Perricone 3-Day Diet: Get a Face Lift…in Your Kitchen?

A healthy, anti-inflammatory diet aids in the elimination of puffiness and increases contours and firmness. Dr.Perricone recommends getting some immediate benefits by following an antioxidant-rich diet for 3 days. The foundation of this diet is salmon, eaten twice a day. Wild Alaskan Salmon is beneficial to skin because it contains DMAE, astaxanthin, and essential fatty acids that increase skin’s radiance, glow, and firmness.

Read on to learn about the benefits of these components and for a menu of this breakthrough, wrinkle-free diet:


DMAE is an anti-inflammatory nutritional substance and is also important in the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is essential to communication between nerves and muscles. For muscles to contract, acetylcholine must send the message from the nerves. Because of this, DMAE combats sagging that is associated with aging.


Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant found in marine plants, algae, and seafood. It protects cell membrane components from oxidative stress and inflammation, thereby diminishing wrinkles and providing a wealth of other benefits.

Fatty acids

Fatty acids help the body absorb nutrients from fruits and vegetables and keep cells supple. They improve memory and mood and keep skin glowing and wrinkle-free.

Example Menu

3 egg omelet and/or 4-6 oz. grilled salmon.
½ cup cooked oatmeal (not instant)
2” wedge of cantaloupe or 1/3 cup fresh berries
8 – 12 oz. spring water

4-6 oz. grilled salmon.
2 cups green salad (Romaine lettuce or other dark leafy greens with extra virgin olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon)
1 kiwi fruit or cantaloupe and berries
8 – 12 oz. spring water

1 apple
2 oz. slice of turkey breast or 6 oz. plain yogurt
Small handful of hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds

4-6 oz. grilled salmon
2 cups green salad
½ cup steamed veggies. (Asparagus, broccoli, spinach, etc. No root vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, or beets.)
Cantaloupe and berries
8 – 12 oz. spring water

Before Bedtime Snack
1 pear or apple
2 oz. slice chicken or turkey breast or 6 oz. plain yogurt
Small handful of hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds

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  1. Be sure to buy wild alaskan salmon and not farmed atlantic salmon!

  2. Went to see dr perricone at the dr oz health and happiness summit. I am an instant fan. Heading to the market to buy ingredience for this diet and will start tomorrow. Very exciting and I have total confidence in dr perricone’s expertise.

  3. Sounds good and seems there are no cards on the plan like grains or beans.

    Since all wild Salmon now has mercury wouldn’t 3 whole days be too much build up of this heavy

  4. The anti-inflammatory diet has amazing results, however I have a hard time being consistent with anything these days….from taking my vitamins to preparing foods ahead of time. I would love to dive into this, stay motivated and be a success story. I know I could do it with a little guidance.

  5. Dr. Christiane Northrup sent me! Sounds like something all of us can do and feel full. But yea, breakfast seems like a lot.

  6. I’m excited about trying this. I wonder if canned salmon is ok as long as it’s wild? Also, can a fruit such as papaya be substituted for the cantaloupe? Three days of being stringent for better skin health? Sign me up!!

  7. Will try 3 day Diet,would love to be Dr.P tester

  8. I am looking for a way to minimize aging ( I just turned 50, look 40, but want to continue on that path) I also could lose a few pounds and reset my glucose level. This is actually far more food than I eat. I never eat processed food and try to keep up with the nuts, seeds, and beans in my diet. Very much worth a try, however!

  9. I will be 52 this month!
    In desperate need of a a change in diet.
    I have a question,is the diet above the actual diet?
    And is that what you specifically eat?
    No coffee?
    It would be a challenge, but worth a try.
    Thank you,

  10. Any suggestions for someone who doesn’t eat fish? Everything else sounds great!

  11. [...] Up your water intake, eat wild salmon with a watercress salad with olive oil and lemon dressing. (Watercrest is a powerful anti-inflammatory green. If you don’t have watercress, try another green like kale or collard greens) Have some blueberries for dessert! [...]

  12. As an advocate of eating seasonally and locally….I would not eat cantaloupe this time of year… it would not be as vital to the system. It would be nice to specify frozen berries that are organic rather than berries that are sitting on the shelves in the produce department, that are very much out of season in this part of the country…..North Carolina. Otherwise….diet sounds good…lots of food to eat….but OK

  13. The best thing that works to get that lovely radiant glow for me is the Vi Peel, with a healthy low carb/sugar diet with good protein!

  14. I need to try this diet because I’m turning 53 this year!! I’m of Asian descent, so people say I look 35, but I want to look like I’m 30!!

  15. With this diet plan,I don’t spend my day on
    a blood sugar roller coaster, where i feel tired and irritable, and leaving me with uncontrolable, unhealthy cravings.
    It has made a positive change in my health
    and in my life, and I enjoy every meal now.
    I also don’t get really hungry between meals. These are healthy changes I can live
    with, which have given me a new and healthy life.

  16. Ok I’m back … a follow up post to the one I did 2-29-12. Hats off to Dr. P again, for this suggested healthy eating plan. For me… I am writing on the 4th day after my full 3-days of this healthy 3-day eating plan. For me…my results, perhaps just a little fresh glow to my face no signs of diminished wrinkles or diminished puffy areas unfortunately, but you always have to be open to trying something new in life. Also, every body responds differently, about hour 10 on the first day, I got severe stomach cramps and very loose stools, which went on all through the night, so I was up every two hours, but I took it in stride figuring my body is adjusting to the specific foods.

    The 2nd day I was feeling okay, but fatigue from lack of sleep I suppose (also I was having to urinate every two hours through the night — all 3 nights — ahhh … the joys of a lot of water intake and water based foods on an eating plan to have my active bladder be active! (ha). Day 3 in the morning, I awoke with a light low grade fever a little over 100 which lasted until mid-morning. I had mild headaches all 3 days (again I thought my body just adjusting to specific foods), so I took one low dose Ibuprofen each morning to combat that challenge. I also gained a little over a pound even though following eating plan exactly, while being active and implementing light cardio during the day. As I wrote previously, I normally am on a healthy, fresh food, low calorie intake each day. Day 4 morning today, after the full 3-days, I was glad the regiment was done! :) It didn’t give me the results I thought it would, based on past comments from others, but it was good reminder to eat healthy always, for the cleaner the food equals better fuel for our bodies. Thank you Dr. P for your contributions to helping to make the world a better place!

  17. Your three day diet had amazing results nothing i tried got rid of dark circles although i follow a healthy life style.Will be trying your 28 day plan for sure . thankyou so much. also would love to become a tester and try your skin care products.

  18. I was so hopeful that this would work at least just to get the puffiness out of my eyes from water retention, however after the 3 days I not only didn’t see any difference in my skin, eyes, or how I felt (other than coffee withdrawal) I don’t think I could ever eat salmon again, even though I love it, it was just too much.

  19. I eat very healthy and low calorie always. The 3-day and 28 day eating plans are terrific and super healthy, but very expensive, because of this I understand why it is an easy favorite eating plan for the rich and famous! I am on a ‘shoestring’ spending plan these days, and I wrote about cost savings and inspiration in my fun just released eBook “Life On A Shoestring … in Beverly Hills?” I have been a single woman apartment renter for over 25 years in this beautiful city 5-star city of Beverly Hills — I also volunteer a lot of time to the city. I work in entertainment and I am often in between jobs and single without a 2nd income, so I have learned to stretch the dollars! The 3-day eating plan I’ll try this week as a 50th birthday gift to myself – which is actually 3-7-12. I wish I could afford to do the 3-day and/or 28 day eating plan regularly, I doubt there is a ‘shoestring’ version of either (ha) or you would have mentioned it. I’ll report back if it works, I just cooked my Salmon now in preparation! Thank you for your time and research to bring this eating plan to the marketplace everyone likes a little ‘lift’ in their day! :)

  20. I am willing to become a tester for better health and more vibrance

  21. seems like a very large amount of food for breakfast…..are you supposed to eat the entire amount?

  22. I’m a 68 year old man and this diet has a lot of food choices and I love the foods that are recommended. I am going to visit old friends at a 50 year anniversary of my old rotary club and want to look my best age defying self.

  23. I am so looking forward to try the 3 day diet!!!

  24. I did try this diet and and old friend stopped dead in her tracks and said ‘you look stunning!’. Hard to maintain for too long though before taste buds and love of coffee win out over vanity. Although it’s not just a matter of vanity but also health. Going to give it another whirl :)

  25. The 3 day diet provided all the motivation I needed to succeed, I looked great immediately which made me feel great, which enabled me to stick with it and lose 13 lbs so far. Thank you for the opportunity to experience your other products through my achievement on the 3 day diet. You have affected change in me!

  26. I’m about to embark on this 3-day diet and I’m really excited about the potential benefits it may have on me! I’m a 29 yr old hard-working nurse from England and mummy to a very active 5 yr old. Up until recently I’ve been really fit and active, but I became poorly 8 weeks ago so I’m facing a neurology appointment in the next few weeks and I’m worried sick about my diagnosis. So the main reason I’m giving this diet a go is for the positive effect I’m hoping it will have on my nervous system. Of course, I still want to combat the wrinkles too (I seem to have so many appearing on the run up to the big 3-0! Help!)
    I’ll keep you posted, all the best!
    Lucy x

  27. Oh…and i would also love to become a Perricone tester, as well..thanks again. Linda

  28. I am very interested in your diet, however I cannot eat salmon…any thoughts on a substitution for the salmon? thanks so much for your help:) Linda

  29. Great diet for me because i love salmon…..i get bored however are there more options….i like eggs but not plain…i would consider it a privilege to be a Perricone tester. I am 60 years old andrew everyone takes me for much younger….however genetically our family gets sagging chin lines…help!!!

  30. Great diet for me because i love salmon…..i get bored however are there more options….i like eggs but not plain…i would consider it a privilege to be a Perricone tester. I answer 60 years old and everyone takea me for much younger….however genetically our family gets sagging chin lines…help!!!

  31. I love to read about nutrition and fitness and make this lifestyle a priority for me and everyone I cook for! I would LOVE to become a Perricone tester- I will be 100% dedicated to helping improve your research or spreading the much needed word about the importance of nutrition!

  32. I would like to try this diet

  33. Hello going out now to get ingredients husband stpped smoking one yr ago after 60 yrs of smoking both going to do 3 day diet. I need to be all the help i can get fir my wrinkles and agin , turning the big 60 this year and i dont want to. Have to make sure i dont look my age always want to look younger! Why w anyone want to look 60 if they have options!!!i hope to see results in 3 days and no wrinkles along with feeling energized.

  34. I am a VIP Charter cabin attendant that at my age of 59 get compliments for my appearance, I still have an excellent figure at size 6. After a long flight my skin looks so tired and I can see it is starting to sag.I have started on the diet and am amazed at the improvement, I am glowing. My appearance is what gives me work and I really need a solition, I have read about the instant lift and am more than willing to become a Pericone tester

  35. Regarding the 3 day sample diet, for the SNACK is it an apple OR yogurt OR almonds, as opposed to all three at one time? I’m sure for the meals (Ex: Lunch) it IS all 4 listed, right? Salmon, salad, fruit and water.

  36. I will be 50 in May and don’t won’t to look my age. I am overweight and need a facelift. Day one – so far…so good. I would like to be a Perricone tester

  37. I would LOVE to become a TESTER!

  38. And by the way, the anti-inflammatory diet works and you will probably see results before the third day. I always notice improvement by the end of the first day. It’s important to remember to leave out sugar and definately avoid anything fried…it zaps your skin…Dr. Perricone taught me that! :)

  39. Would love to see more sample menus on the site. I am a Perricone believer and share with all my friends and co-workers the benefits I have enjoyed from the supplements, the treatments, and the applied knowledge I have gained from reading the books. It’s great to have the dual motivation of looking great and having better brain power!! Thanks!! Hollie

  40. Hi – I’m a 51 y.o. caucasian woman — who has been blessed with youthful skin… however, I’ve noticed increasing “crepiness” around my eyes, increasing “crows feet”, appearance of future “marinet lines” (although there’s no obvious “lines”, large pores and loosening eyelid skin – that moves with the direction of my eye shadow brush!!!
    Would like to become a “tester”!

  41. I am going to try this on Wed-Sat. I am interested to see the results. How long could you stay on this diet? What happens after the 3 days and you go back to eating regular food?

  42. Just saw this 3day diet on CNN…can’t wait to get started!

  43. I am so excited about trying this 3 Day Facelift! I love Dr. Pericone’s products and plan to place an order today and also right after I leave work, going to buy all these nutritional items, (hope I can find the watercress). I am 56 yrs old…. will let you know if we see some lifting. So tired of looking at my firmness turning into sag. Thank you Dr. Perricone.

  44. I’m trying this diet this weekend. I can’t wait. I’m hoping the anti-inflammatory benefits help my skin and all my aches and pains. If it works, I can live with this diet on a regular basis.

  45. [...] taken the plunge. Maybe I’ll do one someday, but in the meantime I’m going to give Dr. Perricone’s Face-Lift Diet a try. I like that the plan is simple and includes so many of the foods that always show up on the [...]

  46. i have used perricone products since i first saw the doctor on pbs…i am 78
    years old and recently a younger man (56)
    said he thought i was in my 60′s. what
    a boost to my morale! thanks Dr. Perricone

  47. The only eating plan which I have lost weight on in years. I was able to stay on it due to immediate results not only in weight loss, but in how I felt. I not only had less aches and pains but improvement in my skin. Weight loss of 80 lbs. My husband has also used this plan to lower his weight and improve his health, including great improvement in his cardiovascular status

  48. Excellent and very nutritious! It works well for me because I love salmon. This 3 day diet is my monthly routine. 2 years ago I tried Dr Perricone’s 28 day diet. Actually 28 days rolled into 4 months of the diet. I lost 8 kilos and I’m keeping those kilos off. It was challenging but worth every penny. I have no wrinkles, no facial or body sagging; my facial and body skin is smooth, soft, plump and clear ; many people think that I’m 32 but I’m 44. So give this diet a go and you’ll see the difference. All the best.

  49. Dr.Perricone is a genius! Everything he says makes sense
    and WORKS. eating the way he recommends coupled with his
    amazing products give unbelievable results. I started using his products after seeing how amazing I looked and felt after doing his 3 day diet. he not only gained my respect but also my trust in what he says. I swear this man is brilliant. I’m going to start using his vitamins as well. I know there are other good brands of vitamins, but why when I can get the best of the best from Perricone.

  50. I must say I’m quite surprise that my face looks taut and smooth! Today is my 3rd day of fabulous baked salmon and salad and berries etc. I love it! I can eat this everyday! Everybody should try it at least once! You will see the difference!