Perricone MD – Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplements (Discontinued)

For healthy skin and body, Perricone Alpha Lipoic Acid, one of the most powerful antioxidant supplements available, helps defer visible signs of aging by maintaining a cell’s metabolic function for optimal performance.

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Features and Benefits of Perricone Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a universal antioxidant as its both water and fat-soluble.

It helps to:

  • Diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration
  • Refine skin texture and evens skin tone
  • Reduce pore size, puffiness and imperfections

How does Alpha Lipoic Acid work? Dr. Perricone explains below:

Application of Perricone Alpha Lipoic Acid

Dr. Perricone recommends taking two capsules daily with meals.

Complement Perricone Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements with topical treatments to keep skin looking its healthy best.

Alpha Lipoic Acid increases positive effects of other antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and E, by protecting and supporting their function.

Recent Reviews

Wouldn’t be without this supplement – “Can see a visible difference in my skin when I use this supplement. Skin is more even toned, reduces pore size. I am in my early 50′s but most people think I am in my early 40′s because my skin looks so good.” —From

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  2. I have been taken Lipoic Acid supplement in the last few months, my skin looks really good.

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  5. I desperately need help with myy skin and have spent a fortune on products that just dont work at all, i have terrible/huge discoloration/brown spots on my face, bad “painful” acne, oily but dull looking skin. I have many medical issues including pernicious/iron def anemia, chronic anemia, severe malabsorption and numerous deficiencies (b-12, D-25, ferritin etc). Do you have any “sample” prodicts i could try that you believe may help me PLEASE?

  6. For me been the best product i ever used. i recomend to everyone

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  8. I have oily skin and acne marks on my checks,
    Will alpha lipoic acid help topically and deep,
    With in.What anti aging serum can I use for my
    Skin type and slightly deep lines on my fore head.
    Thank you!

  9. I had shingles on my face before Christmas and I know myself that I have not recovered my zest and sparkle and my face and skin looked tired.

    I feel that I have been “unwell” now and it is time to set about getting back my “wellness” and glow. If my skin was radiant I am sure that this would make me feel refreshed.

  10. I am a 54 year old woman. I own two of Dr. Perrione’s books and have watched the PBS special as well. I have great respect for Dr. Perricone’s advice and have implemented many changes in my diet. I have noticed improvement in the texture and tone of my skin, and have also had marvelous changes in my hair. It has become silky smooth and shiny the way it looked when I was a teenager. Nice bonus. I look forward to trying some of Dr Perricone’s products and volunteer to become a tester!

  11. I am 54 years young, and in my teens and 20′s abused my skin by laying in the sun, eating improperly. In my 30′s I started paying attention. I still have breakouts and try to take care of my skin. Would love to be a product tester.

  12. I have read all 3 of dr perricones books and incorporated ALA supplements ( from gnc) for several years. I have found my skin looks younger, however I have never tried topical ALA. I adhere to the perricone diet and have lost weight and have much better skin.

  13. i would love to become a product tester.

  14. I would love to become a product tester.

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  17. This supplement is also supposed to provide benefits in addition to appearance. I have tried it before, but not for a sustained period of time.

    I’m always looking for anti-aging and moisturizing products that will not trigger or worsen my Rosacea. I wonder how this one measures up.

  18. My current supplement contains alpha lipoic acid. However, there has not been enough conclusive evidence to show how effective it is. What do you think makes your supplements better?

  19. I’ve heard great things from my friends about Perricone products–the alpha lipoeic acid sounds like a terrific anti-oxidant, helping to keep skin cells healthy. Healthy skin is beautiful skin1 Please choose me as a tester–I believe that great skincare products can truly make a difference in how your skin looks and feels!