Perricone Cosmeceuticals Make Wrinkle Filler a Needless Needle

When faced with wrinkles, many women immediately turn to injectable fillers. However, these treatments are expensive, temporary, and sometimes risky.

This article will discuss why topical products, not a wrinkle filler, are the best wrinkle solution.

Wrinkle Filler Problems

Injectable wrinkle fillers use natural or synthetic substances to soften the appearance of creases and wrinkles and give skin a firmer, plumper appearance. While fillers immediately show moderate to dramatic results, the results last only a few months before the condition requires another treatment.

Each treatment costs $450-$1200, and antibodies from previous fillers can reduce the effectiveness of new treatments.

More distressing, however, are the potential complications. Bleeding, bruising, and swelling are common side effects.

Other potential complications include:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Infection at the site of injection
  • Clumping can result in lumps that require surgery to treat
  • Acne-like eruptions, rash, itching, or redness
  • Asymmetry
  • Migration of filler material

The majority of collagen used as a wrinkle filler is derived from cows and can cause an allergic reactions.

Although some newer collagen treatments are derived from human collagen, beware: in 2009, a Peruvian gang killed numerous people and sold their fat on the black market for $60,000/gallon for wrinkle filler.

Perricone Cosmeceuticals

Instead of going under the needle, opt for a more permanent, risk-free solution: topical products formulated with anti-aging ingredients.

For example, vitamin C ester, found in a number of Perricone Cosmeceuticals such as High Potency Amine Complex, helps stimulate the growth of fibroblasts. This is helpful because fibroblasts are the cells that help produce collagen and elastin, important proteins that give skin its structure.

What’s special about Perricone Cosmeceuticals is that these products have lasting effects in addition to their often immediate improvements.

What do you think of Perricone Cosmeceuticals? Do they make wrinkle fillers needless? Tell us below.

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  1. I have fluid under my eyes and would like to try this product, because I am looking for an alternative to injections. Would like to try something new and spread the word.

  2. I have fluid under my eyes and would like to try this product, because I am looking for an alternative to injections. So please contact me.

  3. I’d love to become a Perricone tester! Please contact me.

  4. Become a Perricone tester? Count me in. I’m a 62-year old Florida woman with minimal signs of aging. The years are continually at my doorstep. I would love to try what you have to offer. Please contact me. Thanks!

  5. I am 61 and have sagging around my mouth need help. Tried the needles 1 time not for me.Looking for a good cream.

    This is maybe the best so far that could help me with the lost of collagen,elastin and wrinkles. Can’t believe it. Would like to sample to see the results on me. I’ll be sixty soon. Nothing is better than to spread the news to friend and family about this product.