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You’re an individual with unique skin care needs. Even if you and another person are both clinically healthy, one of you may need more of one type of nutrient than the other does. With this concept in mind, over the course of five years in collaboration with physicists at Los Alamos Laboratories, Dr. Perricone developed Cold Plasma, a revolutionary product to help enhance your current anti-aging routine through the power of biochemical individuality.

What is biochemical individuality, and how does this revolutionary product, Cold Plasma, work?

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Cold Plasma is a universal skin care product; suited for anyone, no matter how old your skin is, what your skin type is, or whether you’re male or female.

Cold Plasma works through a patented ionic (i.e. charged particles) suspension carrier system which allows for your skin to extract from Cold Plasma’s formula according to your individual, unique needs. This personalized system, called biochemical individuality, is a self-selection process charged by phospholipids, major cell membrane components. Phospholipids are fat derivatives which help lock in moisture, because phosopholipid bilayers have hydrophilic (attracted to water) heads facing outward and hydrophobic (mix poorly with water) tails facing inward toward each other. The phospholipids in this formula help direct needed nutrients where they can be effectively used through the cell membrane. This also means, if any of the ingredients aren’t needed, they just won’t be utilized.

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Cold Plasma works through this system to deliver optimal nutrition to skin cells to help skin achieve a healthy, glowing, youthful appearance.

It does so by helping combat the 10 signs of aging, which include:

  1. Firmness
  2. Elasticity
  3. Clarity
  4. Radiance
  5. Smoothness
  6. Texture
  7. Redness
  8. Blotchiness
  9. Fine lines and wrinkles
  10. Dryness

Beyond the unique delivery system, the key sciences behind this product include:

  • Advanced neuropeptide technology to give anti-inflammatory effects, which assist in slowing the 10 aforementioned signs of aging.
  • DMAE to help stimulate nerve function, thus causing muscles under skin to tighten, providing a lifted and firm appearance to sagging skin.
  • L-tyrosine, an amino acid, brightens skin to help radiate a youthful glow.
  • DHA, an essential amino acid, to support the preservation and hydration of skin.

cold plasma

Cold Plasma contains no:

  • Parabens
  • Fragrance
  • Sulfates
  • Mineral oil
  • Artificial colors or fillers

According to Dr. Perricone’s recommendation, in the morning and evening:

  1. Cleanse skin, first
  2. Apply Cold Plasma
  3. Put on any Perricone MD treatment and/or moisturizer to finish

Can it get any better? – “I’ve been using Cold Plasma since its exclusive debut on QVC and have been amazed that my skin could actually look any better after five years on Perricone products. Yet it does! Brighter, firmer, smoother…all this and more…” —From

What a difference! – “Tone and texture has evened out, pores (which I was told mine were small, but were visible to the naked eye), are virtually diminished, I can only see them when I use the dreaded 10X mirror to pluck my eyebrows. The price is high, but the product goes very far, I am sold on the product, and will definately stay on the auto-delivery plan. I notice I am using less make up, so I figure the money will even out, in the long run. Its nice to get up in the morning and debate on even bothering with the make up…” —From QVC

Can’t live without it – “Great product, I highly recommend! I’m 40. I noticed a change in my skin tone, radiance and the big one– It softened my lines and wrinkles right away!!! This is a product I can’t live with out.” —From QVC

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  1. I need help with everything! Oily skin, Large pores, Acne, Wrinkles, The list goes on…

  2. This is the one product I would really love to try. I already use several of Dr. Perricone’s products but this one sounds so interesting.

  3. I love that this is universal, so my husband can use it too. I’m going to check it out on QVC to see if I can get it on easypay.

  4. (cont) trying Perricone MD – Cold Plasma. I’d like to look my best for my daughter’s upcoming wedding! Thank you.

  5. I’m 51 years old and my skin is starting to show the signs of age. I’ve always had freckles but now a few age spots have started to appear. My skin lacks the glow that it used to have. I look forward to

  6. Unfotunately, I inherited large pores from my Dad. If there is something that will shrink pore size, and help reduce fine lines, I need it.

  7. I have so much discoloration, large pores and texture that needs so much help. I read about cold plasma and would really like to use the treatment to help my skin. At the present, I am using Photo Facial daily for sun damage treaments. I am sure, cold plasma would be an excellent treatment for my skin as well. I’m excited to begin using it daily!!! Thanks for considering me to test the product.

  8. I have so much discoloration, large pores and the texture of my skin appears rough. I have researched cold plasma and stronly believes it is the best treatment for my skin. Earlier, I saw an advertisement that made me aware of this product. After readingthe reviews, I am convinced it is the treatment for me. At the present I am alsousing the Photofacial treament daily.

    Please consider me for a free jar of the cold plasma and afterwards, I will continue to use it until Dr. Perricone researches and discover another excellent product for mature women.

  9. For many years, Origins has been my mainstay… but I’ve found that their products might not be giving me 100% of what they say…. so I want to try Perricone’s lines!

    If this does what it says (and at that price, I’m sure it does) I’d be a fan for life!

  10. I would love to try Perricone Cold Plasma on my 44 year old skin. The signs of aging really suck. I see lines, looseness, numerous imperfections, and a severe need for skin improvement. Plus, I swear, I’m the only 40+ person I’ve seen with teenage acne problems. What gives? lol

  11. I ainterested in your product as well

  12. I’d love to try this!!

  13. i would love to try the cold plasma, it sounds like just what i need! i am 47 years old with a birhtday coming up in february and going thru menopause, my skin and i both need a fresh start. oh did i mention i also have a very active 4 year old( surprise)and a new puppy so being exhausted doesn’t help the look of my skin and if this will help me at least look well rested that would be great!!!

  14. I have watched Perricone demonstrations on QVC and I’m always amazed at the results. I am 37 (going to be 38 in a few short weeks) and I really “Have not yet begun to fight” those dreaded signs of aging. This sounds perfect for me as I can nip the wrinkles in the bud before they take over my face! I’d love to try or I may search QVC to see what I can find!

  15. I would love to try this product and do a review on my blog and another public site of your choosing. I have deep pores, fine lines, sagging skin under neck and in jowl area, puffy under my eyes, etc. I am 54-years old and need some help. However, my skin doesn’t always react positively to new products, so would love to be a tester.

  16. The 10 signs of aging; I’m sporting signs of them all. At 55 I’ve had great skin up until recently and I think Dr Perricone is my answer. I’ve tried several product lines over the years and found them heavy or greasy. Lately, I use nothing and I’m in great need of a moisturizer. A beautiful face makes a huge difference on your outlook on life.

  17. I am using Cold Plasma, incredible. I have had Blue Peels, used Retin A…this product exceeds all expectations…no irritation – I have radiant skin, signs of aging, wrinkles and sun damage are disppearing.
    Used on top of one hand to compare….OH MY!!

  18. My skin is loosing it’s elasticity and I’m getting those dreaded fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the mouth and eyes! It sounds like Perricone would work for me. Help!!! I need Perricone.

  19. I would loe to win this. I want to try this because I have fine lines and sun spots. I am 30 and over the years my skin has taken a lot. Thanks for this chance.

  20. I am a mother of four in my forties. I have been a HUGE fan of you, Dr. Perricone and your books and products for years (since the Wrinkle Cure came out!). I have not been able to afford the products…with the exception of a sample kit. I have purchased your books and followed the steps in them with success. I would like to be a tester to experience the beauty and success of your products for myself. I would not otherwise be able to for lack of funds.
    Thank you for all you do and have done to make women more beautiful and confident in their on skin.

  21. I really need to find a great cream that will bring back radiance to my skin texture. Looks like Perricone Cold Plasma may do the trick.

  22. I facebooked about the Cold Plasma giveaway going on @

  23. Oh my gosh! Please enter me to try this cold plasma! I’m impressed with the reviews and it would be an honour! It looks fantastic and I am in need of it! Thank you!

  24. The years just flew by and as every mother knows, everyone’s needs comes first before your own. Just when you lest expect it, those fine lines and wrinkles start appearing and my skin isn’t as smooth as it use to be. After reviewing the website I would like to become a tester.

  25. Over 40 and hit by a truck load of various life altering stressful events my skin needs some TLC. I have watched Dr. Perricone numerous times on PBS. Could Cold Plasma be the TLC my skin needs? Would love to try it.

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  27. This looks absolutely amazing! Being 35 and starting to see those fine lines showing up makes me cringe. I’m going to have to talk my husband into it.

  28. Smoothness, Redness, Texture, and blotchiness- Oh my I could really use this for the above mentioned problems that I have.
    I also love that there is no scent;}

  29. I would lovwe to be a Perricone product tester. Ihave been doing the diet and the salmon and would love to supplement the inner workings with some cold plasma cream and anything else you’d like to throw my way.

  30. My skin has suddenly developed some very deep wrinkles. I live in Australia and would love to be able to buy your products. I have your books and have started the three day program.I don’t want to look my age.

  31. I am in desperate need of something! I have 2 young children and NO time to take care of my self. And Oh is it is showing in my skin! I would love to try Cold Plasma.

  32. My skin is oily but sensitive and prone to blotchiness. I have to be very careful about the products I use. Maybe Cold Plasma is the one product I need…

  33. I’ve reached the age where my skin is desperate for TLC. Having tried way too many products on the market, I’m ready to try something that works! After reading the reviews of Perricone products, I must say I’m ready to try. I would love to be a tester!

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  35. I’m impressed with the reviews of Perricone products and would love to become a tester.

  36. Cold Plasma by Dr. NV Perricone, a gift for Christmas, has been like a renewal to my skin. Within days – literally — my family has commented that my skin glows and my husband says I look like I did on our honeymoon — 30 years ago! Thank you for this amazing product.

  37. After working years as a realtor, suddenly I found myself out of a job. The good news is that I’m a resilient person. The bad news is that my skin is suffering! I had always taken care of my skin, using the most agressive products available. Of course, Dr. Perricone’s products were at the top of my list. But now that’s simply not possible. People say that you “have to close one door before another will open”. Becoming a Perricone tester would be a gift that just might jumpstart that open door.

  38. I guess at my advanced age of 79 my skin isn’t just “aging” but rather has “aged”! However it is rapidly showing even worse effects probably due to medical treatments for sleep apnea. Being vain enough to still care about how I look, though many contemporaries seem not to bother, for all the remedies I have tried through the years, nothing seems capable of handling this new fast aging problem. Can Perricone’s Cold Plasma be the answer? Sounds like it could certainly be an improvement over the usual, heavily advertised…Olay, Nutrogena, L’Oreal, etc. I’d like the chance to try it. Fixed income no longer allows for major expenses for my poor old face in these economic times

  39. I have heard so many great things about this product. I live in a cold dry climate and just turned forty, and I really think I could benefit from it!

  40. I have been using Perricone products sparingly off and on for quite a few years now. My skin was way ahead of the game for my age because of this until recently.

    After my recent surgery, I developed small facial bumps under the surface of my skin. I understand that this product actually helps with this. I’d like to try it and hope you might pick my entry.

  41. i would like the opportunity of trying out the cold plasma. I would most benefit from this product, i have dry skin in the winter time, blotchiness, and a few fine lines on eye and mouth area. I could sure use it!

  42. I would be grateful to try your cold fusion product as I have aging skin that is sensitive and because of an accident have reddness on both cheeks. I have tried everything to combat the signs of aging and redness but without any luck. I would be most grateful to try and I would give you an honest report. Thank you.

  43. Wow! I’m 46 years old and I have found a product that really works. And I am not really sure how…. HA. My skin is smoother, clearer and fresher looking. My daughter even noticed and commented! A teenager actually noticed something beyond herself! HA. I am now re-ordering my next months supply. The price does not bother me because I have spent so much more on products and treatments that have no effect what-so-ever.

  44. I am very anxious to try Cold Palsma. I am just starting to see fine lines and would really like to see the firmness of my skin improve also. I don’t like the texture of my skin and it makes me feel old!

  45. oh yes please! i need something to help with pore size- this is my number one skincare concern.

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  49. I received Cold Plasma as a part of a QVC kit and LOVE it. My fair skin is sensitive, and turns ruddy after I shower or wash my face, as well as after I apply my serums. After applying Cold Plasma, 5 minutes later, my skin looks like porcelain again – it’s calming and soothing, definetly somthing I’d like to continue using.

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