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no foundation foundation
10 Random commenters will win a free No Foundation Foundation.

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Tired of the way ordinary foundation leaves your facial skin looking and feeling like a Kabuki mask rather than it should—like skin?

Why not try something new? To let your natural radiance shine through, look no further than the Dr. Perricone NV Perricone No Foundation Foundation, the first advanced anti-aging translucent finishing product.

What do you think of this advanced anti-aging skin care product? Comment below to let us know.

A perfect complement for your daily anti-aging skin regimen, the benefits of No Foundation Foundation abound:

  • Instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lines and pores.
  • Provides non-chemical SPF 30 broad spectrum UV protection.
  • Corrects skin undertones.
  • Quick-absorbing.
  • Moisturizes. Skin appears smooth and naturally dewy.

Want to learn more?

How No Foundation Foundation Works

This lightweight defensive solution is formulated with antioxidants, non-chemical sunscreen protection and specially-treated pigments, fused with light-diffusing mica.

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These key sciences work together to create an absolutely flawless finish:

1. Alpha Lipoic Acid (Patented):

  • Provides antioxidant protection from skin damaging free radicals
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, pore size, puffiness and discoloration
  • Smooths skin texture
  • Evens skin tone and imperfections


  • Tightens and lifts skin
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

To learn more about DMAE, watch this video:

3. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide

These two ingredients offer non-chemical, SPF 30 broad spectrum UV protection. Unlike chemical sun protectants, which get absorbed into the skin, these non-chemical ingredients sit on top of skin acting as a natural barrier against sun rays as they deflect the rays away from the skin.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Applying No Foundation Foundation

aSay “no” to ordinary, heavy foundations with No Foundation Foundation—advanced science; simple application.

Dr. Perricone recommends you apply No Foundation Foundation on top of other treatments and/or moisturizers. In gentle, circular motions, apply all over your face and reapply as often as necessary.

Afraid No Foundation Foundation’s color isn’t universal? Need more application tips?

Check out How to Apply NV Perricone No Foundation Foundation Correctly>>

Recent Reviews

New York Magazine – “No Foundation Foundation ($50) is a true testament that one foundation can indeed be worn by different complexions. Our panel of testers ranged from pale white to dark-skinned black, with some olive and tan tones thrown in for good measure. Surprisingly, the foundation blended with everyone’s skin, and coverage was subtle and natural looking.” Read more at >>

Gives me a “natural but better look” – “I love that in one step I can apply my sunscreen and foundation…I have noticed an improvement in overall tone and appearance of my skin since I’ve been using it as well. So at this point, even though it’s very expensive I would repurchase.” Read more at >>

I love the SPF 30 – “…No streaking, almost impossible to detect, however it did even my skintone and just made my face look better. Not tight and drying, and not greasy and slick, it is the perfect ‘non foundation’ for hot summer days…” Read more at >>

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  1. I am 57 and always looking for new products to make my complexion look beautiful, having problem finding the right foundation. I would love to try this new product as soon as possible.
    Hope it will help soften up wrinkles.

  2. Working under the sun of Iraq with the troops has damaged my skin. With my work conditions, I need to protect my skin from the sun/wind, moisturize, and correct discoloration. ‘No foundation foundation’ sounds like the right solution. I would love to try it.

  3. I just turned 40 and have always looked younger than my age (it helps being Asian). However, it seems like turning 40 broke the “magic spell” and I have noticed an increase in permanent fine lines around my mouth and eyes. Thus, after not wearing any kind of makeup or foundation for most of my life I have, for the first time, started using tinted sunscreen. I just bought a different brand of tinted suncreen but I also happened to receive a sample of No Foundation Foundation in the mail. I tried it today and was so impressed with it that I looked it up and here I am. No Foundation Foundation gives a lovely glow and looks very natural. And I love that it’s SPF 30 (the other brand I bought only comes in SPF 15) and uses natural sunscreen ingredients instead of chemicals.

  4. I have never in the last 20 years gone without foundation. I hopeful this will be the solution that will finally even my skin tone without make up!! Can’t wait to get started

  5. How many of you over 40′s need to apply makeup with a magnifying mirror? I’m turning 50 soon and I just cannot apply foundation without my magnifying mirror. Horrors of horrors with streaks and whatnot. So this is a god send product for those of us who can’t see. I absolutely cannot wait to try it.

  6. This could very well be the BEST foundation
    I have ever tried. I will be fifty in March and do not like the way that many foundations look in the daylight. Powders are a nightmare. This has made my “fear of fifty” somewhat easier to handle. THANK YOU.

  7. I am anxious to try this product. It sounds like exactly what I need, I have such a hard time finding a perfect match. That the product is actually good for my skin is such a bonus!

  8. I need this product the foundations I use now dont blend into my skin I have tried so many different colors. They also seem to set into my crows feet and pores and make me look older. No Foundation Foundation sounds amazing! It blends into your skin and helps with redness and discoloration. I need this product! Thanks!

  9. I have just tried the no foundation foundation and love it. It is so much better than the foundations I have been using. I love the way it feels and looks on my skin and want to try more of these products.

  10. I love love love Perricone Products! Wearing this foundation is like having a spiritual experience. It renews me from the outside in!

    It really makes me feel beautiful.

    Would LOVE a free bottle—–Thank You!

  11. I just purchased the facial cleaners and love it (as well as the cold plasma. Can’t wait to try other products. I never felt anything so light and fresh

  12. I have tried one of Dr. Perricone’s duos containing Alpha Lipoic Acid & DMAE ingredients and could not believe the difference in my skin. I am 57 and honestly, it took 10 years off of my complexion. Radiance, yes, and a much smoother and tightened appearance. I am so thankful to have discovered Dr. Perricone’s line because having lost my fiancee suddenly in 2002 and deeply greiving, it was a time very ravaging, physically, and this line has turned my skin around. I have not tried the No Foundation-Foundation, but have ordered it and greatly look forward not only to trying it myself, but to sharing this with my 78 yr old Mom and my daughter who has had great difficult with her skin for years. Thank you, Dr. Perricone, for taking your time & care researching these products that bring healing to skin & returning the inner lustre of natural beauty to women who have longed to recover a sense of confidence as well as hope!

  13. Wow…I have wanted to try Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation ever since I first read about it on a blog several months ago! This product seems to have SO MANY wonderful benefits! The ability to reduce fine lines and enlarged pores is one of the selling points for me — as is the non-chemical SPF. Perhaps the biggest advantage to me, however, is the fact that the No Foundation Foundation is translucent and leaves your face looking natural. I hate the whole “foundation mask” look!

    I have combination skin with enlarged pores (especially on my nose) — coupled with fine lines and the other beginning signs of aging. As a 33 year-old woman, I believe that NOW is the time to attack my fine lines — before they turn into deep wrinkles.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this product! Also, I would really appreciate the opportunity to become a product tester for Perricone MD. I do believe that I am well-suited for this role — I enjoy trying new skin care products on a regular basis and I would be more than happy to share my honest opinions.

  14. I would love to try it because I have always had bad skin, my pores are always visible so would love to find a foundation that would cover it. Thanks

  15. Would love to try this and hopefully be set free from the mask of makeup I have to put on everyday.

  16. I have a hard time finding the right shade of foundation and my skin is sensitive. I would be so happy to try this product.

  17. I have been super satisfied with all of the Perricone products I’ve purchased. I have been using the tinted moisturizer for years and was happy to come across the new No Foundation-Foundation. I just received my order and could hardly wait to try it. I used it totally alone on my face to test out the feel and loved it! My face looked clean and luminous all day long! I was especially happy to see it has the 30 spf since the moisturizer only has 15 spf, but will now use them together for optimal effects and protection. I’d be thrilled to win a free bottle to have one to share with my daughter and get her started on Dr. Perricone’s fabulous line of products.

  18. I rarely wear foundation because it always looks orange on my face..I would LOVE to find one that I could wear that doesn’t do that..i will be asking to test it at my next trip to Sephora but that might be months away as I live so far from a store.

  19. Wow! I would love to try this makeup as my skin is reactive to every other make up I have tried. I have scars and uneven skin tones that I would love to hide or even just make less noticeable. This sounds like the perfect solution. A no make up make up. A no foundation foundation.
    I would love to be able to wear make up again and feel complete. At 48, I need all the help I can get.

  20. THis sounds too good to be true! But heck, I’ll certainly order it immediately as I’m a slave to anything that promises beautiful skin that doesn’t just cover up but actually highlights the positive and downplays the negative! The older I get, the more I recognize the importance of ‘less is more’, especially when it comes to make-up!
    I’m in!

  21. I will be 55 years old in 2 days. In my early twenties I started buying the most expensive and highly touted shin care and cosmetic lines. Over the years I have scoured the pages of fashion magazines for the latest rages and breakthrough technologies for the skin.
    Surprisingly, I have pretty good skin. I owe this mostly to good genes. My parents and grandparents were gorgeous. I was lucky and never had acne. I do have an oily t-zone, and over the years my pores have been become more visible than I would like. I have also acquired a case of melasma in the last 10 years, which i hate. i have gone to dermatologists. Use hydoquinone products, retin A, super serums, light treatments and microdermabrasion. I have used foundations formulated in France, Switzerland, and from Japan, the latter formulated with a supposedly miraculous ingredient derived from sake.

  22. I just watched this product demonstrated on QVC and just cannot imagine going with a foundation! I feel like I look ghastly without a color evening out everything so I would be a perfect candidate to experiment on as I am 60 yrs old.. If it works, I will be first in line to buy this .. Thanks, Patty

  23. I have been blessed with good skin and hate to cover it up with heavy foundation. Would love to have the opportunity to try this product.

  24. would so much love to try this product.!!

  25. I love this product. It makes your skin look flawless. I don’t like to wear make-up but I have to when I work. I have discolorations due to melasma. This product is weightless and makes my face look beautiful. Thank you for this product!

  26. At 42 i wanted a foundation which moved with my expression lines and not “against them”. I didn’t want the mask like appearance of some foundations which look great for an hour but then” settle” in to your lines and wrinkles. I found all that i wanted in this great product. I only wish i had discovered it earlier and hadn’t wasted so much money on other products.It is in my opinion , worth every penny!.

  27. I am interested because I am a soon to be 62 years old difficult skin tone to match Black woman. I teach middle school so the kids comment on the teacher’s makeup if it doesn’t” look right”. I spend too much time in the morning trying to insure that mine looks right. Please free me from that long morning routine. I am hoping that this product will do the trick. This is why I am throwing my hat into the ring for a chance to be a recipient.

  28. I am 54 years old and seeking a foundation that helps with issues fighting clogged pores. Need a foundation that does more than just cover up – but improve my skin texture. Would love, love , love to try this No-Foundation Foundation!

  29. Liquid foundation is too heavy… mineral foundation is too dry… I hope this is the answer! Can’t wait to try and review it!

  30. [...] Where to Purchase? Perricone MD [...]

  31. I’d like to try this out.

    I also wouldn’t mind being a tester either!

  32. I have used your moisturizers, cleanser, toner, and eye treatment products. I would love to have a chance to test your new foundation!

    Thank you in advance :-)

  33. I am hispanic and hate wearing any makeup, expecially foundation. I have tried mouse, liquid, and powder, and still hate them all; it all feels so heavy. I work in an office and with 85% women. Appearance here, is tied to professionalism, which is the only reason I wear any makeup at all. I have freckles, mostly on my cheeks, and am begining to notice mild crow’s feet. If I could find a foundation which will improve my appearance with a long-lasting effect, along with evening out my sking tone it would be great. The problem is I hate paying for makeup to find it does nothing for me. I continuously waste my money on foundation, and wish I cold find the one item I would treasure forever.

  34. Wow this looks great.
    I mean foundation always looks so obvious when you have it on,and can feel heavy. I just want it to look smooth and natural. Would love to win :D x

  35. Even though this product sounds to good to be true, I think I would still stick my neck out and try it! Foundation is such a tricky area and if this is the answer to years and years of bad picks…then…it truly is a miracle product and i would gladly be a life long client !!

  36. I am so pleased to have found a ‘foundation’ that isn’t a foundation per se. And furthermore, one that offers 30spf
    protection without chemicals! That said, I would love to try before I buy!

  37. I tried this on at Sephora. Seems LOVELY over the Face Finishing moisturizer. I’d sure love to give it a more extended try. Tester please!!

  38. I have aging skin and struggle to find a foundation formula that meets my needs without adding to my skin’s problems, clogging my pores or looking obvious. I would love to find a foundation that covers while it’s treating my skin issues!

  39. Foundations are the hardest makeup for me to find and buy due to my sensitive skin. So far this product sounds great and I am eager to try it. Plus, if it makes my skin look half as good as Dr. Perricone’s (Photo above), I’m sold!

  40. I’ve gone through 2 bottles already! Fantastic, worth the 50 dollars. Unfortunately I can’t afford to keep purchasing it all the time :(

  41. This sounds like exactly what I need. I have the hardest time finding foundaton and I have large pores which makes it extremely difficult.

    Would this help that problem?

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. Haven’t tried the product….I did order it…I am of mixed ethnicity and it is very hard for me to find a foundation that really is flawless. I’m looking forward to recieving my product and see how well it works!!

  43. This would be so great to try! I don’t use makeup very often, and this sounds like a perfect fix! :)

  44. Words can’t describe how badly I want to try this foundation. I have HORRIBLE skin so I’ve been wearing foundation since I was, er, 12 years old. I’ve always felt out of place and just wanted my skin to look like all the other girls: perfect. I was sick of having to put makeup on to go outside at camp. I’m really skeptical because there is always “the greatest foundation ever”, but I’d love to give No Foundation a try and for once feel happy with my skin, not my makeup.

  45. This sounds so perfect for me. I have very dry and sagging skin with larger pores around the nose. I don’t wear foundation because it never looks natural but years have changed my skin and I need something to even out the tone.

  46. WOW! I actually know what you mean. I’m sick of wearing a “mask” but I have discoloration from pregnancy and feel so much better with even coverage that I just deal with it. Sounds like your foundation would be perfect for me.

  47. I need no foundation foundation because I like to take care of my skin and I need a product that will give my face a glow while smoothing it at the same time

  48. I think this product sounds wonderful! Would love to try it! :)

  49. It sounds great. I want to try it.

  50. AT LAST!!!!!!!!I am sooooo excited that FINALLY some common sense has been applied to the problem of ‘foundation or no foundation’……this sounds PERFECT and I can’t wait to try it!

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