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Need to get on the healthy eating track? The Metabolic Formula, Perricone’s latest supplement program, is your first-class ticket.

Like other Perricone dietary supplement programs, the supplements are made of the highest quality to ensure absorbability.

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Key Sciences and Features

The Metabolic Formula 10-day dietary supplement program is specifically designed to help support metabolism and achieve a healthy weight. While it’s a 10-day program, you can safely choose to be on the program for as long as 3 months, taking a break and re-starting as needed.

Introduced in conjunction with Dr. Perricone’s new bestselling book, Forever Young, this customized program is fast and effective, especially when paired with the Metabolic Miracle Diet.

What’s the Metabolic Miracle Diet?

It’s based on the consumption of albumin, the purest, most ideal form of protein. Albumin is water-soluble and is found in liquid egg whites.

The Metabolic Formula is packaged with an insert that details the Metabolic Miracle Diet plan, which is recommended for 10 days with the Metabolic Formula supplements for optimal results.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Ingredients and Application

There are 30 packets in a box, each containing 3 softgels, 1 capsule, and 1 tablet in this program. Take 3 packets daily over 10 days.

It is advised to not use The Metabolic Formula supplement in conjunction with Healthy Weight Management. Rather, choose one or the other.

However, other Perricone supplement programs, like Omega 3 and Skin & Total Body are great complements to The Metabolic Formula program.

Recent Reviews

This product just launched! Check back for updates when the reviews start to roll in.

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  1. I am starting the Metabolic Diet today. I currently have the Skin & total Body supplements, I purchased a few weeks ago. Do I still need to get the Metabolic 10 day supplements or are they just overlapping with what is in Skin & Body that I already take?

  2. what is the metabolic miracle meal replacement?

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  4. I am really convinced that the medabolic miracle diet will work for anyone including me! As soon as I can afford to start the diet I will; however, till that point I will do my best to follow it without the supplements from your program. I am 5 ft and weight 165. I have tried everything and have actually gained weight! I exercise daily and watch my calorie intake and still cannot budge. I am convinced that inflammation is the culprit, as I have been tested negative for many possible metabolic problems and am doing what I thought was best, though from what I can gather was not all that correct.
    Thank-you for your wonderful time and dedication to this research it will change my life. I am sure of it!