Losing the Acne Battle? Try the Dr Perricone Diet for Clear Skin

Are you suffering from teenage or adult-onset acne? Consider adopting the Dr Perricone diet and lifestyle. What you eat is reflected on the inside out. The anti-inflammatory Dr Perricone diet can help keep skin clear from the inside out.

Want clearer skin?

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What to Avoid in the Dr Perricone Diet

Dr Nicholas Perricone tells his clients to think of their skin as their intestines turned inside out. Not a pleasant image, but it makes a good point that your skin is a reflection of what you digest in your diet.

Restore luminous, clear skin by following a yeast-free, sugar-free diet rich in essential fatty acids and protein.

To treat acne, the Dr Perricone diet recommends avoiding the following:

  • White flour (pasta, bread, and muffins)
  • Sugar (cake and cookies)
  • Fruit juices
  • Dried fruits
  • Aged cheese
  • Milk and soy
  • Vinegar
  • Alcohol
  • Mushrooms

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Further, since stress is a significant factor in causing acne, it is important to avoid drinking coffee which raises stress cortisol levels, even in decaf form.

What to Include in the Dr Perricone Diet

The Dr Perricone diet involves including high-quality proteins, starches with a low glycemic index, and good fats.

High-quality proteins

Protein helps treat acne because it repairs skin and supports hormonal balance, a major cause of acne. Include 2-4 ounces per meal.

Best choices:

  • Cold-water, fatty fish like wild Alaskan salmon
  • Chicken and turkey
  • Eggs
  • Greek yogurt
  • Whey protein
  • Grass-fed meats

Low-glycemic carbs

Carbs high on the glycemic index are the big culprits in causing inflammation, and thus, acne.

Fruits and vegetables should be the starch base of your diet.

You can also include 1/2 cup cooked of any of the following per day:

  • Barley
  • Beans and legumes
  • Brown rice
  • Rolled or steel-cut oats
  • Sweet potato
  • Quinoa
  • Buckwheat
  • Amaranth
  • Millet

Good fats

You should incorporate at least 2 tsp of good fats per meal to regulate sebum production.

Good fats are found in:

  • Avocados
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Nut butters and tahini
  • Olives and olive oil
  • Ground flaxseeds
  • Raw coconuts and coconut oil
  • Grape seed oil

Finally, eat plenty of foods rich in acne-healing ingredients vitamin A and beta-carotene.

These foods include:

  • Melons
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli

If taking supplements, it is important to note that the derivatives of vitamin A, not the natural form, are important in treating acne. Natural vitamin A is responsible for maintaining normal maturation of skin, so to treat abnormal processes like acne, large doses must be given, which can result in vitamin A toxicity. Vitamin A acid is an example of a derivative.

In addition to making dietary changes, it is helpful to exercise in moderation, get enough beauty sleep, and practice stress relieving and relaxation-inducing techniques, like yoga.

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  3. If your still struggling with acne you should consult your health care provider about Isotretinoin or accutane, it worked wonders for my skin.

  4. I am 52 years old and am driving over 100 miles one way for my micro-dermabrasion treatments. I live in a rural area and the ingredients for the diet are not all available at our local store. I have recently tested positive for reactive hypoglycemia and so am adjusting to a low sugar & low simple carbs diet. By becoming a tester I am certain the encouragement will help be continue my new lifestyle.

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  6. Hi, my name is Ashley… I am 24 years old and have struggled with acne since I was 15. My mother ans sister suffer as well. I work in the fitness industry and do my best to stay heathy. Regardless of how many risky perceptions I tried to cure my acne growing up, (such as accutane, spuralatone and every face cream imaginable) I still suffer from acne on a daily basis. I recenty asked my dermatologist if she knew of any diets to possibly help my skin and she recommend looking into the Dr. Perricone diet so I would also love to try some of his products as well.

    Thank you,


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  8. I love the perricone diet!!! it has helped a lot with just generally feeling better and having energy. it also has helped with weight loss. im trying to clear up some zits that keep reoccuring, and are so persistant. so the skin cleansers are my next step!
    Good luck everyone and give it a try!!!

  9. There are contradictions to consuming dairy. How would Greek Yogurt benefit acne?

  10. I am 36 years old and have had acne since i was a teenager.
    I have been strictly on the non-inflammatory diet for 4 years …never ever have I cheated once. Yet..I still break out …I eat all organic food, exercise regularly…I truly don’t know what else to do…i also take many food based supplements including fish oil and probiotics…I have been searching most of my life for a way out of this painful prison…..my dad is even a dermatologist….but I have learned from experience what medications can do to the body…I am a busy mom with three children….i am an extremely disciplined person…will do anything I have to for results….just out of ideas now. Would love test your products….i have read your book.

  11. yes why is vinegar bad? what about apple cider vinegar?

  12. I’ve been keeping a dairy-free acne diet for six months and it hasn’t worked so well, but I agree that diet control is essential in acne prevention. I’d like to be a tester as well.

  13. Why is Vinegar bad? I thought vinegar was an noninflammatory.

  14. Hello,

    I have adult acne that comes on and off and I would love to test Perricone products. PLEASE PLEASE email me to help! :)

  15. Is whole wheat pasta acceptable for this diet?

  16. I’m 31 and have been suffering with cystic acne for the past 6yrs, it’s prevented me from living the life I should be, I hate going out and socialising because of it.
    The worst thing about cystic acne is that it is really painful and leaves horrible scars.
    I have tried almost every acne drug out there besides accutane.
    I just purchased Dr Perricone’s “The Clear Skin Prescription” in hope of my acne disappearing and having a life again.

  17. Interesting post. Most of the foods sound like healthful choices anyhow, though I’m curious as to why some items like vinegar and mushrooms would be detrimental to the skin.

  18. My handsome 18 year old son has been dealing with severe acne for 5 years. His attitude has been great, but he is struggling to remain upbeat as the scars continue to accumulate. He reluctantly asked me to reconsider Accutane but I fear the side effects and now have read on your site there can be recurrance even after one takes on those significant risks. Please consider my son to be a tester. Sincerely, DeJonghe

  19. When I turned twenty, I suddenly began breaking out! I have tried so many cleansers and acne treatments, but nothing seems to work.

  20. I am 15 yrs. old and have really bad acne. I have been going to a dermotologist for 1yr. now (my sister is 19 & she also has been going since she is 14! Nothing seems to work for either of us. We have tried different doctors & different medication. They just keep trying everything on us & nothing helps! I feel like a monster. If your products work I would love to try them! And by the way, I dont eat sugar products, white flour products if fact my momo has been very careful with our diet to try & find ways to help us!

  21. I am 38 years old and I am a hairstylist in an upscale salon. Acne makes me feel uncomfortable in my own skin :’( I am going to try to clean up my diet.

  22. I am a 31 & a medical aesthetician. I have always struggled with breakouts, on & off. But my acne has become so severe since going off Yaz BCP 2.5 years ago. It is so traumatizing. It is very difficult to go to work and have my clients see me with such terrible acne. How can they believe I can help them with their skin?? I am on day 1 of the clear skin diet and would love to be a tester for your products.
    Thank You

  23. I am going to try this diet. I am 41 years old and have been on the birth control pill for years to try and control my acne (with much success). Suddenly in the last month and a half I have had eruptions of cystic acne. I tried topical spot treatments,acne face washes only to have my skin dry up like the desert I live in :) Nothing has helped. I AM DESPERATE! I thought I was done with acne when I tried Accutane. I need all the help I can get.

  24. Just turned 40 and needed a savior for my skin. After the birth of my third child and bouncing around on different BC pills, my skin was in horrible shape. I had one of the worst breakouts of my life around my chin and my skin was red and flaky with large pores. I was desperate and tried just about everything until finding Dr Perricone’s website and reading his latest book online. It was then I decided I needed a change in my diet. What could it hurt? Well, I have to say that after 2 weeks of being on the 28 day diet my skin is clear (except for the acne scars) and very soft. I found the diet so easy to relate to and stick with that I will be continuing it much longer than just the 28 days. I do take the recommended Omega 3s but have not had a chance to try his other supplements (very interested though). In short, I have become a huge fan and would love to try his skincare products to address some of the acne scars left behind and wrinkles i’ve been getting in between my eyebrows (those typical frown lines). I would absolutely love to have the opportunity to become an official Perricone tester!!

  25. I need to start including more fats into my diet. Sometimes I eat too many carbs it seems! it makes sense though that what you eat directly affects acne.

  26. After reading these comments and the powerful information you’ve offered I feel some relief in that I am not alone in my suffering with acne and that there may be a solution! I would be grateful to test your products.

  27. Almost 25 and still suffering :( really bad chest and back acne…
    Tried many treatments and remedies,some of them were effective for some time but most of them were completely useless…
    How can i become a tester for your method and products
    Thank you

  28. Hi, I am a 20 year old performer. I already have terribly troublesome skin, but being a ballet dancer makes it 10 times worse. Sweating all day in the studio, pounds of stage make up, plus stage lights, more sweating. I can never seem to get my skin under control. It is beyond frustrating. It is my job to smile and be beautiful on stage, but how can I when I am breaking out? I would love to become a tester for Perricone!

  29. my son has battled with acne for all his high school years, this is his senior year and would love to see his face clear up. we are doing your diet and using your cleansing soap. we would love to be a tester. thanks

  30. Hello!

    The diet has shown visible results, and I would like to become a tester.

  31. I would love to test out any acne products! I am 28 years old and have been struggling with mild acne for about 8 years on and off. I have tried everything to clear up my acne. I am sick of having to run to antibiotics and harsh prescriptions! They never seem to work well. My problem areas are mostly around my chin/mouth area, and sometimes on my chest and back. Please help…I really want to be a tester!
    Thank you.

  32. Hi I would love to become a tester. I have suffered with acne for years and am now confused about skin care, as I also fall into the mature bracket for skincare. I need help to address both issues without making either worse.

    Many thanks

  33. I have had acne for over 25 years starting as a child all through my teenage years and as an adult.
    I’ve tried so many products but nothing has gotten it totally under control. I don’t know what to do

  34. I have been struggling with acne and uneven skin tone for over ten years , and I have tried so many different products non proven to work, I don’t like to wear makeup but I do, only because i’m embarras by the acne and uneven skin tone with brown spots,at this point i’m desperate,I would love to be a perricone md tester.

  35. Commenting to become tester

  36. Hi, I am 24 years old and I have been struggling with awful acne since I was about 12 years old. People say its ‘not bad’ but I’m always wearing make-up which makes it worse. Also, with each new blemish leaves a deep scar that won’t ever go away. I keep praying one day I will wake up and it will be gone, I’ve tried different products but no luck. I would love to become a tester for the Perricone products. Thank you.

  37. Well I would love to find a way to have clear radient skin!! I find the tips above pretty helpful I have read alot on skincare but didn’t know to avoid vinegar~opps!

  38. When I was younger, I was terribly suffering from acne until somebody told about some pills that’s know to cure acne. I cannot believe the effect of this small piece tablet on my face. If only I have known, I would have started using it when I was 12!

  39. I have been struggling with acne off an on since my teenage years, with the most recent challenge beginning a few years ago in my later twenties. I recently read one of your books (“7 Secrets to Beauty, Health, and Longevity”) – a true gem, and I have started changing my diet accordingly. I would love to become a tester for your product.

  40. I have been struggling with acne with over 10 years and being on Dr. Perricone’s anti-inflamatory diet has really helped out alot in clearing my skin and giving it a more healthy appearance. I would be intersted in trying and sampling his Clear skin acne line to help treat acne from forming. Thank you Dr. Perricone for all the support and resources.

  41. I am fifty years old and am so tired if battling acne that I dont even want to be seen in public anymore. and now my poor 13 year old daughter suffers face, back, chest and even arm acne. both of us would love to have a correcting treatment that works.

  42. I’ve recently thought about making Nutrition my career of choice. I too have been battling with acne for years now and I have tried everything from retinoids, over the counter medications, herbs, change of diet, medication even getting a showerhead filter! So far, the only thing that has helped is vitamin A supplements and lots of rest (during normal hours!) I would love nothing more than to test Dr. Perricone’s products

  43. I have horible acne now that i am a junior. i am very intrested in testing

  44. I have never dealt with acne in my teens as much as now. I’ve tried otc acne products, prescriptions and lotions. I’ve recently started changing my diet per Dr. perricone’s recommendations for my skin… I would absolutely love to try this product.