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You’re an individual with unique skin care needs. Even if you and another person are both clinically healthy, one of you may need more of one type of nutrient than the other does. With this concept in mind, over the course of five years in collaboration with physicists at Los Alamos Laboratories, Dr. Perricone developed Cold Plasma, a revolutionary product to help enhance your current anti-aging routine through the power of biochemical individuality.

What is biochemical individuality, and how does this revolutionary product, Cold Plasma, work?

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Cold Plasma is a universal skin care product; suited for anyone, no matter how old your skin is, what your skin type is, or whether you’re male or female.

Cold Plasma works through a patented ionic (i.e. charged particles) suspension carrier system which allows for your skin to extract from Cold Plasma’s formula according to your individual, unique needs. This personalized system, called biochemical individuality, is a self-selection process charged by phospholipids, major cell membrane components. Phospholipids are fat derivatives which help lock in moisture, because phosopholipid bilayers have hydrophilic (attracted to water) heads facing outward and hydrophobic (mix poorly with water) tails facing inward toward each other. The phospholipids in this formula help direct needed nutrients where they can be effectively used through the cell membrane. This also means, if any of the ingredients aren’t needed, they just won’t be utilized.

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Cold Plasma works through this system to deliver optimal nutrition to skin cells to help skin achieve a healthy, glowing, youthful appearance.

It does so by helping combat the 10 signs of aging, which include:

  1. Firmness
  2. Elasticity
  3. Clarity
  4. Radiance
  5. Smoothness
  6. Texture
  7. Redness
  8. Blotchiness
  9. Fine lines and wrinkles
  10. Dryness

Beyond the unique delivery system, the key sciences behind this product include:

  • Advanced neuropeptide technology to give anti-inflammatory effects, which assist in slowing the 10 aforementioned signs of aging.
  • DMAE to help stimulate nerve function, thus causing muscles under skin to tighten, providing a lifted and firm appearance to sagging skin.
  • L-tyrosine, an amino acid, brightens skin to help radiate a youthful glow.
  • DHA, an essential amino acid, to support the preservation and hydration of skin.

cold plasma

Cold Plasma contains no:

  • Parabens
  • Fragrance
  • Sulfates
  • Mineral oil
  • Artificial colors or fillers

According to Dr. Perricone’s recommendation, in the morning and evening:

  1. Cleanse skin, first
  2. Apply Cold Plasma
  3. Put on any Perricone MD treatment and/or moisturizer to finish

Can it get any better? – “I’ve been using Cold Plasma since its exclusive debut on QVC and have been amazed that my skin could actually look any better after five years on Perricone products. Yet it does! Brighter, firmer, smoother…all this and more…” —From

What a difference! – “Tone and texture has evened out, pores (which I was told mine were small, but were visible to the naked eye), are virtually diminished, I can only see them when I use the dreaded 10X mirror to pluck my eyebrows. The price is high, but the product goes very far, I am sold on the product, and will definately stay on the auto-delivery plan. I notice I am using less make up, so I figure the money will even out, in the long run. Its nice to get up in the morning and debate on even bothering with the make up…” —From QVC

Can’t live without it – “Great product, I highly recommend! I’m 40. I noticed a change in my skin tone, radiance and the big one– It softened my lines and wrinkles right away!!! This is a product I can’t live with out.” —From QVC

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  1. because I am 70, have good skin and want to maintain it. I am looked up to at work. I am noticing some aging, about time (:- ) I’d like to be the best i can get. I’m a great one for advertising. leila

  2. what a fab chance to try something new! Happy Holidays : )

  3. I’d really like to try Cold Plasma

  4. I am 60, and I feel like my birthday came and went, and took my face with it…south! I Need help!

  5. I am a former Estee Lauder makeup artist and know the true value of a good skin care regime. As I approach my fifties I am searching for the perfect skincare product to answer my maturing skincare needs.

  6. I have rosacea and have heard that this is a goof product to help even out the skin tone. Would love to try it.

  7. Hi,

    I am going to turn 50 very shortly and believe me it is quite depressing!!! I used to be very pretty and had great skin. The past 10 years have been very hard on me(deaths,marriage problems, loss of job etc…). Now my son is in Afghanistan. He is in the Army. I am just so worried and very depressed. All this has taken it’s toll on my face. I have bags under my eyes and terrible sagging and lines running from my nose to the sides of my mouth. Since I have lost my job, I can not afford any kind of skin products. I would absolutely love to try this product. You would be getting a person who has never used any kind of expensive anti-aging product. To be honest, I am somewhat skeptical but if I had the money, I would probably be willing to try it. I would love to test the product!!!

  8. Michigan Winter Weather really takes it’s toll on my skin… I’d love to try this !!

  9. Sounds a little too good to be true!

    I’m always looking for anti-aging and moisturizing products that will not trigger or worsen my Rosacea, so, of course I’d love to try it.

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  11. I have heard such great things about this product and would love to be a tester. I have constant dry skin, especially in the winter, which causes my face to feel tight and highly uncomfortable. Also, I think this problem has caused my pores to become much larger than normal. I would love to see if this product helped do the trick!

  12. I have used Este Lauder for the past 25 years with good results. I am looking for a product that will give me “great” results. I would really like to test Perricone products. At present, the employees at beauty product counters in the malls guess my age as 20 years younger than my chronological age. I would like to look 30 years younger !

  13. I just turned 40 and with two toddlers, I’ve seen huge changes in my skin (which used to get me daily complements!). I have been trying different lotions/serums from Sephora, but none seem to capture all my needs (firmness, minor wrinkles, discolorations, and moisture), and some have less appealing scents. Before I purchase this product, I would love to try it to be introduced to this line!

  14. I would love to try cold plasma-after the birth of my second baby I have noticed some bad skin changes-acne/dullness/dryness in certain ares. I am also very stressed out from a recent spearation and being a single mother now I cannot afford this product but I would love to win it. I am 35 and have always tried to take good care of my skin-but the stress of my daily life as a hospice nurse and single mother has taken its toll.

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  20. I have heard such great things about this product!

  21. I would love to try this product I saw it on QVC. I have used your products in the past. I have gone through a very difficult period in my life and it aged me and made my skin sag (it never did that before) and get blotchy. I had good skin before all of this and now sometimes I don’t know I feel like I’m looking at a different person’s skin. I think this product can help & I belive Cold Plasma will do that. Thanks…

  22. I am 52 and my skin looks as good as it did in my late 30′s. I am interested in maintaining the quality of my skin and keeping it looking this way for as long as possible. I would appreciate the opportunity to sample your Cold Plasma product and see how it could help me achieve that goal.
    Thank you,

  23. I’ve sampled Perricone through Sephora in the past and would love to try the new Cold Plasma.

  24. I just turned 50 this year, and Cold Plasma looks like it has the advanced technology to help me tackle changes in my skin that make me wonder who this older woman is. I have tried many products on the market, and out of them all, Perricone never lets me down. This product looks amazing, and I would love to try it.

  25. I have also been looking for something of a “miracle product”. This stuff just sounds so good!

  26. Hi, I would love to try cold plasma. I watched Dana present it on QVC and I was very impressed. I would love to win a jar.

  27. I am 37 year old mother of 2 children and i have great concerns about my skin. As for the last 2 – 3 years or so I now see a lot of fine lines and wrinkles near my eyes and forehead, Also seem to be having the problem of large pores as well. i have used perricone products in the past and absolutely love them . I would like to test the products and have an opportunity to voice my opinion. Thanks.

  28. Several of those 10 signs seem to be showing up for me. And here I was wondering what was going on – now I know! I’m a believer in Dr. Perricone’s principles so I’d love to try and see if I can turn back these symptoms with this cream.

  29. I would love to become a product test for Perricone MD!

  30. I have seen this product on QVC and am very intrigued. I would LOVE to be a tester for Cold Plasma or any of Dr. Perricone’s products.

  31. hi, i have tried many products and have been wanting to try cold plasma sooo bad. i’m an avid lable reader and try to use the best possible. i would love to be a test subject anytime, any of your products. i would really like to try the cold plasma!!!

  32. Can I just say HOW MUCH I need to to test PERRICONE products!

    Up until 5 years ago, I had AWESOME skin, very minimal aging, and still got carded everywhere (I was 32.) Now, I have so many issues that many of us face today. DULL, uneven, spotting, fine/deep lines, dry and just plain lifeless. I want to GLOW again!

    Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m going to age. But, with Dr. Perricone’s help, hopefully it will be gracefully.

    And… To top it all off, I live in Colorado, where the weather changes every 15 minutes (seriously.)

    Please help me find that “it” product!
    Many Thanks, Jessica

  33. I am very interested in trying cold plasma. At 52 my skin has suddenly decided to be dry. And many skin care product are giving me breakouts. Just what I need at this point in my life. I work out daily, eat right, stay out of the sun and generally think I’m doing pretty good but taking care of my skin is foremost in my quest to be healthy and LOOK healthy. I currently use the Concentrated Restorative Treatment at night and I love it. Cold Plasma seems like a natural for me to check out next.

  34. would like to be a tester of your products. Have seen them on QVC but, haven’t tried them yet

  35. ooo would luv to try this out! sounds kewl!

    xoxo elle

  36. Unfortunately, I was a sun worshipper
    in my youth. Today at age 44, I’m paying
    the price with broken capillaries, fine
    lines, uneven skin tone. I think Cold
    Plasma could help me!

  37. Happy Holidays to all! :0)

    Did you know that cold plasma helps with blocked pores. A wonderful and informed woman in the flagship store was so knowledgable about Cold Plasma and the needs of my skin. She recommended this product.

    Bright Blessings…

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  39. Wow, I saw Cold plasma on QVC and it sounded like an awesome product. Dr. Perricone is light years above the competition. I would love to try it.

  40. I bought Dr.Perricones The Facelift Kit because I am noticing the parenthesis around my mouth, creases in my forehead, sagging at my jawline. Since using his products my skin looks probably 10 yrs younger in less than a month. I will never waste my money buying any other products again. I would love to be chosen as a tester to again see more amazing results!

  41. The Cold Plasma sounds like what I’ve been looking for in terms of evening out my skin tone and texture.

  42. Correct the 10 signs of aging? Why wouldn’t I want this product?

  43. I would love to become a tester! I am almost 39, and I have noticed my skin becoming much dryer, more sensitive, and less elastic with age. I would love the chance to test your products and give my feedback, because I believe I represent a dynamic sample of the not-quite-middle-aged market who would benefit greatly from your products. Thank you!

  44. I definitely consider skin care an investment, and have tried countless products — mostly with little-to-no success. What I’m looking for is a skin care line that can accomodate my skin’s changing needs as I age — and which offers an array of products for different skin challenges. I suspect Perricone MD is what I’ve been searching for — and I’d love to try a few products before committing to the line. I’m in my 40s and generally take good care of myself and my health… but I’d LOVE to embrace the entire Perricone Regime (from the skin care to the weight management system and vitamins). I’m ready to get serious about overall health as I move into middle age. :)

  45. I am a 56 year old, recently divorced, single mother. Over the last several years my face has increasingly shown signs of aging, but this year it seems everything has exacerbated. 2009 has been a very stressful year due to unexpected health and financial problems. I have always been very young at heart, but right now, if you look at me, you would get a very different impression! I also, had to have some dental surgery earlier in the year,and since I can’t afford to pay for the implants yet, my jaw line looks like the skin is melting off my face! It even “feels” saggy and heavy on my face. I have tried many skin care products, searching for THE ONE, that will actually work as proclaimed. I would love to become a tester for Perricone. Thanks for your consideration.

  46. Amazing product! Works perfectly!

  47. Would love to test Dr Perricone’s products, have his books and believe in his theory. Thank you

  48. I am 66 yrs and have sagging under my eyes, would love to test Dr Perricones products. Have both of his books and am an avid fan of Dr Perricone, do the 3 day facelift once a month, find it works very well, and try to follow his diet plan. Think he is great…

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  50. I tried some of my mom’s Perricone moisturizer and I love it! I’m saving up to buy some for myself. I’d really like to try Cold Plasma to see if it can help even my skintone & smooth my face a bit. I’ve heard so much about it.