Perricone MD – Ceramic Skin Smoother (Discontinued)

Click to purchase Ceramic Skin SmootherOil-free Ceramic Skin Smoother is ideal for treating fine lines, enlarged pores, and skin imperfections. It instantly helps fill in lines and wrinkles with Microspheres, and it provides long-lasting anti-aging benefits.

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Features and Benefits of Ceramic Skin Smoother



  • Lifts, tones, and firms skin
  • Enhances facial contours for plumper, younger featurers

Beta Glucans and Xylitol:

  • Attract hydration
  • Bind moisture to the skin


  • Reduce appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores instantly
  • Smooth skin’s surface

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  • Provide antioxidant protection
  • Help to calm and soothe skin
  • Reduce appearance of skin imperfections


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Ingredients and Application of Ceramic Skin Smoother


Aqua (Water), Sodium Carboxymethyl Betaglucan, Magnesium Silicate, Silica, Xylitol, Inositol, PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone, Glycerin, Dimethyl MEA (DMAE), Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Tocophersolan, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Xanthan Gum, Magnesium, Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate, Sorbic Acid, Copper Gluconate, Fullerenes.


Smooth Ceramic Skin Smoother over entire face on top of treatment and/or moisturizer. Use every morning.

Recent Reviews of Ceramic Skin Smoother

Unbelievable – “I will be 45 years old next month, and have noticeable wrinkling from sun damage, incredibly dry skin, and I have recommended this stuff to all my coworkers and friends! You will be thrilled at how your skin looks so velvety, and also, how well you will look at the end of the day too! Somehow, I “disintigrated” throughout the day and this serum amazingly kept my makeup from probably being absorbed into my skin or diminishing! It is an all around great product that actually does what it says!” —From SkinStore

Really love this product – “Perricone’s Ceramic Skin serum really works well as a primer/moisturizer. I have oily skin and am able to use this as a two-step product, combining moisturizer and primer into one. Anything that helps me skip a step is a good thing. Does a great job at keeping foundation on and oil off.” —From TotalBeauty

Works great in humid climates - “This is an awesome primer, makes my skin smooth and eliminates redness. Love the way it glides on, never gets greasy, and controls excess oil! It really is worth the money does exactly what it says. I have been using this with fantastic results.” —From SkinStore

I love it – “My foundation went on smooth and even, the coverage was better than normal, and… my pores were much less visible. It seemed to control the oilyness of my face also.” —From TotalBeauty

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  1. What product can I use in place of ceramic skin smoother?

  2. This was the best product ever! Please bring it back! My skin just doesn’t look as good without it and I can’t find anything to use under my makeup that even comes close to this. I’m sorry but the unfoundation foundation is not comparable to this product.

  3. Nothing compared to this product. Why was it taken off the market? Was it disruptive to hormones?

  4. Please!! Bring this product back!! My skin was flawless!! Nothing compares to this product!

  5. I cant wait to try this product! it soumds amazing.

  6. I finally find a primer that I LOVE (never really used them before) and NOW it’s discontinued? I hope someone brings this back into the line up and when/if that happens please let me know. If you have bottles in any back stock, again – please let me know!

  7. I NEED the ceramic skin smoother back …..PLEASE!!!!!!! Where can I purchase this?

  8. I loved putting this under my makeup. It was the perfect ingredient for making my skin look flawless all day and night. When Perricone stopped selling this I was heart broken. I cannot wait for this to come back to the stores.

  9. Really Different!
    I have used several primers before – but this product is DIFFERENT and it solves a problem I have had for years. I never use moisterizer during the daytime (yes, I know) because it never dries down enough to put on my makeup. My skin always felt tacky. I received a sample packet of this Ceramic Skin Smoother Finishing Serum and put it on after my moisterizer and like magic – my moisterizer stickiness is gone! Yet I know it’s there helping my skin. Now my skin feels smooth and hydrated and is a perfect canvas for my makeup.

  10. I love that it provides long-lasting anti-aging benefits. I have wrinkes, fine lines and uneven skin tone.

  11. I absolutely LOVE this product.
    With this I feel confident without foundation. It gave my face a glow that strangers complimented me on. It evened out my skin so that I looked pretty in all my photos from every angle.

    PLEASE bring it back! (or similar).


  12. I would love to try ceramic skin smoother,,I notice my pores are getting a little bigger and when I look in a window and the sun is shining I can see it’s not as smooth as when I was younger

  13. I am squeezing the last drops out of my ceramic smoother and now I can’t find it anywhere.
    Does it have a new name??

  14. I have fine lines on my forehead. I would love to look younger without surgery. I would love to test this product for you and see what all the great reviews are all about.

  15. I have tried a lot of products from manty different lines that claim to reduce the size of pores ( from acne scars)that happened years ago, even though I am now 57.. THIS PRODUCT REALLY DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT STATES IT WILL DO….amazind difference in skin appearence. You can see it from the first aqpplication!

  16. portal i forum

  17. have been reading alot about this product and would love to try it. I’m 53 and so frustrated with my skin! Large pores, breakouts and oily T-Zone. At this age, I would love to have beautiful skin that other women have that make me so envious! I have tried so many other products but have not found anything that has made a difference in my skin. Please help me!

  18. This sounds amazing to me…I was always told I had Skin like a Ceramic Doll, and even Modeled. I am now a Singer/Songwriter, and would LOVE to have that Look again, and this Product could do it. Please, PLEASE, PLEEEEASE, Send me a Bottle, and I will always try Products and Review for you!!!

  19. So I got this with my last Sephora order and loved it but now I found out it has been discontinued! This makes no sense. It works so well.

  20. I want this & i will vow to tell everyone how it made a difference to my skin. Look, I’m not a vain woman & since my stresses…its hard to even look in the mirror! It makes me sad, I have 3 babies that look up to me.

  21. Looks like a wonderful product…would love to try it.

  22. I’m turning 40 this year..would love this to make me feel younger

  23. Love, love the ceramic skin smoother and cannot live without it! Every woman needs to have this or you will miss out!

  24. I love this product – gives a flawless finish. But it’s been discontinued? Nearing the end of my supply now and can’t re-stock. Has another product replaced this?

  25. The Ceramic Skin Smoother is AMAZING! I am hoarding my samples because it appears to be discontinued. It smoothes lines, cools my redness and shrinks my pores. Really, you must bring this back!!! (Or at least tell me what you replaced it with)

  26. This is way more than a primer.. it has anti-aging treatment in it,and it helps control shine and decreases the appearance of pores. It’s definately worth the money! Primers are a necessity these days with all the mineral makeups out there, but this is by far the best one out there (& I’ve tried most of them). It goes on super smooth & melts right into the skin. I love the fact that it helps control shine, because I tend to sweat a lot at work, but now I dont have to use a mattyfier to control oil because this does that too! You have the option of wearing this alone without makeup because it makes that much of a difference! I have a very limited budge but I do splurge on this because it works that good for me & its worth the money! All of the anti-aging benefits are just another added plus! Thank you Dr. Perricone!

  27. I received a small sample foil pack of this at Sephora, then found that I do not know where I can buy it. I am new to the Perricone line, but so far I am ecstatic! I am 60 yrs old, and have suffered from extreme skin allergies for over 40 yrs. I think now that it might be parabens. This line not only does not bother my skin, but the few products I have been able to try have delivered every single promised result within DAYS!!!!My tiny sample of this product moisturized well, controlled oil,gave me a flawless finish, EVERYTHING! I want more!

  28. absolutely flawless finish — and no shine!one of my very favorite products.