Light Therapy Shines Red Light, Putting Brakes on Wrinkles

PLEASE NOTE: This product is no longer available.

You hear time and time again, especially on this blog, to steer clear of too much sunlight.

But did you know shining certain forms of light on your skin in a special way can actually help it?

In fact, light therapy can help:

  • Provide non-abrasive exfoliation
  • Pulls facial muscles into shape
  • Diminish fine lines
  • Lift heavy jowls and cheeks
  • Improve definition of jawline
  • Soften deep lines
  • Treat acne

But what exactly is light therapy, and how does it work?

Find out:

What is light therapy?

Through studies, Dr. Perricone discovered certain frequencies of light stimulate certain activity in the skin; for example, red light acts as an anti-inflammatory, while certain forms of infrared light increase collagen and elastin production. Light waves in the near infrared ranges penetrate the deepest of all of wavelengths in the visible spectrum.

Dr. Perricone’s at home, light therapy device emits two colors of light at different wavelengths, 830nm of near infrared (invisible) light and 633nm of visible red light. Light renewal involves placing a transparent lens of his Light Therapy device onto the periorbital area, the skin area around the eyes.

How does light therapy work?

When the device is placed near the skin for about 20-30 minutes, the two wavelengths of light are absorbed by a cell called a fibroblast. Fibroblasts make structural molecules, in particular, collagen and elastin, two critically important skin proteins. While collagen supports skin structure, elastin gives skin its resiliency, the power to bounce back.

Light therapy stimulates fibroblasts to produce more youthful collagen and elastin, and as a result, lifts and tones skin and softens fine lines and wrinkles. The best light renewal treatment results will be seen in 3-7 weeks after the light stimulates the natural healing processes that continue after the device is used.

Furthermore, light therapy in the form of non-thermal photons of light optimize the immune responses of your blood and in this way, supply vital oxygen and energy to every cell. Light energy is converted into chemical energy by macrophages, specialized cells, and therefore increase skin’s natural healing ability at the cellular level.

Since light therapy is effective in increasing your skin’s natural cell regeneration, it is particularly beneficial for the treatment of acne.

Watch Dr. Perricone shed his personal light on this therapy in the video below:

Author Maurice Freehill once asked, “Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?” His meaning of course, goes beyond literal light, and so it actually applies to Light Therapy dually: you now know the truth about Perricone Light Therapy and the benefits it has to offer. No need to fear this light.

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  1. I am 70 yrs. old but and told I look a lot younger. Creams no longer give me the results I want. I do not want to go to botox or more invasive measures to look my best. I would love to try your infrared light system. It seems to fit into the limits of where I am willing to go. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. I am 62 years young, and although I am told I look years younger, I can see the lines (semi-deep to me) on my
    forehead, some crows feet lines mainly under my one eye on my cheek bone, and very disturbing lines above my upper lip.
    Those lines were created mostly because of the way I tried to hold my head to sleep for many years, as I have had two neck surgeries resulting from a bad accident and my sleep patterns to this day are poor. I have purchased an orthopedic pillow to assist me in sleeping and that is working pretty well. I also have two vertical fold lines beneath the outside corner of my lips (they make me feel like howdy-doodie). The positive thing I must share with you is that my lip line curves nicely upward at the corners !!!!

    People often ask me what I use to stay young looking, I would love to tell them I am using only Perricone MD products…
    I am especially interested in the red light and the corresponding Perricone MD products. I have used your skin care products and do have some in my cabinet including your serum.

    I hope to be informed that I am selected to be one of your product testers. Thank you for your consideration and the opportunity that I may be chosen.

  3. come ho detto precedentemente ho comprato Light Renewal non ho capito bene come si usa, posso usarlo anche sul collo o solo sul viso? grazie

  4. I am 57 years old, do not look my age but have gotten laugh lines around my mouth something awful and two deep lines on outside of my eyes. I would love to be able to try out products. I was hit by a drunk driver 11 years ago and have been handicapped since. I go through enough with pain that I don’t want my face to start looking more aged now. I would be very interested in testing products to help wrinkles/smooth out skin, anything to help the face look younger. I hope that you will consider me. Thank you for your time. Sandi

  5. i would love the opportunity to test dr.perricones products,esp the red light therapy…i am a divorced 56 yr old woman and i have a problem with the upper skin of my eyes…it is actually making me unhappy at this point….i have no medical insurance,so as far as a surgical procedure,well-thats out…i used to be a vibrant social person and now i feel introverted and keep to myself and extremely self conscious…im single,would like to date and sure of who i am as a person,but need help to ‘make myself feel ‘whole’ again…thankyou for this opportunity…

  6. I would love to use it to keep me younger than my age especially my wrinkles among eyes area, bulldog lines and jowl need more attention to work on.
    Thank you

  7. I have a question, I have used the light therapy and I agree that it does work as long as you continue to use it. My question is how does it interact with botox? Will it dilute botox?

  8. I would love to be a tester, I have tried many products, now in my 50′s I need more help to stimulate collogen,help jawline and tighten skin. I faithfully watch Dr.Oz and The Doctors for news on products but light therapy seems like a good choice. On the shows they seem to show lazeer therapy on young people, that isn’t fair, they should be targeting the 50′s where you really need it.

  9. Is there another product, another brand you trust and recommend? I am at a lose since it states this product is No Longer Available?
    Waiting for answer
    thank you all….

  10. Why is this infrared light therapy appliance no longer available? Is there another improved one in its place?
    Did it not work at all?
    Very interested in purchasing a device to use at home, trust your name but need info. on this type of skin firmer.
    Thank you!

  11. Simply put…products aren’t cutting it anymore and I’m ready to up my game to look the best I can in my late forties without going under the knife. Bring on the light therapy!!!

  12. Light therapy is really amazing, even though Perricone didn’t “discover” it as it says above. You can do this at home to your whole body in a near infrared light sauna. Plus, it is great for detox. Check out It’s the same light wavelengths. Very effective for my skin!

  13. I’m 43,I try a lot of things to improve
    the signs of aging. I am very selective of what I try. Therefore when I choose something and it works I recommend it to all my friends & family. Usually I chose great products and they are so eager to find out what I’m using and where they can get it. I am very interested in being a tester for your light therapy.
    Thank you!

  14. I’m a model/actress at 42, still look good for my age, but hate to see little changes.
    Being a tester would be of interest to me.

  15. I am 50. I have always been considered very attractive, and always thought to be much younger than I am. However, in the past 2 years approximately, I have suddenly seen really alarming sagging and wrinkling in my neck, small jowels developing at the jawline, nasolabial lines, and when I smile, my eyes crinkle up into lines. In short, everything is getting saggy! :(
    I tried Skin Tightening at a local clinic, but it was so painful (felt like I was getting my face stapled repeatedly!) that I decided that was simply NOT for me! After one session, I did have noticeable results, but I was told that they were transient and I would have to have the procedure done repeatedly for lasting and cumulative effects. Well, I have a poor pain tolerance, so that was the end of that!
    I do get plenty of exercise, I am about 12 lbs overweight, not too bad, and still have my looks … but they are fading rapidly! Would love to be a tester.

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dr. Perricone products!
    Like most others, the challenges of Life; chronic illness, medications, stress, genetics, as well as not taking proper care of myself were evident when I looked at my skin. Ugh!!
    I have been so happy with the results from using his regimen! I have started to implement his nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. The results are wonderful, but this light therapy is the piece of the puzzle that is missing!! I still look older than my age. I have always suspected that my lack of collagen production is behind some of my health issues as well as my skin issues. I would love to try Dr Perricone’s Light Therapy!!

  17. My mother passed away at a very young age and my father never remarried. I guess to busy taking care of four daughters. He never told us about girl things,make-up,hair and etc. He would even take us to the barber shop when he got his hair cut. He showed me how to swing a hammer and alot of guy things.. So I never really took care of my face threw the years. Now i look in the mirror and realize how important it is to take of your face and skin. When people think you are older then what you are it hurts a great deal. So I would love to try the light therapy on my face and someone to tell me what treatment to use on my face. I have wrinkles, dark eye circles, forehead, neck, laugh lines and a few others….There is so many face creams, serums out there it can be so confusing. I am so ready to start ….

  18. My Irish-American father from Iowa came to California a year before I was born. He loathed the cold and loved the sunny beaches of So. California. I remember being sunburned to the point of illness (sunstroke)after hours in the sun with no protection or sunblock. As a competitive swimmer as well, my skin reflects my history.
    I would love to try the product and erase a few years as I look forward to returning to work post-recession.

  19. I have to take a lot of medications due to chronic illness which, combined with the stress of dealing with my health, has ruly aged my skin prematurely.

    I would love to test the light therapy to see if it could undo some of the damage and improve its appearance.

  20. i have wrinkles from smoking for so long ??? :(

  21. I like to be product tester to try them please. Thanks.

  22. Who dat in the mirror? WOW….the last several years have been stressfully crazy and guess what? You can see it in my face. Of course only my Mother was brave enough to be brutally honest and tell me! Everyone else simply states: You REALLY tired. I am considering injectables, laser, even surgery so YES I would love to be a tester. I’m an ideal candidate!

  23. having lost weight this past year it almost seems my face looked better fat! my body is way better, but my neck seems to sag, I have smile lines, lip lines, at my eyes too! I turn fifty this year, I way what I did in high school am working on firming up. But see an old lady in the mirror. I don’t want to go under the knife!

  24. love the light method, used this method for a year, but after spending $150 at each session i had to stop. my acne came back and the wrinkles started to show.. :(
    i need to be a product tester

  25. I need something, Im already getting wrinkles under my eyes on my chin