Perricone MD Lip Plumper for Angelina Jolie Lips

The color, contour, and fullness of your lips is as unique as your fingerprints. Angelina Jolie was born with plump lips, but even if you weren’t, that doesn’t mean luscious lips are out of your reach. However, many women notice fine lines around the lips and loss of volume and contour as they age. This is why, more than ever, there are products, procedures, and makeup tricks that can make your lips look fuller and more luscious at any age.

If you think your lips are too thin and need some plumping, here are 4 methods to help you get fuller, plumper lips:

  1. Be an Illusionist
  2. Add Dimension
  3. Lip Injections
  4. Perricone MD Lip Plumper

First Method: Be an Illusionist

  • Create a 3-D effect. Apply a clear gloss in the center of your bottom and top lips to add a reflective quality to the highest points.
  • Emphasize the upper lip. Most women have fuller bottom lips, so create proportion by brushing beige eye shadow along the edge of your upper lips.

Second Method: Add Dimension

By wearing lighter lip colors instead of darker shades, your lips can appear plumper. This is simple color theory: light colors appear magnified. Dark colors are a bonus when they make hips appear slimmer, but the same effect isn’t as desirable when dark lipsticks make lips look thinner.

redpepperAnother way you can add dimension to your lips is by with lip glosses that include ingredients that irritate and sting the lips. This causes an increase of blood flow, and thus a redder color and a small amount of swelling. The most efficient ingredient in lip plumping products is Capsicum, the fruit of the red pepper plant. Capsicum contains capsaicin, a chemical that produces a burning sensation.

Other lip plumping products use cinnamon, menthol, or caffeine to stimulate the lips. Although these plumpers boost lip fullness, they cause significant discomfort for a relatively small and temporary effect. These lip plumpers often do an inadequate job keeping lips hydrated; some can even cause additional dryness. Dry lips look less attractive and aged, exactly what you’re trying to avoid.

Third Method: Lip Injections

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons can inject collagen or fat into the lips. They can also use dermal fillers and lip implants to increase lip fullness. Both collagen and fat injections are temporary and must be repeated regularly, increasing expense and potential for complications. Implants also carry a risk of complication and infection.

Injections or implants in lip tissue can cause pain, swelling, and bruising. Even after these side effect subside, the final result is uncertain. Your lips may look full and pouty, or you may end up unnatural results like the dreaded duck lips.

drp1Possible side effect include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Infections
  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Swelling
  • Redness

Fourth Method: NV Perricone Lip Plumper

Decreased fullness or contour along with fine lines around your lips makes the lips less plump and attractive and can age the entire face. If you notice these signs, a cosmeceutical product can give you great results. Perricone MD Lip Plumper makes lips look fuller and have the added benefit of minimizing the appearance of fine lines around the mouth. This lip enhancement does something virtually no plumping lip gloss can do, and it’s even more affordable now that you can use special Perricone codes to reduce the costs.

Hear about Dr. Perricone’s work with celebrities in the video below:

This lip plumper uses ingredients such as DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid to do more than just improve the fullness of your lips. They help rejuvenate the whole lip area by fighting the signs of aging around the mouth as well.

DMAE provides firming benefits and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Alpha Lipoc Acid

  • Decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Corrects any uneven skin around the lip area
  • Restores lips’ natural color
  • Provides antioxidant protection to help slow aging

The Perricone Lip Plumper can even be applied under lipstick or worn alone, giving you the freedom to have a natural look while still plumping your lips. It achieves results without painful injections or possible side-effects in a way cosmetic procedures can’t match.


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  2. Although I am 57, a non-smoker, stick to the Perricone diet religiously and get plenty compliments for my radiant and toned skin, I am noticing the formation of fine vertical lines around my upper and bottom lip. The mouth area really bothers me a lot. I would love to test Dr.Pericone’s lip plumper as collagen injections would have to be my last resort.

  3. I am a licensed esthetician and day spa owner and am always looking for products that stand up to my standards for my guests. This blog has me really interested in testing your lip plumper, it is full of important information and helped me to decide against a lip plumper I was considering purchasing for my spa and guests. Thank you! Monica

  4. Make me a believer by getting to test your lip plumper. If it works you will gain a steady customer! It would be so nice to have a smile with out the lines! :)

  5. Hi, would absolutely love to try the lip plumper by Dr. Perricone. Love your products and consider them to be top tier in the cosmeceutical range. Use to have full lips and now at age 53 the volume loss is dramatic. I have had injections with good results but you need a highly skilled injector. I am looking for my “Holy Grail” lip plumper. Hope I can try your tester.

  6. I would be the perfect candidate to try your products. While I am ordering the Lip Plumper today to try, I have these dark circles under my eyes that won’t go away. I’ve tried SO many eye creams and wasted money. I’m trying your Lip Plumper because I have now tried over 10 Lip Plumpers already, and I logged my progress. Nice gloss, but no plumping and even more money down the drain. Thank You!

  7. Bless your heart. Thank you for at least giving me a chance to give your lip plumping product a chance! I have had to draw lips onto my face for nearly forty years now. I would love to be able to by-pass just one of my countless facial and make-up regimines.

  8. I have tried virtually every product on the market..I have skin that unfortunately, is dry and wrinkles easily..My husband passed away unexpectedly, and I now find myself very consientious of my appearance…I would love to test your products, as many of my own friends have the same problem…..I am 57 years old, and I elect not to have cosmetic surgery, as I have seen some of the results of my friends…I found them to look plastic….Thank you so much..

  9. I would absolutely love to try this product! I have been reviewing thousands of products online and this definitely seems to be my best option. I feel very confident that this product might work for me. I have small structured lips with lines and small lines under my eyes. I would love to write a review after trying this product!

  10. I have really thin lips and have tried everything to make my lips plumper besides implants. I would really like to try your product and see how well it works. I will definitely give a review after testing it.

  11. I would like to be a product tester for your lip plumper. Last year I noticed the fine dark lines above my top lip and thought I was getting a moustache. I tried lip plumpers but they just didn’t work. I am 61 and would love to try something that actually works.

  12. I want to try this . I am looking for the ultinate lip plumper.

  13. I too would love to be a tester for any products that will help with vertical lip lines.

  14. I have yet to find the best product for my lip area. I am always on the search for my “holy grail” and would love the opportunity to give this a try.

  15. I have tried each and every anti-aging regimen known, over the counter, via internet and from my dermatologist. Beyond all products, Dr. Perricone’s are the only ones I see both an immediate effect, and also a long term benefit. This year, I had a temporary financial slump in my business and can no longer budget for these wonderful products and in addition, sadly my skin is also in a downward spiral. My screenwriting “hobby” is on the verge of taking off (a major agency just requested to read my award winning script) and now, instead of excitement, I vainly fear how I will look if they call me. Hollywood is more critical than even I am. Because of Perricone face, eye and acai health products, I look younger than my age, but the lip lines are coming back and they truly are distracting– and if I have to pitch, yikes. Regardless, I am a huge fan already. Problem is I became your biggest fan when I ran out.

  16. My lips definately get dehydrated and lose there pouty appeal, I never thought that lip plumpers worked It would be nice to find one that does because injections can just look absolutely ridiculous.

  17. Hi there Nick,
    I graduated high school in 1966 so I guess you can figure out I am 61 but you can’t tell by looking at me. I love these products. I would like to try a lip plumper since my lips look thinner after getting my braces off. I am going to fight off aging with everything you’ve got!

  18. I would love to test the Perricone Lip Plumper. I’m experiencing fine vertical lines above my upper lip and my lips appear dry & creased. I use products several times a day that are supposed to rehydrate the lips & restore a youthful fullness but alas,its not working

  19. Hi
    I would love to be a Perricone Tester!

  20. I am 75 years old, but many people think I’m in my late 50′s. I am blessed enough to have been born to a family where all in it age belatedly, but I would appreciate knowing (1) how to get rid of the deep lines around my mouth and how to get my lips to appear more like they use to. I have used some of the products you have put on special and the samples you have sent me and I love them, though I haven’t used them long enough yet to realize their full potential.