Meet the Perricone MD Cold Plasma Family

What could be better than Dr. Perricone’s Cold Plasma? More Cold Plasma products! The Cold Plasma solution took five years of research and corrects ten visible signs of aging. The Cold Plasma family is full of amazing products for the whole body. Find out which one is best for you:

  • Cold Plasma – helps correct the ten most visible signs of aging including wrinkles, enlarged pores, dryness, uneven skin tone, loss of firmness, and loss of radiance. (1oz./30mL)
  • Cold Plasma Sub-d – targeted for the neck and chin this treatment is another revolutionary Cold Plasma product shown to help reduce the appearance of a “double chin” and sagging skin under the jaw line. (2 fl oz/ 59 mL)
  • Cold Plasma Body – an all-over body treatment formulated to help firm, tighten and tone the appearance of skin, while smoothing imperfections and hydrating for a gorgeous, radiant glow. It minimizes the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin on thighs and buttocks and revitalizes the look of dehydrated, crepey and sagging skin. (237mL / 8 fl oz)
  • The Cold Plasma Set – The set comes with the Nutritive Cleanser, Cold Plasma, and the Face Finishing Moisturizer.
  • Cold Plasma Eye – a drenching cream-based serum that addresses the seven most visible signs of aging along the contours of the eyes: fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, redness, loss of elasticity, loss of hydration and loss of brightness. (0.5 oz/30 mL)

Cold Plasma products have received phenomenal reviews and continue to be on the Perricone best seller list. Perricone MD Cold Plasma is for women and men alike and achieves amazing results. To find which skin care product is right for you, take Dr. Perricone’s skin quiz and receive your personal skin care prescription.

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  1. Hi I started using the no foundation foundation last year. straight away people started to comment on how radiant my skin looked. since then I have never gone back to my old foundation as I find that whether it is winter or summer this foundation really suits my skin.

  2. I would love to test this product and post pictures of before and after and do a write up of a review for you!!
    I just turned 30 and noticed my skin requires different moisturizers. what has worked in the past no longer does :(

  3. I would love to be a product tester for Perricone!

  4. Hi, I would really love to try Cold Plasma. I have enlarged pores, brown spots, redness due to acne and sensitive skin around the nose and chin, my skin is uneven and dull. I really think this product can help. Thanks!!! Isa

  5. When should I use this product? Before or after the high potency amine face lift?