Olive Oil For Clean, Soothed Skin

When it comes to face skin care, everyone wants a facial cleanser that will wash and revive their skin without unwanted damage or irritation. A great cleanser should be gentle enough to keep skin hydrated and healthy, but strong enough to remove every trace dirt and makeup. Olive oil cleansers are effective way to thoroughly clean the skin without harsh chemicals, and they work for almost every skin type.

Olive oil has been a trusted skin care ingredient since the Ancient Greeks. Some fear that putting olive oil on their face will cause breakouts and clog pores, but this is rarely true. Most people find that olive doesn’t doesn’t clog their pores and that it does an excellent job removing impurities and leaving skin soft and smooth.

Many general cleansers contribute to excessive oiliness and acne outbreaks by stripping away too many of the natural oils skin needs. In response, the body compensates by over-producing more oil. Both commercial cleansers containing olive oil and homemade oil-based cleansers clean away just the right amount of dirt and oil, provide natural protection and hydration, and don’t leaving a greasy feeling if used correctly.

This article will discuss:

Why Olive Oil?

Everyday facial cleansers have the tendency to strip away the natural oils of the skin and create rough, dehydrated surface. These oils are vital for its protection and health. Olive oil facial cleansers effectively cleanse the skin without removing these precious oils, allowing for the ultimate in balanced cleansing. Olive oil is also a gentle, natural, nonirritating ingredient that does its job without upsetting skin’s natural balance.

For Dr. Perricone’s insights on olive oil in your diet, watch this video:

When it comes to cleansing, scientists say “like dissolves like.” Olive oil’s ability to cleanse the skin comes from the fact it is molecularly similar to the oils produced by skin. When olive oil is applied to the skin, it dissolves the oily buildup on the face, and both are rinsed away together.

Dr. Perricone‘s Gentle Cleanser is a great example of a face wash that uses the qualities of olive oil to benefit your skin. It is fortified with olive oil polyphenols; these hydrating antioxidants that provide cell protection while simultaneously soothing dry or sensitive skin and has a special Perricone coupon makes it an even better deal.

Olive oil also has a number of benefits for skin:

In addition to olive oil, other potential oil cleansing ingredients include:

  • Castor oil — Acts as a skin cleansing agent. This can be a drying ingredient, so if your skin is oily, increase the proportion of castor oil instead to olive oil to help keep your pores clean.
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil – Another great for oily skin because of its astringent properties. It helps soothe irritated skin, aids wound repair, and can help diminish the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil — Helpful when used in adult acne products because of its antibacterial properties.
  • Carrot Seed Essential Oil – Improves circulation, skin tone, and elasticity, while reducing wrinkle and scar formation.

It’s important to note that quality ingredients are just as important in skin care as they are in the foods you eat. If you choose oil cleansing, be sure to use extra virgin olive oil, the purest form. Also, because natural ingredients tend to become rancid more quickly than laboratory creations; in order to prolong the life of your olive oil cleanser, keep it in the refrigerator.

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  1. I have used EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) for years now as a way to treat my skin, and it has been more helpful than any product on the market. I take a hot shower, and then apply olive oil straight from the bottle onto my face/body and the next few months I have such a nice healthy-looking glow. I am going to try adding either lemon or orange (mixing a squeeze or two in with the oil) to see the results, but I am more than sure it will help my skin. It has helped reduce the appearance of scars, acne, and oily residue all over my body.

  2. I am 19 years old and have suffered from severe breakouts for the past five or six years. I have tried pretty much every skin care project out there, and I’ve even shelled quite a bit of cash for the more expensive brands found at Sephora- all without success. Today I started using olive oil to wash my face in hopes that this will be different from all of the previous attempts to achieve clear, even-toned skin.
    I came across this post while researching olive oil’s benefits on acne-ridden skin and would love to give this a try.
    I have sensitive, fair skin with lots of red marks from previous acne.

  3. I have rosacea and oily t-zone. I’m 43 and am looking for products that will work with my skin. A blogging friend recommended your site.

  4. Have been using a homemade recipe of olive oil “cleanser” and “cream” with good results.

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  6. This sounds really interesting to me! I am working on developing a blog – one of the topics covered will be petroleum free skin care products. I would love to try your products on my gently aging skin and also on my daughter’s pubescent skin. Thanks for the offer!

  7. I am sceptical reguarding anti wrinkle creams etc. Many products have such high claims and do not deliver. I would love to find a product that actually does what it claims. If this product works, I would use the whole line and tell everyone else to try it as well. I would love to participate as a tester. Thank-you, Kristin

  8. I think it’s so interesting that you use Olive Oil to cleanse skin because people with acne problems, for instance, might think that adding a product with “oil” in it to their skin is the last thing they should do. However counter-intuitive that it may be, I’ve witnessed it working wonders in peoples’ lives.

    Great idea to pick “testers” at random based on commenting on your blog posts. I hope I’m picked! (:

    Thank you,


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  10. Being 34 and having acne along with fine lines, I am extremely interested in using a product that is actually HEALTHY for my skin! I’m tired of harsh chemicals that don’t deliver the goods. Leave it to Dr. Perricone to come up with a natural solution to real woman’s skin issues. I would love to test this line!!!

  11. Experiencing such profound softness, smoothness, absolute radiance after just one use of your Olive Oil Polyphenols Face Hydrator, I am ready to incorporate olive oil into every aspect of my skin care regimen. My Roman ancestors had it right! Sadly, we’ve strayed so far with the use of such harsh facial cleansers. Thank you for reintroducing this ancient secret for beautiful, glowing skin!

  12. I have started using oil to cleanse my skin because I really feel that it does loosen dirt and oil that are in the pores. I do follow up with a soap cleanser though.

  13. I would love to try this. I have heard about but was just a bit unsure of how it would react to a combo skin.

  14. As a 39 year-old woman concerned with preserving my skin, I am especially interested in your products. I’m anxious to try the olive oil cleanser.

  15. I never thought that something that is an oil would actually help with my oily skin! I must say that once i read up on it that it does make sense and I am quite amazed! I also like the though that it won’t damage or irritate my skin like so many things I’ve tried! Feel free to have me test it out!

  16. Thank you for this article. I use olive oil in the kitchen (cooking) and throughout my house (cleaning/maintaining wood furniture & hardwood floors), but never thought about using it as a facial cleanser!

  17. I would like to try the Vitamin C ester and add it to products that i already have.

  18. Hmm. Is it true? :-)