Perricone MD – Intensive Pore Minimizer

intensive pore minimizerTired of enlarged pores staring back at you in the mirror?

Perricone Intensive Pore Minimizer is a multi-functional treatment that tightens the appearance of pores as it delivers less oily, less shiny skin with a matte finish all day.

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How Intensive Pore Minimizer is Different

Rather than temporarily filling and further stretching pores, Intensive Pore Minimizer addresses the symptoms of enlarged pores. It controls and absorbs excess oil and its benefits are instantly visible.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

In fact, in clinical trials immediately after application:

  • 90% reported pores felt and looked tighter
  • 93% noticed skin had a fresh matte finish
  • 85% reported skin appeared smoother, softer, and more evenly toned

And after 4 weeks:

  • 90% noticed a reduction in the appearance of pores
  • 95% reported skin looked less oily and shiny
  • 95% stated the overall quality of their skin had improved

Benefits and Features of Intensive Pore Minimizer

Perricone Intensive Pore Minimizer helps to:

  • Exfoliate gently with Salicylic Acid to remove wax and dirt build-up which can clog and stretch out pores
  • Refine skin texture with Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Tighten skin and improve the appearance of pores instantly and over time with DMAE
  • Increase cell metabolism with a proprietary mineral complex

Application of Intensive Pore Minimizer

Every morning and evening, apply by:

  1. Shaking well before use.
  2. Saturating a cotton pad with Intensive Pore Moisturizer
  3. Smoothing over cleansed face and neck

This product complements Nutritive Cleanser, Advanced Face Firming Activator, High Potency Evening Repair, and Skin Clear Supplements.

Stay tuned for reviews after this product launches.

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  1. Ugh…the bane of oily skin is pores that look like you could go swimming in them! I have tried several cosmetics to cover my large pores, but I’d love to find a product that actually minimizes them so that even without makeup I feel confident enough to leave the house. It would also be great to not have to blot my skin every couple of hours to absorb the oil that rises to the surface and makes my makeup slide right off. I haven’t tried Perricone MD products yet, but I am really looking forward to giving them a go!


  2. Hi, I’m a 34 year old with oily skin, large pores and some wrinkles around my nose.These issues has started to lower my self confidence. I’m. very interested in testing your product. I just saw your line of products on QVC this week. Which I was very interested in them, but unable to purchase at that time. This would be an honor for me to be able to become a tester! I’ve heard some great things about your products. Thanks in advance for considering me.

  3. What is a 52 year old retired park police lieutenant to do combating the genetics of dark under eye circles, large pores & aging. Thankfully I look 10 years younger than I am but time is catching up and I’ve found NOTHING that helps with they under eye darkness or the enlarging pores on my cheeks close to my nose. I’ve kept the nose pores at bay but the cheeks are killing me. HELP! Want to try this but can’t after hubby was laid off for 6 months.

  4. Yes, I’m tired of looking at large pores staring back at me in the mirror! The idea of having a “matte finish” all day sounds amazing! I’m turning 40 next year and I’m excited about growing more beautiful as I age…I’d love to see if your products will help me do this. I welcome the chance to become a tester of your products.

  5. I would LOVE the opportunity to become a tester for you! I enjoy trying new things that help me stay healthy and looking as beautiful as I can!

  6. OK, I’m considerably older than most of the other testers, but great skin is EVERY woman’s desire, regardless of age. I’ve had oily skin and mild acne from time to time, but reaching 60 has brought on some new problems. Very oily t-zone with dryer cheeks and HUGE pores around my nose and chin along with small hard white bumps starting under the skin around my nose. Add on occasional breakouts on my chin which seem to take forever to go away, uneven skin tone and the dreaded “marionette lines” and you can see I am in real need of Dr. Perricone. Would love some help.

  7. I came across your website while searching for a product to help minimize my pores. I’ve tried all of the other department store brands (Clarins, Origins, Chanel, and Lancome) with no success. I have super oily skin and it is aggravated by the smog and humidity of living in Houston, Texas. I’m about to try your new pore minimizer, but I’d love to be considered to test this and other products as well and give you my thoughts. Thanks!

  8. I have tried everything under the sun! I hate looking in the magnifying mirror and seeing pores that look like craters. Makeup either sinks in and covers nothing else or the complete opposite. As for the rest of my skin, for 56, its fairly decent, but the pores….Oh my Gosh! Would love to test this product.

  9. I am a 22 year old college student who has suffered self esteem issues due to my face which includes enlarged pores on my cheeks, uneven skin tone, and acne around my chin. I bought Perricone intensive pore minimizer and all I can say is amazing. I noticed my skin looked tighter and refreshed just after my first use. Although my pores didn’t entirely disappear, there has been dramatic improvement. My acne has gone away, and my skin looks glowing and pretty. The entire month I’ve used this product, I’ve only had good skin days, where before they were very rare. However, I’m completing my undergrad and $50 is considered a large sum of money to me. I would love to become a product tester, this product has given me so much confidence, which is priceless. I’ve just run out and have already started developing acne again, and I’m losing that glow! I’m saving up tip money to try and buy more very soon. Thank you so much for this product!

  10. Love Dr P. I have faith in all his products. Here’s hoping this is another winner as I have an oily t zone and nothing stops it.

  11. LOve the Dr P line of products. I was disappointed they stopped making the face firming mask. I love the face firming activator and no foundation. I have an oily t zone and would love to give the pore minimizer a try. I have Dr P’s book and get asked what products I use on my face to keep it looking young..

  12. I am in my 60s and still suffer with acne and enlarged pores. Would love to try something that may help minimize my pores and smooth my skin. I would love to become a Perricone tester.

  13. I have always battled oily sking, large pores, prone to breakouts, and blackheads. I’ve always heard GREAT stuff about Perricone products but have never tried them. I work for a very large and well known cosmetic line and just don’t feel like they have the right products for me. And as a Makeup Artist, my skin is very important as it’s the first thing people are looking at when they meet me. I look forward to trying the products. :)

  14. I have had oily and acne prone skin since i was 11, years of dealing with this left me with unsightly scars on my face and with my skin being so oily just magnifies the scars. Now that im 25 i am still dealing with the same problems, i have tried different products and nothing seems to work. Ive been reading around lately and ive noticed Perricone gets alot of positive reviews so i want to try it our for myself.

  15. I have very large pores. I did not realize there was a product to help reduce them. I am so tired of my pores being so large that they collect dirt and oil. Make up looks terrible due to how large my pores are. I would love the opportunity to test this product.

  16. I am 35 and used to suffer from severe acne and now have the scars left with enlarged pores.
    Although oily skin can have its anti aging benefits, its also frustrating!
    Have already tried the cleanser and the moisturizer+foundation no foundation.
    Would love to try the other products and have a happier skin without thinking of an eventual surgery.
    Through my recommendation some of my friends have become loyal customers.

  17. I am 34,I have large pores on my cheeks and un even skin tone. I would love to try your products before even puchasing these. My main question would be “Do they really work, as they say”.
    If so I would like to be the one as well testing them on face. Thankyou.

  18. Enlarged pores have been a lifelong challenge for me, especially during the warmer months. In addition, to being enlarged, my pores have a tendency to be congested and, at almost 50 (arrgg – did I just admit that?!), my skin still gets oily and is prone to comedones and occasional breakouts. Over the years I have used many skincare lines as well as prescription products, with some success at times, but have never been overly pleased with my skin’s overall appearance. While I have heard so many wonderful things about the Perricon line, oddly, I’ve yet to try any Perricone products. I would love the opportunity to become a Perricone tester!

  19. I am 45 and I am developing adult acne. I have large pores on my nose and cheeks and I would love to try your product. I see it at Nordstroms, but being on a limited income, I am unable to purchase it for myself. Thank you

  20. I have 4 children ages 12-5 and my skin is very oily. I look almost wet in photos. I also break out on my in t-zone around my period. Would love some help with the shiny skin and acne. Please help;

  21. I’ve been searching for a product to help minimize my pores. I’m new to Perricone and would love to try this.

  22. hi, i live in philippines,being a tropical country and very humid,we get more sun damage than countries who have winter months, even so, i have fair but very sensitive problem skin,aside from having oily skin with large pores, my skin gets easily irritated..and when i found a brand that feels ok, after a couple of months i notice my skin doesnt responds as much as the first few months so i need to find a new more effective product.. i would love to try this as i read so much about the effectivity of perricone.. also, my fellow beauty mates here are dying to hear about this new product!

  23. I am in my 60′s and work diligently to care for my skin. I developed adult acne in my 50′s and used Proactive for years. Living in California then Florida I have sun damage and now Rosacea. I am taking oral antibiotics, Oracea (doxycycline) and using a topical gel Metrogel 1%(metronidazole) My redness and pustules are clearing up well. However I am left with large pores on my nose and cheeks. I would love to try your product if it will not conflict with my prescribed medication. I have had a laser treatment 10 years ago and I have worked to care for my skin. I hate to have these large pores. Can your help? Am I a candidate to try your product?

  24. Would like to product test for enlarged pores. I have this problem. Please contact me.

  25. I have had acne for over 10 years and only after learning about Dr. Perricone’s anti-inflamatory diet did my skin start to clear up and balance out my oil production. It has been a very big improvment and I have started using dr. Perricone’s Skin Clear line but I do have very very large pores on my nose mostly. I have bought murad’s oil control lotion and dr. brandt’s pores no more but like you state above dr. perricone it only hides or masks it. I would love to try a product that fights the root of the problem. I am excited hear that you have created a product such as “intensive pre minimizer” and I cant wait to try it. I hope that I can test out the product or be a regular perricone tester. thank you.

  26. It seems the only product line that addresses large pores is Clinique, and it actually only does to a minimum. I have large pores, extremely greasy, oily skin and I started breaking out with cystic acne at the age of 23. I am now 47 and have scarring. I notice that when the oil comes out which is usually around and hour after cleansing it makes my skin look so much worse. I am currently using Obagi and it helps but Obagi doesnt provide a product to minimize pores. I have spent so much money on products trying to find the right fix. Please consider me to be a tester. Thank you.

  27. I purchased the intensive pore minimizer from another website about a week ago, and I’m sold on the immediate results–my skin felt softer and smoother and less oily later in the day. I usually don’t like using toners because my face doesn’t feel ‘clean’ afterwards, but this doesn’t leave my skin tight or feel like i have too much on my skin. I haven’t noticed any difference in pore size yet, but I’m hopeful as it says it might take 4 weeks. Although I’ve already purchased this on my own, I’d love to be a tester to contine to use to try for the long time results. :)

  28. I would like to test this product. I have very oily skin that tends to break out easily, even though I eat an anti-inflammatory diet and use your skin clear products. My pores are prominent, and the problem becomes worse when the humidity is high. Thank you.

  29. I have tried most pore-reducing products on the market. I am ready to try Perricone M.D. pore-reducer. I have heard only good things about all the Perricone products. I am hoping to end my search for a great pore-reducer here. Looking forward to trying the new product…Thanks so much..Misty D. Phillips


  31. Anytime I read about a product addressing pores, my attention is peaked right then! With the trust I have with Dr. Perricone’s products, I just feel like this one will also be another winner! The added benefit mentioned is matte skin….I can hardly wait to give this a try!!! My skin just might be….perfect!

  32. I want to try this product because all of the other Perricone products I have tried have improved my skin, but I still need help with enlarged pores on my nose and cheeks. Thanks!

  33. I’ve tried so many different products, and none have really made any difference in the amount of oil or the size of my pores. I have visible pores, particularly on my nose, cheeks, and to a lesser degree, forehead, and I’ve pretty much settled for trying to cover any flaws with makeup. I’d love to find something that really worked, and I’m hopeful that this product might be it!

  34. I just turned 35, and have yet to find a product to actually minimize my pores. I’ve used other Perricone products with great success, so I’m excited about this one. Can’t wait to try it out!

  35. yours ??

    wow.. pores are my number one issue.. even though I am fifty now.. I dont have horrendous wrinkles yet.. but my god.. you could park a truck in my pores.. I can’t WAIT to try this product !

  36. Some foundations actually seem to highlight my pores. The same thing happens when my face is oily. I hate it, and find it well worth the money to find a good pore minimizer product. I want people to look at me because they are mezmerized by my beauty, not disgusted with my huge pores.

  37. I’ve just purchased cold plasma and I’m 47 yrs Young and just read about your pore minimizer. I’m just hopeing the dr.’s product will work for me, I’ve tried so many different products and the money I’ve wasted. I do not have it like that anymore, so when I buy products now. I have to use them wheather they work or not. Because of the economy and me being on disability now.

    Thank You for this opportunity,

    Deborah Morales
    santa monica, Ca.

  38. I am tired of purchasing products that make no difference in the long run. After hearing great reviews about Perricone’s other products, I am hoping that this product will meet the brand’s reputation. I would love to try this product especially because my pores and I need to have a better relationship with each other.

  39. Ah, pores…the scourge of my existence. Nothing keeps them clean and I am saying this after several years of experimenting. If I found a product that kept them clean I would shout it from the mountain tops. I love other Perricone products (cold plasma and the evening emollient are wonderful!) and I would love to try out this one.

  40. i desperately need something to help me with my enlarged pores. nothing ive tried works in the long term and usually lasts for the day and even then it’s only a slight improvement. sign me up please!!!

  41. I just bought the pore minimizer today and hoping it will work wonders! I’ve purchased other products from Perricone and am very please. I’d LOVE to become a tester!!

  42. I use a number of Perricone products and have seen great results. The only one that didn’t seem to deliver for me what it has for others was the AFFA so I am still looking for something to help with the large pores. I think I am seeing some improvement with the cold plasma but would hope that a product targeting the specific issue might speed up the progress!

  43. In addition to having dark undereye circles, I have large pores around my nose as well as oily skin in my T-zone area. My current toner does little to minimize my pores and often gives my skin a dry finish. This product sounds like it minimizes pores while retaining skin’s natural glow. Sign me up!

  44. I am very interested in being a product tester for Perricone MD products!!! I have oily, acne-prone skin and I am interested in the overall health of my skin, to minimize the need for heavy face make-up. Naturally, my skin responds better to higher-quality ingredients and products. Of course, anything that works wonders I would happily purchase and recommend by name! Thanks!


  45. Hi, I’m 28 years old house wife and currently live in Hawaii. The weather (humidity and warm) makes my pore bigger and oily most of the times. I also have problems with breakout and acnes, specially on my forehead, chin and upper lips.
    I’ll send my feedback after testing your products, thank you!

  46. I hear such great things about your products, but I have yet to try any.I’m going through a tough time in my life right now and money is tight, so I’m not able to buy the shin products I need or want. I would love for you to consider giving me the great opportunity to become a product tester. I am 29 and have decent skin but I want to keep them wrinkles I would be happy to test and try all products you would allow be to and I will give you my honest opinion on each one. Thanks so much and God bless!!
    Crystal Roubique

  47. WOW! I’ve been waiting a lot time and have tried a lot of pore reducers and products to control oil with no success at all. I have an extremely oily forehead and nose, and need something to help keep me matte for more than an hour. I trust and use Perricone products and have seen results, so I am hopeful to try this!

  48. home health is my life.

  49. I would love to become a product tester for Perricone. I have several skin issues: I have acne, large pores, and oily skin. Also, since I am now 36, I am starting to see lines and wrinkles, and my skin has lost some of its elasticity. I would be willing to try any and all products, and give you a thorough review. Thanks so much!
    Robin Kidd

  50. I love trying new products from Dr. P. I thought the products were great 7 years ago and they continue to get better. I am currently trying the new cleansing treatment bar and it is wonderful.

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