Is There an Effective Alternative to Surgery? Try Face Lift Cream

e of the sure signs of youth is tight, firm skin. As skin ages, it loses the elasticity it once had and takes on a sagging appearance. Some think surgery is the only way to remedy this, but there is a less intrusive and safer option available: the application of a face lift cream.

In order to treat sagging skin, it is best to know:

What Causes Skin to Lose its Firmness

Firmness in skin is determined by its collagen and elastin levels. When the levels of these proteins lessen, the skin begins to develop wrinkle lines, creases and takes on a sagging appearance. Why? These two proteins allow for the rubber band-like ability young skin has to bounce back after it it has been stretched. So when collagen and elastin levels decrease, so does skin’s elasticity.

In order to maintain high collagen and elastin levels for as long as possible, there are several precautionary measures that can be taken, including avoiding the sun and not smoking. This is because the ultraviolet rays from the sun and the smoke from cigarettes release enzymes, including matrix metalloproteinases which break down collagen.

Another step to take is to begin an anti-aging skin treatment regimen. One possible treatment option to include in this regimen is a face lift cream.

To choose the best face lift cream, it is important to know what ingredients to look for.

Powerful Face Lift Cream Ingredients

Do you know what face cream ingredients work? It is important to find ingredients that not only firm and lift, but add protection as well.

Ingredients to look for include:

  • Neuropeptides are small, protein-like molecules that neurons use to communicate with each other. These molecules increase production of collagen and elastin and help with circulation.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant located in nearly every cell of the body. It protects the cells from damaging free radicals and increases the healing potential of other antioxidants.
  • DMAE is important in the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is involved with muscle activity, so DMAE firms skin by working to stimulate increased tone in the muscles behind the face.
  • Phospholipids attract water from the environment and lock in moisture where hydration is needed.

Dr. Perricone understands the importance of products with face lift ingredients and has created many of his own face lift creams, including the Perricone MD High Potency Eye Lift Cream. This cream includes DMAE and Phospholipids to immediately lift the skin around the eye area, the area where signs of aging usually appear first.

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