Perricone MD – High Potency Eye Lift Cream

High Potency Eye Lift, as seen in Vanity Fair, is a quick-absorbing eye lift cream formulated to help repair advanced aging signs in the delicate eye area. It works to repair more advanced signs of aging by lifting skin and visibly transform your eye area’s appearance.

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How High Potency Eye Lift Cream Works

Unlike the Advanced Area Eye Therapy, which works to correct the first signs of aging, this formulation works to repair more advanced signs of aging.

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Specifically, this eye lift cream works to:

  • Firm sagging skin
  • Diminish deep lines and wrinkles

How? It is formulated with key anti-aging sciences DMAE and Phospholipids.

DMAE helps to:

  • Contour skin beginning to lose elasticity
  • Lift, tighten, and tone skin
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles

Phospholipids work to:

  • Repair damaged skin
  • Hydrate and treat dry, more fragile eye area skin
  • Enable fast absorption

Another ingredient, Pycnogenol, known for centuries-old healing properties, was added to address loss of elasticity by renewing collagen and to brighten skin by providing potent antioxidants.

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How to Apply High Potency Eye Lift Cream

Dr. Perricone recommends gently applying to the eye area and upper brow, paying particular attention to the muscle around the eye. This will ensure ultimate lifting benefits.

Apply twice daily: once in the morning and once in the evening.

If applied correctly, you should see visible improvements after just 4 weeks of use.

After 4 weeks of use in clinicals:

  • 86% reported improvement in skin elasticity
  • 86% showed improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • 79% reported improvement in skin firmness

Recent Reviews of the Eye Lift Cream

The best I have found so far – “Works almost instantly to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes in the morning. Very easy to use.” —From Beauty Expert UK

Even my husband noticed! – “…I noticed a great difference in the bags under my eyes…even my husband noticed the difference…A bit expensive, but cheaper than plastic surgery…Love it and would buy again in a heartbeat…” —From Sephora

Delivers even after a late night – “I couldn’t believe how quickly this absorbed into my skin. It saved me time in the morning because I didn’t have to wait to apply my eye makeup.” —From Drug Store

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  1. I am 64 years of age and I am looking for a solution for droopy eyelids. I also want an eye cream that will help with under eye bags. I would love to be a tester for your products. I have Dr. Perricone’s book on weight loss and beauty. I am very impressed with his work.

  2. I am a 49 year old olive skinned woman who is experiencing a lot of puffiness underneath my eyes. I have also some lines forming. I need a new eye cream to help. Would love to try

  3. Please consider me for a tester. I have just turned 50 and and have oily skin. I have noticed fine lines and droopy eyelids that I would love to try and slow down time. Thanks!

  4. Hi. I have recently turned 39. Throughout my life I have always looked younger than I am but that is no longer the case. The skin under my eyes is the culprit. In this last year that area has changed drastically. It is now slightly puffy and very saggy. I am guessing the loss is elasticity is the cause. I would love to be a tester for Dr Perricone’s treatment to see if this product can help. I have been a fan of Dr. Perricone’s for years! Thank you.

  5. Despite many claims, I’ve been unable to stop the sagging of my eyelids. I is particularly bad during drier days and the winter season. I have considered surgery but it is so expensive and I am very afraid to do it near my eyes.

  6. Please advice what to buy.

  7. I am in Israel until Feb. 1. I would like to buy your cream. I don’t know if you can send them to me here. Other wise. I will be back in the US. On March, 10. Please advise me what to do. I would like to buy Eye cream, face cream etc. Aim over 65. And love to renew my face with out surgery.
    sincerely yours. Lily Artenstein.

  8. Hello,
    I am trying to find a product to deal with crepey skin around the eyes (both upper and lower).

    I’ve used retin-A for a long time and my skin looks good except for the eyes. Per a plastic surgeon, I don’t need an eye lift. So I would love to try a product that would help with this wrinkly crepey skin around my eyes. PS Botox did help with crows feet but not the crepey skin.

  9. I believe that women should be able to feel good about themselves at any age. Products that work should be shared and promoted, and nothing sells a product like knowing the person telling you about it is not only using it, but has results you can see for yourself.

  10. I already entered a message for your eye lift product but now that I see you have another eye lift product that is for a person like myself being 66 years old with the mature problems with around the eye product.

    Thank you.


  11. I have only been using the Lady Soma Renewal Serum in the evenings for about the last two weeks and have already noticed drastic improvements in the firmness and pigmentation under my eyes. Even when I wake up in the morning, there are no longer bags under my eyes. There is no sticky residue left over after putting it on either. Overall, this is the best eye serum i’ve ever tried. LOVE IT!!!

  12. Pick Me ! Pick Me!
    Undereye puffiness at 55! Really need some help!

  13. You’ve provided nice products here which are very helpful in treatment of wrinkles.I like it because my skin is also faciing the problem of wrinkles. Keep it up in future also.

  14. When I was growing up my Mom always used the same lotion and at the end of her life had flawless skin! I am pushing 50 (!) and would LOVE to find the ONE eye-cream that would truly make a difference and just stick with it. I’d love to try your product and see if it works! Thanks!

  15. Honestly speaking, I find your post a little bit funny yet I admit it i full of sense. Its nice to know that people like you share some tips for the betterment of all and with no hesitations and doubts, I learned a lot from your post. I promise to share your easy and simple tips to my friends rest assured that they will surely like it. Looking forward for your another post with regards to the same topic. Again, thank you for sharing such wonderful and informative post.

  16. I’m only 20 and i swear I’m quickly getting signs of aging around my eyes. I’d love to try a product that will help reverse it before i commit to injectables.

  17. I would love to be a tester and find the perfect solution to my somewhat droopy eyelids, especially the left one.

    I am 74 and considered eyelid surgery but decided to try and find the perfect product for a non-surgical solution.


  18. I had a prolonged hospital stay after an emergency surgery. I am not sure if it was the anesthesia or the medically induced coma medications that I was in but my face has aged dramatically. I never had such dark circles and bags under my eyes. My face looks like it is melting and my tone & texture is even worse than my 60 year old neighbor who still sunbathes and smokes 2 packs a day, lol. The hair that I had lost from all of the drugs will come back but my skin needs serious help stat that I just cannot finance at this time or anytime in the near future.

  19. Hi
    I am becoming very depressed and losing all my self confidence everytime I look in the mirror and see many very deep lines under my eyes I just turned 50 and it seems they appeared immediately. I have recently bacame single with a 12 yearold daughter and could really use some help in the self esteem dept I would love to try your eye serum. Thanks

  20. My eyelids sag
    As well as bag
    I need your lift
    Please give me a gift!

  21. I have been wanting to try something like this for a while. I have lost some weight and my face has gotten thinner . . . I am becoming healthier but in the meantime my skin on my face has begun to sag under my eyes and my wrinkles are showing! I need to try this product!!! Thank you Dr. Perricone!

  22. This is the first body part that I noticed aging in. People look at my eyes when they speak to me. I would like to find a solution for fine lines around the eyes.

  23. I am 62 and going back into the working world,,I do have the usual lines, but i do have the droopy eyelids.. I would love to go out looking a bit younger then older..I have used some of the other products( samples from friends ) and have been very pleased with them..I would love to be a tester, and then show and tell my other friends… Thank-you

  24. I just purchased the Dr’s book and am excited about the prospect of finding a way to reduce the puffiness around my eyes that is causing wrinkles and sagging. With 4 kids, I cannot afford the products. Desperate, I’ve even considered “mixing” up my own using capsules (silly, I know). Please let me be a tester. If I knew for sure the products worked, I’d find a way to buy them.

  25. I just turned 43 last week and look like an old hag with these bags and wrinkles under my eyes. I look tired all the time. I avoid smiling too big because my under eye wrinkles and crow’s feet have make me feel quite self conscious.

  26. I would love to try your eye lifting cream. Thank you in advance

  27. I have tried tons of wrinkle creams and eye creams for lots of money and I get so worried about buying another…

    But really thinking hard on trying this one!

  28. Hi Doctor:

    I am a 54 yr old nurse who is on a quest to find the fountain of youth. I have just ordered Perricone High potency products: HP amine face lift, HP evening repair, and the nutritive cleanser; trying Perricone for the very first time! All I need now is the high potency eye repair to complete the picture. I have puffiness and circles around my eyes and number 11 is pronounced.Would be so grateful to try some! thank-you

  29. my eyes are sad. i moved into the 40-44 age bracket and noticed a decline in the elasticity, color and vitality under my eyes. I’ve been using Perricone Hi Potency Evening Repair and i love it. So I wonder if this will do great things for my eyes…

  30. This product has made a huge difference. The area below my eye is smooth, the darkness has faded, I feel like I look much Mother even commented that my skin looks really good…I usually hear how tired I look. It is pricey but it does deliver…along with the active face firming…love that it has made my skin look smooth…

  31. At 61 I could use some help. It’s time that Grammie CJ got to look great and not hide behind the glasses all the time. I would love to try this eye cream. I have tried every thing there is. There has to be something besides going under the knife. I guess it’s just the normal aging of the eye but maybe this could help. Thanks for considering me.

  32. Reputation and marketing are the two key aspects to a successful launch of a product. This cream has a strong following in the market and the Doctor is making a significant name for himself in skin care products.

  33. I’m looking for an eye cream to tackle loose skin and wrinkling of my upper eyelids. I do have some loosening of skin under my eyes, but am more concerned with the upper lids that are currently taunting me. I’m 62 and am using several of your products. Just started using the Acyl-Glut. Not sure if I can use that on my eyelids as well. Used to use only Perricone products about 10 years ago and am just getting back to them now.

    If you’re looking for a tester, I’m your girl.

  34. I still feel like I am 25yrs old, but when i look at my eye area in photos, i look like my age- 59yrs old. Need your help.

  35. I would love to become a Perricone tester. I’m a 60-years old African-American woman with puffy under-eyes and dark circles I’m told it comes from allergies and that there is nothing that I can do about it. I also have dark spots, uneven skin-tone and periodic acne breakouts. I have spent so much money just to be disappointed. There has to be a product line somewhere out there that can solve my skin issues. I hope you allow me the opportunity to become a “tester.”

  36. Hi im a 46 year old male and have for the past year started suffering with puffiness under my eyes.It makes me look tired and drained and family and friends allways comment on how tired I look. I have been searching for a good vitamin K serum and renina A cream which I anm told works and came acrosss your product. Would like to try it for sure. Thanks

  37. I am a young(55) active grandmother who’s spent too much time in the sun. Would love to get rid of that “tired” look. Thanks so much.

  38. I’m 62 yrs old and have been blessed with good skin. I’ve started noticing that “crepey” look on my upper eye lids. I’m not interested in cosmetic surgery – so am looking for a cream that will diminish this unflattering look.

  39. I am. 49 years old and I have try every eye cream spend money on products that won’t help my wrinkles. I was watching Dr.OZ and he mention DMAE was the best thing that wrinkle cream should contain to give results.I would love to be a tester.Thanks

  40. I just turned 50, have had my eyes done recently, and still have some fine lines around them I’d love to get rid of. I think your product just might be the ticket! Would love to try your eye cream on for size. Thanks.

  41. I have puffy undereyes that look as though I have been punched in my eyes along with dark circles due to inherited allergies . I am at dismay in finding an effective product as I have tried so many . I believe your product is the answer I am looking for. I am Begging you to let me be a tester.


  43. I am a 50 plus year old Black woman with under eye wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. I wonder if this product would work on me. I rarely see such products advertised with pictures of people of color in mind.

  44. Would love to test this product. Have tried some other brands, but not this one. Would like to see the difference. Thanks

  45. I am 42 and starting to get crows ft..I would like to try out some eye creams.

  46. I am 55. I’ve been in cosmetics sales end for many year and tried many different creams..would like to compare those to yours

  47. I am 42 and notice crows feet around my eyes..would like to try cream to reduce lines

  48. I am 55 years old and would love to try to look better by using your product.

  49. I am a 48 year-old attractive redhead, who is diet, nutrition, health, and exercise oriented. I have never had any skin problems and have been careful my entire adult life to use sun block and take care of my skin. Because of my age, I am now concerned about maintaining and improving my skin’s elasticity and firmness, and halt what is now the beginning of fine lines. I would love to become a Perricone tester, and feel that I am representative of your target audience—women who care about how they look and wish to remain and maintain an attractive and youthful appearance.

  50. I have tried so many products, I need a miracle, and dont want to succumb to surgery! I have serious bags under eyes, and now notice alot of lines around eyes too :( I no longer look in mirror, I cant stand what I see.) I really need to find something that will work! WOuld love to try this product.