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Tired of the way ordinary foundation leaves your facial skin looking and feeling like a Kabuki mask rather than it should—like skin?

Why not try something new? To let your natural radiance shine through, look no further than the Dr. Perricone NV Perricone No Foundation Foundation, the first advanced anti-aging translucent finishing product.

What do you think of this advanced anti-aging skin care product? Comment below to let us know.

A perfect complement for your daily anti-aging skin regimen, the benefits of No Foundation Foundation abound:

  • Instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lines and pores.
  • Provides non-chemical SPF 30 broad spectrum UV protection.
  • Corrects skin undertones.
  • Quick-absorbing.
  • Moisturizes. Skin appears smooth and naturally dewy.

Want to learn more?

How No Foundation Foundation Works

This lightweight defensive solution is formulated with antioxidants, non-chemical sunscreen protection and specially-treated pigments, fused with light-diffusing mica.

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These key sciences work together to create an absolutely flawless finish:

1. Alpha Lipoic Acid (Patented):

  • Provides antioxidant protection from skin damaging free radicals
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, pore size, puffiness and discoloration
  • Smooths skin texture
  • Evens skin tone and imperfections


  • Tightens and lifts skin
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

To learn more about DMAE, watch this video:

3. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide

These two ingredients offer non-chemical, SPF 30 broad spectrum UV protection. Unlike chemical sun protectants, which get absorbed into the skin, these non-chemical ingredients sit on top of skin acting as a natural barrier against sun rays as they deflect the rays away from the skin.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Applying No Foundation Foundation

aSay “no” to ordinary, heavy foundations with No Foundation Foundation—advanced science; simple application.

Dr. Perricone recommends you apply No Foundation Foundation on top of other treatments and/or moisturizers. In gentle, circular motions, apply all over your face and reapply as often as necessary.

Afraid No Foundation Foundation’s color isn’t universal? Need more application tips?

Check out How to Apply NV Perricone No Foundation Foundation Correctly>>

Recent Reviews

New York Magazine – “No Foundation Foundation ($50) is a true testament that one foundation can indeed be worn by different complexions. Our panel of testers ranged from pale white to dark-skinned black, with some olive and tan tones thrown in for good measure. Surprisingly, the foundation blended with everyone’s skin, and coverage was subtle and natural looking.” Read more at >>

Gives me a “natural but better look” – “I love that in one step I can apply my sunscreen and foundation…I have noticed an improvement in overall tone and appearance of my skin since I’ve been using it as well. So at this point, even though it’s very expensive I would repurchase.” Read more at >>

I love the SPF 30 – “…No streaking, almost impossible to detect, however it did even my skintone and just made my face look better. Not tight and drying, and not greasy and slick, it is the perfect ‘non foundation’ for hot summer days…” Read more at >>

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  1. Hi

    I TIRED THIS LAST NIGHT IT IS REVOLUTIONARY STUFF!! very fine and silky, when it goes on your face it seems to give great coverage which you would not think from the texture. It has great sun proctection and other magical qualities for the skin. IT feels very light on your face, no chance of streaks or bad application. Wonderous…..thank you

  2. This product seems too good to be true! It seems like my dream foundation that I’ve always been searching for but can never find! I would love to try this!

  3. I have been wearing Channel makeup for fifteen years. It just isn’t doing it for me anymore. I’m ready to try something new and a Doctor inspired foundation could be just the right solution. I always have trouble with color and love the idea that one foundation fits all!

  4. I am 26 and have had rosacea since I was a child. On top of that, I recently developed an allergy to many ingredients in cosmetics, including chemical sunscreens (I just finished the patch test at my dermatologist’s office). It’s terribly hard to find a foundation that contains *only* physical sunscreens, doesn’t flare my rosacea, and will even-out my red face; however, it seems I’ve found one on this website! Can’t afford the price, but I’m desperate to be a tester!

  5. I am very particular not only about the appearance of my skin but the health of it. To use a product that protects and benefits my skin while providing me with the fresh healthy look I desire would be great! Sometimes less is more! And I would share with everyone I know!

  6. I would like to be a perricone tester.

  7. I am wanting to try No Foundation Foundation! i have normal skin, am active and healthy but find it isn’t enough to keep my skin looking prefect…without good products. i have developed some spots (from the sun?) and I have a little redness in my cheeks, so I look to this product to even my skin tone out without ‘looking like I’m wearing heavy makeup’.

    i’m hoping this line of skincare is THE ONE! Heard great things. I would also love to read the book to learn more… Thank you.

  8. This sounds fantastic – I still have soft clear skin (I’m 58) but with large pores around the nose area that I try to cover. I would hope that this product can keep my facial skin lovely while diminishing pores. I can’t wait to try this!

  9. I believe this could be just what I need! After years of wearing foundation, I have started to concentrate on skin care and want to let my new, healthier skin shine through!

  10. I’ve read so many positive reviews and would love to give this a try. I have some discoloration on my face and I hate how traditional foundation can feel like a mask. I’d like something to give me better looking skin. I hope I get to try this out.

  11. I would love to test any of the Perricone products. I have use every brand of skin care and make up products over the years. I just found out I have basal cell skin cancer on the side of my nose and need surgery for it next week. I would love to try the No Foundation Foundation for the sun protection and natural look. Thanks!

  12. I am dying to try this product! My skin tone is complex mixture of 3 different ethnicities- african American, Caucasian, and Cuban! I have yet, in all my 28 yrs, to find a foundation that ACTUALLY matches my skin tone without having to buy several shades and attempt to play “mad scientist” by doing a daily mix match and blend routine PRAYING to get the “PERFECT” shade of foundation to match my eclectic skin tone!!! If this product lives up to its description, this will, HANDS DOWN, be the most ingenious and revolutionary break through for the cosmetic and aesthetic community in decades!!!! I am BEYOND EXCITED!!!

  13. I am 51 and my skin has changed so much. Alot of it I am sure is from stress. I help raise my 2 grandchildren my daughter is a single mom. I notice the sagging jowels are starting. I work out and try to eat like your book says! I just need some extra help, but I dont want to spend the extra money unless I am sure of the product! I would love to try this foundation!!!! No foundation I try seems to work I need to quit trying to use the foundations I did when I was 20!!! Because I am not!!! Thanks, Janice

  14. i am 79, have been using perricone md no foundation for 3 years. i love it, that is all i use except for moister cream. i need to know what moister cream i need to be using. i would test thing too if you see fit. thank you kindly.

  15. I have been looking for a makeup that keep my skin looking as it is. I will love ot try this foundation.

  16. I would LOVE to try this product, but I’m skeptical. Why? Well, I’ve tried all the tinted moisturizers like Miracle Skin Transformer & Aveeno in replace of regular make-up. I like that they’re healthier for my skin, but they all leave my face VERY shiny. I doubt I will ever find a product that has more of a matte finish and allows oily and/or already hydrated skin to look natural without having to blot the face every hour.

  17. Hi!
    I’d love to try this foundation. I am currently on the lookout for a new one, and have been using a mineral powder foundation, but as I’m a bit -ahem- older, these powder foundations seem to get into the creases and lines on the face and only accentuate them (even though their advertising says they don’t!). Their powdery look just isn’t for me anymore. I want to try something new and different that is good for my skin, too! This sounds like the perfect thing. I want something natural that won’t make me look older than I am. The fact that it’s great on all skin types and colors only makes me want to try it more!

    Needless to say, I really would love to test this new No Foundation Foundation!

  18. This product sounds amazing. A sunscreen and quality foundation in one. Not having to color match your skin. Amazing.

  19. I just recently found information about Dr. Perricones products. I was excited about trying something new that might actually work and make a difference in the health of the skin. I would love the opportunity to test and review a few products. Thanks for the consideration. Blessings

  20. Would love to try this! I use bare minerals right now but have dry skin so sometimes it’s uncomfortable. This sounds wonderful!

  21. Hi i would like to test your products and review on our shopping blog

  22. Unfortunately, I have absolutely silky, gorgeous skin which I LOVE to show off! My problem is I dread the thought of even putting on an ounce of foundation because I don’t want to hide my beautiful skin, which I get so many compliments on. I have always been on the hunt for a product which would not look like a foundation but do the opposite and show my skin off and if anything enhance what I have. I googled this product after reading in a magazine that Eva Mendez loves it. Being that Eva has the same skin tone and beautiful skin as I do, I was intrigued. This product sounds like an epic breakthrough!

  23. I would love to try this no foundation I have tryed a lot of different ones and this one sounds awsome. I work hard at keeping my skin soft and would love the opertunity to try this

  24. This sounds like the answer to a prayer. I have been fighting leukemia for ten years and all the medicine has really taken a toll on my skin. I rarely have the energy to spend on a full make-up regimine but really need to add moisture and even skin tone without making lines look worse. The SPF is a total bonus. I would love to try it.

  25. I have to give your No Foundation Foundation a 10++++++. My mom just turned 67 and she works in the Fine jewerly industry and is always trying to find a product that will even out her skin color and reduce some of the wrinkles. Well she has found it. She came home the other day and only applied it to one side of her face and right away I noticed the difference her skin looked tighter and she looked younger on that side of her face. I may be currently unemployed but I was able to scroungh up enough cash to purchase this for her birthday. Take you for making a product that makes my mom so happy.

  26. This product is fabulous! I was looking for something that would cover some of the redness in my face, without looking like I was wearing foundation. This works perfectly – I couldn’t be happier.

  27. Face Finishing moisturizer is one of my favorite moisturizers. I’d love to try this

  28. Dear Dr. Perricone
    I’m 56 yrs young and I’ve just discovered your acyl-glutathione product’s benefits for the last 30 days. What an amazing difference! My deep forehead lines have softened and my “11″ continues to “subtract” numbers! I would love to test your No Foundation Foundation in this Arizona climate with it’s fabulous sunblock protection. Thank you for considering me!

  29. I am beyond excited to try this product. I am a devout follower of the Perricone Prescription and I am slowly starting to experience the skin care line. As I have just turned 40, I am realizing how my skin truly requires the benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE.

  30. I’m really tired of looking ashy with my foundation. I’m actually searching for something like this, I’m always watching tutorials on how to perfectly put foundation for an even complexion but still non of them work, I always wanted to look flawless with foundation, to look like i have no foundation on even if i actually have it because i have no guts to not put make up on my face even when I’m just staying home, because i have some pimple marks. Now that i have already found this product I think what Ive been wishing for , for a along time will now be granted, I really want to try this product.Hope i can get this free product. Thank you very much :)

  31. Got a tinsy little sample from sephora but I’m excited to try it. I like to use a tinted moisturizer on casual days. This sounds like it will have the dame coverage but maybe will make my skin look better! Let’s hope!

  32. I have had 3 bottles of this wonder product and can never be without it! I am 54 years old, take the time to care for my skin, so don’t want to hide it under heavy, thick and ultimately aging foundation. No Foundation Foundation gives your skin a lovely even tone with a luminous finish that looks like great skin – not make-up. It’s fabulous!!

  33. This is really good for those who don’t really like to put on any make-up. Sometimes foundation can look really heavy that’s why I think that this no foundation foundation is a great product. It will work perfectly on any women. Lucky you guys who won.

  34. I would love to try this No Foundation foundation since I’m in my mid forties and have been wishing for that one more chance for a dewy and youthful looking skin.
    Living in Malaysia where we have hot humid weather,most of the foundations I have tried have melted and stained my shirts, name it.
    Thank you Dr Perricone

  35. As a fashion/beauty conscience girl who has never been brave enough to leave the house without makeup, this sounds like a dream! I started out with heavy cream foundations, but that ended in disaster. Then I moved to powder which just left my face with a chalky texture. I don’t need much foundation, just enough to even out my skin tone. I just want a natural, fresh skin look. I can’t wait to see the results with a product like this!

  36. [...] MD’s No Foundation Foundation is the first advanced anti-aging translucent finishing product. From what I am reading it [...]

  37. After spending some time reading about Dr. Perricone’s products, I am convinced that this may be the answer to my skincare and especially foundation needs. I hate the look of heavy foundations and have been a mineral makeup girl in the past. Living in West Texas has really dried out my skin and I would love to have a makeup that would help hold in moisture and benefit my skin. I am so hoping to get to try this product. Thank you, Norma

  38. I need a product to cover the uneven color around the eyes and the lines around the mounth. Really would like a natual look with NO makeup…simple andlasting.

  39. Looks like it isn’t there, hides my pores, SPF, and a wonderful feel…what more can you ask for!

  40. Wow! This sis pretty much what I’ve been dreaming of my whole life. My skin is very subject to whim and decides to react differently to other foundations. I hope this will prove different!

  41. I would so love to try this foundation breakthrough. I have tried all kinds of foundation and as I get older, I would like a product that doesn’t settle in lines or make my skin dry. I would like my skin to look natural so people have to guess whether I am wearing foundation or not. Thank you for your time.

  42. I am ordering this breakthrough foundation today. I am looking forward to better skin especially since it is difficult to find natural foundation for light african american females with golden undertones.
    Thank you, Dr. Perricone.

  43. I love this product. I have been an esthetician and make-up artist for the past 10 years and have always loved Perricones Products. I was skeptical of this one at first. I thought it would be very silicone like. It’s nowhere near that it’s much more like a tinted moisturizer and it looks and feels amazing!! It’s a marriage of 3 beautiful things, sunscreen, moisturizer, and a light foundation. I sometimes dust a small amount of bare minerals over the top and it’s a fast flawless finish. I can’t rec. this product enough.

  44. I need a light weight makeup for the 100+ degree weather! I tried mineral type makeups and they really show my wrinkles so I’m anxious to try this to see if it is a natural look and cool to wear!

  45. would like to know the exact ingrediants in the foundation. thank you

  46. I love the fact that I get the look of makeup coverage yet is it light and creamy and looks very natural. I’m in my 40′s and have dry skin. This makes my skin look very dewy and fresh ALL day long. Not greasy, just pretty and dewy,
    Love it and I am hooked!

  47. Battling rosacea in FL humidity and heat. I will try this it sounds too good to be true.

  48. Recently starting a “new” relationship, I was informed he doesn’t understand why women put “MUD”, on their faces. With that comment, I realized, I was one of “those” girls trying to cover up the signs of aging. My skin has always felt dry, but the pores and blackheads made me feel uncomfortable being “naked” (free of makeup!) Going to my local sephora store, I was directed to the Perricone Amine Face lift. I love the sheerness, soft feel. I’m now ready to invest in more of his products and would love to rid my face of heavy products, and start using his cleanser along with other anti-aging suggestions. Unfortunately, due to the high cost, I will be purchasing in moderation, and would love the opportunity to sample more products to find the right fit for my skin. Thanks for your consideration!

  49. I dont wear makeup because of the way it feels on my skin, so I been looking for something that will help my skin look smooth and even without the heavy feeling just a healthy looking skin but I’m afraid of spending my money on a product I don’t know will work, so if No Foundation Foundation is the answer to my lifetime search I will be more than proud to wear it everyday.

  50. I hear really great things about this product and as a new esthetician and make up artist, i cant wait to try it!

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