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Tired of the way ordinary foundation leaves your facial skin looking and feeling like a Kabuki mask rather than it should—like skin?

Why not try something new? To let your natural radiance shine through, look no further than the Dr. Perricone NV Perricone No Foundation Foundation, the first advanced anti-aging translucent finishing product.

What do you think of this advanced anti-aging skin care product? Comment below to let us know.

A perfect complement for your daily anti-aging skin regimen, the benefits of No Foundation Foundation abound:

  • Instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lines and pores.
  • Provides non-chemical SPF 30 broad spectrum UV protection.
  • Corrects skin undertones.
  • Quick-absorbing.
  • Moisturizes. Skin appears smooth and naturally dewy.

Want to learn more?

How No Foundation Foundation Works

This lightweight defensive solution is formulated with antioxidants, non-chemical sunscreen protection and specially-treated pigments, fused with light-diffusing mica.

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These key sciences work together to create an absolutely flawless finish:

1. Alpha Lipoic Acid (Patented):

  • Provides antioxidant protection from skin damaging free radicals
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, pore size, puffiness and discoloration
  • Smooths skin texture
  • Evens skin tone and imperfections


  • Tightens and lifts skin
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

To learn more about DMAE, watch this video:

3. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide

These two ingredients offer non-chemical, SPF 30 broad spectrum UV protection. Unlike chemical sun protectants, which get absorbed into the skin, these non-chemical ingredients sit on top of skin acting as a natural barrier against sun rays as they deflect the rays away from the skin.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Applying No Foundation Foundation

aSay “no” to ordinary, heavy foundations with No Foundation Foundation—advanced science; simple application.

Dr. Perricone recommends you apply No Foundation Foundation on top of other treatments and/or moisturizers. In gentle, circular motions, apply all over your face and reapply as often as necessary.

Afraid No Foundation Foundation’s color isn’t universal? Need more application tips?

Check out How to Apply NV Perricone No Foundation Foundation Correctly>>

Recent Reviews

New York Magazine – “No Foundation Foundation ($50) is a true testament that one foundation can indeed be worn by different complexions. Our panel of testers ranged from pale white to dark-skinned black, with some olive and tan tones thrown in for good measure. Surprisingly, the foundation blended with everyone’s skin, and coverage was subtle and natural looking.” Read more at >>

Gives me a “natural but better look” – “I love that in one step I can apply my sunscreen and foundation…I have noticed an improvement in overall tone and appearance of my skin since I’ve been using it as well. So at this point, even though it’s very expensive I would repurchase.” Read more at >>

I love the SPF 30 – “…No streaking, almost impossible to detect, however it did even my skintone and just made my face look better. Not tight and drying, and not greasy and slick, it is the perfect ‘non foundation’ for hot summer days…” Read more at >>

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  1. I love it !

  2. I would love to be a tester for his products as I am unable to afford them and would love to use them-I think his line is the best as I watch QVC and love skincare and would recommend to all my friends and family.

  3. I would love to try no foundation foundation as i hate using
    make up

  4. Hello Dr. Perricone: I have combination/oily skin; but now as I’m getting older, it is dry in places too. I am 55 & starting to get the red spider veins on my cheeks & around my nose. I have some melasma, or sun spots that are hard to get rid of; and need a good sunscreen; would like to try your No Foundation Foundation. I have sallow skin that is sensitive and to top it all off, I do get acne on my chin & forehead (T-zone). I would love to be a Product Tester! Thank you, Roseanne :)

  5. I’ve used products from many different lines, and the one that made me sit up and pay attention was a small sample of your neuropeptide cream. I’m wondering what othe Perricone products to try next.

  6. I’m extremely happy with this foundation! It covers my blemishes and gives me such a warm natural glow to my face. I don’t need to wear anything else and don’t even have to wear lotion! I have recommended this to my friends and they also loved it! I’m so happy I found this foundation and will continue to wear it.

  7. You have definately peeked my curiosity with the No Foundation Foundation. I love a flawless look but find that ordinary foundations can look and feel like a mask by the end of the day. I also do not like wearing too many makeup products as I have so little time in the morning. This product will cut out some of the steps.


  8. I have tried everything to fight acne scars and can’t use sunscreen because it clogs my pores and causes further problems.

  9. Purchased no foundation foundation through a duty free store just on the basis of the Perricone philosopshy. It is awesome and I will definitely re-purchase. The Perricone books, and now this product, are making a great difference in my now-beautiful skin!

  10. Hello Dr. Perricone, you have put me on the road to better health many years ago with your wise research. Your No Foundation Foundation appeals to me because I am 62, I have an uneven skin tone and the lines are advancing along with some loose skin. I don’t wear much makeup and never use any of the “foundations” I have bought because they look pasty or I feel my skin can’t breath with them on…yes, I’d like to become a Perricone tester!

  11. I am a 27 yr female who suffers from mild rosacea and adult acne (lots of closed and open comedones & cystic). My skin goes from being very oil to also very dry and flakey. I am mixed (half fair north American and Venezuelan with Italian) so my skin coloring is also hard to match- I am very pale with olive undertones, but still pink because of the rosacea.I would love to find a foundation that evens out the look of my skin and makes me feel that I look good without getting oily after some time or making me look to washed out or too orange/discolored.

  12. I received a sample of no foundation foundation and I’m squeezing the last out of the sample! The sample has lasted a long time also and I definitely will be purchasing a full size bottle.

    I love how it makes my skin even and glowy, a natural base is important to me and this definitely does that! I’ve also noticed in the short time I’ve used the product it has made my skin look really nice and even toned.

  13. I received a sample of no foundation foundation and I’m squeezing the last out of the sample! The sample has lasted a long time also and I definitely will be purchasing a full size bottle.

    I love how it makes my skin even and glowy, a natural base is important to me and this definitely does that! I’ve also noticed in the short time I’ve used the product it has made my skin look really nice and even toned so that’s a bonus :)

  14. I love the No-Foundation Foundation. I used to rely on powder to finish my make-up routine, but with the No-Foundation Foundation I can stop there and feel confident with my coverage, with out the extra layer.

  15. Wow this one in particular is something I would be very interested in since I despise traditional foundation, as I hate the feel on my skin. I have used when necessary some mineral powder applications but am not always happy with the results either. I really like the dewy fresh faced look and it sounds like this falls within this category, giving my the results I’m looking for without the horrible feel or look of traditional products.

  16. I would love to try your products.
    Looking for good foundation.

  17. I have been struggling with protecting my skin while also covering up my Melasma for some time now. I am sensitive to chemical sunscreens so I wear a non-chemical suncreen with tint for everday wear since there I can not find a foundation with a non-chemical sunscreen. Would love to try your product out.

  18. I love this product! I have sensitive skin, and I’m also allergic to most types of SPF (try finding a foundation, let alone one with SPF that doesn’t cause irritation to my skin!). When I discovered the No Foundation Foundation (and the Firming Facial Toner!) on a recent trip to Sephora, I was hooked! Thanks for making products that work for those of us who can’t use anything else!

  19. I’ve read about this foundation in the press and I am intrigued! I would love to put it to the test. I have rosacea on my cheeks and would love a lightweight foundation that works to cover imperfections in my skin tone.

  20. Let food be thy medcniie, thy medcniie shall be thy food. ~HippocratesDr. Nicholas Perricone is a pioneer in reversing skin damage and has finally solved one of the mysteries of my life. When I lived with my grandmother, she cooked salmon on a weekly basis and we always ate tuna fish sandwiches on a regular basis. Then, I got married and my husband insisted that I stop cooking fish because he disliked it. That was when my skin changed. For years, I’ve wondered about the effects of diet on our skin and The Acne Prescription reveals the need for advanced care and a healthy dose of antioxidants and Omega 3 supplements. He explains how skin disorders are caused by a systemic inflammatory disease and explains the details of sebaceous glands and how corneum cells block pores. I learned about oxidative stress, foods to avoid, foods to get into my diet fast and why I should look for creams containing DMAE.After reading this book, I went to the grocery store and found some Wild Alaskan Salmon which was on sale for 97 cents a pound. I baked the entire fish and tried to follow the three day diet in which you eat mostly salmon. The diet in this book is filled with tasty choices from the sea. If you enjoy scallops, salmon, crab, tuna and shrimp, you will love this diet. I also purchased the pomegranate juice as recommended and you can normally find it in the produce section of your local grocery store. Other moments of enlightenment occurred while reading about how chocolate can cause your skin to break out, but it is more the sugar than the actual cocoa butter. So, I did not notice any changes in my skin after eating a Hershey’s Low Carb bar and then this book even made more sense. It is the sugar, not the cocoa. Another great product he recommends is Pycnogenol which can be rather expensive, but seems to work very well. Overall, this book emphasizes the need for antioxidants, essential fatty acids and a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding stress is essential and a series of yoga postures are recommended. At least a third of this book is filled with tasty skin-clearing recipes like: Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon, Seared Tomatoes, Asparagus and Lemon Olive Oil HollandaiseSpiced Diver Scallops with Ecuadorian Tabouleh and Lemon Myrtle OilPomegranate Citrus-Glazed Apricot and Garlic Roasted Chicken with Apple-Spinach Stuffing and Garden VegetablesSo, this all sounds very gourmet, but the ingredients are relatively easy to find and the directions are uncomplicated. The recipes were all created by executive chef Bernard Guillas. The glossary is excellent and if you read one book on how to care for your skin from the inside out, this should be it. This book is more about lifestyle change than a quick solution. I have only read one other book that is on this level and that is The Metabolic Plan. With those two books in hand, you will have a wealth of information and also understand why lifestyle changes will improve your health. Nicholas Perricone, M.D. has included so many solutions to the problem of Acne that I can only say I’ll be reading this book over and over again. Even if you just suffer from occasional breakouts this book will give you the information you need to encourage a clear, glowing complexion. Many of the ideas in this book will also help you live a more healthy life. I definitely want to read all of Dr. Perricone’s books. He really is an expert on antiaging and skincare. ~The Rebecca Review

  21. I don’t usually wear foundation but I had a baby 2 months ago and my skin is breaking out. I need a good and natural product to help my skin look good through this hormonal nightmare!

  22. I,ve tried cold plasma, I have tried the cleanser and finishing moistururiser and restorative moisturisers, but as yet I have not tried no foundation, because I’m unsure it will work on my walnut skin tone!I would love to try it as I rarely use make up, I’d rather get my skin perfected to the best it can be!I already love the products so far, you really don’t think it works until you stop or run out of certain items, I would advise anyone to just slot in a couple of item to see the difference or textures.

  23. I have purchased this product twice now!! I LOVE IT!! it’s not heavy and looks so natural and covers my redness. I’m 55 and I haven’t ever had anything that doesn’t dry out my skin or make me feel oily.
    Thanks for making this product. :) Just wished I could get it sooner I have to order it in order to get it at the price of 55.00.

  24. I am dying to try this line of products! I have heard great things and tried multiple foundations without success.

  25. Hi, Like a lot of women I have tried so very many foundations, tinted spf moisturizers,including the new mousse air brush ones- they are not the right color, cause breakouts & just not good :( Preety much I’ve given up on spf products, knowing that’s not good NOT to use one. I’m 52, going to my daughter’s college graduation in NY in June & would absolutely LOVE to try this Perricone product! It sounds like my dream product, my skin protected w/spf, only better :)

  26. I turned 72 in December and have found nothing that works for me but No Foundatuion Foundation might. I would love to give it a try.

  27. Hi, I am interested in this product but not entirely sure if it would be suitable for my skin. Would you be able to send a sample of the product before I decide to invest in it.

  28. I would love to try this, I saw an article on Eva Mendes and saw that she uses this as her foundation. And I think she is so beautiful and talented. who would’nt want to look like her? Also with the the summer months around the corner we all need the spf to protect our skin, thats a must! Hopefully I get to try this. thanks

  29. I wear foundation every day and I am a very busy mom I have an autistic child that requires my attention all the time and I have go to his therapies every day I alson have a 1st grade daughter that requires my attention and I dont have time to take time for myself and take care of my skin so I need something that is quick and does not look like I have foundation on but it looks natural and protecting my skin.

  30. Hey there, I’d love to try this product. Great name and the testimonials are really convincing. I hope to cover it on my foundation blog real soon.

  31. I consider myself a cosmoceutical officionado, I have tried everything, but I must say Dr Perricone No Foundation Foundation is the best. Would love to re test it again. Iam trying to use up all my other foundations and WILL settle down with this. Finally,at 53 I have found the right foundation!!!!

  32. I have acne scars (but thankfully hardly any acne!!) and I HATE wearing foundation! My oily skin oxidizes foundation pretty quickly. I would love to try this out!

  33. No foundation foundation is the best foundation I have ever used!!!! It is a game changer. Looks great on my skin whether I have self tanned or if I have the palest complexion. I love love this AMAZING product. Dr. Perricone has become my only daily care for my skin, which is very dry. Thank you Dr. Perricone for making these products, they are Fabulous

  34. I have very skin that is sensitive and reacts to fragrances and reddens easily. Would love to try a sample of the No Foundation Foundation or purchase a small travel size. Can you help me?

  35. Would love to try this product-am trying to become a Dr. Periconne customer but not sure how to start…….Would love to be a tester as I love skincare but cannot find anything that really works.

  36. Would love to try this product-am trying to become a Dr. Periconne customer but not sure how to start…….

  37. I LOVE Perricone products! I once received a small sample of the No Foundation Foundation and it was the best foundation I’d ever used. I would love a sample or regular-size bottle. I Am proud to wear Perricone and I always tell my gal pals to jump on the Perricone wagon. I love that my face is soft, clear, and not too wrinkly for my 36 year old self!

  38. I’d love to try this. I’ve heard very mixed reviews and don’t want to purchase without trying first. Thanks!

  39. I’m interested in being a tester. I’m am 42 years old and do not wear makeup generally. I have very sensitive fair skin and am very particular about what I put on my face. I’m particularly interested in testing your No-Foundation Foundation and Sunscreens.


  40. I am a 40- year old who for the first time in my life, is suffering from acne! Hormones? I have been trying so many different products, none of which seem to be helping. Would love the opportunity to test your products on a confused complexion!

  41. I’d be very excited to test this foundation I’ve read Dr.Perricone’s book followed his supplement recommendations …

  42. Just returned from Sephora after returning my 17TH!!! Foundation that either broke me out or looked bad. The girl at Sephora suggested Perricone No Foundation so I came on here to check it out before I bought it. I would love to be a tester and hope this is my foundation finally!!!

  43. I would love to try the No Foundation. I am 57 and trying to keep my skin moist. Please make me a tester for your products. :)

  44. I would LOVE to be a tester. This sounds great. I am still looking for a great foundation.

  45. I am 50 years old, and i TAKE CARE pf MY skin and i shows. I worldwide yo test your product. Thanks you

  46. I would love to test this product. I am 48 and never been very good with foundation, this sounds like such a great concept!

  47. This does sound magical! I have acne-prone sensitive skin and live in a humid region so this product sounds perfect. Heres hoping!

  48. I Have Been Using the No Foundation Foundation For About 2 weeks And I Just Love It does not feel Thick And Heavy At All And My Fine Line Are Less noticeable..Just Love This product I Just Turned 50 …..And Love Love Love THIS product…

  49. I am turning 30 in just a couple weeks. I have suffered with skin problems since high school. As I get older I find myself having to use more and more make up just to look have way descent and still not quite pleased with the results of coverage with out having to completely coat my skin with layer upon layer of makeup. I love your products and would be so honored to test any of your products in any attempt to look and feel healthy and beautiful.

  50. In these times, one needs to look youthful to keep their jobs, especially in my industry. That is what I am faced with. Without the risk of going under the knife, I will do what I can to stay younger looking.