Is There a Wrinkle Cure? Dr. Nicholas Perricone Says Yes

Many surrender to the idea that wrinkles are an unavoidable result of years gone by. However, Nicholas Perricone, M.D. looks at aging differently. He thinks there may just be a wrinkle cure.

He says, “Wrinkled, sagging skin is not the inevitable result of growing older. It is a disease and you can fight it. You can look your best, feel your best, and enjoy beautiful skin and optimal health every day of your life.”

How is this possible? Is there really a wrinkle cure?

Read on to find out what causes aging and why Dr. Perricone stands by his belief.

This article will discuss:

Inflammation: The Culprit

Dr. Perricone concluded after years of research that the underlying cause of wrinkles is inflammation. Rather than redness visible to the naked eye, inflammation is microscopic irritation in cells that leads to cellular damage. What this means for the skin is problems like breakouts, dullness, sagging, and of course, the subject at hand, wrinkles. Inflammation is also the single greatest precipitator of age-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and certain forms of cancer.

Before finding out what causes inflammation, watch Dr. Perricone personally discuss what inflammation is in the video below:

What triggers inflammation?

Cellular inflammation is caused by a variety of external factors, such as a pro-inflammatory diet and overexposure to ultraviolet light. Foods that are pro-inflammatory include all sugars, processed foods, pasta, breads, pastries, baked goods, and snacks like rice cakes and pretzels.

Dr. Perricone treats inflammation in 3 ways, through:

  1. Diet
  2. Nutriceutical supplements
  3. Cosmeceuticals

Through this 3-tier program, inflammation can be stopped, slowing down the aging process and reversing existing damage.

Anti-inflammatories: The Wrinkle Cure

If inflammatory damage at the microscopic level is the cause of wrinkles, the opposite, anti-inflammatories, can help cure. Antioxidants, for example, are natural anti-inflammatories that protect against inflammation that causes cellular damage.

Where can you find anti-inflammatories?

Diet and nutritional supplements can help provide the body with the anti-inflammatories it needs to stay youthful and strong. At the basic level, an anti-inflammatory diet involves eating protein, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, as well as drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. Meanwhile, nutritional supplements that include natural anti-inflammatories also helps work against damage.

Additionally, cosmeceuticals formulated with antioxidants like alpha lipoic acid and other anti-inflammatories, like DMAE, can act as a wrinkle cure by treating from the outside, in.

Want to learn more about Dr. Perricone’s wrinkle cure? The Wrinkle Cure (Warner Books 1998), one of Dr. Perricone’s New York Times #1 best sellers, is your guide to wrinkle-free skin for a lifetime. It provides an in-depth background on his research behind his Inflammation Theory of Aging and explains the formulations behind his anti-aging products.

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  1. I subscribe to the natural solutions when it comes to my health, diet and skin care and wouldn’t dream of going under the kife, ever! But lately I am noticing the wrinkles and the sagging on my face and it is really depressing to me. Especially because I work so hard and am so faithful when it comes to eating right and drinking good clean water. I believe that your products will help me and I would love more than anything to try them!

  2. I subscribe to the natural solutions when it comes to my health, diet and skin care and wouldn’t dream of going under the kife, ever! But lately I am noticing the wrinkles and the sagging on my face and it is really depressing to me. Especially because I work so hard and am so faithful when it comes to eating right and drinking good clean water. I beleive that your products will help me and I would love more than anything to try them!

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