Perricone MD – Lip Plumper

As people age, fine lines begin to appear around the lip area, and lips begin to lose color and contour. Perricone Lip Plumper, a non-irritating formula, helps restore lips to a more youthful appearance. Its key sciences, Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE, work together to minimize the appearance of fine lines and to provide plump lips with enhanced contour.

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Features and Benefits of Lip Plumper

Among its benefits, Perricone Lip Plumper restores the natural color of lips and delivers superior antioxidant protection. It’s formulated with:

  • DMAE: enhances lip contour.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Ingredients and Application of Lip Plumper


Aqua (Water), Glyceryl Stearate, Urea, Sorbitol, Hexyl Laurate, PEG-20 Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Tyramine HCl, Dimethyl MEA (DMAE), Oleic Acid, Flavor, Thioctic Acid (Alpha-Llipoic Acid), Limonene, Propylene Glycol, Zinc Sulfate, Disodium EDTA, Xanthan Gum, Ubiquinone, Diazolidinyl Urea, Pyridoxine HCl, Pantethine, Tocopheryl Acetate, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Saccharin, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Linalool, Citral.


Perricone Lip Plumper can be worn alone or under lipstick. Dr. Perricone recommends applying the lip plumper not just on, but around the lips.

Recent Reviews of Lip Plumper

My friends and I love it – “I wanted a product that i could wear UNDER lipstick to prep my lips and plump a bit. I hate the tingly/burning/insane cinnamon plumpers and i wear lipstick, usually NOT gloss. this is great. its thin and you don;t feel it working but it does. It emphasizes your lips and makes their outlines more exact and defined. when it dries i just slam lipstick on top and its great. I have fairly full lips to begin with, so I even tried it on 2 of my skeptical friends in NYC who have thinner lips and i saw a visible difference. They loved it too.” —From Sephora

Really helps – “Lip treatments never seem effective enough to me but this particular treatment helps control chapping and excessive dryness. I take exceptional care of myself and drink plenty of water, it seems some of us are simply blessed with dry lips. This product smoothed and enhanced the natural attributes of my kissers while providing an exceptional foundation for gloss or lipstick. I do feel like these products are taking my skin back in time, love it, try it!” —From DrugStore

Best lip treatment – “I have used this lip treatment for a few years now and it is wonderful, my lips stay beautifully even and line free, its the best one out there in my opinion.” —From Sephora

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  1. I’ve had dry lips for 18 yrs and have tried EVERYTHING external and internally. If this works for my dried out, fine lined lips it would be a MIRACLE! I would be ever so grateful to you for putting an end to this exhausting situation.

  2. I would love to try this product because I’ve noticed my lips becoming thinner as I get older. I’d love for them to be just a bit plumper.

  3. I’d love to add some color and fullness to my lips since I don’t don’t wear a lot of lipstick. Perricone’s “Lip Plumper” sounds exactly like what I’ve been looking for. In fact, the Perricone products line addresses all the problem areas I have and makes caring for my skin a pleasure because of the great results.

  4. I recieved this as a gift for my birthday, I have only been using it since March, and I love it!!!!!! I had a hair lip on the upper and now I have a full lip!! My fiancee said that he enjoys kissing me more now, something there to KISS!! Worth the money, when I run out I will definitely get more!! Tingles at first, and does work under lip stick…

  5. My lips are losing plumpness as I age. I’d really like to try your lip plumper.

  6. Best lip treatment ever. Lips are never chapped again and have lots of color!

  7. I need this product for my upper lips. sounds great!

  8. Hello I haven’t found a lip plumper yet with the right ingredients to make my lips stay fuller and bigger and I would be glad to test out your new lip plumpers to have my lips on my face look more fuller and my lips be softer and not have dry lines in them and would look prettier too.

  9. Today I am starting the 28 day diet and skin regimine. I am 36, soon to be 37 and after reading several books and seeing tha this could make sense I am going all out and trying this concept. My goal is to look 30 and feel 26. I am using the Nutrive cleanser, the toner, Face Firming Lotion, the eye care kit (which was a great value at $95) as well as trying testers of the COld Plasma at night with the lip plumper. I will let you know how it goes after a week. I am following it to the letter.

  10. I would just love this opp. to become product tester

  11. I have issues with my lips, which i have consider enhance it artificially. My upper lip is very thing compare to my lower lip. Everytime i smile you can’t tell i have upper lip. This makes feel a bit self conscious and would love to try something that works.

  12. I bite my lips and so they are raw and dry ALL the time. If i could find something that smoothed the dryness, then maybe i could stop biting them and they wouldn’t already have wrinkles at 22.

  13. I’ve tried quite a few lip plumpers and haven’t had any good results, would love to test your product.

  14. I’m very interested in your Lip Plumper, because I just turned 63, people tell me that I don’t look older than 45-48. That’s a blessing, but I started noticing my lips; they don’t look like thay used to, in size and are extremely dry. I am very healthy, have always ate the right foods, and drink lots of water. I have never used lipstick in my entire life, only lip gloss. My lips have a natural color and I am always asked what color lipstick do I have on? I need a little plumping, smoother lips and slight lip lines removed.

  15. I had a heart attack, bypass surgery, etc. 4 yrs. ago. During the time, a severe blood infection caused extreme high temp.
    My lips and all around them broke out in “cold sores” and took months to heal. One place on the bottom lip healed with a big “dent” in my lip. Would like to try this and see if it helps

  16. I would love to try your lip plumper. Please pick me :)

  17. I am a smoker and i’ve noticed the fine lines i’m getting around my lips,so if your looking for testers for any of your products i would love to try them all out.Please give me the chance,i’ve never been ask to be a tester for anything in my life.I would consider this a privledge.Thank you,Sharon

  18. My lips are thin and dry as I grow older. I would love to try this product. It sounds great.

  19. I have noticed my lips have become thinner
    and have lost their color, I am very self-conscious not wearing any lipstick. If I could find a product that would help me to
    regain my full youthful lips, I would be a
    costumer for life.

  20. I just turned 51 Years old,and my lips are starting to show their age,your product may be just what I am looking for.

  21. I’ve tried several lip plumpers, but haven’t had any luck with any of them. My lips are very thin & pale, so I really need some help!!

  22. I would LOVE to try this product!! Just turned 51, and it amazed me how thin my lips have gotten over the last 10 years. Plus I have the smoker lines above my upper lip. Very Unappealing!! If you need product testers, PLEASE count me in, otherwise I would love to pay for this to try it!!

  23. i have tried so many kinds of lip plumpers, because i have such thin lips. but nothing ever works!! i wish i could find 1 really good kind!!!

  24. just started using your product.. Keep up the good work

  25. I used to smoke for a long time and ive been smoke free for 5 years…my lips are starting to get fine lines and i want them more smooth so my husband would want to kiss me even more!!!

  26. I am very interested in trying this product. I am a SAHM and can’t spend a lot on trying products, but would if I knew it worked!

  27. I have been self concious of my lips since I was a young girl, I’m 32 now. I am also clearly aware that your lips thin as we age and I need all the help I can get. I have used several difeerent brands including amatokin and lip fusion, but my skin is sensitive and they left my lips burning. I would love to try this product to see if I can finally feel a little more confident about my lips and hopefully feel a bit younger too!

  28. I had written to NV Perricone perhaps a year ago…..just on my own accord to say their lip plumper was excellent. reason being is its a cream. Not a gloss or lipstick or gel. Its a cream that sinks in rather than leaving a gel or gloss sitting on the lips which one might not want.its a cream that works, that does plump the lips in a natural way allowing you to either put a gloss on or leave the lips looking natural. I think its excellent and have been buying it for a few years now…but when I saw this I decided to take the opportunity to win a tube.Nonetheless, once again I wish to say its the only plumper I use and would want to use as it leaves no residue only a good but not over the top fullness to the lips
    Jacqueline Mager

  29. My lips are sooo dry right now. HOW DRY ARE THEY? So dry that they peel and look dark. The cold weather is the culprit, no doubt. I would love to give Perricone Lip Plumper a try.

  30. I want to try the Perricone MD Lip Plumper to see if it really does work. I’ve tried other brands of lip plumpers, but I don’t see much improvement. Since all of the other Perricone MD products are the best I have tried, I would really like to try the new Perricone MD Lip Plumper.

  31. I received samples from Norstrom’s and I tell everyone that Perricone MD is the best product there is and I tell everyone they should try your products. I would love to become a Perricone tester and share the word about how wonderful your products are!

  32. I would love to try this before I purchase. I have severe eczema and EVERYTHING I put on my lips inflames and irrates them. I have lots of fine lines all around my lips and have lost the protective barrier to keep moisture in them due to years and years of steroid treatments on my lips.



  35. While I am not sure if this is actually the case, I have always felt that my lips were too thin. They could really use some plumping!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this product! Also, I would really appreciate the opportunity to become a product tester for Perricone MD. I do believe that I am well-suited for this role — I enjoy trying new skin care products on a regular basis and I would be more than happy to share my honest opinions.

  36. I am very interested in becoming a regular tester of Perricone products. I believe you are on track with refining the products that make a difference in healthy skin care. Please include me in all your testing products. Thanks.

  37. I just bought the product today and have put it on twice since 7pm and have not seened a difference. The only thing I agree is that it makes my lip look dry. I never had wrinkles on my lips so I don’t see the difference if this products works or not. I bought it to enhance my upper lips since they are thin. I will continue to use until I see a difference it not I will get a refund back.
    The other good thing about it is that it doesn’t tingle or burn.

  38. would love to try your product as have had no success with other lip plumper products

  39. I am one of so many women who desire to be a natural beauty. I once was, still am, just not quite what I used to be. At 26 I am noticing several changes in my appearance. Hormones, poor diet, stress, stress, stress. I smoke. My lips, once pouty leave me pouting. Can this work?

  40. My lips have begun to thin out (I hate that) so trying to give them a little more life. Thanks for the giveaway

  41. Most lip plumpers don’t really do what they claim. I would like to find one that really plumps.

  42. I have recently spent a lot of money on my teeth. I purchased a lip blumper to help the lips…with no real effect. I would love to try this product.


  43. I would love to be a tester. I have used Perricone products for 8 years and get alot of complements. I recommend Perricone, of course.

  44. I ve used these products for 8 years and never has my skin and lips looked as healty and vibrant.

  45. I have yet to purchase a produt that works…I have seen your products on QVC,but was not convienced and yes because of the price!!! However when you find something that works like a person claims I would of course continue to buy….Dr. P can you truly show me this works????? Sincerely I am not to be negitive I would Love to be your biggest believer and not a secptic ..smiles….
    Donna Bush
    December 25,2009 New Jersey

  46. my lips are always chapped- not sure why, but no product ever helped them. i tried exfoliating, plumpers, even pure olive oil but my lips are still in a bad shape for some reason

  47. I would love to become a product tester for your company. Thanks for the chance.

  48. Lip plumpers are one of my favorite things since I do not use lipstick.

    I haven’t found a great one yet but I enjoy the concept.

  49. This looks like a great lip plumper. I’ve noticed as I am getting older, my lips are becoming thinner and lighter and have obvious lines. It is also difficult to keep them moisturized. They are constantly peeling and cracking, regardless of what I put on them. I like the Perricone because it is not a lipstick and can be worn with or without it.

  50. Most lip plumpers are drying, and my lips are already dry as well as thinning. It would be nice to find a good one.

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