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10 Random commenters will win a free No Foundation Foundation.

(Winners will be announced right on this blog entry and contacted directly.)

Our first 4 winners are ….

  • Gail Fashion
  • Michelle Brown
  • Connie Peacock
  • Barb Farr

Tired of the way ordinary foundation leaves your facial skin looking and feeling like a Kabuki mask rather than it should—like skin?

Why not try something new? To let your natural radiance shine through, look no further than the Dr. Perricone NV Perricone No Foundation Foundation, the first advanced anti-aging translucent finishing product.

What do you think of this advanced anti-aging skin care product? Comment below to let us know.

A perfect complement for your daily anti-aging skin regimen, the benefits of No Foundation Foundation abound:

  • Instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lines and pores.
  • Provides non-chemical SPF 30 broad spectrum UV protection.
  • Corrects skin undertones.
  • Quick-absorbing.
  • Moisturizes. Skin appears smooth and naturally dewy.

Want to learn more?

How No Foundation Foundation Works

This lightweight defensive solution is formulated with antioxidants, non-chemical sunscreen protection and specially-treated pigments, fused with light-diffusing mica.

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These key sciences work together to create an absolutely flawless finish:

1. Alpha Lipoic Acid (Patented):

  • Provides antioxidant protection from skin damaging free radicals
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, pore size, puffiness and discoloration
  • Smooths skin texture
  • Evens skin tone and imperfections


  • Tightens and lifts skin
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

To learn more about DMAE, watch this video:

3. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide

These two ingredients offer non-chemical, SPF 30 broad spectrum UV protection. Unlike chemical sun protectants, which get absorbed into the skin, these non-chemical ingredients sit on top of skin acting as a natural barrier against sun rays as they deflect the rays away from the skin.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Applying No Foundation Foundation

aSay “no” to ordinary, heavy foundations with No Foundation Foundation—advanced science; simple application.

Dr. Perricone recommends you apply No Foundation Foundation on top of other treatments and/or moisturizers. In gentle, circular motions, apply all over your face and reapply as often as necessary.

Afraid No Foundation Foundation’s color isn’t universal? Need more application tips?

Check out How to Apply NV Perricone No Foundation Foundation Correctly>>

Recent Reviews

New York Magazine – “No Foundation Foundation ($50) is a true testament that one foundation can indeed be worn by different complexions. Our panel of testers ranged from pale white to dark-skinned black, with some olive and tan tones thrown in for good measure. Surprisingly, the foundation blended with everyone’s skin, and coverage was subtle and natural looking.” Read more at >>

Gives me a “natural but better look” – “I love that in one step I can apply my sunscreen and foundation…I have noticed an improvement in overall tone and appearance of my skin since I’ve been using it as well. So at this point, even though it’s very expensive I would repurchase.” Read more at >>

I love the SPF 30 – “…No streaking, almost impossible to detect, however it did even my skintone and just made my face look better. Not tight and drying, and not greasy and slick, it is the perfect ‘non foundation’ for hot summer days…” Read more at >>

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  1. I am quickly approaching my 50s and although my skin looks great, I have yet to find a foundation that would enhance it. Most leave it looking dry and accentuate my fine wrinkles. This foundation seems to be the answer to my quest. I would LOVE to me a tester!

  2. My job requires me to be in and out of the car numerous times during the day. I am very anxious to have sun protection that works for my sensitive skin. I would like to test No Foundation Foundation as, thus far, Dr. Perricone’s skin care products have worked well for me.

  3. I would love to try your “no foundation foundation.” I don’t like to wear foundation but I feel I need to. I would love to try your product! Will you consider me? Thank you for making this possible.

  4. I am 39 and have already tried 90% of every wrinkle creme in the world. Any worthy of an accolades at least … and with that, I know what works for me or what at least makes some sort of impact. I’m often told I look younger than I am, mainly I suspect because I do take care of myself. However, that said, some products help more than others and would love to see if the No Foundation Foundation is one of those products! Can’t wait.

    Regards, Tanya Ryno

  5. I wear Active Tinted Moisturizer and love it.
    I would very much like to be a tester for the
    No Foundation Foundation and hope that I am chosen! :-)


  7. I’d love to win a free “no foundation foundation”. Who whouldn’t?! I don’t wear foundation but wear sunscreen of course, so this is an intriguing concept. Hope I’m randomly picked! :)

  8. I usually hate to wear foundation. I would love to try something that helps my skin.

  9. Dr Perricone produts have been a GOD send! Family, friends even total strangers would tell me how bad under my eyes looked….Total strangers so you know they looked horrible! But now strangers past me and smile and my friends and family only say how so much better and good my eyes look! Would LOVE to test No Foundation Foundation and take my skin care to the next level. Used Wei East products forever never thought I’d use anything else ever but Dr. Perricone products stopped me cold and I’ve never looked back! GOD BLESS YOUR LIFE Dr. Perricone & Staff!

  10. I love this product! It’s like when you eat healthy…you feel like you’re doing something good for yourself…No Foundation Foundation is so loaded with great and effective ingredients that you know you’re doing something wonderful for your skin!

  11. I have tried Dior foundation and others.
    I like looking and feeling as natural as I can.Need to find the right foundation to help my wrinkles and firm my skin but,look natural.

  12. I have read so much about the no foundation foundation that you have sold it to me already. I would love to test it out.

  13. I have used Dr. Perricone’s face creams for a number of years now. I am in my 40′s and I can not find a foundation that works for me. I need something to get rid and hide these deep lines on my forehead and between eyebrows. I have the adult acne, all the sudden, that I have to deal with that makes it much harder to find products that work for me. I would be willing to test any of your products to help me find something that works.

  14. Would love to try the no foundation foundation.Have spent years and lots of money trying to achieve flawless skin but to no avail.

  15. My friend L. has absolutely flawless skin:she looks like a porcelain doll. I was at her house,borrowing a dress for a gala,and she finally let me try some of the No Foundation Foundation. (She knows my husband likes me with as little makeup as possible, which is hard for a born glamourpuss like me!)
    I took three days worth. After the first application,I noticed my pores looked smaller (and I have good skin already)..after the third app, I noticed my skin looked much more eventoned,as well as firmer.
    I love this stuff! Thanks!

  16. I use many of Dr. Perricone’s face products and find that they work on my face very well. As I have oily skin, his products seem to keep the oil to a minimum while keeping my skin looking fresh and young virtually line free. I would love to test this product. I am looking for a sunscreen that won’t break out my face so I am looking for something that might work with oily skin. I am a working actor and singer and so I my skin needs to always look it’s best and I a great sunsreen that won’t break me out is needed so…help

  17. Hello! I am a 40 year old mom, about to be 41. The last year has been hard on my skin. I have always tried to look my best, spent a small fortune on all of the products I have tried and used over the years, I think up to now, my face has looked pretty youthful. My son’s, are 4 & 5, my daughters are 18 & 21. The oldest is going to make me a Grandmother sometime this month. I am terrified of looking like one! Please, I would love to test any of your products, to help decide which ones will help the most! Add the fact my husband is 10 years younger than I am, I really need to stay on top of my game and look my best…

  18. Being 45 my skin needs anti-aging products. But I don’t like the look of regular foundations so I don’t use any. But then my skin looks pale and blah. This would be great to perk up my skin.

  19. Sounds like a great product. I love to try this. Please pick me.

  20. This is the type of “no makeup” makeup that I believe most women have been searching for. A “your skin but better” formula with a non-chemical sunscreen that works on all skin tones?? PINCH ME, I’m DREAMING!

    I’ve been using my sample tube: the light as air, hydrating formula blended perfectly with my medium tan complexion. It was virtually undetectable, even in sunlight. The finish lasted all day without needing a touch up– I’m sold!

  21. I ama 53 year old looking to be as naturally attractive as possible and using a good product. I am told I look about 40 (an exageration) but I have yet to find a foundation that I really like and could not do without. I have tried so many and spent so much its not funny! Perhaps this is the one?

  22. I have been told i have rosecea i have tried antibiotics cleansers . Nothing helps > Im 51 years old my skin is getting worse , its starting to sag , pores are getting larger. Please I would love to become a Perricone Tester.


  24. I have deep set dark circles under my eyes, I would love to try Perricone and see if it can help me out. I hate wearing heavy foundation to cover them up. Please let me know how I can try this product.

  25. I love all the Perricone products i have used and notice a huge improvement in my skin that oter products couldnt achieve. I have been looking everywhere for the no foundation foundation and cant seem to find it… please please i would love to test it!!!!!

  26. Hi Am in my fifties and find that most makeup/foundations look too heavy on my face and tinted moisterisers do not give enough coverage. This No foundation of yours looks like it might suit me. Would love to try some.

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  28. I would love to be a tester for the no foundation foundation since I have combination skin, some lines and blothincess and would love to see how this is on Mediteranean skin tones.

  29. I have always hated foundation because it seems to always clog my pores! I read the information about the No foundation foundation and for the first time I might be able to wear some. I’m looking forward to trying it soon! It is wonderful that I will actually be helping my skin and looking fabulous all in one step! :)

  30. I have read up on this No Foundation Foundation, and it does sound promising. I have been searching to find a foundation that I can use under and around my eyes. The deeper wrinkles seem to enfold any foundation and it makes my wrinkles appear even worse. I wonder if this product will work for me in that regard.

  31. I’m a Mature commercial model- & work independantly… Im also a single mom and Of course I need to keep my appearance up to standard as it is my livelyhood…. My skin is pretty blothy & it sounds as though your No foundation, foundation product would work perfectly for me! And if so, youde have a customer for life! As well as the many other models & makeup artists I worth with!! thanks for your kind consideration!

  32. I have tried almost every skin product known to man! I am 36 yrs old and have always had troublesome skin: acne, large pores, uneven skin tone, sensitive skin, and now sun damage. I would love to be a Perricone tester!!

  33. I have always wanted to be able to go out without foundation on. But I have felt the need for a more finished polished look, but without all the heavy superficial look of a creme or mineral foundation. It sounds like no foundation foundation is just the amazing product I have been looking to try!

  34. I love,love,love to be a tester for your product.I LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE,LOVE,LOVE EVERYTHING.PLEASE.

  35. I would love to try a moisturizer tha would plump the fine lines on my forehead. My other concern is the brown spots on the sides of my face. I no longer have acne but my skin is blotchy with redness. I want to have an even skin tone and be able to look good without makeup. I also have dark circles which I have to conceal every day. I never leave the house without makeup and it would be so nice to be able to do that!! I have tried so many products but have never found the perfect solution. I want to try some of your products that target these specific problems. Thanks! Laurie

  36. this product foundation foundation sounds fab,,would love to give it a try, and i am sure it is as fab as all your other products in the perricone range to which i have tried many..keep up the excellent work dr perricone and help many stay younger looking.

  37. I’m having a Perricone No Foundation Foundation giveaway on The Fashionable Housewife blog this week.

  38. I know foundation contains lots of chemicals. I would love to try this product

  39. I love all the products I have used,
    especially the eye products. I need
    something for my red/blotchiness and
    larger pores in the cheek nose and chin
    area. I am also starting to see
    brown spots this year that I never had

  40. I have been a Perricone customer since 1980, when you had to call 1-800-Beauty to order products. I just turned 65 and have tried the Tinted Moisturizer, GLO Minerals, etc. trying to find a new foundation for my changing and aging skin. Would love to try the new No Foundation – even if it is just a sample.

  41. I would love the opportunity to test and be a voice to your outstanding products. I’m always testing anyway since I can’t seem to keep up with you- you’re always coming out with such new and exciting creations!

  42. hi,
    i have terribly sensitive skin. i am a beautician and have tried all the products in the market starting from USA, europe & asia. but i have not found the perfect super foundation. i am suffering from acne,blemishes and would love something that has a high UV protection plus that will help with ageing.i would love to try your product & to a product tester.

  43. I turned 50 this past December and have always had good skin,thanks in part to genetics,avoiding the sun & not smoking but I also had the good fortune to have worked for world renowned plastic/reconstructive surgeons at the Emory Clinic in Atlanta while in my 30s & received wonderful skincare advice.The last 8 months have been very stressful physically & emotionally and my skin has really taken a hit-fine lines,discoloration & slight ‘sagging’. My skincare regime is no longer working & I would love to test your products-especially the No Foundation Foundation as the foundations I’ve tried over the past 8 months seem to make my skin look worse. Thank you for the opportunity to test your products

  44. Please consider me

  45. I have used some of your products and have been delighted. Trying more would be great. I an 85 yrs young and after visiting my family this summer I was overjoyed to be taken for 65 or 70. I saw the Dr on tv a few yrs back and was really impressed. Marion wyborney

  46. I would love to not have to wear make-up except for your No Foundation Foundation. Being a tester would be a wonderful way of helping other people to decide on what product can work for them.

  47. Hi, tried most products available to me. I am looking to find a healthy alternative. Kind Regards,

  48. I’m 47 and have oily/combination, large pores, uneven skin tone, sun damage I’m sure, tiny fine lines, some sagging….We’re very social so I have to be camera ready and looking tip top. It’s very important for me to find the right products to look my best! I am well equipped to comment thoroughly on whatever I test and sure to spread the word of what’s a hit. “No Foundation Foundation” and Firming Neck Therapy, eye treatments all sound intriguing. I’d love to try them. Thanks!

  49. I’ve used several of your products with great success. I’d love to be a product tester! My favorite one thus far is the Firming Neck Therapy…’s wonderful!

  50. I have been trying for many years now to find the perfect foundation. I have not yet succeeded which is very frustrating. My family and I just recently moved to Minnesota and my now makeup melts right off my face. It’s very stressful. I need something that will also cover up my blemishes and terrible sun spots. I would love to give the No Foundation Foundation a try!