Perricone MD – Evening Facial Emollient (Discontinued)

Want radiant, younger-looking skin? Evening Facial Emollient, a night renewal cream, leaves skin visibly brightened and restored, while providing contouring benefits for plumper, youthful features. Evening Facial Emollient is the perfect complement to the morning treatment, Amine Complex Face Lift.

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Features and Benefits of Evening Facial Emollient

This firming night renewal cream tones and smooths lines and wrinkles with DMAE. Also formulated with retinol, Evening Facial Emollient minimizes discoloration and gently resurfaces skin’s texture, imparting a youthful glow.


  • Firms
  • Tones
  • Lifts
  • Re-contours
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

Retinol helps to:

  • Regenerate and renew skin surface
  • Smooth lines and wrinkles
  • Imparts a more luminous appearance

Evening Facial Emollient also includes Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidants. ALA boosts energy production in the skin and fights free radical damage. It also refines skin’s texture, diminishes pore size, and fades discolorations.

Ingredients and Application of Evening Facial Emollient


Aqua (Water), Cyclomethicone, Polyglyceryl-4 Isostearate (and) Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone (and) Hexyl Laurate, Hydrogenated Didecene, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, L-Tyrosine, Sodium Chloride, Propylene Glycol (and) Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Methylparaben (and) Propylparaben, Dimethyl MEA (DMAE), Dimethicone, Zinc Sulfate, Urea, Thioctic Acid (Alpha-Lipoic Acid), Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Citric Acid, Retinol (and) Polysorbate 20, Pantethiene, Pyridoxine HCl.


Dr. Perricone recommends you apply to the face and neck every evening. Pair with the Amine Complex Face Lift morning treatment.

Other complementary products include:

  • Serum Prep
  • High Potency Eye Lift
  • Intensive Moisture Therapy

Recent Reviews of Evening Facial Emollient

Wonderful product – “This is my favorite of all Perricone product, thus far. If I could bathe in it I would. I put this on at night and in the morning my skin looks fresh, even, soft and radiant. The ingredients in this products does wonders for my skin. If you can try this, then do so, you will see results the first time you use it.” —From QVC

Love it – “I have been using this product for some time now and I love it!! I am 48 and have slightly oily skin, this evening treatment gives me just the right amount of moisture so I don’t need anything else. It has made my skin so smooth and gives me a wonderful glow…my favorite Perricone product!!!” —From QVC

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  1. I was hoping I could be a tester. I look young for my age but starting to show some signs of age. I am 43 with my BS in business.
    I look forward into hearing from you.
    Rhonda Streib

  2. [...] creams, then, have always scored major points with me. Some of the best I’ve tried include Perricone MD’s Evening Facial Emollient and Sundari’s Neem Night Cream. And now, Clinique’s Youth Surge Night is in my evening [...]

  3. I am new to Dr Perricones products but am giving them a try. I am on a lot of medicines and need some help with the toll they are taking on my skin. My sister uses several of his products and loves them! I bought the Acyl and neck cream and I can tell that his stuff is the real deal. Please consider me for a tester. Thank you!!

  4. This sounds like a perfect night treatment. I have mosly fine lines and this sounds light. I live in a warm climate and this sound perfect.

  5. I am 64 years old and I try to keep my facial skin looking fresh and clean. I am starting to have a lot of wrinkles and I need something to help with it. I have heard good reviews of your product, but never tried it. I would love to see if it stands up to all the good reviews!!!

  6. hello
    i am 30 years old. Should I start using this product or is it too aggressive for my skin?
    thanks for your replies,

  7. I was relieved to read that I am not the only one who had my face burned with the Firming Facial Toner. At the store they told me this was a sign that the product was working. It’s very painful. I wonder if the EFE would calm and cool my face after the toner. Right now I use the High Potency Evening Repair at night, which is also hard on my skin. I’m not sure I got good advice – if not, it’s a expensive mistake. I am 59 with normal skin. I would like to find the right combination because I like the idea of the products.

  8. Have heard great things about Alpha Lipoic Acid as well as DMAE and would love to test this product!

  9. I would love to try this! I am 52 and have never even heard of you until now…I would love to be a tester!

  10. I found Perricone, MD, Evening Facial Emollient about 10 years ago. Its the first facial moisturizing product that I have been able to use that doesn’t hurt my face or burn it a deep red. I used to be a model in Houston, for a private boutique and a visiting furrier. I used cosmetics during that part of my life. Now I am a cowgirl. I work with cattle on a small farm in Roy, Washington. My kids get a charge out of telling people what a varied range of jobs I’ve had. Unfortunately, a cowgirl doesn’t make much money so my 2 oz. bottle of EFE has to last a long time. I am simply grateful that your product is available. I have tried a couple of your other products but they don’t seem as beneficial. Thank you.

  11. I love Dr. P’s Evening Facial Emollient. I have used it now for a few years and bought it thru QVC. It minimizes pores and fades dark spots. Great product!!! Sad it can’t be found at QVC any longer.

  12. I would love to become a tester. My favorite product is the Evening Facial Emollient. I am 60 years old and have great skin that I can definitely attribute to this product.

  13. I have never been satisfied with my complextion. When I was in my mid twenties, I had a chemical peel that helped for a while. I don’t want to do that to my face again. I have hyperpigmentation on my face as well as white pigment (whatever that is). I am 42 years old and would love to find something that really worked. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on products that do not do what they say.
    I have preordered his Forever Young book, so I will be able to try his Face Cream he is giving away for free. I am so excited. But I have been excited before about so many products – only to be disappointed.

    Thanks Dr. P for his time and research!!
    My skin could use all the help it can get.

    Sandra R.

  14. I have to agree w/ Mary. I tried the Facial Toner and it burnt up my face badly. I only used it once a day, and only a very little bit. I stopped 2 months ago and am still recovering. My skin is inflamed and raw!

  15. I would really love to try Dr. Perricone’s Evening Facial Emollient. I have a sample of his Cold Plasma, which my skin absorbs hungrily, yet I can see from the description of the emollient that this would work even more beautifully on my skin because I’m aware the benefits of the retinol in this product, as well as the DMAE and alpha lipoic acid would really help plump up my skin cells as well as helping smooth my skin tone and color out. I love his formulations, and this one looks exquisite! Thank you.

  16. I would like to become a product tester for tis product!

  17. This product sounds too good to be true!It would be a pleasure to try it! Thanks!

  18. [...] effects, another might choose it for its ability to make the skin more radiant. Products like Evening Facial Emollient combine a host of benefits that people of any age or skin condition can [...]

  19. I usually love your products, but the Firming Facial Toner really burns my skin very badly. The only way I can use it is to apply and then rinse off immediately, which probably defeats the purpose! I can’t be the only one who has experienced this problem. I do not have sensitive skin, and I have used glycolic and alph-lypoic products for years

  20. Very interested in this product as I can not seem to keep my face clear with any of the cheaper products; I would very much like to be considered as a tester. Thanks!

  21. Hi, Please consider me as a tester for the Evening Facial Emollient! I bought the High Potency Evening Repair and I cannot use it. It burns my cheeks and turns them bright red. I have rosacea and I am hoping the Evening Facial Emollient would be gentler on my skin. I would love to try it before I purchase it! Thanks!

  22. Sign me up for this as well

  23. Thank you for offering a sample. Its great to try before buy.

  24. a very excellent product, much better texture than others. quite nice.

  25. This is by far the best evening cream I have ever used. The rich, smooth texture is one thing but the long term benefits are what have impressed me the most, with tighter skin and diminshed lines. The best way to stop ageing is to prevent it from happening in the first place and I’m confident that eve facial emollient will keep my skin looking great in years to come. I’ve also found that it’s the only product I’ve come across (like other n v perricone products) that doesn’t contain parabens which may not be dangerous but which age the skin if used continuously. I like the feel of my skin when I wake up and knowing that its not just for the short term but for the long term too.

  26. This product is by far the best evening cream I have ever used and I’ve used lots. It’s texture is one thing but its long term benefits are what really impress me. I am confident that this product really works to tighten skin and diminsih fine lines and wrinkles and with continued use every night, my skin will still look great in years to come. I will not use anythin else amd I

  27. I would like to try N V Perricone’s Evening Emoilliant Cream since he revamped it and removed the parabens.My skin feels kissed when I use his products.


  29. I recently started using this. I can’t believe how it makes my skin feel! I can even see a difference in the texture of my skin. It’s wonderful! Thank you! I suffered a lot of pain, was on morphine and many other drugs for 10 years. I aged about 25 years in those 10 years. I’m hoping that your products can get me back some of my lost looks. I use to have beautiful skin, now it looks terrible. I even have acne at 58 years old! I will buy your products as often as I can afford them. I would be proud and honored to become a tester for you!

  30. Retinol is another one of my favorite skincare ingredients. Leaves my skin with healthy glow and incredible smoothness

  31. If I had to choose one product that I just can’t live without, this is the one! I have interesting mature skin that is not prone to wrinkles but is damaged from years of surfing. I have been using evening facial emollient for quite some time. I love that it is easily absorbed and that it makes my skin feel moist without feeling oily. My face is prone to redness and this is the only product I have found which keeps the redness calm. However, what I love most about the product is that I FEEL healthier when I use it. I have RA and I know what inflammation feels like on a systemic level. When I use EFE, my skin feels like every cell is cooling off as well as calming down.

  32. I LOVE this product. I have been using it for a few weeks now and the improvement in my skin is very noticable. I love the way it feels on my skin and absorbs as well.