Outsmart Wrinkles with the Best OTC Wrinkle Creams

As you grow older (and wiser), there’s one thing you may keep dwelling on: what your biological clock is doing to your physical appearance. Luckily, there are OTC treatments available to help you battle the signs of aging.

Read more to learn about Perricone’s best OTC wrinkle creams.

Honor Roll: High Potency Eye Lift

Forget that Pelleve Treatment to get rid of crow’s feet! Save up to $1,400 by applying Perricone’s High Potency Eye Lift, as seen in Vanity Fair. For ultimate lifting benefits, just gently apply to the eye area and upper brow, paying particular attention to the muscle around the eye, in both the morning and evening.

Thanks to its formulation, which includes Dr. Perricone’s patented ingredients, DMAE and phospholipids, High Potency Eye Lift delivers a visibly transformed appearance while minimizing deep lines, wrinkles, and under eye bags.

86% of clinical trial participants showed improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Cum Laude: High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift

Want to spend up to $15,000 on a face lift and risk changing your face for the worst? Didn’t think so. Instead, look to an OTC wrinkle cream which can deliver the same results, without the risk, and with even more benefits: the ability to improve the texture of your skin.

One of Dr. Perricone’s best OTC wrinkle creams, High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift, delivers the same lifted, tightened, more defined, and radiant appearance you’re looking for from a face lift, but for a fraction of the cost.

Because of its formulation, which includes Dr. Perricone’s patented ingredients, DMAE, Pycnogenol, and Vitamin C Ester, High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift minimizes deep lines and wrinkles, addresses loss of elasticity while resurfacing skin and brightens its appearance.

87% of clinical trial participants reported their skin felt tighter.

Magna Cum Laude: Deep Wrinkle Serum

Want to spend up to $1,000 on one Botox appointment? If this seems unnecessary to you, that’s understandable.

For similar results, check out another of Dr. Perricone’s best OTC wrinkle creams: Deep Wrinkle Serum.

With its fast-acting anti-aging advanced technology, Deep Wrinkle Serum will help you reduce the appearance of deep lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity while transforming skin to appear more smooth and youthful.

Its formulation, which includes Dr. Perricone’s patented technology, his proprietary neuropeptides in Deep Wrinkle Neuropeptide Serum deliver long lasting anti-aging benefits that are cumulative with continued use. This product is formulated without the use of synthetic waxes, fillers, fragrances, and parabens.

90% of clinical trial participants reported:

  • An improvement in skin texture/smoothness
  • That their skin appeared more radiant
  • That with continued use they continued seeing improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles

Summa Cum Laude: Cold Plasma

The highest of all the honors is given to Perricone MD’s Cold Plasma because of its all-in-one facelift and anti-aging, wrinkle preventing features. This miracle worker is one of Perricone’s patented delivery system that has finally been completed after 5 years of extensive research.

Cold Plasma is his most comprehensive work to date and offers the skin all it needs for optimal health by correcting the ten most visible signs of aging which include wrinkles, enlarged pores, dryness, redness, discoloration, uneven skin tone, impurities, loss of firmness, loss of smoothness, and loss of radiance.

Its formulation is to thank for these wonderful corrective measures. Cold Plasma is formulated with the DMAE to help lift, tone, and contour the skin’s appearance, and DHA, an essential fatty acid, is used to provide its superior hydration system.

94% of clinical trial participants said they felt Cold Plasma gave their skin all it needs.

So next time you worry about your skin, stop stressing (that’s not going to help), and do something about it. It’s time you laid that biological clock to rest and outsmarted your wrinkles.

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  1. i feel the loreal line works for me especially the revitalift anti wrinkle and firming moisturizer. I feel it worked great on firming my neck still waiting to see a significate change on my face.

  2. I am a young 63 years, slim, active and careful about my diet but age is starting to take its toll. Working at the computer has encouraged lines between my brows and I also have the parentheses lines around my mouth. I would love to see if Cold Plasma would help make a difference.

  3. I think I’d like to try the Cold Plasma, it seems it encompasses in one cream the top things I’m trying to improve, especially to tighten pores..sounds very different.

  4. I am an R.N. Worked in the O.R. my entire nursing career. I am also a ballroom dancer. (10 yrs.)
    That is my love; my passion.
    I cannot wear sleeveless tops any longer.Most of my dance clothes are sleeveless ; this is so depressing.
    I am nearing retirement age,,but look in my early 50′s. There are a lot of younger , beautiful women on the dance floor.I have been searching for a solution to my crepey arms…so I don’t feel 100 yrs. old. Can you help me?? God,,I hope so!

  5. I would probably try Cold Plasma or Deep Wrinkle Serum, I love them both. They are definitely worth the buy!

  6. Over the past year, I’ve noticed more lines on my face and my skin has become less firm. My skin tone is uneven and no matter what product I use, nothing seems to help. I use sunblock, but I still tan and can’t seem to get rid of it. I would really love to find a product that works and does what I want it to.