Perricone MD – Intensive Pore Minimizer

intensive pore minimizerTired of enlarged pores staring back at you in the mirror?

Perricone Intensive Pore Minimizer is a multi-functional treatment that tightens the appearance of pores as it delivers less oily, less shiny skin with a matte finish all day.

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Find out:

How Intensive Pore Minimizer is Different

Rather than temporarily filling and further stretching pores, Intensive Pore Minimizer addresses the symptoms of enlarged pores. It controls and absorbs excess oil and its benefits are instantly visible.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

In fact, in clinical trials immediately after application:

  • 90% reported pores felt and looked tighter
  • 93% noticed skin had a fresh matte finish
  • 85% reported skin appeared smoother, softer, and more evenly toned

And after 4 weeks:

  • 90% noticed a reduction in the appearance of pores
  • 95% reported skin looked less oily and shiny
  • 95% stated the overall quality of their skin had improved

Benefits and Features of Intensive Pore Minimizer

Perricone Intensive Pore Minimizer helps to:

  • Exfoliate gently with Salicylic Acid to remove wax and dirt build-up which can clog and stretch out pores
  • Refine skin texture with Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Tighten skin and improve the appearance of pores instantly and over time with DMAE
  • Increase cell metabolism with a proprietary mineral complex

Application of Intensive Pore Minimizer

Every morning and evening, apply by:

  1. Shaking well before use.
  2. Saturating a cotton pad with Intensive Pore Moisturizer
  3. Smoothing over cleansed face and neck

This product complements Nutritive Cleanser, Advanced Face Firming Activator, High Potency Evening Repair, and Skin Clear Supplements.

Stay tuned for reviews after this product launches.

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  6. I would LOVE to test your intensive pore minimizer. I have oily skin and pores on my nose are large. I recently celebrated my 60th birthday. If your intensive pore minimizer works for me it will be worth the investmemt. PLEASE select me to try this product. I promise I will follow all instructions and guidelines. Thank you in advance!

  7. Need help now! I have tried about every product on the market for enlarged pores over the years. Nothing as worked long term, and I continue to have this problem escpecially on my nose. Would love to become a tester!

  8. The Intensive Pore Minimizer sounds like the answer to my dreams! I have a small problem with the pores on my nose and a bit on my cheeks and the claims this product makes sounds too good to be true, but I am dying to see for myself….

  9. I have been suffering from oily acne prone skin for years. I have been using Tazorac, Clarisonic, trying different creams and products on the market, facial every month, dermatologist and etc. I am interested in products that you would recommend for my type of skin. My pores are huge as well, plus now i am looking for new eye cream since my old one is almost over. I would really appreciate sending me a sample to try it out, and if it works i will be happy to purchase whatever you find appropriate for my skin type but even more importantly something that works.

  10. I feel this is one of the better prodcuts on the market today. Smooth application and nearly poreless after 2 weeks. Excellent.

  11. i would like the try this Pore Minimizer
    as i have tried loads of items but it has not worked

  12. I have heard from a friend about Pore Minimizer, I would love to try it! I would love to become a Perricone tester

  13. I am 31 years old and have been fighting acne all my life. I have tried a lot of products but have never had any of them work or even showed signs of minimizing my dark spots or my acne. Please help me find a worthly product.

  14. I brought my pore minimizer home and it was clumpy at the bottom…. is that normal?

  15. I just started using this product; within a week there was a noticeable difference in my skin. My pores appear smaller, my skin is less oily and the overall texture of my skin has improved so much! I am sold on Perricone products!

    I would like to be considered for testing other products.

  16. i have huge pores on my face …plz give me a sample..and next time i will buy it

  17. Definitely interested in testing this product. I’ve got an oily nose and it tends to show its pores in a more pronounced way because of this, I’m guessing. I’ve been exfoliating to some light success, but never had the opportunity to try a dedicated ‘pore shrinking’ product. I look forward to testing and following up with results.

  18. I have used the intensive pore minimizer before and I can tell you it works!!! I honestly would keep this as a staple in my daily routine except for the fact it is so expensive. I have tried other pericone products and they all work exactly how they say they would. If you can afford it, I recommend purchasing. But remember, less is more. You don’t necessarily need every product. Stick to 2 or 3, and keep your makeup simple. You will find after using his products that you may not need as much makeup as you originally used. And be patient. It take a couple weeks to see the difference. But they do work!!!

  19. I am 37, blonde hair, blue eyes and large pores. I have tried this side of every product available for my issue, the worst being pore strips. I would love to give this product a try and have a chance to prove you right.

  20. This could be the product that many have been searching for! Having an opportunity to try it would be great; I always share great product info with my friends and I have been searching for an effective product to minimize my pores.

  21. Wow, this product sounds amazing. I’m 38 and have large, dark pores (not blackheads, but just gray, clogged pores) all the time. It’s discouraging and embarrassing.

  22. I am an african american 46yr old female. I have began the perricone eating plan and I can see and feel the difference, however I am a bit reluctant to use the facial products as some of the major brands arent as effective on black skin. I would love to try the products to share the benefits with my friends and family.

  23. Thank you.I have very large pores.i would really like being a tester for the pore minimizer.

  24. I’ve been using the Intensive Pore Minimizer for two weeks now, and I have broken out more than I have in years. Is this a “gets worse before it gets better” product? I have been so amazed by my other Perricone products that I am baffled and surprised at the results so far. I will continue to use it with hopes that it will get better.

  25. I have been plauged with large pores for the past 14 years of my life,I am 27 and I would love to get a free sample of the pore minimizer beacause it is a headache to see everyone out there with beautiful skin and you are the only with something huge on your cheeks,I need to be able to look at my face in the morning and see myself.please HELP!!

  26. I am 53 years old and have tried so many products that claim to change the apperance of large pores without success. My skin still breaks out which is so frustrating. I actually hate looking in the mirror and seeing the texture of my skin. I’m so jealous of women that have beautiful skin. I would love to test this product. If it works, I’ll be a customer for life!! Please help me get the skin I’ve always wanted!

  27. Amo os produtos Perricone, gostaria muito de testar esse,mas aqui no BRASIL não tem mais, nem na sacks, fico constragida de pedir para amigos que moram em outros paises me mandar,e correio são muitas taxas.

  28. I have a major problem with large pores and I am looking for help. I don’t use soap on my face or any oils. I would love to try the Perricone tester.

    Judy L

  29. I have very large pores. I have tried several things. I am 54 years old. Now I am to the point when I put on makeup and larges pores are very noticeable and friend have told me. I don’t even want to leave my house. I am so embarrassed. Please may I have a sample of this to try? Please Please

  30. Seems like I have inherited enlarge pores! I have tried everything through~out the yrs! My face looks great, but as I get older you can see my pores more pronounced…I am 49 yrs young!:)Would love to try & be a new Perricone tester! =)

  31. would love to try this product! after using clarisonic, my pores seem larger!

  32. I have big problem on my nose. Large pores make my skin looks horrible. I like to try your Intensive Pore Minimizer.

  33. I was blessed with my mothers great genes. However, I am 28 and my pores look huge. It has just recently started to be very noticeable. I’ve tried (and spend countless dollars) on products that dont do much, if anything at all. I am desperate to get this figured out so my pores don’t devour my face!!!!! I would love to be a tester.

  34. I have been looking for a product like this and would love to test it

  35. I use clinique pore minimizer to cover up my large pores and it works really well, but it would be nice to find a product that could actually reduce their size without covering them up.

  36. I have large pores on my nose, would love to try this product.

  37. I’ve always been plagued with large pores and I hate it. I’ve tried a lot of things out there and to date have found nothing that really works like they say. But when I find something that really does the job, you wont be able to shut me up!! I’d tell everyone I know and even those I don’t! Would love to try it.

  38. I would love to be a tester for the pore minimizer. I have tried all kinds of products and have not had good results.

  39. I would love to test prrricone pore minimizer

  40. I am 47 and would like to become a Perricone tester.

  41. I just celebrated my 50th birthday and am so tired of my large pores. I have very few wrinkles but the pores are an eyesore. And oh my, don’t put on your reading glasses and look at them. They’re horrible. My son even comments about them. I have tried everything and so far have found nothing that works. Would love to try your products. Thanks

  42. This really sounds interesting! My pores are huge genetically, and it would be nice to try this out, to see if it would help.

  43. My pores are so large and I have it all over my nose. My pores are so large and visible that my friend told me that my nose looked like a strawberry when it gets cold outside. I need something that will make it look smaller and I heard that Perricone pore minimizer really works.

  44. I am 61 and have been using Perricone skin care for a couple of years. I love the cold plasma products especially. But this pore minimizer is AMAZING!!! I can hardly wait each morning to get up and check out my smaller pores. I was so upset when I tried to reorder from QVC. Why is my pore minimizer no longer there. Thank goodness I found it still available here. Thanks for all the great products. Really….Thanks so much.

  45. I’ve always been plagued with large pores and I hate it. I’ve tried a lot of things out there and to date have found nothing that really works like they say. But when I find something that really does the job, you wont be able to shut me up!! I’d tell everyone I know and even those I don’t! Would love to try it.

  46. I have several issues with my skin. I have acne scars, I still breaking out and very large pores in my nose and cheeks areas. I have bought your neuropeptide cream and face finishing moisturizer. I just got them today. I will be back and write another review and comment after two weeks of using them. I wish I can find something that will work for my skin issues. Thank you.

  47. I have tried every cleanser out there to tighten, remove, or shrink my pores. and with no results. I am 36 years old I am tired of large pores and pimples. I would love to try a product with a fresh approach. Thanks April D

  48. Pores pores pores… I know that enlarged pores are partly genetic, but I refuse to sit back while they take over my face and self esteem. More than wrinkles or any other skin issue, pores are the biggest problem I have. I’d love to test this out.

  49. i would really like being a tester for the pore minimizer. my pores tend to look a bit large, especially the next morning after a late night out.

  50. I have always had congestion in my skin. I am an aesthetician and have searched without success to find a product that will combat this problem. I would love to test your new products. Thank you