Do You Know the Maitake Health Benefits?

evered by ancient Egyptians as a plant of immortality (although it’s actually a fungus), according to the hieroglyphics of 4600 years ago, mushrooms are still known for health benefits today. Mushrooms are rich in B vitamins to help maintain a healthy metabolism.

Although they may not ensure everlasting life, over 250 types of edible mushrooms, such as the maitake mushroom, have been considered medically active or therapeutic, which can lengthen longevity.

Talk about Maitake

Have you ever tasted a maitake mushroom? What did you think?

If you’ve tried one, you’d remember, because they have a distinctive aroma and taste rich and earthy. Maitake is rich in fibre yet low in calories and fat.

“Maitake” means “dancing mushroom” in Japanese and is also known as “hen of the woods.” Both names are likely due to their appearance, comprised of small overlapping fan-shaped caps with stalks that often fuse together. Maitake looks like flapping wings of a dancing butterfly or hen.

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Maitake Health Benefits

Maitake mushrooms and the maitake mushroom extract, like Dr. Perricone’s, contain a type of polysaccharide called beta glucan, found in yeasts and several mushrooms. Beta glucan is believed to stimulate the immune system and activate certain cells and proteins that attack cancer, like macrophages, T-cells, and natural killer cells.

Thanks to its ability to enhance the immune system and activate these cells and proteins, it potentially:

  • Slows the growth of tumors
  • Protects healthy cells from becoming cancerous
  • Helps prevent cancer metastasis

Maitake may also minimize the side-effects of chemotherapy. Also thanks to its immune boosting property, a recent long-term human study found that the maitake mushroom extract appeared to stimulate the body’s natural defense system against HIV.

In addition, maitake has shown promise to lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, but this has not been proven in humans yet.

Research is also looking into maitake’s possible ability to reduce the need for insulin as it may have a blood-sugar balancing property. But do take caution if you have low blood sugar (i.e. hypoglycemia) or are taking medicines to reduce or control blood sugar, since the beta glucans of the type in maitake lowers blood sugar.

Finally, the maitake mushroom has also been reported to aid digestion by regulating the stomach and intestines.

You Know the Maitake Health Benefits, Now What?

With so many potential and verified maitake health benefits, the only question that remains is, when will you start reaping the benefits?

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  1. [...] Maitake benefits several health concerns when eaten. • The maitake mushroom offers a unique characteristic: they provide the best proportion of efficacy compared to other mushrooms used for healing purposes. For this reason, in Japan, it’s known as the King of Mushrooms. • They are best known for their cancer fighting properties. • Research shows that maitake extracts can block the growth of cancer tumors and boost the immune system of those with cancer. • They have also shown the ability to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy. • They may lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. • It has been reported that they aid digestion by regulating the stomach and intestines, and help eliminate food stagnation. • Consuming maitake extract supports a healthy metabolism. • Consumption also helps reduce excess weight. • They protect, moisturizer, and strengthen skin. [...]

  2. What is required to become a Perricone tester? I am having problems with clearing my skin and keeping it clear. Thank you, Alisa

  3. I am a victim of RA and seem to have recently developed a tendency for high blood pressure. I would like to become a Perricone tester to see if your products would allow me to remain drug free. I do take daily medicine for the RA, but nothing for the High blood pressure as of yet. I’d like to not have to down the road.


  4. I have heard of the maitake mushroom before and that it has many benefits that pertain to a healthier skin as well as the body. I have been a fan of Dr. Perricone since his book The Perricone Promise.

  5. Aloha,
    living here in Hawaii many people have skin damage from the sun.
    Dr Perricone’s products have really helped heal and protect my skin.

  6. Hi there… I would love to become a Perricone Tester because every product I’ve tried has given my skin amazing results! I especially would like to try
    out the Maitake Mushroom to see if it will help with my Belly Fat! Thanks!

  7. Today I took a trip to the Napa Pure Beauty and spent another $600 on your fantatstic skin products ( I am so hooked )and because I saved 10%, i decided to use that money saved to buy the Maitake supplement…..started it today and have already noticed the shakiness I get between meals is gone?! Could this be another jewel in the Perricone crown? I’m thinking so…..