New From Dr. Perricone: No Sun Tanner!

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  1. So difficult to find a self tanner that doesn’t have orange tones!

  2. I am 30 years old and have very fair skin, all the self tanners I have used previously were streaky and the colour did not look natural.

  3. I am blond with fair skin and in mid 40′s. I have never found a self tanner that the odor was not too overpowering! I would love to try Perricone MD No Sun Tanner!

  4. Yay! Sunless tanner with added benefits!
    Currently reading Perricone Promise. Loving the wisdom, and so excited to try the program for myself!

  5. I’m a 42 year old Latina with a yellow undertone un-evene skin tone. I’d lve to try your products and see if I can get rid of the unevenness without using so much foundation.