Perricone MD – Facial Serum Prep

Facial serum prep has smaller molecules than a regular moisturizer allowing it to provide added nutrients into deeper layers of the skin. A facial serum prep enhances benefits of other facial treatments in your daily regimen.

Specifically, Perricone MD facial Serum Prep helps to repair damaged skin and to diminish the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.

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Key Sciences in Facial Serum Prep

A unique face lift serum, Perricone MD facial Serum Prep is formulated with high levels of DMAE and phospholipids, which mimic lipids found naturally in skin, allowing for quick absorption.

DMAE can help to:

  • Lift, tighten, and tone skin’s appearance
  • Provide contouring benefits for skin losing elasticity
  • Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Phospholipids (Phos E) work to:

  • Repair damaged skin
  • Moisturize and treat dry, more fragile skin

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Ingredients and Application

Ingredients of Facial Serum Prep
Aqua (Water), Dimethyl MEA (DMAE), Diglycerin, Butylene Glycol, Glycolic Acid, Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Phosphatidylcholine, Copper Gluconate, Parfum (Fragrance), Sorbic Acid, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose, Benzyl Benzoate, Rutin, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (Neuropeptide), Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 (Neuropeptide), Phaseolus Lunatus (Green Bean) Extract.

Perricone MD facial Serum Prep is Paraben-free.

Facial Serum Prep Application

When incorporating facial serum prep into your skin care routine, apply after your toner and before your moisturizer.

To apply, saturate a cotton pad and smooth facial serum prep over cleansed face and neck. Use both in the morning and the evening.

Recent Reviews of Facial Serum Prep

Works instantly – “I call this ‘MY HOLY WATER’ !!! This product is so awesome. My skin is so smooth and my make-up goes on so much better. I must admitt [sic] my self esteem is a little better as a result.” —From Sephora

Really does work – “Wow this serum is strong, it really does boost whatever you are using after it…” —From QVC

“DMAE is the bomb!!!” – “At my age (50), a delivery system for treatment products is very important. You must stimulate the cells in order to achieve the fullest benefit from the treatment products. This toner does just that and has allowed the other Perricone products to do their job. Your face feels firmer.” —From Sephora

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  1. Well I passed by the Madison Ave store everyday for a year.. Finally I went in I purchased all the products recommended by the specialist.. Came home tossed every facial cleanser, toner, astringent, lotion, scrub, moisturizer I owned from every name brand that practically exists out there I am dedicating myself to DrPerricone products and just after a week of use indefinelty feel like my skin tone appeares much better.. This is one product i did not purchase but I would love to have a chance to win a free bottle.. Thanks DrPerricone for making me feel better in just a week..

  2. I had used a dmae prep product from another skin care line for 2 mo. There were essentially no results. Altho my skin did not look worse it did feel dry and uncomfortable.
    I was given a small sample size of Perricone DMAE toner. The results were apparent in just a few days.
    Some insist the cost is too great. But I like to think of it as buying a dress that doesn’t fit from a store that doesn’t allow returns. You’ve just thrown you money away. Same with other skin care products.
    Neither your skin nor your wallet have improved. It’s the oldest rule in the book. You get what you pay for.

  3. I have used Perricone products for fifteen years or more. I used to use the DMAE toner, but the serum prep takes the benefits to the next level. Pricey, but lasts a very long time.

    I especially like the way the Perricone line is constantly evolving–looking out for ways to keep us younger looking, and younger feeling!

  4. I had been wanting to try this product since I met a woman on vacation who was older than myself and had beautiful skin.

    Now that I have, I love it! After the first treatment I actually noticed the deep lines on my forehead and the brow frown lines have lessened a bit.

    I still use several different products, but I’m always looking for something better as my skin is aging. This product is also very affordable compared to the rest of the Perricone line.

    I like the natural ingredients and the results, so I will be buying this again.

    I would love to be a tester of products. I’m in my late 50′s.

    Marin County

  5. Hi, I am in my early 40s and have very little aging. However, the fact I am unmarried and cant find a soulmate to my standards has me very concerned in keeping my youthful appearance as long as I can. Please let me test your products. I have used Chanel, LaMer, Estee Lauder, Laurav Mercier, Guerlain, Clinique, Armani, La Prarie, Bobbi Brown, Khiels, and many more. I have yet to find the face serum for day time. Thanks.

  6. I have just started using your products and am a fan so far. Its pricey but im hoping it will be worth the investment. Im 36 and believe in taking care of myself from all perspectives. I excercise and eat healthy. Now i just need the perfect skin regimen.

  7. This product is amazing. My frown lines have gone away. My skin feels so much more clear and radiant. I’ve been telling all of my friends about this product. A little goes a long way, so if you are concerned about price, this is worth it, and it will last a long while.

  8. I am a v young looking 55 but have ‘thin’ skin that I have looked after well over the years. – My skin is easily affected by lack of sleep/stress/fatigue and I am keen to find something that helps combat these things at my age. I use some Perricone products already and would love to be a guinea pig for other products that help a well looked after not-so-young-anymore skin. Which I will then add to my routine if they work

  9. I have some sun damage to my skin. This sounds like it cound help with my wrinkles and fine lines.

  10. I’m 62 and my skin just needs to be rejuvenated. Is it too late to hope for help from creams? I would love to find out if these products really work for skin that is sun damaged as well as older.

  11. Serum Prep is a truly remarkable treatment product. When I apply it, I actually cup a little in the palm of my hand, press my hands together and then rub it into my skin in a gentle upward sweeping motion until my skin is dry. I use it on my neck as well. After just one application (I’m not kidding: I mean ONE application) my skin appeared rejuvenated, lifted and brighter — as though I had just returned from a really brisk walk. If you’re really sleepy in the morning and your skin looks really tired then serum prep is the product for you! It immediately wakes up and lifts the skin; providing the ultimate “pick-up” without any irritation at all. It is a holy grail product for me and most certainly one that I will NEVER be without.

  12. Hi! I’m 43 years old & will honestly admit I have been penny pinching when it comes to skin care. Now that my little girl is 2, I feel it’s time to take care of my skin. I think the expense would be worth it if the products perform as claimed.


  13. I am 27 and have lines around my eyes, mouth, and forhead. Would this and the cold plasma face/eye be a good product for me to use??

  14. I had a fraxal for acne scars on Dec. 20, 2010. I also am 52 years old. I have always been aware that nutrition, lifestyle,etc. play a big role in how we age. I am interested in learning the lastest in health discoveries. Just doing what I can to take care of myself and family.

  15. I really would like to win this serum, because my skin needs help badly,this summer i worked at a summer camp for kids and with all the activates we did, the sun really damaged my skin and i’m trying to get my skin back right again,so just from reading about what this serum can do for your skin, i truly believe this is what will help get my skin back to being beautiful again. Thank You So Much for a Chance for beautiful skin again.

  16. At 55 I have sagging jawline and saggy puffy under eye area. I also have hooded eyelids. I would love to correct these issues, maybe the Skin Prep can help. I use Dr Perricone cleanser and moisturizer and they are so soothing to my skin! I’d live to have the whole line!!! My problems are inherited and I sure would like to put an end to them!!
    Please consider me for Skin Prep and/or any products that would address my concerns. Thanks a bunch!

  17. Please sign me up to become a tester of your products.

    Thank you

  18. I need to test this product because I am OLD. Just turned 52 and my face looks like its been dragged through hell. My youthful looks are gone and they don’t look like they’re coming back any time soon. I have to wait to be reincarnated to start all over and take better care of myself the next time around. How’s that for a plea? It’s the darn truth, unfortunately.

  19. I love your products (having tried several over the past few years) and would love to try this product w/ all it’s benefits. I just started using a competitor’s serum everyday a few months ago and do not see much of a difference in the texture of my skin. I would like to compare both products.

  20. I have recently started to use the products and noticed improvement in my skin, it has been suggested to me to use this with the new sub-d. I have purchased a lot of product and do not have this or the sub -d as suggested. Thank you

  21. I have pretty dedicated the later part of 6 or more years in search of a Deep Wrinkle product that truly delivers on it’s promise.
    Even the highly reguarded products just simply cannot seem to come close to deminishing my deepening forhead wrinkles and highly visable crows feet. I have lived all of my life on barrier islands that sustain high temps. most of the year. I do so very much enjoy outdoor fitness as well. Neither a great situation for my skin. It is very dry, and no matter what I attempt in my daily facial cleaning/ moisturizing regimine, I am realize there may be no hope before botox.
    I understand your serum honestly delivers deep within the skin; not just on the surface.
    I am now a retired (age 44), full time stay at home/ work at home mom. If I were granted the opportunity to be a valued tester I promise to deliver the most timely, efficiant, detailed, professional, and honest feedback.

    Thank you for the valued time taken.

    Have a most lovely day!

    Mrs. Lani M. Reno

  22. I love Serum Prep. It prepares your skin for the rest of the products. It gives your skin a dewey and glowing look.

  23. Would also love to include serum prep along with the cold plasma to get the best possible results!

  24. I’ve lost 71 pounds … now the lines on my face are more “apparent” than ever. Something to fill in the lines – besides gaining weight would be quite lovely!

  25. I would love to try this product! I use Cold Plasma and love it but would like to get the best delivery I can to maximize results.

    Thank you!!!!

  26. I have always had bad skin, I’ve never been able to go outside with out foundation. Due to lrg. pores and acne scars and just unhealthy looking skin.But I’ve tried different products with no luck, and now being on disability with limited funds wasted and being ripped off from a couple of web sites selling products that I thought would help me.I’ve really lost hope and I’m praying that Dr. P will be the answer to my skin problems w/ now being brown spots added to my list of concerns.

    Thank you,


  27. After trying several other Dr. Perricone products (which are great), I’d love to try the anti-aging benefits of the serum prep. Would like to boost my products!

  28. I wish that I could try all of these products, they all seem to have great anti-aging effects. I will definately take advantage of the great offers though.

  29. heard great things about this product

  30. Please, send me a bottle to try!

  31. [...] Serum Prep, specially formulated by Pericone MD combines the key sciences of DMAE and Phospholipids, which repair, moisturize, and treat dry, fragile skin, for a more youthful appearance. [...]


  33. This sounds very promising. I want to try a smaller amount to see how my face reacts to it. That is why samples are great! I can buy your products at Soft surroundings in Clayon id they work real well.

  34. I am 51yrs. old. I have deep wrinkles around my mouth. I want to start using your products. I have seen fantastic results on others who are using your products. I want to feel better about myself.

  35. I am 51 yrs. of age. I have deep wrinkle around my mouth. I have used good products but have not had such success as I have seen on others who had the same deep wrinkles which now have faded drastically.I would love to have your product(s) sent to me. I watch QVC when Dana is on. I have been unable to purchase your products has of yet due to finances but will in the next month or so.I want to feel better about myself and am looking forward to using your procucts.

  36. I have following your products, especially when Dana is on QVC. I know others who have used the products and I was amazed at the results. I have been wanting to purchase the serum and then Cold Plasma (and a few more items) but I have to save a little more money so I can get these items. I came across this website and saw that you can purchase samples. So until I can buy the full size I am going to try these. I would love to WIN any of your products. I am very self-concious of my deep wrinkle around my mouth. I do not want to waste anymore money on products that do not work.

  37. I am a 55 year old Hispanic widow and have tried some of the products. Being on a fixed income I can only buy the products every so often. But I have faith in all your products and I would like to be a tester as I am beginning to show signs of aging. Please consider me for a free sample. Mary

  38. At this point in my life, I am 50, I have given up on trying products to diminish wrinkles. I probably have to go to more drastic measures, (botox) so I would love to try this product to proove to myself, that there is still hope without going the injection route.

  39. I tried a sample of the Serum Prepand loved it!!! I would love to give it another try. I love all of Dr. Perricone’s products!!!



  42. I would like to be a Facial Serum Prep tester because I’m looking for something to counteract the facial sagging that is just beginning. I don’t think I can do much about it without laser treatments, I am hoping I am wrong! Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. mi è appena arrivato dall’america come regalo da mia nipone devo provarlo poi vi diro’. Ora vorrei sapere in italiano come si usa “light renewal”

  44. Manage oily skin and deep rinkles

  45. I’d love to use Facail Serum Prep as I believe it would penetrate my skin and not just sit ontop of my skin



  48. i would love to give this to my mom who is 60. i may be a bit too young for it :)

  49. I would love to win a bottle of Facial Serum Prep as buying it, is unfortunately out of my budget.