Perricone MD – Omega 3 Supplement

Perricone Omega 3 derives from Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon molecularly-distilled fish oil, the purest and most powerful resource of both Omega 3 and DMAE. Among its benefits, Perricone Omega 3 helps elevate mood, support healthy weight loss, and maintain cardiovascular health. Unlike other brands, Perricone Omega 3 supplements are tested and cleaned for metals like mercury and lead.

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Benefits of Perricone Omega 3

Perricone Omega 3 supports healthy:

  • Body – supports healthy weight loss and improves cardiovascular health
  • Mind – elevates mood
  • Skin - hydrates skin and imparts a dewy, luminous complexion

Why is omega 3 important? Dr. Perricone explains below:

Perricone Omega 3 enhances and accelerates the benefits of any daily supplement and skin care regimen.

Ingredients and Application


Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Fish Gelatin, Lemon Oil, Glycerin, Purified Water.


For normal weight maintenance: take 1 capsule, 3X a day with meals.

For weight loss: take 3 capsules, 3X a day with meals.

Recent Reviews

Worth the money – “I’ve been using it for three months now and my skin is glowing, my nails never looked better, I even see the “improvement” in my PMS or better say I don’t really feel PMS-tic anymore. Plus it has no aftertaste whatsoever. This is the eighth brand I’ve tried and with all others I did get this fishy aftertaste but not with this one. If you can afford it at all – TRY IT.” —From SkinStore

Can’t go wrong with this – “Unlike drug store supplements, this is top of the line. I have been taking three a day for 5 days and I must say that I am already seeing a difference in my skin and hair. Outside of that, I know that I am taking care of my heart as well!” —From Sephora

Would highly recommend – “Great for skin and regulating weight. I recall a reviewer who said they could not take the full amount of 3 times a day and I would agree. It can be, ahem, too effective. I take them twice a day. Once at breakfast and then again at dinner.” —From Sephora

You’ll feel like 100 bucks – “After taking them for only a week or so, you’ll feel more energized, resillient [sic], and happy. Your skin will match with its softness and plumpness.” —From Sephora

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  1. [...] try just getting one pill down my husband a day. It would be nice. A little is better than nothing.I have been a supporter of omega 3 now for about 5 years or so. I take it daily myself. When I was g…taking omega 3. He told me he had been taking it for quite a while. Then he goes on to tell me how [...]

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  5. ho provato il kit e devo dire che è stato fantastico vedere come la pella si è illuminata.

  6. Is it safe to take perricone omega 3 during pregnancy. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and have not taken omega 3 before.

  7. Please provide me your Supplement Fact sheet for your Omega-3. I am most interested in the levels of EPA and DHA in each capsule. Thankyou. :-D

  8. Im currently using a pure EPA omega supplement and would be most interested to experience the difference with the perricone supplement
    I am currently using the skincare for the first time and am very much enjoying it

  9. Soy celiaca y quisiera saber si puedo consumir omega 3 de Perricone MD.
    Vivo en la Argentina, mi hijo viaja con frecuencia a Miami y me trajo un frasco de regalo.
    Muchas gracias.

  10. My husband has been taking fish oil for awhile now, and following and anti-inflammatory diet, but it didn’t sink in for me until I read Dr. Perricone’s books…now I’m totally on board!!! I am still nervous about finding a fish oil supplement that doesn’t have the extra additives and fishy aftertaste, and can only believe that this product would be top quality!

  11. Just bought the Perricone Perscription and looking forward to trying the Omega 3 supplement. I am hoping to see an increase in energy and some positive effect on my Rosacea.

  12. ben de omega 3 kulland?m çok memnun kald?m. ?imdi e?ime ve anneme de kullanmalar?n? öneriyorum.

  13. Going to be a Keeper! I’ve been taking these for about 5 days now, just decided to start taking the full dose, and I’m in love. My mood has greatly improved. I was also having chest pains and they are now gone. I’m not at all suggesting that these be used in place of a doctor, but they’ve helped me. I have more energy and an overall better outlook on things, which helps me with my 3 year old daughter, who can be demanding at times. No after taste and easy to swallow for the size. I can’t wait for the skin and hair benefits, which I’m sure are soon to follow all the other fabulous benefits!

  14. Hi again I’m entering to hopefully win an omega 3 sample. I’m very poor so every little bit helps. I’m very health conscious ever since my early teens and now 42, but my skin needs help big time. My hair would benefit too and my heart. I hear so much about Omega 3 but never tried yours.I hope all people would take omega 3 it would cut down on most of the illnesses we face in America. Thanks

  15. Wow this perricone Omega3 will be a hit for health conscious consumers and for who had slow metabolism and to treat obesity because of its capacity to loss a weight. I conclude that I think its better than fish oil because fish oil supplement has a lot of complains receive because of dioxin contamination in the product. I hope a lot of people would like to take this on part of their list,

  16. I really love these, but I struggle with the idea of taking 9 a day. Seems excessive. I stick to 1, 3 times daily.

  17. i have been looking for a quality multi vitamin for awhile now and came across the Dr Max Powers MultiVitamin. I am a huge fan of Dr. Max and it just made sense to buy his multi vitamin. Since taking it i definitely notice an improvement in my wellbeing, my mood, attitude, body’s functioning, and i even feel more rested. Check it out if your looking for a great multi. And the size isn’t bad. How are you going to cram all these things into anything smaller?!? Just swallow already!

  18. I feel it really enhances my mood my skin looks and feels great and I hope to start seeing some weight loss soon!

  19. I can’t live without them! These are a maricle in a pill. I started with the Perrricone md Total Skin and Body supplements along with the Polysaccharide Peptide Blend(that I put in a cup of warm soy milk every morning), I was trying to find a cure for my cystic acne. I’ve been trying topical products for years(pricy good quality ones)that just don’t do the job on their own. These supplements gave me a glow, and my cystic acne shrunk and became less painful. I read something on the Perricone blog about how a boy with acne was taking about 6 fish oil pills a day, so I decided to buy a box of the fish oil to take along with the other fish oil in the Perricone md packets. WOW! With in a 2 weeks of adding these to my supplement perscription, my once dry severly acned skin was glowing, soft, smooth, moisturized and clear. I have red pigmintation left, so right after I write this review, I’m purchacing more fish oil and I’m going to give the pigment correction supplements a try! Thank you Perricone MD!

  20. I noticed on the last bottle of Perricone Omega 3 that I purchased from Bliss that the packaging and label information changed, as did the taste. The strong lemon and fish taste is gone and the label on the no longer reads sockeye salmon. I also noticed talapia has been added.

  21. this is one supplement i would definitely love to try. i remember my mom making me take fish oil caplets as a kid but i am sure Omega 3 is quite an improvement from those supplements

  22. I heart fish oil! It’s so hard to find quality fish oil that doesn’t contain mercury – hooray for Perricone!

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  24. Again, I find fish oils does indeed clear the skin, but causes extreme low blood sugar/ low blood pressure with me about an hour after taking fish oil supplements…once I passed out in the kitchen! I don’t know why this is happening and when I have brought it up with doctors that just say it does not do that to them. “Gee, thanks, that was helpful.”
    I am a huge believe in fish, flax, and borage/Gla though. It is all you really need for Rosacea……and I had severe Rosacea before using these oils.

  25. I would love to give this a try! I’m a fan of Dr. Perricone’s books and would like to start taking omega 3′s to be in line with his recommended regimen.

  26. It is a good idea to take Omega 3, I have taken some in the past and didn’t like the “fishy” after taste.

  27. |i have learnt that omega 3 is very essential in reducing heart diseases and I need to try it very soon but do not have Perricone MD products here locally.

  28. I take Omega 3 regularly and it is a good way to reduce heart disease

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  30. this is one supplement i would definitely love to try. i remember my mom making me take fish oil caplets as a kid but i am sure Omega 3 is quite an improvement from those supplements