Need Neck Therapy? How to Minimize Signs of Aging on the Neck

The neck seems to always give away a person’s age. The skin on the neck is thin, contains fewer sebaceous glands, and is just as vulnerable to damage as the delicate area around the eyes.

But the real answer as to why your skin shows your age lies in how you treat it. Your face is easier to remember to take care of since it stares back at you in the mirror. By just giving your neck some therapy, too, you can look younger.

Learn how to treat your sagging neck:

Why your neck wrinkles and sags

The first wrinkles to appear on the neck are horizontal rings called Venus’s rings, which are a result from repeated neck stretching. Repeated movements are only one of the causes of wrinkles, however.

The real culprits that cause neck wrinkles and sags are free radicals and inflammation. Free radicals are unstable cells that damage healthy skin cells to regain stability. When the free radical steals an electron to become stable, the molecule from which it stole the electron becomes a free radical.

Collagen is one molecule in particular that gets targeted by free radicals because of its abundance throughout the body. Collagen is an important protein because it essentially holds the body together, and in particular, gives skin its suppleness and tautness. When free radicals attack collagen, a process called cross-linking occurs. Cross-linking causes collagen molecules which normally slide over each other to become stiff and inflexible. This damage and inflexibility results in sagging and wrinkles.

External factors such as cigarette smoke and UV radiation cause free radicals, but your body’s natural processes, like digestion, do too. Free radicals are one cause of inflammation, the other culprit. When free radical damage occurs, arachidonic acid is produced, which then activates the chemicals that produce inflammation. In turn, inflammation causes free radicals. All of this accelerates the signs of aging on the neck and other parts of the body.

Since the neck has less oil glands, the skin on the neck gets less therapy than your face. Your skin needs oils to stay hydrated and supple. The neck is also more easily damaged by UV radiation because it has fewer melanocytes, the cells which produce melanin. Melanin is important because it helps protect skin from the sun’s rays.

How to give your sagging neck therapy it needs

To start, when you apply sunscreen to your face, be sure to also apply it to your neck (and other exposed skin areas, like your hands, while you’re at it). 15 minutes before you step outside, apply sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Some moisturizers contain SPF to help eliminate one step from your daily regimen.

Then, be sure to apply a topical product that can help boost collagen production. For example, vitamin C ester, found in a number of Perricone products, helps stimulate the growth of fibroblasts, the cells that help produce collagen and elastin, another important protein that gives skin its structure.

Consider Perricone Active Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15. This moisturizer, formulated with vitamin C ester as well as alpha lipoic acid and DMAE, is a great way to give your neck the sun protection it needs. The anti-aging key sciences in this treatment helps to lift and tone while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. When applying to the face, be sure to extend down to the neck to give it therapy, too.

Finally, if your neck skin is sagging, a topical product with Palmitoyl Carnosine, a peptide, can help firm and smooth skin. Palmitoyl Carnosine has anti-glycating qualities, which helps prevent wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Glycation, a process that occurs when sugar attaches to a protein, causes the aforementioned cross-linking which results in sagging and inflexible skin.

Perricone Firming Neck Therapy is formulated with Palmitoyl Carnosine as well as Phospholipids and Tocotrienols.

Phospholipids help to repair and treat dry and damaged skin, while Tocotrienols deliver antioxidant and emollient benefits to nourish dry skin and improve skin’s overall health. These ingredients are especially helpful for giving your neck therapy since it is in need of extra hydration due to its having less sebaceous glands.

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  1. Good Morning,

    I am desperate for help with the appearance of my neck. In just a matter of months my neck has aged terribly and I am only 48. The skin appears to be very thin and loose with wrinkles in every direction. I have always used sun screen, and moisterizer daily. I also see a dermatoligist every 6 months. my mother aged very young and knowing that I have always taken very good care of my skin. I don’t know what I can do to soften the lines and tighten my skin. I am very very self conscious and depressed. Please help

  2. I am 60 and look very well for my age. I have always taken care of my neck and decollette, as well as my face and eye area. I have used everything on my neck from hot honey to amonium lactate, massaging upwards and slapping myself to improve circulation. REst with my head lower, drink plenty of water and use a pump to excercise my neck. I believe in improving how you look by investing in time, yet not a big spender on high end creams. I am happy to report that I only have 1 venus ring and have kept it soft. I am willing to try your product as suggested, take photos before and after, and see its results.

  3. At 65 I have managed to look younger than my years on my face, however the neck area is a dead giveaway! Neckline choices in clothing aid in minimizing appearance but would love to improve the condition. If this product works, I would be a faithful user and advocate! Thanks!

  4. I just turned 40 and have treated my neck as well as my face for years. However, I’ve really noticed these horizontal lines marring my long, thin neck over the last year or so. I’ve used sunscreen religiously for 20+ years and adapalene for at least 10 to manage acne (now combined with dry, aging skin…yeah!) but it’s certainly not helping prevent this problem. I’ve love to test a product to address these issues and provide detailed feedback.

  5. During the last three years, my life changed drastically, and I started to age faster. I have a plan to reverse some of these changes, but the rings around my neck leave me stumped. I’m using Rentinol but could use more radiance and brightness. I’m 57 and would like your help. Thank you,

  6. I have always looked much younger than my age, but now that I am 55 my neck is all of the sudden giving me away! Because I am thin, it looks old and wrinkled. I can’t afford surgery right now but would like to try it. Thanks!

  7. I have always looked much younger than my age, but now that I am 55 my neck is all of the sudden giving me away! Because I am thin, it looks old and wrinkled. I can’t afford surgery right now but would like to try your product. My self esteem is bad. Thanks!

  8. I have always looked much younger than my age, but now that I am 55 my neck is all of the sudden giving me away! Because I am thin, it looks old and wrinkled. I can’t afford surgery right now but would like to try your product. My self esteem is decreasing because of it, and I would like to not have to cover it up with turtlenecks and scarves at this age! Please send me a bottle. Thanks!

  9. Hi, I would love to test your product because I am at wit’s end!! I lost 34 pounds–and inches as well–since March of this year. It was done with exercise and proper eatng. I have taken care of my skin AM and PM since I was 16 years old–I will be 60 in a few weeks. I have ALWAYS been guessed at 15-20 years younger, but now my neck gives my age away. My face is great with the exception of some undereye crinkles. No other lines or wrinkles on my face. I realize we all get older, but I hope something can help my neck slacking!!!!

  10. I have just recently noticed the changes in my neck. The
    texture is no longer smooth and it appears to be blotchy
    in color. I continue to apply sunscreen daily and also
    moisturizer . Is there anything else that I can do to
    improve my neck? The skin is still firm. I have just reached
    sixty years of age and would like to see some positive

  11. Hi, I’d love to test your product because I am 43 years, and yet I look almost 10years younger than my age, however my neck does reveal my age.

  12. I am 33, as my face looks much younger than my actual age I have three long very visible lines on my neck. My neck reminds me of a tree trunk. I didn’t know that I had to moisturize my neck in my twenties, I never even knew about the wrinkles untilI turned 30. I now moisturize but having used several different creams over the past three years my lines only seem to look worse! I also use sunscreen. I spend hours looking up way to somehow erase these lines daily ( I know that sounds vein but they bother me really bad). I would love it if you picked me! I would even send before and after shots! I know a lot of women have commented and even if I am not picked I want to thank you for your site, it has a lot of valuable skin care information!

  13. Yes please!!:)
    I am 33 and after travelling to Australia at 30 I have paid for it with my skin primarily my neck!
    I have vertical lines, loose skin and a “double chin ” ( the rest of me is slim)
    Many thanks !

  14. HELP! I am 54 and am noticing my neck starting to look old. I work out regularly so my body and face is still looking younger than my age, but I’m very unhappy with my neck. My daughter, whom I haven’t seen in 5 years visited and said that I didn’t change, except for my neck. What can I do?

    I would love to try this product to see if it helps.

  15. I am 59 my neck is very saggy. The iwould love to try a product. I can not afford surgery thank u

  16. I am in my early 50s and have recently lost weight. My neck seemed to change after the weight-loss. It looks old compared to the rest of my face area. Help please!

  17. Would love to test neck serums and undereye products. Age 47, please let me test!

  18. would love to give it a go x

  19. I need to try this, only 50 but neck say’s 70 :(

  20. I would love to try this! I am 35 but my neck is aging so much faster than my face!

  21. :( HAVE WRINKLES! A lady at the make-up counter told me I have those tree trunk lines around my neck.. I knew that I had a line starting but the term she used shocked me and I want a cure for my bark!

  22. I would love to try this product! I am 45 years old…I look young, but my neck dates me.

    My son told me that I look funny in our Christmas card this year…I said “why?” and he said “it’s your neck mom!”

    Dr. Perricone, can you help me?

    I am a jewelry designer and stylist, an avid blogger, and twitter-er with over 2,400 followers and would love nothing more than to tell the world that your products work!

    Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you!

  23. I am all for testing….then testifying!!!

  24. I love trying new products. I love telling people about new products I have found. This product would be great for me as I am 34 & already seeing sagging in my neck. I hate it. Hope you’ll consider me!

  25. I am 59 but look 10 years ouoonger except for my neck. I would love to try your neck cream as the others I have tried did not seem to do anything.

  26. I am 39 years old and in general have very good skin. My face has very few wrinkles and the rest of my body has survived the test of time and 2 children (no stretch marks or cellulite)but my neck definitely needs some help. The skin has become very loose and just does not look very healthy compared to the rest of my body. I would love to be able to try this product and see if there is actually a product out there that can improve my neck skin.

  27. Iam turning the big 60 this year, the signs of ageing seem to be excelerating. I really want to try DP products. I watch TSC in Canada. I would love to become a tester.

  28. 35 yrs old…have noticed neck sagging and wrinkly the past few months. Also dealing with early menopause which began when I turned 30. I think lack of hormones has really begun to affect my skin. Please send samples!

  29. I have horizontal lines going across my neck. I am 37 and they have become prominent since i had children. They are now really obvious, and make me look like i have some sort of disease!

  30. I’m interested in being a product tester. I need to give my neck some attention.

  31. I’m a good candidate for this product! I’m 47, but frequently mistaken for 10 years younger. I’m noticing my age in my neck though. I’ts just starting – that crepe-y looking skin at my throat and the beginnings of the dreaded wattle! Yikes – help me nip it in the bud!

  32. I’m 52, my face looks 40 but my neck looks 55. Recently divorced and hoping to date again, I would love to try something to minimize the old looking neck

  33. I saw this presented on QVC and would really love to try this and review it!

  34. HELP!

  35. I’m still really young and already notice a change in the way my neck looks.I would love to find something that actually helps this.

  36. I’m 34 years old, I’m stating to see the signs of age on my neck. I’ve trying to us the same cream from my face, however, my face is oil and my neck is not. I need to try this product to see if it really works!

  37. Who doesn’t want their neck to look better? At least anyone over 40 for sure. It’s one area that’s hard to hide. And I’d love to be a tester.

  38. Of all the products, I would love to be a tester of this one. I am 56, am proud to have a pretty smooth and unwrinkled face, but my neck is another story!! I guess that’s where my face wrinkles went! As a recent empty nester, I want to look younger as I “reconnect” with my husband. Please help me do that by being able to test the firming neck product! Thanks!

  39. Yes, I would like to try it.

  40. I have been using a sample of the Firming Neck Therapy for 2 weeks now and already I can see a huge improvement in firmness.
    It’s funny, I really never thought to pay attention to my neck, even though my genetics would say otherwise. Dr. Perricone, I’d LOVE a bottle of this!

  41. I would like to try for neck area also

  42. This is one of the few products I have not tried. I would love to get a sample and/or become a tester. My neck is in the early stages of aging (I am 38). I would love to see if those lines (I feel like a tree trunk!) start to go away. I can tell my neck is in need of something. What better than a Perricone treatment?! So…feel free and send my way. :)

  43. Would love to try the cream as I have noticed more sagging in my neck and lower face lately.

  44. I really need to try this product!!!!!

  45. yeah it does work!

  46. I need and would love to try the Neck Therapy cream because my neck looks its age of 50 but my face does not. I can’t stand my neck that has the “chords” stretching vertically. It is disgusting to me, and I cannot afford plastic surgery to pull these throat lines and chords back and up. I would love to see how Dr. Perricone’s neck therapy works!