size)? I am a single mom who has not felt well in years and trying to follow Dr P way but can not afford all this! PLease help

  13. I’m 41 years old and beginning to see the affects of the bad choices I’ve made over the years. I just want to age gracefully without going under the knife or enduring monthly injections. I’m not looking for younger, just refreshed. $145 is a bit steep for me without being guaranteed results. I would love to test the Perricone products.

  14. I would like to win a chance to try these supplements as my skin is horrible and red all the time and I really would like to try something that works.

  15. I have been researching the benefits of your products outside of the claims explained in you books and I am a believer. I want to make the investment to take the mystery out of what are the best supplements to achieve the results that I am looking for but hesitate with so many differnt options out there on the market. I keep coming back to Dr Perricones products and would love to know someone who has used them and could share their experience.

  16. I have extremely bad scaring and it doesn’t stop there. I’m still getting bad acne cyst, and black heads fill in everywhere possible. My face almost looks dirty and on top of it I have red spots all over my cheeks and chin. I’m to the point where I want to just die already and end the misery. I need some recommendations bc I don’t even know what to start with. I’m 18 and I already see aging as well. PLEASE HELP!! I would like to test your products, and I would also like to buy if only I knew what to get!

  17. i want this because i want my body to be completely balanced and dr perricone takes away the stress of having to go and course vitamins for myself. i trust him completely knowing that everything he puts in those tablets is fully researched and balanced and i have seen the difference. It keeps me slim which tells me that it must balance my hormones and my body. i love it!

  18. I have friends who swear by this. Since having children, my body and skin have changed drastically and my typical vitamin regime isn’t doing the trick anymore.

  19. I am 32 year old female.5’3 130lbs . I was diagnosed hypothyroidism in 2008 and put on levythroxine, acne, brown pigmentation on my right check, and joint pain. I am currently trying to change my diet and life style.

  20. I would like to try a dietary supplement which does not just promise but really produces visible results.This one has many useful vitamins and I think that it delivers what it promises!

  21. I have researched your products and no where else have I found any to be of the calibre that Perricone products are. They all have sound scientific reasons and therefore produce results. Quite honestly I do not have much money to spend on products that will not produce results. When I know something works I will save my pennies for that product. I had bariatric surgery two years ago and have been losing weight and regaining my health, figure and youthful nature. I take care of myself and have learned to value myself—-this includes my skin —I want the best life has to offer—and you have it for skin care….Carol Houghton


  23. Hi,
    I went from having beautiful skin as a teenager and in my twenties to a red rash which seemed to come and go in my thirties and then after having my children my face became permenatly red and the rash would flare up I found the doctors unhelpful as by the time my appt came my skin would be clear again.It was last year that the rash took its worse hold and my eyes swelled up I looked like i’d been burnt and in the boxing ring, 10 years after the 1st signs appeared ,that I was finally diagnosed with roseaca of the skin and eyes and I was sent home with 3mths of anntibiotics and a gel which stung like mad. I started researching on the internet and descovered Dr Perricone and have been taking DMAE,ALA,vit C,Co Q10 and omega 3,different brands as I live in the UK and perricone is hard to get hold of. I have seen a huge improvement in my skin I’ve had no flare ups at all and my confidence is returning I feel normal. I would love to try the the Skin and Total body supplements as after having such god results from the vitamins I have been taking I feel this would return my skin to its former beauty.

  24. I have tried the vitamins before and absolutely loved them, I felt better all over. I just can’t afford them right now. Im a very busy mother of two little girls and work full time, I appreciated the easy packaging and it truly helped my stamina with day to day life! I didn’t get to see that much improvement in my skin, but I only used them for two months. I just ran out and can’t buy a new box for a little while, I did just order the Perricone Omega 3′s, hoping this will help until I can get more of the total skin and body supplements! Thanks Dr. Perricone!

  25. I have been looking all over for a complete vitamin regimen that takes into account the latest scientific research for anti-aging. I have heard wonderful reviews of this product and can’t wait to give it a try. Does anyone have any thoughts as to how long it will take to see a difference?

  26. I would love to test these :) I used to take a similar vitamin pack from another brand and it upset my stomach for the most part… they weren’t very high quality. But I’ve read a ton of reviews on these and would really love the chance to try them!

  27. I love the fact they you get all the vitimins and minerals in an easy to take on the run package.The fact that it as good for beauty as it is for your health is wonderful.The reviews on this product are great and I would LOVE! to win to start me on my road to health and beauty.

  28. Eu gostaria demais de usar mais uma vez skin and tottal… and maitake mushroom porque quando tomava esses comprimidos, há dois anos atrás me fizeram maravilhas na pele. Agora está difícil para comprar devido ao valor. Por favor envie prá mim, esses produtos são muito bons mesmo! Neuza

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  30. I have tried a million products! I have skin that reacts to everything . . . cold, heat, oil (I have an allergy to the oil my skin produces). I had acne that has left my face with many scars and many different skin conditions affecting my whole body. I have, as an adult, had to redefine my eating habits and whole body practices by eating and taking supplements that nurture. If you are familiar with “The Tipping Point” I would be considered a “Maven.” I am the kind of person that you want to research and know about your product. I will try a million products and pass along my wealth of knowledge to all the people I meet. I already use these supplements everyday and my skin looks amazing!

  31. I am the mother of a wonderful 1 year old boy, who is busy busy busy. I love motherhood; hearing my son laugh out loud is more rewarding than I ever thought it would be. BUT…. I am tired, and I know it shows in my face and body. I am too young to look this old! I can’t get to the gym as often as I did BB (before baby); I know I’m not getting enough rest (what parent is?), and I would love to experience the overall well-being and sense of health these supplements deliver. Pick me, pick me!!! Thanks for listening.

  32. I am a massage therapist. I recently treated a client who had the most amazing soft, fine pored, elastic skin (she’s almost 50). I finally said to her, “you have perfect skin.” She answered, “oh really?” She mentioned that she used body lotion daily, but I work in a spa and I know overall body skin health like that doesn’t come in a bottle. Then she said, “well, I’ve been taking Perricone vitamins for years.” Now THAT is an endorsement that makes me want to try your vitamins.

  33. Hi,
    I would like to win these supplements because I have had a very stressful year which caused me to lose a lot more of my curly hair (which I noticed while showering)and a dullness to my complexion. I exercise regularly, eat well and take vitamins but feel that I can do better for my body. Thank you!

  34. I would like to try these product because,I am 47 5 ft.8 in.and 125 lbs.i have recently had my gallbladder out and also had appedex out when i was 17 i feel that with out my gallbladder my digestive system has been impaired I’m sure I’m not getting all the nutrition i need.with the right suppliment my nutritional needs may be more closly department store vitamin don’t desolve therefor nothing is absorbed. If could find a quality product i would use it and your product seems to be a quality product that would work for me.

  35. Love trying new supplements. I am a young
    hearted 52 year old. Let’s do this!

  36. Only a year ago I looked almost perfect, but now my god its like looking at someone else. I am panicking, and also my overall emotianal state is suffering now cos of my appearance. I am writing to you as my last resort cos I tried all different vitamins but they just made me feel even worse cos I could not see any results. I hope you will help me with your skin and total body supplements to feel my old perfect self.

  37. I am re-ordering for my wife. She swears by this stuff.

  38. I would love the chance to try a product that could help repair the damage childbirth inflicted on my body. I know I need help to get back to good health. I believe that Perricone could be the boost I need to be a better me.

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  42. Have you ever spent hours researching the results of colonics? Not pretty. I am seeking good health so I can shine from the inside out, not rob my insides of what is beneficial. Would this line of supplements assist with regaining my former glory?

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  44. I would love to try this product as it is important to take care of the outside as well as the inside.

  45. would be interested in testing some topicals for dry skin.

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