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Today’s Value of the Day is our incredible Light Renewal Therapy – Perricone MD LIGHT Renewal brings light therapy into the home. Light therapy softens fine lines and wrinkles, while improving the appearance of skin’s tone, texture and firmness. Skin will be restored to its radiant and youthful appearance. LIGHT Renewal is offered with deluxe samples sizes of Nourishing Milky Cleanser and Serum Prep to prepare skin to receive treatment.

Note To International Customers: Light Renewal is powered by a 3-pronged North American Type B plug. We ship converters for countries which do not use this plug type.

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Light Renewal emits two colors of light at different wavelengths: 830 nano meters of near infrared light and 633 nano meters of visible red light. Used in conjunction, these wavelengths target collagen and elastin production and fine lines and wrinkles.

A full course of treatment consists of 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks; alternating the near infrared and the visible red light. Light Renewal was tested on the periorbital area, but works effectively all over the face. If treating multiple areas of concern; pick one area, complete a full treatment and move onto the next area of concern.

Dr. Perricone talks about light therapy in the video below:

Place the transparent lens of Light Renewal on the periorbital area after cleansing and applying Facial Serum Prep. The exact protocol used in the Cornell University study is as follows:

4 Week Protocol:
Monday- 20 minutes of near infrared on the right side periorbital area
Tuesday-20 minutes of near infrared on the left side periorbital area
Wednesday-30 minutes of the visible red light on the right side periorbital area
Thursday-30 minutes of the visible red light on the left side periorbital area

The best results will be seen between 3-7 weeks after treatments as the light stimulates natural healing processes that continue after using the device.

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Please tell us why you want to try these products.

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  1. I am only 31 and have had pretty sever under eye wrinkles since I was about 27. I would be the perfect candidate to show off if it really works!!!

  2. I want to see a natural way to fewer wrinkles

  3. Hi, my name is Brenda. I would love to become a tester for any of Dr Perricone’s products. As I’m getting older, I’m losing some of the fullness in my face, which is creating more wrinkles. I have wrinkles concerns on my forehead, jaw line, lines around my mouth and I could go on. I’m especially interested in the Light Renewal Therapy, as well as many other products I’ve read about online.

  4. Would love to be a tester. I have tried so many great sounding products that did NOT work.

  5. A majority of these reviews/comments are completely made up. They are coming from men and women stuffed in a room filled with computers PAID to create the myriad of positive feedback you are seeing here.
    I’m sure this comment of mine will be gone verrrry quickly.

  6. Hi Dr Perricone,

    I would love to test your products, particularly the LED light therapy. I am impressed by the reviews others give you and your products both here and on other forums and discussion groups.

    After having acne most of my life, it has finally calmed down but I have enlarged pores now and at 40 wrinkles too!! I’m happy with the way I look but am always interested in looking the best I can. It seems as if you help many people do that.

  7. I am 57 and my face is pretty smooth. Will the light renewal work on your body? Like on your knees or thighs? I would be ver interested in testing in those areas. Thank you

  8. Non conosco nessuno dei prodotti del Dr.Perricone e questa mi sembra un’ottima occasione per testarli. Il mio principale interesse è per l’apparecchio a infrarossi Light Therapy Rinnovo. Vivo a Milano IT ed ho 67anni, molte rughe intorno agli occhi ed un reticolo di linee sulle guancie. Per me ci vorrebbe un miracolo…
    ah dimenticavo sono femmina

  9. Is this safe to use on the lips? I am hoping it can help plump them.

  10. How can I get this one? When I clicked on the picture, It shows that it was removed.
    Please let me know, I really want to have one. Thank you.

  11. I purchased this product back in 2008 — I still love it!! Better than Nu Skin Gal and the NuFace. I’ve tried everything!!! I’m 44 years old and I love my skin!!

  12. I am a 57 year old female who spends most of my time at high altitude – alternating 50:50 between a suburb of Denver (over a mile above sea level) and our mountain home which is about 8,900 feet above sea level. Skin care at these altitudes is critical. I try to always remember to put on high SPF suncreen if I am outdoors – but if I forget even once, I get a number of brown spots on my face which can be lightened but not eliminated by prescription skin cream that costs over $100 for a small tube. I would like to try your light therapy to see if it will remove wrinkles and if it will be a better alternative for lightening and possibly eliminating brown spots.

  13. I like to be considered as a tester. I am 47 yrs old and look about 10 years younger. Asian and slim.


  14. I am 55 years old and have always looked younger than my age dictates. I have in the past 2 years started seeing lines that quite frankly aggravate the heck out of me! I know we are supposed to age gracefully, heck with that! If I can go down fighting I will! I work for the State and therefor you know my income is very low, so I would love to test this product and be a product critic…like the movie critics!! :-)

  15. Hi
    Thank you for this offer, I would love to
    become a Perricone tester.
    I am turning the big 50 this year, as my
    children say – 1/2 a century!
    My skin is toned and very well looked after,I would love to test your products
    as am noticing deeper facial lines around
    laughter lines and temple.
    Regards – Mahia

  16. Dr. Perricone’s theories on anti aging and the reasoning behind the formulations of his products make so much sense to me that I’m happy to entrust him with my 57 year old skin. If I could, I would buy the complete range of his products up front, but as that’s not an option. being a Perricone tester, would be the next best thing.
    Thank you Doctor, for skin care products founded on solid scientific facts and minus the normal hype.

  17. I’m 67 years old. I don’t feel that old, and I’m shocked when I look in the mirror. I’m generally doing OK–with few wrinkles, but the loss of contour at my jawline and my sagging skin on my neck are disconcerting to say the least. I’m seeing subtle differences with the Perricone products I’ve used so far–enough so that I’ll keep using them!

  18. como faço para comprar o light renewal,moro no brasil. aguardo resposta. obrigada

    How can I buy the light renewal, I live in Brazil. let me know. thanks

  19. [...] 3 #1 New York Times best sellers!  Some of Perricone MD’s skin-care products include Light Therapy, which helps to reduce fine lines & wrinkles.  Not only do they offer skin-care products, but [...]

  20. This product looks like exactly what I need. I am 38 years old and have started to notice small lines and wrinkles creeping up on me. I would love to try this product and see if it can help keep me looking as youthful as I feel.

  21. Dr Perricone,
    I lost my husband a year and a half ago and I’ve finally come to a point in my healing where I am getting back out into my field of chosen work (I am an artist and designer).
    I am 57 years old, but most people think I am ten years younger. I would like my skin to match who I am on the inside.
    I am seeing the beginnings of a sagging jawline and neck, and wrinkles from sun damage on my face. Also, enlarged pores.
    Help! Please!
    I will be around on this earth for many more years and have important work to do…
    I need to look my best so people will hear me.
    Thank you for the work you do!
    C. Love

  22. I would be so grateful to be able to try Perricone products as I operate a animal shelter from my home. I’m always out in the sun receiving sun damage. I have horrible wrinkles and a face with a ton of brown spots. I’m even too embarrassed to post a picture of myself and therefore post a scenery picture of one of my animals. Thanks! for this great offer. Have a good New Year.

  23. Please consider me a canidate for your Red Light Therapy. I have rosecea and senitive skin and would love to try it for the exfoliation and anti inflamatory benefits. Many thanks for the opportunity to try the sample products too!!

  24. Dr. Perricone,

    Asian women have skin problems too. Not all of us were blessed with perfect complexions.

    I’ve read your books. I’ve bought one or two of your products. But you know what? Your marketing campaigns make me feel left out.

    Why aren’t WE a significant part of your demographic?

  25. I am 41 years old. I never really took care of my skin or diet. Suddenly, this year, I started paying attention to the effects of my choices on my skin. I’ve done a lot of looking around at different products and tried a bit of Perricone creams and serums at a local makeup store. It was totally different from the other creams I had sampled. I wrestled witht the price and had to walk away empty handed. My income does not allow me to purchase the products, so I am putting my name in for the chance to be a product tester. Thank you for your consideration.


  27. First for Women magazine said it works great for wrinkles and under eye circles.

  28. I am 63 years old and told I have lovely skin. I see lines around my eyes, lips, mouth and the 11 area. I am so skeptical of any of these products as they are quite expensive and there are no test results concerning them or promises or guarantees.

  29. My daughter sent me the link about the light therapy. I am 58 year old Caucasian woman. I keep myself in shape, my hair is shoulder length and from the back, I look young. It would be great if your products could make my face look younger too. I still have oily skin, some acne scarring, wrinkles and need to have c2o laser and a face lift. I really do not want to do this, so I am up for the challenge to improve my skin through your products and philosophy. I am very agreeable to being a tester and also a human guinea pig. I want to look my best for the rest of my life. I accept your request in good faith and I hope that you respond.

  30. I want to keep my face tone and firm. I am all for it..

  31. I have bad acne and I am a good person who deserves to have a chance at a clear face.

  32. Sounds like a cool product. But will it be ok to use on my face if I have acne problems?

  33. I have tried it all, hylexin, teamine other perricone eye products, they work but I am looking for something even better. This sounds interesting.

  34. not sure about the technique on skin.
    because I saw a research b4 (from a magazine), it said that this kinda of device does not work on skin that much.
    honorstly, not sure if i really got a good deal on this “wavelength.

  35. I would love to try the light therapy on my 60 yr old skin. This would be great to do at home and would be well worth the money. I am willing to test any of your products and do beleive you are a godsend.

  36. i have done research on LED therapy, read the positive consumer reviews and i am very interested in having LED therapy myself

  37. I would love to test this product. I travel to Asia several times a year for my business. I need to stay youthful and fresh looking but dare I say this may be the answer to jet lag also?


  39. Like the above commenter, I have the dreaded “11″ between my eyes. At 42, all the late nights at work on the computer are beginning to take their toll. I would LOVE to try this product as I am deathly afraid of poking needles in my skin and I fear those deep creases are here to stay!

    On another note, I wonder what this product would do for my 15 year old son’s acne?

  40. Wow, great deal! I would love to try this, maybe it would work to prevent and repair?

  41. I am getting old and my skin is showing it. Gosh, where has all the wrinkles and sagging skin come from. I am turning into my Mom! I have just started using some of Perricone’s products so I hope I see the results fast…

  42. In May I had botox to try to correct the “11″ on my forehead and it really did nothing. The end of July, I used the Light Therapy and my lines decreased considerably. I found the therapy relaxing and soothing and missed doing the treatments once I finished.

  43. I have to say that I purchased this product about 6 months ago and I love it! I even purchased it at full price so anyone who got to take advantage of this deal was lucky! I probably would have bought a back-up if I had seen this deal in time. Although I am just now beginning to be concerned about aging, I originally became familiar with Dr. Perricone through his Acne Solution book. I really changed the way I ate and took care of my skin and actually began getting compliments on my skin instead of being embarrassed of it. Now that I am getting older I wanted some solutions that would help slow the visible aging process. Light Therapy is, i think, a great way to do that. It actually feels very pleasant and it has made a visible difference in the tone and elasticity of my skin. As an added bonus it also makes the circulation in my cheeks better and plumps the lip area. So even though it is easy enough to use when you are just sitting, watching TV or just out of the shower, you better believe I always use it before a big night out!

    As an added bonus the light therapy came with a free samples of the lip plumper and that is now my next ‘must buy’ product. It helps with the textures and ‘plumpness’ of my lips, and is especially great for me because I am a lip-bighter who otherwise has had trouble with lipsticks, etc. It is a great product that I would recommend even with the limited use from the samples.

  44. Am very intrigued by the light therapy concept; have been ever since I learned about light therapies usage in dermatology from one of Dr. Perricones books (not sure which one, I have several of his books). I am wondering if light therapy would work for me; I also have heard/seen that it is very expensive in a doctor’s office or med-spa, so an at home, self-applied treatment might be an attractive option…think I would enjoy testing out this product.

  45. Im not familiar with the light therapy! But if Dr. Perricone believes in it I believe in it. All his products are wonderful. Although a bit expensive I fee they are worth it. Thanks !

  46. I started using Dr. Perricone’s products about 8 years ago and they are absolutely wonderful! He is a genius and using his products has made my skin glow and there are just no wrinkles to be found on my face (age 63)thanks to his products. Yes, they are expensive but a little of his creams, serums, lotions, facial wash go a long way and lasts for months so in the end it is not expensive!!!! Try his products and you will see results almost immediately! Every woman deserves to look her best and thanks to Dr. Perricone YOU CAN!

  47. I am going to be 54 in a couple of months, the wrinkles are really starting to show. This product looks like just what I need. I have tried several of Dr. Perricone products and they all work great, I am sure this will too.

  48. I have seen articles and news reports regarding light therapy, and have also seen these type of treatments available at high cost at the skin care clinic where I receive laser treatments. It is nice that Perricone offers a system for individual’s to use in their home.

  49. Interesting product. I’ve heard plenty about light therapy & wondered how it would perform. If it has the Perricone name on it, it must be good!

  50. I am not familiar with light therapy to help with wrinkles. It is nice that deluxe samples are included with this too to make a complete kit.