Welcomes the Fall, Not the Wrinkles believes eating seasonally is one of the healthiest things you can do. This is because produce is at its peak nutritional value when it is ripe in season. Since Autumn is here, however, you not only should eat delicious autumn favorites, but also pay attention to one of your most important organs: your skin.

As the part of the year during which the skin gets driest nears, it is important to focus on how to prevent those dreaded wrinkles that are caused by lack of moisture and age.

Learn some great tips for your fall skin:

How Wrinkles Form

Perricone com explains that as people age, the skin becomes thinner and drier because the natural repairing of the cells occurs increasingly slower as collagen production is decreased. This thinning skin lacks the elasticity and moisture it had in its youth.

The aging skin eventually starts to adhere itself to the underlying muscle tissue creating a line or a deep wrinkle over time. It is well before this stage that you want to start taking care of your skin in hopes to slow this process.

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How To Change Your Skincare Regimen for the Fall

As the summer temperatures get lower, and the fall winds sweep in, it feels good to bring out the warm clothes. Don’t forget about your skin just because you can’t see it as much, though. You’re still going to want to protect the little skin that is showing, especially by putting sunscreen on your face for the bright, dry autumn sun.

In addition to your face, your hands and feet need extreme moisturizing during this season because they go through the roughest wear and tear this time of year.

A great way to moisturize and protect these parts of the body and more this fall is with Perricone’s More Than Moisture, a 3-in-1 product combining treatment, moisturizer, and sunscreen to deliver youthful, radiant skin and his Cold Plasma Body, a multi-functional body lotion designed to hydrate, define, and tone (say goodbye to cellulite!) skin all over.

Since Dr. Perricone knows that as people age, the skin becomes thinner and drier, Perricone com offers remedies to this problem. One of the best serums is the Dr. Perricone Deep Wrinkle Serum. This deep wrinkle serum is what Dr. Perricone calls his 5 minute miracle.

What Dr. Perricone’s Deep Wrinkle Serum can do for you:

  • Reduce deep lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce loss of elasticity
  • Transform skin’s texture
  • Smooth lines to appear more youthful
  • Minimize deep flaws
  • Provide long anti-aging benefits

Autumn Wrinkle-Fighting Foods

While products like Dr. Perricone’s deep wrinkle serum are fabulous, another thing you can do to aid in great skin is take care in what you eat.

When you think of Autumn, you may be able to smell the maple syrup, apple cider, and pumpkin pies. Wouldn’t it be great if some of these things that you indulged in this time of year was actually good for you and could prevent early aging skin? Good news, they can.

Skin in the autumn is hard to always manage and know what to do; one day is cold, dry and windy, and the next its warm, bright, and sunny. Chow down on fresh autumn fruits like apples, pears, and concord grapes, to combat the changes in the weather. These great-for-your-skin fruits and other bright hued foods bring rich color to your tables. Deep brown, golden yellow, and rich burgundy should be everywhere.

Autumn vegetables are great, such as:

  • Butternut squash
  • Pumpkin
  • Mushrooms
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Fennel

The benefits of many autumn foods are mainly from Carotenoids, usually found in fruits and vegetables with orange coloring but also in some greens such as spinach. Cartenoids are known to help prevent sunlight-induced inflammation, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers, neutralize the free radicals which damages cells, and prevent premature wrinkles.

Colorful foods are important because they are almost always packed full of antioxidants (with the exception of candies and junk food that have food dyes and other unhealthy additives) that help to prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system and get rid of free radicals in our bodies. It is crucial to destroy free radicals before they destroy cells, accelerate the effects of aging, and harm your heart.

Dr. Perricone’s best autumn choices include dark red kidney beans, golden oats, dark chocolate, and bright green pumpkin seeds.

So while enjoying the beautiful fall weather this year, don’t forget to take care of yourself and your skin; you’ll thank yourself later.

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  1. According to the “Perricone Prescription”, sweet potatos and pumkin are not recommended in the Perricone diet. Has that changed. Also, does tomato paste cause inflamation if used as a condiment? It is concentrated and sweet.

  2. Thank you Dr. Perricone, always love your blogs!! This one in particular makes us all feel so warm and fuzzy inside our sweaters and sweatshirts!! The Autumn season foods are amazing, pomegranates and honey-crisp apples I think are my absolute favorite! and who can resist your amazing Squash Soup recipes, etc. these days!! yummmmmm!
    I was especially excited to read about your Deep Wrinkle Serum in more detail … I am very interested in trying it in between my eyebrows and forehead where the years before Perricone seem to have set in!! Love and gratitiude to you and your staff during this Thanksgiving time of year!! Theresa