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You’re an individual with unique skin care needs. Even if you and another person are both clinically healthy, one of you may need more of one type of nutrient than the other does. With this concept in mind, over the course of five years in collaboration with physicists at Los Alamos Laboratories, Dr. Perricone developed Cold Plasma, a revolutionary product to help enhance your current anti-aging routine through the power of biochemical individuality.

What is biochemical individuality, and how does this revolutionary product, Cold Plasma, work?

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Cold Plasma is a universal skin care product; suited for anyone, no matter how old your skin is, what your skin type is, or whether you’re male or female.

Cold Plasma works through a patented ionic (i.e. charged particles) suspension carrier system which allows for your skin to extract from Cold Plasma’s formula according to your individual, unique needs. This personalized system, called biochemical individuality, is a self-selection process charged by phospholipids, major cell membrane components. Phospholipids are fat derivatives which help lock in moisture, because phosopholipid bilayers have hydrophilic (attracted to water) heads facing outward and hydrophobic (mix poorly with water) tails facing inward toward each other. The phospholipids in this formula help direct needed nutrients where they can be effectively used through the cell membrane. This also means, if any of the ingredients aren’t needed, they just won’t be utilized.

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Cold Plasma works through this system to deliver optimal nutrition to skin cells to help skin achieve a healthy, glowing, youthful appearance.

It does so by helping combat the 10 signs of aging, which include:

  1. Firmness
  2. Elasticity
  3. Clarity
  4. Radiance
  5. Smoothness
  6. Texture
  7. Redness
  8. Blotchiness
  9. Fine lines and wrinkles
  10. Dryness

Beyond the unique delivery system, the key sciences behind this product include:

  • Advanced neuropeptide technology to give anti-inflammatory effects, which assist in slowing the 10 aforementioned signs of aging.
  • DMAE to help stimulate nerve function, thus causing muscles under skin to tighten, providing a lifted and firm appearance to sagging skin.
  • L-tyrosine, an amino acid, brightens skin to help radiate a youthful glow.
  • DHA, an essential amino acid, to support the preservation and hydration of skin.

cold plasma

Cold Plasma contains no:

  • Parabens
  • Fragrance
  • Sulfates
  • Mineral oil
  • Artificial colors or fillers

According to Dr. Perricone’s recommendation, in the morning and evening:

  1. Cleanse skin, first
  2. Apply Cold Plasma
  3. Put on any Perricone MD treatment and/or moisturizer to finish

Can it get any better? – “I’ve been using Cold Plasma since its exclusive debut on QVC and have been amazed that my skin could actually look any better after five years on Perricone products. Yet it does! Brighter, firmer, smoother…all this and more…” —From

What a difference! – “Tone and texture has evened out, pores (which I was told mine were small, but were visible to the naked eye), are virtually diminished, I can only see them when I use the dreaded 10X mirror to pluck my eyebrows. The price is high, but the product goes very far, I am sold on the product, and will definately stay on the auto-delivery plan. I notice I am using less make up, so I figure the money will even out, in the long run. Its nice to get up in the morning and debate on even bothering with the make up…” —From QVC

Can’t live without it – “Great product, I highly recommend! I’m 40. I noticed a change in my skin tone, radiance and the big one– It softened my lines and wrinkles right away!!! This is a product I can’t live with out.” —From QVC

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  1. can’t wait to try this brand!

  2. What is so hot about this product?

  3. I am 60 and showing signs of aging, I am interested in trying your product to see if I can reverse the signs of aging

  4. I would like to try your perricone products. I am sceptical especially i am a 56 years old. I dont have many wrinkles, but i do like to look after my face for a long time to come. I dont smoke neither drink i look after my food well, eat lots of fruit and vegies ect. I exercise, use suncreen. . I have tried several different products, but not find one product yet which give the results they advertising. So yes i am interested.

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  7. I am trying to find a product which can help to even out my skin tone. I have one area on my forehead with brownish spots and nothing I have used so far dramatically improved it. Would cold plasma help? Thank you.

  8. I would like to try Cold Plasma on my crepy leg skin…

  9. I have tried so many products; nothing seemed to work long term;m this product is fenominal; the only thing is how much can a hard working person afford; i have bought 3 times and am about to give up cause i cannot afford it. the company should make provisions and give a free bottle for every so many bottles bought. I LOVE THIS Product and it seems to love ME. help me get a break please.

  10. Im 45 years old and although my skin is pretty good I am noticing some damage in tone and spots. I would love to try this and see my skin tone glow. Ive lost my glow and its very upsetting to me. I know that a product that works would make a difference in my self esteem.

  11. suffering from rosacea.i would like to test your products

  12. es normal que el cold plasma paa el contorno de ojos huela tan mal !! No lo puedo usar!!

  13. HELP!

  14. I had acne when i was young and was teased alot, the acne left scars on my face. I would love to become a tester to see if it would clear up my scars help with my uneven skin tone / blackheads and over 50 skin.

  15. Currently using the product for 2 weeks. Don’t see any difference. Would like to test other products

  16. I wish can i use the pericone products, I want to tray…

  17. I am 40 and when I can afford your products they have worked wonderfully. I would use everything if I could.

  18. Wish to try cold plasma to help relief my facial redness, uneven color skin/patches and itchness. Thanks.

  19. iam 52y old woman i have big pores specially nose ,cheeks and chin,they getting bigger non stop and i dont know what to do about them they make me stremely concious ! dry skin in places and oily in others,if something doesnt break me out it dries my skin terribly , sagginess in face and jaws ,very sensitive skin !! i will love to be a tester for anything you like me too, if it works for me i will be a loyal customer!!! Thanks

  20. Yes, thanks. My skin is dry and its hard to figure out. I am also a young 75, light skinned black but not a lot of wrinkles but deep fold around the nose,mouth and wrinkle neck. I would love to be considered as a tester. Thanks.

  21. Im an asian men with 37 years old. I would like to test any skin care product from Pericone MD. I trust your good quality.

  22. I absolutely love this product! After three weeks of using this product several of my friends asked me what I was doing differently because the skin on my face looked clearer, healthier and more radiant. I use this product along with a Perricone moisturizer and eye treatment. Highly recommend this product as well as the Cold Plasma for the body.

  23. I am a 30 year old African American female with sensitive skin. I have lots of cellulite in my legs and thighs I have used everything possible. Would be great to use a product that does what it says. Nothing has worked in the past!

  24. Within 3 days of using this product, I kept hearing from friends, family & clients “Your skin looks beautiful. What are you using now?”
    I cannot even explain how well this product works for me. It definitely addresses my top 10 aging skin problems. Also, it just makes your skin feel so soft and youthful.

  25. Thank you for this opportunity. I am 51 and a lifetime non smoker, non drinker. I do look younger than my age, although I do have some signs of aging. I have a number 11 and some forehead wrinkles going across my forehead. My skin is not as firm as it used to be. I am excited to try your Cold Plasma and I would love to tell my social network and whomever you ask me to tell about my experience with the product. Thank you, I look forward to working with you and am willing to try this product and more. Sincerely, Genette

  26. I used your product before and I like them.

  27. Cold plasma was made because god plays funny tricks on us when my eye sight started going I thought my skin was fine intil I put my glasses on. I have used your products. Best skin care ever. I will do a before and after. Thank you

  28. I use your Hydroshield and just love it. I would love to try the cold plasma. I am 62 and have some wrinkles. I also have rosacea on my face. Give me the chance to show my friends what this product can do.

  29. Have super sensitive skin and this one seems to be a real winner for me!! Skin looks clear and young not dry and parched like before. I live in the desert where your skin is such a challenge to keep moist and Cold Plasma makes my skin feel like silk. I am 68 years young and my mail lady just told me I had such beautiful skin and no wrinkles. Made my day thanks to Dr Perricone.

  30. I am suffering from an alarming rapid onset of loss of skin elascticity.I have been under extended periods of stress and wonder if this has been a contributing factor. i would very much like to try Perricone.

  31. I have rosacea and this product is the first that I have not initially reacted negatively with. It actually feels soothing.

  32. Not sure this will work to help with enlarged pores, rosacea, and hormone imbalance due to menapause. I don’t look my age at all but my skin is out of control. I am mixed with Indian, Asian and Hispanic. Nothing works on my skin.

  33. Would LOVE to be a tester for anything you could throw at me….well almost….
    I’m 49 years of age, non smoker, not particularly sun damaged but have lost the brightness and firmness in my skin. I also have crepey hands and….oh the horror…crepey upper arms! Nobody told me about this!
    Please allow me to help you help dozens…nay…hundreds of ladies like me. I would be honoured.

  34. I LOVE skin care products but need something that I can use on my sensitive, easily-irritated skin. If I find a product that works, I will be a buyer for life.

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  36. I would love to be considered as a tester for your products!

  37. I would love to be added as a tester for your products!

  38. I’m very much interested in any non-surgical product to help with crepey arm skin.

  39. I wish to see how Pericone Products can enhance my skin condition. Thank you.

  40. i have heard nothing but good about this cold plasma cream. i actually do not have a wrinkle problem, just blackheads and some acne. now..the blackheads…never EVER been able to get rid of my entire life. no product, no treatment, no pill has even put a dent in them. they aren’t just in my t-zone…my ENTIRE FACE is covered. every pore that i have is filled :( i have heard people talk about how it also does wonders for acne and blackheads as well. i have been embarrased of them for a long time. even when i try to wear makeup to cover them up, it even looks worse. it defines them so badly. i am really desperate at this point and have nothing to look forward to honestly. i would love to try this product more than anything, but i just can’t afford it. i have three little ones and they come before me. i figured if this really did work, i would totally invest and use very sparingly because i would know then that it would be worth it. i am asking in desperation to kindly try a sample. it would mean the world to me :)

  41. This product sounds amazing! I would love to give it a chance and then tell all of your prospective buyers how wonderful it is. So, PICK ME!

  42. I do not wear make up. I have heard such great things about this product, I would love to try it. I am 58 years old and my skin could use some good attention !!! Please give me the oppertunity to try it. Thank you.

  43. I am 52 years old and just started uisng some of the Perricone products.I have wanted to try them for a long time but they are expensive and I am on a tight budget. However, I was very unhappy with what I had been using throughout the past year and decided to treat myself to a couple of the Perricone products with birthday money I received. I can’t believe the difference in my skin in just 2 weeks. These products really do deliver and I am sure they are worth the investment. I would use the whole line if I could afford it, but am very happy with the few that I am usin

  44. As I age, I am facing many of the issues that this cream addresses. I have tried a lot of other skincare and I did not quite get the results I want. I would love to give Cold Plasma a try.

  45. I would love to try this! Have been having some redness problem with my skin and everything I try doesn’t seem to help!

  46. hi i would love to test these products i have read reviews online,my skin loved the advanced firming activator,i cant praise it enough,fab fab fab,let me test dr nicks other products pleasexx

  47. Trying to save up. Getting back out therein the dating world and at 36 and three kids later could use a little help. And maybe a little self esteem booster as well. Hoping something works

  48. Just tried my sample tonight from a friend.

  49. I have tried the Nutritive Cleanser and LOVE it! I would like to see what the other products could do for my skin…but don’t know where to start. I’m 43 and ready for a change. I would love to receive samples of everything — then I can customize a monthly order. (I have a feeling I will be a very good customer!) Thanks!

  50. I have just bought cold plasa and cold plasma eye and body after reading all the amazing reviews. I have the hypo-allergenic cleanser, but can I use any moisturiser, or should I buy a perricone one?