Perricone MD – High Potency Eye Lift Cream

High Potency Eye Lift, as seen in Vanity Fair, is a quick-absorbing eye lift cream formulated to help repair advanced aging signs in the delicate eye area. It works to repair more advanced signs of aging by lifting skin and visibly transform your eye area’s appearance.

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How High Potency Eye Lift Cream Works

Unlike the Advanced Area Eye Therapy, which works to correct the first signs of aging, this formulation works to repair more advanced signs of aging.

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Specifically, this eye lift cream works to:

  • Firm sagging skin
  • Diminish deep lines and wrinkles

How? It is formulated with key anti-aging sciences DMAE and Phospholipids.

DMAE helps to:

  • Contour skin beginning to lose elasticity
  • Lift, tighten, and tone skin
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles

Phospholipids work to:

  • Repair damaged skin
  • Hydrate and treat dry, more fragile eye area skin
  • Enable fast absorption

Another ingredient, Pycnogenol, known for centuries-old healing properties, was added to address loss of elasticity by renewing collagen and to brighten skin by providing potent antioxidants.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

How to Apply High Potency Eye Lift Cream

Dr. Perricone recommends gently applying to the eye area and upper brow, paying particular attention to the muscle around the eye. This will ensure ultimate lifting benefits.

Apply twice daily: once in the morning and once in the evening.

If applied correctly, you should see visible improvements after just 4 weeks of use.

After 4 weeks of use in clinicals:

  • 86% reported improvement in skin elasticity
  • 86% showed improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • 79% reported improvement in skin firmness

Recent Reviews of the Eye Lift Cream

The best I have found so far – “Works almost instantly to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes in the morning. Very easy to use.” —From Beauty Expert UK

Even my husband noticed! – “…I noticed a great difference in the bags under my eyes…even my husband noticed the difference…A bit expensive, but cheaper than plastic surgery…Love it and would buy again in a heartbeat…” —From Sephora

Delivers even after a late night – “I couldn’t believe how quickly this absorbed into my skin. It saved me time in the morning because I didn’t have to wait to apply my eye makeup.” —From Drug Store

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  1. My eyelids droop and I have dark circles under my eyes. Would really love to try this and see if it is as good as everyone says it is.
    I am a young 70 years, and proud of every year. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will win.
    Thank ou so much for giving the samples away.

  2. […] received a bottle of High Potency Eye Lift from the wonderful people at Perricone and wanted to do a review on the product for our readers. […]

  3. I am a big fan of perricone. I have struggled with hypothyroidism for 15 years it took coming back to dallas to have a Dr, pay attention to me, then I was diagnosed with lupus. I was watching kera and he was on there talking about antiaging it made sense.I bought the book, and in 2 weeks there was a difference. My husband just had a battle with cancer, I am the only one working, he lost his left kidney. I am 57 years old, in pretty good shape but I really need an eyelift and or a mini facelift. I would love to try it.

  4. Hi! I am a huge fan of this eye lift in a bottle! I am getting married soon and want to achieve a firmer younger eye area for photos which ill have for the rest of my life. I’m on my first bottle of ‘Perricone MD High potency eye lift’ and I have already seen results within a week. I’d love to continue with your product!

  5. I have only been useing Dr.Perricone products
    For the last three weeks and I am sold for life I
    trurly wish I could afford every item he sells because
    I think they are so amazing and really do work.The only
    real product that has done what it say it will do.would
    love to win the eye lift.I’m 62 years old and could really use
    the help I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  6. Eye lift means to repair the sings of aging from the dedicated eye area. This blog is about the eye lift creams which helps to repair the sings of aging, but eye lift through surgery is more popular, because it gives quick results. Thanks for sharing the useful information with us.

  7. I am 42 and have always enjoyed being outdoors. However, I didn’t begin daily use of sunscreen until about 8 years ago. My under eye area has definitely suffered! I would love to find a product that would help with this problem. I need something to help with wrinkles, sagging, and dark circles. Would the high potency eye lift be the right product for my under eye?

  8. I wanted to try The Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum from Made from Earth even though it had some mixed reviews. I have using it daily for almost three weeks. I am just starting to show my age and I don’t really have wrinkles, just a few fine lines. I do however wake with puffy, tierd looking eyes that last most of the day and they make me feel like I look old and wrung out.
    It is a little heavy compaired to what I usually use. I found I don’t like it under full makeup, which I only do 2 or 3 times a week for work when I have to go in. Most days I do simmple 5 minute makeup and then I use it twice a day.
    Now the best part, my sad eyes do seem to respond to the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum. I didn’t expect much so I am thrilled to see any change. I took before pics and in a few more weeks if I feel brave I will post the afters. My husband and I see a change. My upper lids have a little more lift and are not as puffy/tierd lookig. It’s subtle and not a miracle or anything but I have gotten compliments that I look good, or healthy several times this week. I’ll take it!

  9. Over the last year I have seen a noticable droop in my eyelids and under eye area. I use some of the most expensive and previously successful treatments but they ceased to have the desired affect.
    After 2 weeks of use my eyes are rejuvenated, firmer and smoother. To sum up, a new aquaintance put my age at ‘around’ 42. I am 58 years old and not looking back! Thank you Dr. Perricone.

  10. I got a sample from Nordstrom’s when I asked for a product that would address a need for lifting the eyelid. I have reactions to many ingredients in department store products, so I wanted to try a sample at home.

    I put the cream on half my eye, and then the extra cream on that same side of the face. Within a couple minutes, I felt my face tingling and getting tighter. I looked in the mirror and noticed some change.

    I put some of the cream on my other side and really did notice a difference before I was done rubbing it all in. Even as I write this, I feel like my eyes are open more widely, and looking in the mirror again, I can definitely see that more of my lower lid is showing. Excellent!

  11. Have you heard of Eye Secrets product range? You should have a look here at their website:

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  13. I am an executive director of a non profit organization and very conscious of how I look. I visited Soft Surroundings and had the pleasure of recieving a small sample of your eye cream product. I tried it on as soon as I got in the car. I think the cream really worked. My age is 65.

  14. I am 57yo, take excellent care of myself and skin but my eyelids could use some tightening, I don’t want to have surgery. Your eyes are what makes you look young,and I want to look as young as I feel. I work in a hospital and everyone seems to come to me about anti aging products, if this worked I would have many women buying this product.
    I’m all about doing things naturally and this eye treatment is just what I am looking for. Price does not matter to me as long as the product does what it says it will do.
    Thank you,

  15. I would love to be a tester. My skin is very young looking, except for the eye area. I am 52 and most people think I am around 45. They thought I was 38 until a couple of years ago. My eyes are aging rapidly. Please consider me.

  16. I’m interested in the eye lift but I am skeptical. I have been a cosmetologist for 30 years and have tried everything. I now teach in an Institute and would love to offer products that actually deliver. I just started the 28 day fresh start program so I’m curious to see how that goes.

  17. I have never had the pleasure of using any
    Products by dr perricone due to my budget ,it
    Mean i want to have tried and tested product
    I would love to have the opportunity.

  18. Age 67 I need products that work on ‘older’ skin.

  19. It would be great to try your eye products to
    See if there is a good result. I have tried Olay
    Lancôme and want to be able to recommend
    Products from your line to others. Please consider

  20. Using an older person to test products such as the eye lift cream and getting their feedback and comments would benefit the majority of women who need these products.

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  23. I lost elasticity in my right eye due to an injury and would like to see if this product can give me the little lift Im looking for to feel better about my appearance. If it helps I would be more than happy to reccomend Perricone products to all my friends and family.

  24. Dark under eye circles & now ageing lines & wrinkles – combined with the fact my skin is beyond repair with acne scars – open pores & lumps & bumps – I cannot go out without heavy makeup to camouflage
    I have spent a small fortune so far trying products which promise solutions ( but sadly have not delivered )therefore i would be happy to test any suitable products & give honest feedback

  25. Have tried lots of expensive eye products in the past, would really like to see if this one actually does what it says on the tin!

  26. at age 66 I need serious help. I did botox for crows feet, which made the dark circles worse, created bags and wrinkles under my eyes were not there. It will wear off in two months but I will never do botox again. Dr. Perricone has a great reputation and I need help for facial wrinkles desperately

  27. i would love to be a tester for your products.

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  32. I really want to try the high potency eye lift

  33. I have had a very noticable sagging eyelid for most of my life. My other eyelid is fine and it bothers me to have uneven eyelids. I would love to be able to put on eyeshadow one day but I cant afford surgery.

  34. I am 58 and haven’t had quality sleep for many years because of the level of pain I have lived with for over ten years. Finally the doctors have found the problem and address my pain issues. I am still very young at heart but my eyes show that I have lived through some very tough times. I would love to see what your product can do for me!!!!

  35. I am 62 years young and have some darkness under my eyes and by the inner corners of the top of my nose by my eyes.
    I also have some hollows under my eyes that come with age and from loosing the under eye padding that gives it fullness.
    What is the BEST eye cream I can use for these 2 issues? I have tried just about everything and I want a product that truly WORKS!
    Thank you.

  36. would like to receive tester of eyelift.. Deep lines are appearing under my eyes..its like i wear glasses everyday

  37. I am only 32 years young, but I look much older than that because of all the wrinkles and bags I have under my eyes! I have considered laser surgery, but, man that looks painful! Not to mention, people don’t always get the desired results! I just want to look more like the way I feel. I’d gladly become a tester!

  38. I am 51 looking to minimise pore size and puffy eyes as well as sagging around the chin area

  39. I am 58 and looking for a perfect eye cream. No bags or puffiness just a few crinkles around my eyes that i want to tighten up.

  40. Our family has hereditary saggy eyes and I inherited the trait. Unfortunately, many in my family have had to have eye surgery to remove the sagging lids so they can see. I also have sagging issues and have turned my family on to the HP Eye Lift. We love it because it actually gives visible results for our genetic trait. Moreover, I have left work and entered medical school where I get VERY little sleep and VERY stressed. My eyes show it. People use to ask what was wrong with me. Now wit HP Eye Lift, I can present myself in the clinic as an aging woman with confidence :)

  41. I’m 48 and my eyes seem to show my age the most. Unlike a lot of people who complain about under eye bags, I don’t have that problem. My issue is the droopy lids along with the small crinkle lines around the eyes. I use olay products that are good but if I could try something that actually could improve the eye area not just maintain it, that would be great.

  42. I’m only 27 and I tend to rub my eyes a lot because they itch due to allergies but I recently started to notice that I have some really deep wrinkles there from me stretching the skin while rubbing my eye. I really want to try this product and see if it works for myself, if it works for me you can bet that I will give you the best reviews and recommend you to any and everyone that I know!

  43. my friend has tried EVERTHING on her eyes to counteract bags and aging with no results but since she has started using your eye product she looks so much YOUNGER! I actually thought she had work done on them. There is something out there that works after all!!

  44. I turn 40 in a week and I have noticed that my eye lids are starting to droop, there is a noticeable crease in the eyelids and small crows feet at the corners of my eyes as well. I have been using a Mary Kay product but it does not seem to be helping much. I would love to test this product to see if it could help.

  45. I am a single mom with a special needs child and don’t get too sleep much at night. People often tell me my eyes look exhausted and tired. I desperately need an eye cream to help with loss of elasticity, dark hollow looking eyes, tightness and firmness.

    I hope you let me try your product and I hope it helps.

  46. I’m 55 years old and love Perricone products, especially anything that contains DMAE. I received a sample of High Potency Eye Lift with my last Perricone order and all I can say is “WOW”! I have seen incredible firming and smoothing of the lines under the eyes, as well as improvement in the large circles. I have to add this wonderful product to my daily routine. I would love to be a Perricone tester – Perricone products are the best!

  47. I’ve genetically seemed predisposed to circles and puffiness under my eyes, but I’ve noticed it become far worse in the last few years since hitting my 40′s. In addition, I’ve noticed a loss of elasticity to my overall skintone. Product(s) to improve firmness on my face and around my eyes would be ideal.
    I’d love to become a product tester!

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