Omega Supplement: Essential to your Health

The body can make Omega-9 fatty acids, and Omega-6 fatty acids are easily found in typical American diets; however, Omega-3’s cannot be made, nor are they usually found in large enough quantities in the average American’s diet. But a myriad of health benefits are associated with Omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to obtain Omega-3’s, and taking an Omega supplement is one easy way to do this.

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The Difference between Omega: 3’s, 6’s, and 9’s

Omega-3 fatty acids are perhaps the most important of the three. The main reason why they are absolutely essential is because of their significant role in our health. This fatty acid can help reduce serious health problems like heart disease and strokes. Omega-3 ‘s can also lower blood pressure and heart rate, improve blood vessel function, and when taken at higher doses lower triglycerides and possibly ease inflammation.

Omega-6 fatty acids are also essential for our health, but they are more typical in the average American diet. In fact, many people get too much omega-6’s because of their abundance in common vegetable cooking oils (i.e. sunflower oil and canola oil). They are also commonly found in many popular foods consumed. While the higher ratio of omega-6’s to omega-3’s people tend to have could pose problems, omega-6’s are still important. Evidence has indicated omega-6 fatty acids (like omega-3 acids) can positively influence cardiovascular risk factors and reduce heart disease.

Omega-9 fatty acids are the most plentiful fatty acids of all in nature. They are not considered essential because our bodies can make omega-9 from unsaturated fat in our bodies. While Omega-9 fatty acids can be used as a substitute for omega-3’s or 6’s if necessary, it is definitely not ideal. The body will suffer from the absence of omega-3’s and 6’s. Fatigue, dry skin, brittle hair and nails, constipation, depression, regular colds, poor concentration, and a lack of physical endurance are just some of the poor health conditions that can result from an omega deficiency.

Omega 3 Supplements Needed: It Doesn’t Come Naturally

It is no doubt that Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary nutrients for health. They are needed for multiple normal body functions, such as controlling blood clotting and building cell membranes in the brain. The main problem is our bodies cannot make omega-3 fats; it does not come naturally. Therefore, we must get this essential fatty acid through food or supplements.

Food is the obvious choice for getting plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. However, many people do not eat fish and the other foods rich in omega-3. Therefore, it is important to consider taking an omega-3 supplement daily.

It is suggested to take 500 mg per day of omega-3 supplements. Although, research suggests people who have already suffered from a heart attack may benefit from higher doses of omega-3 supplements (double the 500 mg). A number or random clinical trials have shown positive results of the benefits from taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements. For example, they have shown supplements can decrease cardiovascular events (i.e. death, non-fatal heart attacks, and non-fatal strokes).

Wild Sockeye Salmon: A Supreme Supplement

The omega-3 fatty acid is necessary. If it is not included in your diet, taking supplements is highly encouraged. Whether omega-3 is included in your diet or not, you can maximize the benefits this fatty acid provides by taking supplements.

NV Perricone’s Omega-3 Supplement is a powerful resource to obtain the necessary omega-3. The main ingredient of this supplement is Wild Sockeye Salmon. Wild Sockeye Salmon is fish oil with the purest and most powerful resource of omega-3 and DMAE (a substance that works to tighten skin). It provides a multitude of health benefits while equally improving the health of skin.

Omega-3 is well known for helping raise a person’s mood, supporting healthy weight loss, and maintaining cardiovascular health. It is important to get enough omega-3 in your diet, therefore, do not hesitate to use omega supplements to start improving your health today.

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