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Today’s Value of the Day is our incredible Light Renewal Therapy – Perricone MD LIGHT Renewal brings light therapy into the home. Light therapy softens fine lines and wrinkles, while improving the appearance of skin’s tone, texture and firmness. Skin will be restored to its radiant and youthful appearance. LIGHT Renewal is offered with deluxe samples sizes of Nourishing Milky Cleanser and Serum Prep to prepare skin to receive treatment.

Note To International Customers: Light Renewal is powered by a 3-pronged North American Type B plug. We ship converters for countries which do not use this plug type.

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Light Renewal emits two colors of light at different wavelengths: 830 nano meters of near infrared light and 633 nano meters of visible red light. Used in conjunction, these wavelengths target collagen and elastin production and fine lines and wrinkles.

A full course of treatment consists of 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks; alternating the near infrared and the visible red light. Light Renewal was tested on the periorbital area, but works effectively all over the face. If treating multiple areas of concern; pick one area, complete a full treatment and move onto the next area of concern.

Dr. Perricone talks about light therapy in the video below:

Place the transparent lens of Light Renewal on the periorbital area after cleansing and applying Facial Serum Prep. The exact protocol used in the Cornell University study is as follows:

4 Week Protocol:
Monday- 20 minutes of near infrared on the right side periorbital area
Tuesday-20 minutes of near infrared on the left side periorbital area
Wednesday-30 minutes of the visible red light on the right side periorbital area
Thursday-30 minutes of the visible red light on the left side periorbital area

The best results will be seen between 3-7 weeks after treatments as the light stimulates natural healing processes that continue after using the device.

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  1. ho comprato light renewal non ho capito bene come utilizzarlo.

  2. [...] Perricone’s at home, light therapy device emits two colors of light at different wavelengths, 830nm of near infrared (invisible) light [...]

  3. I am Caucasian female and 61 years old. I
    have read your books and I try to keep fit and take care of my face and body.
    I am usually taken for a lot younger than my actual age but lately I have noticed negative changes in my skin.
    I would love to test anything that would help. Thank you, Linda

  4. I have papoputular rosacea and am wondering if the “Perricone MD Light Therapy” would help.

  5. Dear Dr. Perricone, I would love to test your product. I have seen your shows, research your product online, and became one of your biggest admirers. Never yet bought your product yet. After being dissatisfied with hundreds of other product I became very spectacle. So you are my last resort, I want to find a product that I can stick to for rest of my life. Please let me test your product. I am 50, have large pours and fine wrinkles and uneven skin tone…

  6. For about $50 you can buy a Red/Blue LED light bulb on Amazon or Ebay. I use a gooseneck lamp and put in on my face 20 minutes a day three times a week. No heat, no burning, and the results are noticable to me. Not necessary to buy expensive products – LED’s are LED’s. Check out the medical studies on LED for pain relief, ad skin therapy.