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With the brain-beauty connection in mind, Perricone DMAE is a supplement that improves skin’s appearance and enhances cognitive function.

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Key Sciences and Benefits of Perricone DMAE

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DMAE’s benefits include:

  • Re-contours improving skin losing elasticity
  • Lifts, tightens, and tones skin
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

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Ingredients and Application of Perricone DMAE


  • DMAE 75 mg per serving
  • Tocotrienols Complex 5 mg per serving
  • Other: Dicalcium phosphate, gelatin, cellulose, magnesium stearate, and silica

Serving Size:
1 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 60

Application: Dr. Perricone recommends taking 2 capsules daily with meals.

Recent Reviews

Tightens and tones – “I love this product. I am over 40 yrs biologically and feel and look like i am 30. Beauty is an inside job and these supplements truly make the difference.” —From Perricone MD

Helped skin texture - “I took this supplement as directed for 30 days and saw a difference. I’m reordering cause I think it works.” —From Amazon

Definitely enhances facial contours - “I am 53 but have none of the sagging my friends my age experience. They do not believe it is because of the DMAE but I quit for 90 days to prove my point and began to see sagging. Went back on it and would not be without it.” —From Perricone MD

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  1. I am 53 years old, female, and would like to become a Dr.Perricone DMAE tester, for my face and neck.

  2. I am 55 yrs. old and need products for my face, neck, and especially my undereye bags.

  3. I would like to become a perricone tester. I have begun his three tier program.

  4. I am a personal trainer on the mainline in pa and would love to sample more products for my clients to purchase!

  5. I am a 50ish female who works as a mail carrier in vero beach FL. I want to start using a high quality skin care line. I have used obagi before with very good results. However, it took awhile for my skin to acclimate to the product. I had a lot of redness etc. Due to my job, I am in the sun ALOT! I have dry skin with pigmentation and a little rosecea. Before I get back on obagi I wanted to learn more about Dr. Perricones products. I am also very interested in the supplements. I eat mostly organic and stay active with minimal stress in my life. I would love to test Dr. Perricone’s products!

  6. Recently started using the suggested products from taking my skin test and love them! I am 53 – was using Murad. I absolutely love the new vitamin c ester product. You put it on at night and you feel like it sucks your pores away. Yes, the cold plasma has an odor but you get used to it. Once you put the serum and moisturizer on, that smell is gone. Love the no concealer concealer and the no makeup makeup! Would love to test new products!

  7. Would love to try DMAE supplements, been using retinol, Omega 3 fatty acids, curious to see if this gives my skin a boost!

  8. I am 59yo that has always tried to take good care of my skin. My age, especially neck, is now showing signs of aging. I also have the 11′s. I am a registered dietitian. Although I love top end skin care, am unable to afford the very expensive products. I would so appreciate being able to “test Perricon”.

  9. I believe that Dr. Perricone’s advice works, because he speaks from experience and real empathy. I love his books, and am currently always testing products with my own money. I have a youtube channel and I have one review up about him so far. He is very smart and I appreciate his insight into our world or saggy skin, acne, and dryness. Its hard to treat these conditions, and very disheartening. I have seen great improvement by following his advice thus far. I would be a tester, and a Great one at that. I have prior knowledge of skincare and esthetics, as well as a license in Cosmetology. I work in a shop selling Perricone products too ;)

  10. I use Obaji and skinceuticals for my skin care. I am 58 years old and can easily pass for a 45 year old. I would welcome the opportuntity to become a skin tester as I often wonder if there is something out there which is a better value. Of course, I do understand that the folks with problem skin might get first consideration. Thank you

  11. I have suffered with exzema all of my life. These days I manage to keep it under control through a good diet and by drinking gallons of water.
    Years of using Hydrocortisone has left my skin very thin and crepped looking as a result of this I am very conscious of my appearance.
    I would be greatful of the opportunity to become a Perricone tester.
    Yours sincerely,the ugly duckling who wants to be transformed into a swan!

  12. Just bought perricone MD foundation and love it. Would love to test their product as I am in my 40′s and seeing wrinkles is not a good thing….

  13. Im am fast approaching the big 50 and would like to become a tester for Perricone products because I cannot find any product that actually suits my skin. I have very sensitive skin and have had to use cortisone creams since 12 years old on my face and eyes hence my skin looks thin, lines more prominent and starting to sag due to skin weakness. I would dearly love to test some of your products to see if they can actually work on my skin type. Thanking you in advance

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  16. Another money grabber. Doesn’t do a thing and smells really bad.

  17. I’m 68 yrs old with saggy skin, does not want to consider face lift, so I would like to become a Perricone tester

  18. Im 52 and seeing the fine lines, a few deep ones and the SAGGING!! Ugh!! I have several chronic illnesses and would really like at least for my face to look good!

  19. I am 58 years old and have tried several different products for wrinkles. I exercise and eat fairly healthy along with taking supplements. I would love to be a tester for Perricone products.