Perricone MD – Neuropeptide Facial Contour (Discontinued)

Need to restore your mature skin to its more youthful appearance? Consider the Neuropeptide Facial Contour, the non-surgical face lift, with its ability to help create the appearance of chiseled cheekbones, jaw line, throat, and decollete areas.

Made for those with more advanced signs of aging, this formula contains neuropeptides and high levels of DMAE.

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What are Neuropeptides?

Did you know that without neuropeptides, communication in the brain, let alone throughout the body, would not function properly?

Neuropeptides are released by brain cells either as neurotransmitters, chemical substances that send nerve impulses across synapses, or as hormones, which affect the functions of receptive organs or tissues when transported to them.

While neuropeptides can produce pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effects, neuropeptide Y has the opposite effect of its counterpart, pro-inflammatory Substance P. Among its benefits for the brain, neuropeptide Y lessens anxiety and depression; and what is therapy to the brain is therapy to the skin, so neuropeptides also prove helpful for your skin.

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A neuropeptide cream has the ability to help:

  • Decrease sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Reduce discoloration and dark under eye circles
  • Revive dull, lifeless skin and instead, maintain a fresh and rosy appearance
  • Protect skin from free radicals

Besides neuropeptides, this formula contains DMAE and phospholipids.

Other Ingredients

Like neuropeptides, DMAE also tones skin and improves resiliency. DMAE offers contouring benefits and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Phospholipids allow for quick absorption as they mimic lipids naturally found in skin. They also repair and hydrate damaged, fragile skin.

Aqua (Water), Lecithin, Isopropyl Palmitate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethyl MEA (DMAE), L-Tyrosine, Glycerin, Ceteareth-20, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Dimethicone, Glycolic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate, Disodium EDTA, Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil, Tocotrienols, Sorbic Acid, Copper Gluconate, Tocopherol, Pentapeptide-18 (Neuropeptide), Parfum (Fragrance).

How to Apply Neuropeptide Facial Contour

To help ensure more chiseled cheekbones, jaw line, throat, and decollete areas, pat Neuropeptide Facial Contour gently on targeted areas of the face, focusing especially along the contours of cheeks, forehead, and jawline.

Recent Reviews

Wow – “It will last a long while. I use the original packaging @ 2.5 oz. and that lasts 7 ~ 8 months at least. This is the only product that has diminished the eleven lines between my brows. I actually use it all over my face, not just targeted areas.” —From Sephora

Stop right here – “I love this creme. It has made a miraculous transformation in my skins tone. I saw visable results with the first applcation [sic].” —From Sephora

Asked if I had work done – “I love all of the perricone products but especially the contour and conformer. My girlfriend asked if Ihave [sic] work done on my face – it was looking that good!” —From Sephora

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  1. Tried other Perricone products early on but love the idea of FACELIFT IN A JAR! We just had pics taken with family & as we reviewed the pictures with our photographer it was impossible to ignore the saggin’ & draggin’. Yikes! I’m too young for this (56 in December) so I’ve got to get back to a more aggressive skin therapy. TEST ME, I’M YOURS!

  2. At 52 with signs of ageing all over my face and eyes, I would love to try this. I currently use Cold Plasma eye, face and neck and love them all. They absorb instantly, and I think my skin craves these products. After I wash my face I can feel the dryness, as soon as I apply cold plasma, I can feel the moisture back in y skin all day long!

  3. I live in Buffalo, In the summer, the sun is wrinkling my skin, in the winter its chaffing,the weather does not respect my skin at all, I would love to try this product, ty

  4. I’ll be honest. I can’t afford to buy this right now and would LOVE to try it!

  5. I’m 54 years old and a product junkie – OTC and costly products. Through my own “testing” I find things that work and other things that don’t really work. Given the chance to test the neuropeptide product, or other skin care products, I will give you my honest detailed observations.

  6. I am to try new products and need help for the sagging jaw lines, lines around my mouth, eyes…general sun damage. I would really like to become a tester of your products.

  7. i’d like to try it to see my face look younger

  8. I was headed down the path of inflammation , obesity , depression when my husband began to research your philosophy , products & anti-inflammatory diet…we’ve already started the diet & have picked up 2 of your items ( serum prep & amine complex ). I have the signs of skin damage that shows up when you hit 40 or so and hopefully wont continue to rear its ugly appearances as I age…but I’m hoping that the diet , topicals & supplements ( Coq-10 , astaxanthin , turmeric) that I,m starting with will yield results and light a fire under me …sorry for the long wind

  9. I am 61 & am plagued with some deep lines around the mouth & bags under the eyes as well as general age/sun related damage. I’d love to be a tester for this product.

  10. I am a 39 year old African American dark complexion. I am having diffculties finding a product to tighten my sagging skin. I have tried almost every product known to man. But because I also have acne prone skin it limits me. I have tried everything from Retin-A to Titan laser treatments. I was told that because of the thickness of my skin that it would take stronger laser treatment. But I am afraid of burning my skin.I would love to try your product.I hope your product will end my search.

  11. I’ve always had good skin and looked much younger than my age, but two years ago I had open heart surgery and boy has that ever aged me. I’m only 59 and all the stress has lined my face and my skin looks so shallow and blotchy. Maybe if I looked in the mirror and saw the girl I was before all of this I would feel better again.

  12. I’m 52 and haved used DDF for mature skin cellular renewal, but they discontinued it. So I’m looking for a daily moisturizer that will maintain my skin soft, fight the wrinkles, and tightens the skin. Also have dark spots that become darker in the summer but lighten up during other seasons (melasma and aging spots). My eyelids are very sensitive to make up and will get contact dermatitis with any regular make up. I would love to test your product, I heard a lot about it.

  13. I am 68 years old and would like to become a Perricone tester. I have had one facelift and two eye surguries because my eyes are buffy. I would appreciate your help as I can not go thru any more. I also have wrinkles around my lips. Please help. Thank You.

  14. I am 68 years old and would like to become a Perricone tester. I have had one facelift and two eye surguries because my eyes are buffy. I would appreciate your help as I can not go thru any more.

  15. desire to have my skin texture and color be luminous and the best it can be!

    have read the books and follow the supplement recommendations but can’t afford the creams.

    do have rosacea (flushing). endeavor to keep inflammation under control or eliminated.

    pretty woman, would be good test subject!

  16. I am 63 years of age, on a limited income however feel that my skin and face is one of my best features, am intelligent and active and very stressed due to son in kidney failure would love the opportunity to evaluate your products and have already ordered from QVC one of your items. Allowing me to continue to use your other products would enable me to make choices of ones that work for me so I can make educated purchases of them. Thanks,

  17. I am a 46 year old elementary school teacher and mom to 3 boys. With each year, I feel more and more distressed about aging. I have tried many products and spent quite a bit of money exploring different options even cosmoderm and botox. I am very interesting in the contouring treatment but would really like the opportunity to sample it first. If it meets its expectations and description, I would indeed be a dedicated customer. thank you

  18. I am 56. I have no children. No job. No love life. No man. Its too late to have children, but I need a job, and I want a partner. Since menopause, my appearance has gone downhill. My confidence has followed. I need something that will boost my spirits so that I feel that I CAN get the job and the man. If I could pass by a mirror and think “WOW” instead of “OW” I know I could get started.

  19. I have tried several products….nothing works. I would love to become a tester for your product! After reading the reviews, I would love to see how this product works for me. I am starting to show signs of aging under my eyes and in my jowl line. I hope you will consider me for a tester!!

  20. I would love to try this product out, I have saggy skin of face and I am 50years old. I would love to have firm tight skin again.

  21. I recently also purchased the facial contour cream the “red carpet” instant facelift- I am not sure if I am using it properly….Do you use it every day??

  22. Hi. I’m a 40 year old college student. And I have never felt my age until I returned to school. I’m going to college to become a Medical Laboratory Technician. It’s bad enough that I’m the oldest student enrolled in my program but when the instructors start singling me out with dated references it’s becoming too much. I’m not looking for a miracle, just something that will knock a couple of years off so that I blend in more with the crowd and make me appear to be in the more appealing employment bracket for ages.

  23. Hi There -
    My skin is great except for lines that have started to form on my neck (I’m 36)- I’ve tried all kinds of creams and laser treatments, but nothing seems to be working. I would love to be a tester.

  24. I turned 50 in February and although I have very few facial wrinkles, I feel like my neck is giving away my age. Help!

  25. I am turning 50 in May and I can see my skin sagging everyday. around my cheeks and jaw line has drastically changed in the last couple of years ans it is so depressing. I have been single for the last 20 years and have kept physically fit and I am very proud of that but my face makes me look so old. Please help me to catch my face up with my body. Thank you

  26. I have the chubby cheeks syndrome and feel that this cream can help turn my life around as I feel that putting it on will enhance my features and give me a more mature appearance. I believe I can be an excellent tester because this cream is meant for a face like mine and the results will be much more pronounced on me…. Please make me your tester!

  27. I’ve always had good skin, and people would comment on how much younger I look than I really am. But I’m turning 65 this year and now I need to bring out the big guns to address the sag that’s begun last couple of years…enter Dr. Perricone’s products, which I feel are the best out there. But I can’t afford the full sizes, so am longing to be a tester.

  28. WOW!! If this product can actually do what it promises it would be amazing. I’ve 57 and am starting to see sagging along with forehead wrinkles. I need a miracle.

  29. I will be 50 on 2/9/10 and have read your books and followed you for at least 10 years. I have never bought any of your products as I was alwaays too scared to send money incase the product didn’t work. I would love to try this product. What a great birthday present it would be.


  30. I am 47 years old and have never had any expensive face creams to try. I do have some wrinkles and would absolutely love to try this cream. Please!! Thank you Ann Ceballos

  31. After repeteadly trying numerous costly creams none of them have amounted to what they claim to do. And due to my artificial aorta I am unable to have any type of procedure on my face. I would like to try this cream and become a tester in hopes of improving my over all facial appearance and maybe I can get some sort of satisfaction after upending my wallet to costly dead end facial creams.

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  33. I have just been through some medical issues and feel that I have really aged because of the stress. I would love to find something to reverse some of this. I am 61, but don’t want to look it.

    Thank you.

  34. I would love to test this facial contour cream. i just order some products for the first. time but i want it to try this product but after i read the reviews i was not to sure i would love to try it first.
    thank you

  35. I have tried absolutely everything to help lift my sagging jaw line (I’m 47). I would be thrilled to be a tester for your Neuropeptide Facial Contour.

  36. The best product ever!

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  39. [...] even more lift, follow with the Neuropeptide Facial Contour cream in targeted areas for a 12-hour [...]

  40. [...] product that is incredibly effective in adding definition to the face is Perricone’s Neuropeptide Facial Contour. This skin-tightening product includes DMAE, Neuropeptides, and Phospholipids to better improve [...]

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  42. [...] easily affected by frequent facial expressions like laughing and squinting. Dr. Perricone’s neuropeptide facial contour is a specialty product designed to revitalize the delicate skin around the [...]

  43. [...] a more simple, yet still effective approach by using Dr. Perricone’s Neuropeptide Facial Contour. This topical cream tightens the face, jawline, and throat delivering results of a non-surgical [...]

  44. The sagging jaw line has set in even tho’ I’m only 45 years old. I believe the frequest surges of cortisol, from being a career firefighter for 21 years, has taken it’s toll on my youthful appearance. I feel and act so much younger than the image that greets me in the mirror.
    I would love to test Dr. Perricone’s products as I have believed in his work since watching him on PBS many years ago.

  45. I am in my 30′s, a mother of 3, and live in too sunny, Tucson, AZ. I have tried every noteworthy skincare line including IsClinical,Janson-Beckett, Skinceuticals, Revision, and Obaji (too harsh). I consider myself well-informed and have great skin. I have yet to come across something as effective as retin-A without the redness or peeling. I am always searching for the holy grail –the perfect eye cream. I am introducing myself to the Perricone line because the science is sound, with little chance of sensitivity to the skin. I am very curious about the Neuropeptide Facial Contour Cream. I would appreciate a sample and will return with an honest, informative review. When I test the sample, I will not be using other facial treatments besides a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil so as not to affect results.

    Thank you!


  47. I am excited to think that at the age of 62 I can still improve my skin. Please consider my request to become a Perricone tester. Thank you

  48. I have tried to submit a request to participate in the testing program a few times and because I have hand tremors-I keep hitting keys in error and am not certain if my application has been submitted. I am determined to make sure I at least get this sent correctly. Please forgive if this is a duplicate request. I am 62; always had “nice skin” up until about 2 years ago. I believe that I still can improve my skin at my age and would like to be considered to participate in this program-Thank you

  49. I was told about Perricone Products recently. Have read your book and am working on eating right for my skin. I am 61, but probably don’t look my age. I mainly need lifting of saggy skin. I am a nurse by profession and would love to give you feedback and pass along the good results to others.

  50. I live in California, I’m 61 and am an Archaeological Monitor. This means I am out doors in all kinds of weather and my face and arms are the main targets of years of sun and wind. I would jump for joy to find products that address these issues in not so young skin.

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