Perricone MD – Health and Weight Management

Perricone MD Health and Weight Management, a healthy, 30-day nutritional system, works to decrease fat and boost your metabolism and energy.

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The Sciences behind Health and Weight Management

This system is part of Dr. Perricone’s 3-Tier Approach, which includes an anti-inflammatory diet, supplements, and topicals. So be sure to learn about foods to avoid for healthy weight loss and Perricone topical skin care products.

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For an overview of Health and Weight Management, watch this video:

There are 3 key sciences at work in this nutritional system:

  1. Perricone Prescription Super Antioxidant – supports immune system and minimizes cell damage.
  2. L-Carnitine Complex – optimizes energy and fat burning.
  3. Tyrosine and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – boosts metabolism, suppresses appetite, and reduces fat.

Other sciences at work include:

  • DMAE
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • CoQ10

Proper Dosage of Health and Weight Management

Health and Weight Management is perfectly dosed to help support a healthy weight loss plan and maintain healthy weight.

Take one packet 3X daily an hour prior to each meal.

For convenience, the supplements are organized into packets for the morning, noon, and evening.

Recent Reviews

Amazing formulation – “…once I started using this supplement, I found I have more energy, less appetite, and my weight loss has increased significantly! I ran out temporarily for a few weeks, and I felt sluggish and hungry. Couldn’t wait to get it back.” —From Sephora

Exceeds expectations – “Am eating well, losing weight slowly but losing inches quickly, and my energy is increasing…The pre-packaged supplements make a big difference to me, especially when I am traveling or in a hurry and might otherwise be tempted to skip a meal.” —From Sephora

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  1. i had a histerectomy last may because of tumors all over my organs not cancer thank goodness.l havehad a hard time keeping the weight off since i fill tired all the time no energy but have not missed a day of work i would really liketo try your prodct to seeif it worked for women in my age range 50older and for women going threw after weight gain from a histerectomy its bad enough women have to have one much lessstart gainingfrom it they are already feeling emotion from losing what they had now this thanks samantha

  2. I’m nearing my mid-thirties and lost over 100 lbs and kept it off for almost 10 years. I continually refine my eating habits, but don’t have the energy or body I think I should have from my effort!

  3. I am coming off of anti depressants and in the two years of being on them have gained 25 kgs. I’m trying to break the depression cycle but my weight is a huge issue. I’m doing RPM classes but would love to be able to fast track my weight loss and give my metabolism a boost. I find it so much harder to loose weight now I’m in my late 30′s. Please pick me, you’ll change my life!!

  4. I am weaning off of an SSRI medication and feeling horrible. I have gained over 50 lbs from taking this drug. I was in NJ today and had a consultation from a Perricone beauty advisor. I have purchased skin care products from your line and would love to become a tester of the supplements. Please chose me!!

  5. I want to lose fat and inches and keep it off permanently.

  6. I’ll be 50 years old next year and I’m currently gong through menopause. I have also just gone through a divorce, and a major financial setback, which has caused a lot of stress and anxiety in my life over the past 2 years. As a result I gave gained over 25 lbs. It has been hard financially to purchase some of the supplements that I think will help me, as my appetite has changed, cravings have increased and I seem to contnuously gain weight, even though my overall diet hasn’t changed.
    I would really like to try this. Based on what I have read it seems like this might work. I have also researched the ingredients and have heard of Dr, Perricone in the past. However, I’m really struggling with coming up with the necessary fund to purchase this.

    I would love to win this, so I can at least get the results that I believe I can achieve with this, jumpstart my diet, re-motivate myself and look forward to my 50th birthday.


  8. I am in fairly good shape all the way around for my age but starting to get a little belly fat and a few wrinkles. I also exercise (mostly walking) 4 -5 times a week and I’m in excellent health with only cholesterol being 2 points over normal. I’m in my 50′s but many people guess my age as much younger. I’d be willing to use your vitamin products and give input regarding the results. Thank you.

  9. I want to be a tester because im 25 years old and morbidly obese my father has kidney failure and i just dont want to go down the same road as him. i just need help losing weight and i cant do it by myself need help looking for anyway to lose it. been dieting all my life nothing ever works.

  10. I am going to be 60 this year and have struggled with obesity(there I said it) all my life. Literally all my life. Can you imaginge going through your whole life thinking you are worthless because of the number on the scale! That is what I have done. It affects every aspect of my life. last year I started walking and lost 45 lbs. Still not good enough. I would like to lose another 80 lbs. Can’t seem to get it off.Please allow me to get my life back before it is too late.

  11. I blew out my back in October at work and am not able to exercise. I have gained 30 pounds and no matter what diet I try it isn’t enough. I need help and the help needs to be in a healthy way. My joints are painful because of the weight gain and I have developed depression from not having the energy to even walk my dogs. They are suffering because of my injury as well and it breaks my heart.

  12. I would really like to give this a try. Sounds very interesting.

  13. I was engaged to be married, and then I suddenly wasn’t. The inability to cope with the loss of my fiance drove me to anti-depressants which, over 2 years, completely ravaged my body and left me insulin resistant. Its been two years and lots of cash since, trying to lose weight; gymming, swimming, lifting weights, calorie-counting, nutrient watching…I’ve done them all, with nothing to show of it, just a massive belly and stretch-marks to boot. I need my fitness and more importantly, my self-confidence back.

    This system seems to have considerable, genuine scientific backing, and I hope more than anything for it to work and allow me my life back. I’d love the chance to be a Perricone tester.

  14. I’ve heard good reviews about these products. I’m going to read some more reviews and then I think I’m going to give them a try.

  15. I am dieting constantly and seem to get no where, I have tried every diet available and have even had gastric bypass several years ago and since have gained most of my weight back. PLease Help!!!!!!!

  16. I am in my early twenties and have taken such a random assortment of supplements my whole life without really knowing how they work or even if they’re making a real difference in my health. I would love to try out a science-based system and learn how these supplements can really make a difference.

  17. i am 56 yrs old and tried the nutritional weight loss supplements last year and can honestly say that they work! i felt great had no arthritis pain and started walking dancing and bike riding. beat of all , at a social function with my 35 yr old daughter a friend thought i was her sister and a male friend of hers said your mother looks like she is 25!

  18. I am 26 years old with 2 kids age 6 and age 1. I am about 60 pounds overweight and have been trying to loose the weight sinse my first child was born. I had some success right before I got pregnant with my daughter. I have tried everything, even gone back to what I did before getting pregnant with my daughter and I can’t get it off again. I’d love to be able to keep up with my kids, especially my son, he has more energy than I can even imagine having right now and it makes me sad that I just don’t have the energy to play and jump around with him. I’d love to have Health and Weight Management.

  19. Its seldom that you find such posts. Well written and aptly presented. good work. Will follow this post.

  20. Is it safe to take this supplement while breastfeeding?

  21. Hey, thank you for revealing your ideas in this article. This is really a very nice website.

  22. Im 53 years old. Going thru the change has really taken a toll on me. Seems what ever I try I have such a hard time losing weight. I would love to lose 25 lbs. I have a problem with swelling of my ankles and belly fat that i never had. My skin is really starting to sag. Would LOVE to be able to Win to be a tester so I could help my other friends going through the same thing.. That would be like winning the lottary for me. Would love to feel and look my best. I do have two of Dr. Perricone’s books and they just make so much sence.

    Thank you for your fantastic books with so much wonderful infomation.

    Beth G.

  23. Dr. Perricone and Associates, I seek to balance my hormones, my weight, and my life. I long to preserve the skin I have and take care of the body I have been blessed with. I would be so grateful to try your samplers and I would love to share my positive experiences. I am over 40 now and I want to change careers, get my health in balance, and enter into a healthy, long-term relationship. Feeling good inside and out is everything. Please choose me! ;)

  24. I’m an NPC Bikini Competitor so I’m always looking for supplements that help me control my weight and help me glow from the inside out!

  25. I have many different ailments, one of which is diabetes, and if if I cannot get that under control, then it affects everything else, my depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, insomnia. If I get depressed, I do not eat correctly if at all. I am all a lot of medicines some cause weight gain. It physically impossible for me to exercise, but if they start giving me my cortisone shots in my hips, knees and feet, and I lose some weight, I can walk and I love to walk. Then maybe I can start to ride a bike again too. Then I can control my diabetes with meals not drugs, once I start to lose some weight. I was at this point, Byetta helped me get there, but now they say that it may cause pancreatic cancer. I want to get off drugs and take care of my body naturally.

  26. I use these supplements whenever I can afford them. They help decrease my appetite so I eat less and they make my skin positively glow. They are more convenient that going to a clinic for Lipotropic & B12 shots.
    I highly recommend this to anyone trying to loose weight to stay healthy.

  27. I’ve been a Dr. Perricone fan since “The Perricone Prescription”. Now that I’m starting a second career in Esthetics, I’ve researched lots of product lines and have decided to come back to Dr. P. I’m totally on board with healthy skin/healthy body/healthy mind. I love the holistic approach. I can’t wait to try the supplements.

  28. My niece is a chiropractor and she asked me to read Dr. Perricone’s book. It makes sense so I’d really love to get the chance to try the health and weight system. I think having this system would truly motivate me to take the weight off and keep it off!
    I’ve tried the doctor’s skincare line and I am sure this system is as fabulous as his skincare solutions.

  29. actually this sounds like somei might like to trycz i find it hard to lose weight.

  30. Please! I want health and weight management. After having 2 children, Ive found myself overweight, with headaches and muscle pain and zero energy. Help!

  31. I was hospitalized in Feb. of this year for double pneumonia and the flu. The illness has left me in a weakened state, so getting my energy back has led me to weight gain. All I do most of the day is sit with my husband who is disabled and over weight. I need to get myself back in shape to help take care of him. I need help to do it. My will power left along with everything else.

  32. I am interested in trying this program because I currently have a trainer and drink meal replacement shakes yet I still weigh the same. I am hoping to lose at least 50 lbs in 6 months. That seems like a reasonable goal right?

  33. I need to lose weight for health reasons. In the past I could lose weight easy now that I am older it is so hard to lose weight. I am twenty pounds over weight and need to lose the twenty pounds.

  34. I’m prepping for a spring wedding and looking into perricone products and diet to get my skin and figure ready for the big day. I’m OK with my weight, but know I can do better. And, my skin can definitely do better. I’d love to provide feedback on the product based on the end result, which will be the wedding photos. I already take normal multi-vitamins, Calcuium and vitamin D, so I believe that any positive review from me would speak very highly of a product if it makes a difference to an already healthy person.

  35. Thank you for useful information. For weight loss, body of water is also very important. If the body does not have much water, the liver has to work extra to help kidneys eliminate wastes. This makes the liver less effective in metabolizing the stored fat in the body, hence causing weight gain. So, drink lots of water to counter this situation. In fact starting your day with a glass of water in which half a lemon has been squeezed and half teaspoon honey added. this approach has a lot of people tried. Good results

  36. I’m 34, and look quite older. I naturally look skinny but I’m so not healthy, and I’ve tried everything, looking skinny is one thing, but being healthy and active and having a healthy body is another, and that’s what i want to achieve. My daughter recommended me Perricone MD, She’s only 15 and already taking care of herself. I haven’t purchased anything yet, But plan too once I save up a little. :)

  37. Health and Weight management sounds to be a product that I am eager to try. I have long been studying nutrition and weight loss, have tried a multiplicity of supplementation products, services, diets, and eating plans but nothing has had good success. I found negative side effects with one eating plan that was doctor recommended. I did learn from a professional nutritionist that I have developed an allergy to soy after using a hi-protein eating plan that utilized a significant quantity of soy proteins. If your supplementation has a healthy approach to achieving optimal weight, I would be a great source of advertising, as I would be thrilled to finally discover a successful plan and would be eager to let others know. Please consider me as a product tester.

  38. After reading the Doctor’s Perricone Book “Ageless face, Ageless mind”, all I can say is that I want ‘Health and Weight Management’!!!I’m just amazed with all I have learned from this fantastic, knowledgeable Doctor, and I would recommend this book for all those who are seeking for the beauty “from the inside out”…

  39. I have watched Dr Perricone on Public television, and I know of people that have used your supplements, read your books, and followed your prescription… and they look younger! It’s time for me to try your prescription. As you have stated “It’s never too late”
    I am on coumadin, a blood thinner. Will the weight management
    packs affect my coumadin?

  40. I am 35 lbs overweight and have been trying to lose the weight since spring. I have lost only 4 lbs so far. I am on a multi- vitamin supplement along with L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, and L-Lysine. Also with Omega 3,6 & 9,Calcium, vitamin D and Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

  41. I am 35 lbs overweight and have been trying to lose the weight since spring. I have lost only 4 lbs so far. I am on a multi- vitamin supplement along with L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, and L-Lysine. Along with Omega 3,6 & 9,Calcium, vitamin D and Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

  42. I am a teacher and I have hormonal issues that have caused me to develop sever hirsutism, which is very embarassing and humiliating. I recently began taking supplements such as glutathione and Supercissus, in addition to a multivitamin to help me with weight loss. I gained 80 pinds ater a double bunionectomy years ago and my metabolism has been off ever since. I am not yet married and am convinced that having a weight problem has adveresely affected my ability to attract a viable soul mate and life partner. The obesity and hirsutism have had a negative impact on my social and personal life. Through my success with this program, I can help other people who have similar issues as mine by recommending Dr. Perricone’s program to change their lives too.

  43. I am nearly 59 years old, 5 feet 3 inches tall and weigh 200 pounds. That places my bmi at 35.4, or obese. I had a severe auto accident with multipe injuries several years ago resulting in a doctor ordered retirement. I now have a sedentary lifestyle and would like to change my life to be able to participate more with my 2 adult sons, daughter in law and 2 grandsons. I hope to live as long as my 92 year old mother, but doubt that I will if my weight does not change. Thank you.

  44. I just bought Perricone vitamins at a department store before I learned of this site. I am a 54 year old single mother of a 12 year old and I would like to look and feel young. I have always looked young for my age, but recent hormonal changes are beginning to effect my skin. I work at a non profit museum and must be careful with skin care investments. I would appreciate the opportunity to test products and think that I would be an ideal candidate for any anti-aging product!

  45. Hi would love to try the Perricone diet to see if it will help me to get rid of my chest fat.

    I’ve suffered with this for years and it really gets me down. I exercise and am not overweight, nor do I have a six pack, but can’t seem to shift my fat chest.


  46. I would love to try this as I’ve been trying to begin eating healthy, and begin working out, so as to lose a few pounds I put on over the winter. I am in my early 30s and changing most of my health and beauty routines, I’d also be very open to sharing my experiences on my blog (

  47. Wow! Thank you!
    I’m still learning from you, I absolutely enjoy reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the tips coming. I enjoyed it.
    I continuously needed to write on my site something like that. Can I implement a fragment of your post to my blog?

  48. At 61 , I try to eat right, I feel like I am 20 but when I look in th mirro, I see dull dry uneven looking skin. I would love to have a more youthful complextion.
    i work in a dry inviorment, and Nebraska weather can be harsh on skin.

    I would love to be givin the oportunity to try your products…

  49. I am a 28 year old mother of three I have been struggling with my weight ever since i had my first child, I have tried several different approches to try to get back to a healthy weight but I have not succeded thus far. I cant afford alot of expensive pills and doctors visits or surgerys so I am always looking for that naturally healthy diet and supplement plan that gives my that energy that i need to get up and get going and I would really love to try the Perricone diet out, it seems like it just might work for me. Thanks

  50. Health and weight management is always at the forefront of what I do on a daily basis.I always want to look and feel my best and continously learn better ways to achieve that.
    Dr. perricone has provided the proper combination of supplements and taken the guesswork out. I would love to be a product tester for the health and weight management portion to create a better understanding on how the supplements affect our health and report back with the results. I am sure they will be outstanding!