Perricone MD – More Than Moisture SPF 30 (Discontinued)

Perricone More Than Moisture is a 3-in-1 solution for those looking for a moisturizer without a chemical sunscreen and that doesn’t leave a white, chalky residue. It protects your skin from the elements while delivering anti-aging benefits.

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How More Than Moisture SPF 30 is Different

More Than Moisture is different because it is a 3-in-1 product combining treatment, moisturizer, and sunscreen to deliver beautiful, radiant skin.

It is non-whitening and non-irritating, and does not leave a chalky residue on skin. More Than Moisture also helps protect from wind, cold, sun, and other sensitizing factors.

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Benefits and Features of More Than Moisture SPF 30

More Than Moisture SPF 30 provides broad spectrum sun protection against UVA and UVB rays with non-chemical zinc oxide.
It is formulated with:

  • Tocotrienols and Olive Oil Polyphenols to deliver superior antioxidant protection and hydrating benefits
  • Vitamin C Ester to brighten the skin
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid to refine skin texture
  • DMAE to firm and tone the appearance of skin

It is formulated without:

  • PABA
  • Sulfates
  • Synthetic dyes
  • Phthalates
  • Chemical sunscreen

Application of More Than Moisture SPF 30

Apply More Than Moisture during the day on cleansed skin or on top of treatment.

Reapply product as necessary.

More Than Moisture complements Cleansing Treatment Bar, Intensive Pore Minimizer, and Cold Plasma Eye.

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  1. Please tell me why they took this product off shelves? It is awesome and it actually is making me angry because I fell in love with this product so now I am just peed off at Perricone MD and will switch brands.

  2. PLEASE do not discontinue this product (More than Moisture SPF 30). Every dermatologist says to wear sunscreen daily, so why would Dr. Perricone take this product out of his line??

  3. Please bring back the More Than Moisturizer w/SPF 30! It is fabulous for sensitive skin and the only one I found on the market to work:(

  4. Please bring More Than Moisture SPF 30 back! Love this product, especially in the summer when all you want is protection without the heavy feel of makeup. Also, I mix it with other products.

  5. I know a few women who are disappointed this has been discontinued. Any other product a good substitute?

  6. Thank you so much! I have been using the High Potency Evening repair cream for the past three months and my skin has never looked so healthy. I am amazed.

    33y/o female with dark spots and oily skin (now diminishing thanks to your product)

  7. Bring the More than Moisture back!!! It’s a wonderful product.

  8. Soooo disappointed that this will no longer be available!! Ithas been the only moisturizer that works and that leaves my skin looking AMAZING!!!! I don’t like the way the No foundation SPF product looks on my skin so I’ll have to switch brands. So sod – why was this discontintued?? : (

  9. I’m so disappointed that this product has been discontinued. I’ve been using it religiously for a while and now I need to look for a new SPF + Moisturizer. :-(

  10. Have been looking for a good sunscreen with moisturising properties and a good kick of SPF for awhile. Everyone has recommended these products to be the best for sensitive skin that needs a little TLC. Would love to try this out and recommend to others who need some sun protection. (in Australia we have loads of sun, but people hate putting on sunscreen, this product might just solve that problem)

  11. I have very sensitive skin, all the moisturizers that have any SPF are not good for me. They irritate and later I breakout. I have not found any of them work and have spent a lot of money so far. I would like to try this one to see if its formula is gentle on my skin. Thanks!

  12. I have tried this More Than Moisture all summer, and have been very happy. I love all and any NV Perricone products. they are my favorite! I would love to be a tester!!

  13. I would like to have this Product, I was using tinted moisturizer and it was very good on my skin, but when it was finish and i wanted to buy a new one, the consultant told me it has been discontinued and she told me about more than moisturizer spf 30 and she said i must upgrade to it, but she did not have it on stock, because it is still a very new product. I would like to try it. i am using other perricones product and the complimants i get every day because of my beautiful skin, Dr’S Products are the Best.

  14. I’m 28 and have hyperpigmentation. {Ugh!} And an SPF moisturizer that isn’t greasy and that my dry skin will absorb, sounds too good to be true. I would love to use this product to prevent any more damage from free radicals. I love the warmth of the sun, but the negative effects are killing my skin!

  15. Many middle-aged women need a good moisturizer to apply to their face, especially during the summer. I have used many moisturizers for my face, only to find they do not really absorbed well. This product absorbs well, feels great, and works well with just about any makeup I use.

  16. I’m looking to try out new skin care products till I find the best ones for me. I’ve heard great things about Perricone products and would love to try out More Than Moisture, since I want to find a good moisturizer that also protects me from the sun.

  17. The Perricone More Than Moisture is the best sunscreen I’ve tried. It really disappears on your skin, does not leave it greasy, but does leave it soft, moisturized. And it’s SPF 30 rather than only 15.

  18. As a pharmacist,I always recommend over-the-counter products that contain SPF. Just recently I was very excited to have discovered that Perricone MD More Than Moisture has a non-chemical sunscreen with SPF 30.

    As an identical twin, I am always looking for products that hydrate, and firm/tone the appearance of my skin and that my twin has not yet discovered. I hope she’ll realize i found something that works with just one look!

  19. Por favor gostaria de testar seus produtos … obrigada

  20. This product sounds like something I would love to try. I have Lupus so I’m sensitive to sun and always have to use a good sunblock. Nearly every moisturizer with SPF has left white residue which is not good as I model and am a beauty blogger. Looking forward to trying this out!

  21. I am an esthetician at an affluent spa. Skinceuticals has been my skincare of choice. I have recently read several of your books. Just finished my first bottle of Face Finisher moistureizer.Looking forward to trying the More Than Moisture w/spf30. Currently use the S.C.

  22. Sunscreen is a vital regimen required for maintaining a healthy glow. Would love to try the product. I have read all but one book that Dr. Perricone has written. Perricone will always be part of my daily routine. Looking to add more products.

  23. I am an RN and i am looking for a new product line to use in my practice. My skin care office is called face facts

  24. I would like to test this product.I am looking for my best moisturizer spf 30 for my face…

  25. I am looking for my best moisturizer and some of my friends have suggested the Perricone products. so, I am too curious about these products. I would love to test “Perricone MD/more than moisture spf 30″!!!

  26. I would love to test this product! I’ve been looking for a quality moisturizer with a higher spf than I use currently.

  27. Hi Marianne,

    Thank you for commenting on the Perricone blog.

    You had asked about nano technology.

    To answer your question, we don’t specifically use nanotechnology in current product, but there are nano-size particles inherently in the physical sunscreen ingredients we use since the particle size distribution is a range.

    Note on zinc oxide sunscreen, it is in a lotion (concern is more around inhalation) and is designed to stay on top layers of skin in order to act as a physical block. It doesn’t make sense for physical sunscreen ingredient manufacturers or us as cosmetic manufacturers to make ZnO and TiO2 sunscreens penetrate past the surface layer or they wouldn’t work.

    Thanks for your inquiry!

  28. Forever on the hunt for a great combo SPF and moisturizer, without the chemical ick, I’m very much looking forward to trying this one.

  29. Glad to have found a high quality product that is approved as safe by the EWG.

  30. Hello….can you please tell me if there is nano technology used in this? or z-cote?
    A concern of mine is the nano’s as this is not good…and I read a post here as another had asked the same question.
    TY so much!
    My best, Marianne Guzzardo

    PS: and PLEASE make this larger sized one day? only b/c one must use a good amount to get complete protection and one oz. is so small for a sunscreen.
    I’m a nurse and I’m into skincare and know this as well as you do so a larger size even if of course more$ will be great!

  31. I am excited to try More Than Moisture SPF 30! My experience with other Perricone products has been universally positive. The active ingredients in Dr. Perricone’s products seem to pack much more “punch” than other expensive department store beauty products. SPF 30, particularly here in sunny San Antonio, is a huge plus, as is the fact that this is essentially a three-in-one product. Hope to hear from you!!!

  32. I totally agree with the title of this product because it actually it provides nutrients or food to the skin other than hydration.

    I guess it is like oxygen dose to the skin and guess most of the perricone products are on same line because they make skin look so fresh ,young,natural and beautiful from inside and outside.

  33. This looks exciting – I was wishing that more products had SPF, and I love that it’s not chemical. As a tropical biologist who’s returned to divinity school, I have both sun damaged skin and very little extra money – so I need to make every penny count. S I’m a little confused by all the products. I use AFFA and NFM, and my skin has never looked better. Would this replace either of those? Or would it be another layer on top of them?

  34. I neeeeeeed a daily moisturizer and a really good spf. It is so hard to find an easy to wear spf. I need more than spf 15 but I don’t need the heavy feeling or the greasy feeling. I’d love to give this one a run for its money!

  35. [...] cosmeceuticals are multi-purpose like No Foundation Foundation. Another multi-purpose example is More Than Moisture SPF 30. This 3-in-1 cosmeceutical combines treatment, moisturizer, and non-chemical sunscreen to deliver [...]

  36. I have been waiting FOREVER for a Perricone product with SPF in it. I’ve been using the Face Finishing Moisturizer for YEARS and love how it moisturizes my skin well without being heavy. Other moisturizers I’ve tried with SPF have made my skin oily and ashen so I’m excited about this new product. Can’t wait to try it :)

  37. [...] More Than Moisture is different because it is a 3-in-1 product combining treatment, moisturizer, and sunscreen to deliver beautiful, radiant skin. [...]

  38. I love your products and have discovered how to live a healthier life through your diet. I am searching for a great sunscreen for my acne prone skin. I also am in my 40s and would love to find a sunscreen that can help reduce the aging process.

  39. Hi. I would love to let my 59 yr old mother try this out. I am trying to find her a non chemical sunscreen. I also know about all the benefits of a vitamin c serum. This would be the perfect combo for her since she doesn’t like doing lots of skin care steps. Definitely a 2in1. Sounds great! can’t wait. Thanks

  40. “what kind of zinc oxide is being used here? nano, z-cote, micronized, other, etc.
    And at what percentage is this going to be at? ”

    Please respond, many thanks.

  41. I would love to win this! I am 34 with olive skin, that is dry in areas and I have rosacea. So constant sunblock is a must but it is diffiult to find one that protects my skin and doesnt make it breakout, or irritate my rosacea, and blends nicely into my darker skin. Sunblock and its a mositurizer?! Sounds like heaven to me.

  42. I would really like to try this more than moisturizer. I am 67 years young and use all Dr. Perricone products. I an italian with olive skin and sun spots and uneven skin. I would like to have a smooth, clearer complexion and like the SPF. Right now I am going through unusual stress which I am sure contributes to my lackluster skin. thank You. rosemary

  43. Would like to try more than moisturizer. I am 67 years young, italian with olive skin. My skin has dark patches and irreglar., I use Perricone products only and like the results. Currently I am under unusual stress in my personal life, so I guess that affects my skin clarity. I would like to try this great moisturizer with SPF for many reasons. thank You

  44. I cannot wait to try this product out! I have been looking to find a great moisturizer with SPF in it that does not contain parabens, chemicals, etc. I am very excited for this moisturizer and would love to try it out and give my opinion!

  45. i am so looking forward to trying this product! even since the solar protection for face (spf 30 i believe?) was discontinued, i have been searching high and low for its replacement. and since i have dry skin, this seems to be perfect for me.

  46. I am very excited about More Than Moisture SPF 30. I have been wondering why Dr,. Perricone did not have a moisturizer with SPF in it! We all know we need to wear sunscreen everyday!! I hope this product comes in a larger size than the 1 ounce featured! That is not nearly enough – should be at least 2 oz. like the Face Finishing Moisturizer – you want to encourage people to use it liberally. In such tiny bottles, I tend to use my products more sparingly becasue I’m afraid I;ll run out too soon.

  47. Hello Dr. Perricone. I have read your books, and live the “Perricone Lifestyle”. I am currently on Day 4 of your “Fresh Start Challenge” and see the radiant differnce already! I am trying your Cold Plasma for the first time, and LOVING IT !!! I would like to be a product tester for your amazing skin care products, because like you, I am focused on skin care, and believe in your Philosphy of being “Beautiful From The Inside Out”. Thank you for developing these magnificent products, and making the world, and us, more beautiful every day!

  48. Hello there,
    I just turned 34 and I have been noticing signs of aging for a couple of years now.I would love to be chosen to try some beneficial products.Thanks for the opportunity!