Lose the Goose: Best Rated Anti Wrinkle Cream for Necks

Does your flabby neck skin have you feeling like a goose? With a few easy tips and the best rated anti wrinkle neck firming cream, you can get your neck back into its goose-less shape. Read on to start improving your neck today.

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While wrinkles may be your top aging concern, few realize that sagging neck skin can make you appear older than does wrinkly skin. Fortunately, many of the best rated anti wrinkle cream products can stop sagging neck skin in its tracks. But why does neck skin sag in the first place?

As people age, skin produces less collagen, which is the protein that holds skin together. Loss of collagen, along with the fact that skin holds less fat as it ages, makes skin less supple and smooth.

At the same time, skin looses elastin, the connective tissue that holds skin to muscle. Loss of elastin causes skin to sag, resulting in a goose neck.

While there is no way to stop skin’s natural elastin and collagen decline, the best rated anti wrinkle cream products and a few helpful tips can help your skin regain tightness. Read on to stop sagging skin.

Want to start tightening skin at this very moment? These easy tips can be used almost any time, anywhere to improve loose skin.

Follow theses tips with the best rated anti wrinkle cream for the neck for maximum results:

  • Maintain Good Posture; sit with your back straight, feet on the floor, and neck elongated. This will make your neck muscles tight to combat sag.
  • Do Neck Exercises such as pouting, or lightly slapping the underside of chin. These will force your chin muscles to tighten, which will reduce saggy skin.
  • Chew Gum; it will work your jaw and neck muscles, and freshen your breath.
  • Use Sunscreen, such as the best rated anti wrinkle cream for sun protection, More than Moisture SPF 30. Moisturizing keeps skin supple, while sunscreen will prevent harm from UV rays.

Make these simple tasks and the best rated anti wrinkle cream part of your life to stop the sag.

By far, the easiest and most effective way to tighten neck skin is to use the best rated anti wrinkle cream. How do you find the best rated anti wrinkle cream for neck sag? Check out Firming Neck Therapy.

This powerful anti wrinkle neck cream contains three ingredients that help it work, including:

  • Palmitoyl Carnosine, a peptide that reduces wrinkles and loss of elasticity
  • Phospholipids, which strengthen skin cell membranes to repair damaged skin
  • Tocotrienols, a form of vitamin E that creates vibrant, glowing skin

See what these users think of this best rated anti wrinkle cream:

Firm and Smooth – “This product delivers. After only using for a short period of time, the skin on my neck appears more firm and smooth. I love it!” – From skinstore.com

Great Improvement – “This is a wonderful neck cream. I tend to have very sensitive skin around my chin and neck area, even more sensitive than my eyes. Most neck creams make my skin brake out as if I was an adolescent, but not Dr Perricone’s… It has firmed my neck and jaw line area, and my horizontal wrinkles (which I think I was born with….) are greatly improved.” - From qvc.com

Confidence Booster – “I’m 41 and a few years ago the skin on my neck and under my chin had started to sag and had taken on that ‘crepey’ look. I was really desperate to try to improve it as I felt that it really made me look older than I am. I have tried a few different neck firming creams to no avail. On second day I noticed a dramatic improvement with this product. I feel so much more confident and I will never be without it!” – From Perriconemd.com

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  1. I am 57 years old and have always had issues with sunscreens. Therefore, little to no protection for my sensitive skin. I would very much appreciate any advice for my aging skin and really sagging neck. Do you ever ask for testers for your products? I would be willing to take before and after photographs or any advice would be more than helpful. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!

  2. I am only 32 but I have inherited my mother’s genes. Also, the many years sun bathing didn’t help either. I am losing elasticity under my chin and my neck needs some tightening! Help!

  3. I’m 53 and don’t have many facial wrinkles but my neck is another story. It sags and make me look older. I have to take pictures and witness this. I also have a 13 yr old daughter that I want to maintain a youthful appearance for.

  4. The article about this product gave me hope. I am 59 years old and I mentally feel like I am much younger, but every time I look in the mirror I am filled with disgust. My neck is terribly dry wrinkled and saggy. I would love to be able to do something to help my neck, but unfortunately I am disabled and on a very limited income. Please help!

  5. I’m only 38. I have always been a moisturizer user, but also a sun user. I am noticing the skin on my neck becoming thinner and I am trying to find the right product for my problem area. I am not sure if this product is it, but I am not against finding out if it will or won’t be my solution.

  6. I’m 60 with a turkey neck and hate it. Please I will try anything. Thanks

  7. Hi, I’m 41 and whilst I’ve looked after my skin on my face really well, my neck is starting to resemble a turkey neck, especially after losing weight (20lbs). I would love to see if your products can help improve the appearance of neck and stop me looking older than I am. Thanks!

  8. I am 57 and baby my skin. I use sun screen every day and always use my serums and cremes on my neck and décolleté while I am taking care of my face. However my neck is starting to show some lines and loose skin. Where do I go from here?

  9. Got off a cruise ship in July and weighed 212 lbs. Heart started skipping beats I was so heavy. Doctor told me to lose 40 lbs. O.K. I’ve now lost 32 lbs and began running ’round the house flexing in front of my wife saying, “Bond, James Bond” while she laughs her butt off. That would be the end of a nice story except for the goose neck I have left over.
    Would love to test your product to see if my wife will stop laughing in response to my new identity and start shaking my martinis instead of stirring them.


  10. I’m 51, look ten years younger (really– luck, not a lot of sun exposure, good genes) — but suddenly my neck is getting floppy. Help.

  11. I’m in my early 40′s, lived in warm climates for most of my teens but seemed to be doing ok in the wrinkles department untill recently. Biggest concern is my neck area, which I’ve noticed in the last 6-8 months having the “goose” effect..What the heck is this? I say in shock one morning, age honey just age!!

  12. Hi,i am a 53yr old with good skin which i have taken care of over the years,however in the last 6 months i have noticed a rippling effect under my chin and upper neck,it makes me look 10 years older and it lookes horrible,i would like to be a tester,i dont expect instant results,please consider me
    thanks janice

  13. Hi, I am a Licensed Esthetician, 55 yrs old and have been working hard and consistantly at keeping my skin in the best shape possible. I have used a great many products as I do have acsess to a most that are on the market. I am always accused of having Botox or Fillers but I have not ! My face and chest area look wonderful for my age but about 3 months ago by skin has lost the majority of the elasticity in the neck area it seems. I believe I would be the perfect product tester as I am versed in use, application and do not expect instant results. I believe the product should show results by the 12th to 16th week of continuous use. Please let me know if you need a tester. I would be happy to test your products. Thank you very much, Dana at Rainbowsfamily@aol.com

  14. I am desperate for a neck cream to make my neck and chin line firm up. I have tried stivectin with zero results! I am 6 months away from 40 and my neck looks 50 :( I would pay for anything that delays surgery until I am closer to 60. Thank you.

  15. I have a line across the front of my neck that looks like a zipper, it’s a row of tiny fine little lines. It’s horrible it looks as though someone tried to slash my throat. I’m 54 and have always been a sun worshiper. Please help.

  16. I an 53 years old i have a saggy neck it makes me look older help

  17. I have always been a sun worshipper!Im only 32 years old and now can tell that my skin is ruined-I need a product and I am desperate to try anything. thank you

  18. Very sensitive skin

  19. I would love to become a product tester. I’m 45 and just discovering how cruel aging can be. I never really thought about the effect of aging on my skin although I have always looked after myself I am much to my horror developing that horrible goose neck and the sagging eyelids . I would like to find & promote products that assist women in choosing genuine beauty products and thus regaining their confidence in their looks and also in the products they use.

  20. Help!!!this whole last year and now its so abvious that i am aging quickly. I eat very well but, at age 62 i am to young for this. Thanks for any help!!!

  21. Help, it seems as though this whole last year and now its very obvious that i am really aging quickly. I don’t feel old and eat very well but, how could this be? I am only 62 yrs. young.
    Thank you for any help!!!!!
    Kindly, Danette Vargas

  22. would like to have my outside reflect the youth i feel inside

  23. I would love to try anything from Dr. Perricone. Love his products and his food and diet tips do work

  24. I am 52 year old white woman ,and as I have aged I have started to notice my saggy neck and I do not like what I see. This products looks like it would be something that would help me firm up my problem area

  25. My neck has started to sag and I would like to try the product.

  26. I would love to try your neck cream. I do not like the looks of my turkey neck.

  27. When I turned 51 I decided I’d had enough and decided to lose weight. At 5′ and 210 I was very unhealthy. So far have lost 25 pounds and want to lose 45 more. Unfortunately, after only 25 pounds my neck is sagging and creepy looking. Would love to try and promote your product!

  28. Although I have been blessed with rather young looking skin, at 51 my neck is not holding up as well. I didn’t realize this until I happened to look in a mirror to get something out of my eye in normal daylight. Eeeeek! I would love to test this product. I have heard wonderful things about your products and would love the opportunity to test your neck cream!

  29. I really like your eye cream I got as a free sample. Also you Plasma neck cream

  30. I would love to try Perricone, my Son pointed out have started to get a Turkey Neck. I feel very self- concious and apply neck cream often.I have lost two stone in the past six months ad feel this has made things worse.
    Please please let me be one of your Product testers :<

  31. hello, i am 41 years old. i have lost alot of weight and am noticing the “goose” neck. please please help. i am desperate. please let me become a tester and your number one customer :)

  32. Is there anything in your neck cream that might aggravate my Rosacea? It seems like all of the products I try for my neck sagging end up breaking my face out. Can you help?

  33. I would love to test these samples. I am in my 60′s however people always say or think I am in my early 50′s. However my turkey neck gives it away.I am so embarrased I try to cover it up as much as I can. HELP!

  34. I am 75 and have taken care of my skin. BUT the neck is a problem area. Things I have tried on the neck have caused an itchy rash. If this will help I would be willing to test it to see if it works and if it does or doesn’t make me get a neck/décolleté rash. Thanks so much for your consideration

  35. I will love to be a tester of Perricone products, specially the neck cream

  36. Hello. I had two surgeries on my neck about five years ago to remove my thyroid due to cancer. I have a very old looking neck and crepey skin due to lack of volume from the thyroid removal and scar tissue. I’m 42 and the rest of me is holding up pretty well. Not my neck! Would love to try the cream.

  37. I am 68 years old and I have tried almost every anti-aging facial skin product you can imagine. I am not having any difficulty with wrinkles on my face, but I am having trouble in the neck area. Wouldn’t you consider me to be the best subject for the Perricone turkey neck tester. This would be the ultimate of skin miracles to have my neck take on the same smooth and youthful look my face has at 68 years of age! And who knows, I may just switch over to all Perricone skin care products.

  38. where in the philippines is this available? Brand name?

  39. I am 44 yrs old & have been battling jowels & turkey neck for the past four years. I was always someone who looked younger than my years until age 36. I’ve never had a weight problem so my sagging skin isn’t do to weight loss & I take care of my skin. I’ve tried MANY so called ‘firming creams’ that have provided little or no results. I even started doing glycol peels (35% every week). I WOULD LOVE TO BE A TESTER! I would pay anything if it worked!

  40. Thanks to Dr. Perricone for always addressing problem areas often overlooked by other skincare lines.
    The article on sagging skin of the neck was very informative. Who knew that chewing gum could help tighten the muscles of your face? Thanks for the tips and caring enough to include information about the total package-products, exercises and nutrition. Your articles are extremely thorough for those of us seeking the absolute BEST results!

  41. I found Perricone products many months ago and have stretched my credit cards to the limit, in purchasing these products of skin care. They do deliver, however, I now need to be a little careful with money as recently married and kids at uni. Unfortunately, I forget my neck and while the face is holding out, the turkey, crepe neck is not. I know the neck cream would deliver and would love to give it ago. Would you help me beat the crepe/turkey neck?

  42. I’m 58 and take good care of my skin, but would love to bump it up with products targeted at those tough areas. (neck and eyes!) Perricone has such a great reputation- I would love to try this neck treatment.

  43. I am a 62 year old woman that “must” look the best she can because I am constantly in the work arena. I have used many cosmetics over the years. I have good skin, BUT I take good care of my skin and feel I would know what a good product is. I am starting to show my age in the neck area and am currently looking for a good neck cream. I would love to be a Perricone tester as I feel I would be very honest when reviewing the product.