Perricone 3-Day Diet: Get a Face Lift…in Your Kitchen?

A healthy, anti-inflammatory diet aids in the elimination of puffiness and increases contours and firmness. Dr.Perricone recommends getting some immediate benefits by following an antioxidant-rich diet for 3 days. The foundation of this diet is salmon, eaten twice a day. Wild Alaskan Salmon is beneficial to skin because it contains DMAE, astaxanthin, and essential fatty acids that increase skin’s radiance, glow, and firmness.

Read on to learn about the benefits of these components and for a menu of this breakthrough, wrinkle-free diet:


DMAE is an anti-inflammatory nutritional substance and is also important in the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is essential to communication between nerves and muscles. For muscles to contract, acetylcholine must send the message from the nerves. Because of this, DMAE combats sagging that is associated with aging.


Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant found in marine plants, algae, and seafood. It protects cell membrane components from oxidative stress and inflammation, thereby diminishing wrinkles and providing a wealth of other benefits.

Fatty acids

Fatty acids help the body absorb nutrients from fruits and vegetables and keep cells supple. They improve memory and mood and keep skin glowing and wrinkle-free.

Example Menu

3 egg omelet and/or 4-6 oz. grilled salmon.
½ cup cooked oatmeal (not instant)
2” wedge of cantaloupe or 1/3 cup fresh berries
8 – 12 oz. spring water

4-6 oz. grilled salmon.
2 cups green salad (Romaine lettuce or other dark leafy greens with extra virgin olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon)
1 kiwi fruit or cantaloupe and berries
8 – 12 oz. spring water

1 apple
2 oz. slice of turkey breast or 6 oz. plain yogurt
Small handful of hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds

4-6 oz. grilled salmon
2 cups green salad
½ cup steamed veggies. (Asparagus, broccoli, spinach, etc. No root vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, or beets.)
Cantaloupe and berries
8 – 12 oz. spring water

Before Bedtime Snack
1 pear or apple
2 oz. slice chicken or turkey breast or 6 oz. plain yogurt
Small handful of hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds

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  1. I haven’t seen my boyfriend in two months, and he arrives on Friday, so I’m trying this out to look as good as I possibly can for our reunion! I’ll report back with results.

  2. Also Why can’t you eat route vegetables? Carrots have anti aging properties don’t they? As do Sweet potatoes…

  3. Why can’t you use instant oatmeal? If it’s not flavoured etc and simple instant 100% oatmeal sint’ it the same?

  4. My husband and I we are going to start the diet tomorrow,i hope is very god we need energy, we are in not very god heath salmon is different,what happen?

  5. Would love to get discounts on Dr. Perricones products and also test some..can’t wait!

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  7. I’m starting the diet!

  8. Just starting the 3 day diet. Will report back with results!!

  9. Im going to give this a go! Excited.

  10. Due to recent surgery I have been unable to work and exercise. I feel very sluggish, look pale and still in pain after 3 weeks of orthopedic surgery. An anti inflammatory diet may help…willing to give it a try.

  11. I am definitely going to try this diet. I am desperate to look and feel better.

  12. I ordered the book… Going to start in a few days. Preparation is key I presume.

  13. As long as you have some muscle mass, eatnig healthily will allow your body to naturally (yet more slowly) burn off excess fat. However, what do you think it is easier to sell people? Pricey healthy food that they can just replace with items from the store, or get ripped quick exercise machines for $ 20 a pop? Also (and this is just my opinion) telling people they can still eat most of what they want and they just have to exercise is more appealing than telling them that they have to be very strict about what they eat.

  14. I just finished the 3 day diet and I’m amazed at the results. My skin was in good shape so I didn’t see dramatic results in my face, but it’s definitely brighter and more hydrated. However, for months I’ve been plagued with eczema on my little finger–the skin was itchy and cracking. Nothing seemed to work but after the second day on the diet, I noticed my finger was healing–that sold me. The best part of the diet was that it retrained my eating habits. Before the diet, I had carb and sweet cravings every afternoon but they vanished on the first day and I was never hungry. I’ve learned there are tasty alternatives to processed foods to eat healthy–I actually like lemon juice and olive oil on my salads. I will try to eat food from Dr. Perricone’s Anti-Aging Kitchen list and avoid the food that cause inflammation. Thanks for the jumpstart to healthier eating, Dr. Perricone

  15. My daughter tried this diet and had amazing results. She also lost 8 lbs in 5 days!

  16. I am a 56 year old african american woman who has battled acne since age 11 and I have been diagnosed with osteopenia. Many of the ingredients in this diet are things we have in our kitchen already so I plan to start the diet Saturday morning. The difference is in the snacks and eating salmon twice daily and eating both eggs and oatmeal for breakfast. If this diet works, how often would I repeat it to maintain healthy skin?

  17. I will definately give it a try. Been trying everything…gave up soda, junk food, alcohol, smoking. Still can’t seem to lose weight. thyroid is always out of whack. My body always aches and I’m only 46 :( Thank you

  18. I have done Dr. Perricone’s diet for over a five years, with a few variations (when I get tired of Salmon). I get so used to having good skin that I forget that I had to work for it, or “eat”for it, but I can see the difference when I start eating sugar or starch and flour, so I know I have to go back to my diet.

  19. Absolutely fabulous ..

  20. I have melasma and lichen planus. Medications have not helped. I am going to try the 3 day diet. I hope it works.

  21. Would like to try this diet because I’ve been on every other diet why stop now. There’s got to be one that will work because I believe in miracles.

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  23. I’m going to try this diet. I live in Dubai and is not easy to find natural Salmon.

  24. the 3 day diet is amazing! It gives your skin a great glow – pefect to prepare for a special event – it’s healthy, gets your digestive track strong and you lose a few pounds as a bonus! I love it and follow it once a quarter!

  25. I am starting the diet today. I hope to get good results.

  26. Hello,

    Is the sample menu for all 3 days?

  27. I am 64 and probably have some of the most sensitive skin you have ever seen. I have a very hard time finding products that do no burn my skin. I also look pretty young for my age and would really likento stay that way. I’m about to start your three day diet and the try to lose some weight. I have osteoarthritis and suffer from inflammation continually. I hate having to rely on pain medication so I usually just suffer. I can’t wait to see how your 3 day diet will help me. I have used and trust your products so I’m counting on this diet.

  28. New to your product line…..but loving results in just days…..look forward to trying more products.

  29. I’m starting this diet today. I m going to take before and after pictures and post them here if i can. I just have a question: what if i don’t manage to eat everything in the sample menu like if i dont feel hungry enough in between meals to snack?

  30. i have have had troubled skin for three-fourths of my life ( i am 47) and i’m willing to try this diet for 3 days in hopes i see clearer complexion!!!

  31. This will be my first time doing this diet, I am looking forward to seeing what I will look like! This is my first day!

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  33. i tried the 3 day facial about ten years ago and it worked then. please note eggs are one yolkmn and three

  34. I’m going to start this Wednesday! Very excited!

  35. I will be turning 62, October 17th and looking for a cream to improvement some wrinkles I’m starting to get on my neck and right on my chest above my breast. Is it true some of the wrinkles on my chest comes from sleeping on my side? Plus of course my face wrinkles as well. I have very dry skin. I want to start on your 3 day diet. I really need to lose 30 pounds. I need help!:(

  36. [...] all natural yogurt This is not on his official shopping list, but it’s on his sample menu, so I’m adding it. Greek Yogurt is my [...]

  37. I heard about this 3 day diet in the doctor’s office today and I was very intrigued. I want to try it right away because I have been told I have an inflamed fatty liver. That worries me because my mother has non-alcoholic cirrhosis and I dont want to end up suffering like her. I want to find a way of eating and living to get my liver back in good working order.

  38. I am a 50 year old woman who needs to get my hormones under control, this diet certainly helps.

  39. A friend from the dermatologist office (she does the chemical peels, etc) swears by this three day diet. She has recommended it to several of her clients and really noticed a difference in everyone’s skin! I plan on starting it this week!

  40. I love the Perricone Diet! It works! I have tried it in the past, and the results are stunning. I will be engaged in the 3 Day Diet, again, for the next 3 days and I know it will be instant gratification. It is an anti-inflamatory program that makes you look better and feel better. I would love to be a Perricone tester!
    Thank you Dr. Perricone!

  41. I am a 57 year old African American woman.I bought Dr Perricone’s book because I really want to lose weight. But as life went on I never tried the diet. But now I see that he also has a 3 day diet. I’m going to try it starting this weekend. I know I can follow it for 3 days a month. I would most certainly love to become a Perricone tester and tell you about my success. Thanks

  42. I tried the 3-Day diet before, and my face looked AWESOME. It was smooth, even toned, my eyes looked brighter, and the huge pores on my nose were gone. I felt very energetic, enough to make me want to exercise. I am doing it again, though I would love to be able to do it with the supplements and really rock the results! I love defying gravity! Please pick me!

  43. I really want to try this diet I love salmon and want to see for myself what it does for my skin.

  44. I am 70 years old, Breast Cancer survivor, due to a Thyroid problem, I have gained some weight. This 3 days diet, should be wonderful to regain my health and lose much needed weight. I try to eat healthy, but apparently, I have been doing it in the wrong combination of foods.

    I am looking forward to this fantastic 3 way diet.

  45. I need this diet because I am getting a crease from my nose to my mouth , a double chin, and less elasticity around my eyes.

  46. I have just finished a difficult 5 year university course, whilst having young family in tow, I look and feel like I have aged 20 years, low clarity of thought and loss of skin firmness really hit me hard. I have started the diet, and have great expectations. Please help me reverse the aging that neglect has done on my face and body.

  47. If you are at a restaurant and they have salmon on the menu, should you order it knowing that it is going to be farm raised?

  48. I saw this diet on MedTV yesterday at my doctor’s office. (The only difference is that Dr. Perricone showed green tea with breakfast.) The choices of fruits and salads makes it very attractive. I am a sucker for salmon, a fish that, in my opinion, does not need anything but salt! I also love to snack on nuts! I just wonder if the “plain yogurt” could be Greek…

  49. I tried this regimen approximately 2 years ago in preparation of meeting an “old friend”. I was beautiful. Slip back into my old habits and would you beleive I am seeing that “old friend” again? So it’s the 3 day diet for the next 8 weeks.
    It works for both skin and body. Thanks Doc.

  50. I think the food will be just fine and I hope to look great in 3 days!