Is There a Wrinkle Cure? Dr. Nicholas Perricone Says Yes

Many surrender to the idea that wrinkles are an unavoidable result of years gone by. However, Nicholas Perricone, M.D. looks at aging differently. He thinks there may just be a wrinkle cure.

He says, “Wrinkled, sagging skin is not the inevitable result of growing older. It is a disease and you can fight it. You can look your best, feel your best, and enjoy beautiful skin and optimal health every day of your life.”

How is this possible? Is there really a wrinkle cure?

Read on to find out what causes aging and why Dr. Perricone stands by his belief.

This article will discuss:

Inflammation: The Culprit

Dr. Perricone concluded after years of research that the underlying cause of wrinkles is inflammation. Rather than redness visible to the naked eye, inflammation is microscopic irritation in cells that leads to cellular damage. What this means for the skin is problems like breakouts, dullness, sagging, and of course, the subject at hand, wrinkles. Inflammation is also the single greatest precipitator of age-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and certain forms of cancer.

Before finding out what causes inflammation, watch Dr. Perricone personally discuss what inflammation is in the video below:

What triggers inflammation?

Cellular inflammation is caused by a variety of external factors, such as a pro-inflammatory diet and overexposure to ultraviolet light. Foods that are pro-inflammatory include all sugars, processed foods, pasta, breads, pastries, baked goods, and snacks like rice cakes and pretzels.

Dr. Perricone treats inflammation in 3 ways, through:

  1. Diet
  2. Nutriceutical supplements
  3. Cosmeceuticals

Through this 3-tier program, inflammation can be stopped, slowing down the aging process and reversing existing damage.

Anti-inflammatories: The Wrinkle Cure

If inflammatory damage at the microscopic level is the cause of wrinkles, the opposite, anti-inflammatories, can help cure. Antioxidants, for example, are natural anti-inflammatories that protect against inflammation that causes cellular damage.

Where can you find anti-inflammatories?

Diet and nutritional supplements can help provide the body with the anti-inflammatories it needs to stay youthful and strong. At the basic level, an anti-inflammatory diet involves eating protein, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, as well as drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. Meanwhile, nutritional supplements that include natural anti-inflammatories also helps work against damage.

Additionally, cosmeceuticals formulated with antioxidants like alpha lipoic acid and other anti-inflammatories, like DMAE, can act as a wrinkle cure by treating from the outside, in.

Want to learn more about Dr. Perricone’s wrinkle cure? The Wrinkle Cure (Warner Books 1998), one of Dr. Perricone’s New York Times #1 best sellers, is your guide to wrinkle-free skin for a lifetime. It provides an in-depth background on his research behind his Inflammation Theory of Aging and explains the formulations behind his anti-aging products.

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  1. Hi, I just turned 55′, and I have always looked young for my age. I am starting to have the unwanted loose skin in my neck and sagging around the jawline. I also want to get rid of the deflated areas on either side of nose. I am hoping your product is something that would help. Thank you!

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  3. I made an observation ydsreteay. You know how your parents always tell you to take a shower every day and wash your face to stay clean and healthy. Well it is true, but I noticed that whenever most people wash there face that have acne break out or for that matter have pimples. Like if you worked out really hard and sweated and didn’t wash your face for a couple of days or more your face actually starts to clear up! So I did a little research on Sebum. I found out that Sebum forms part of oil that coats the skin. Sweat, lipids and environmental dirt are other ingredients of the oil on the skin. This oil protects skin from BACTERIAL INFECTION(ACNE!). It also reduces the natural water loss from the skin(WRINKLES). I thought to myself WOW!! Could it be that were actually causing our own problems!! I realized then that washing your face actually washes away the good oil(sebum) and causes more sebum to come back even more.. but after that wash of the face you remove that skin protection!I asked my wife who has beautiful clear skin without ever getting acne if she ever washed her face or put anything on it. She told me that she never puts anything on her face and never washes her face with water. The only time it gets wet is maby from washing her hair or from going swimming in the lake. I am pretty convinved that peoples own sebum might actually be the cure for our acne. If we keep washing our face we are removing that protective oil on our skin, then it comes back even more oily and aggravates the bacteria that has formed because of the last washing of the face wich removed that sebum protection.Ok then why does the pores get blocked?

  4. need help with dull skin, dark undereyes and fine lines

  5. I am 15 years old boy…
    My father is a smoker …
    So I had to breathe second-hand smoke every day
    I went through the premature ageing …
    So I really need your product because I look 20 years older than my actual age…
    I really need your help :(

  6. I am 75 not overweight do not smoke eat salmon

  7. I have been searching for products that are healthy for your skin and without toxic ingredients. I have tried various products, often I end up with pimples. So far my skin seems to be used to Avon Anew, but I am concerned with the ingredients. Also I am finding that someof the products are very expensive and I end up wasting money and getting now where, except for wrinkles! I think my 90 year mother looks better. I watch my diet and take vitamins so what else can I do?

  8. I have tried tretinoin and obagi products even chemical peel. I did not see any difference. obagi somewhat improve the texture but so far I did not get benefit of the wrinkles from any product. I have heart burn problem and sitting job. I am very attractive and have skinny nice body. But when I dont exercise it cause bloating sometimes. I would bless you if there is a cure. Otherwise ):

  9. I would like to try. I statrted noticing lines and wrinkles and see if it does something or not. Or just the fake add

  10. I am a 53yr. old active woman with sun damaged wrinkled skin. Help!

  11. I have tried everything, even paid the big bucks for thermage. Four months later results are only noticeable with magnification. I have two more months for optimum results. I would love to test the Perricone products.

  12. I have been using Retin A .1% since 1980. I used this product because of a severe pregnancy mask that occurred while giving birth to my daughter.
    I have had many compliments on my age in the past.
    I am noticing some sagging around my jawline and those wicked fall down lines at the corners of my mouth.
    If Perricone can show me some results, I will be a believer. I’ll be 58 on Jan. 18th.
    Miss Debbie Fisher
    8965 Kal. Lk. Rd.
    Colstream B C

  13. I look awful! I have 7 siblings and none of them are as wrinkled as I am. I would like to try your product, diet, etc. to see if it would make me look less wrinkled. I am a teacher and 54 years old! I feel young, but look tired and old. Can’t afford and don’t really want to go under the knife!

  14. As I wrote before, I would love to be a product tester…I have tried Dr. Perricone’s products in free samples, and they are great, but unfortunately, I can’t afford them….I found some on sale at Nordstrom’s rack…actually 50%+ off….so I bought some…not sure if they are the correct ones. I do the antinflammatory diet; have been doing it since I had my first bout of cancer in 2002 (just finished my second bout treatment a few weeks ago.

  15. I just turned 41, but everyone guesses me much younger. I read the Perricone Promise many years ago and have always told my friends and everyone about it. I’m just starting to notice some fine lines, etc. I’m just starting to get back into my Salmon diet. I haven’t been able to purchase the products, but would love to see how they can stop aging in it’s tracks. thanks! gina

  16. 45 years old! always looked ten years younger until now! dry skin, forehead wrinkles sagging jawline and lip wrinkles etc,etc. I dont like the idea of surgery or botox not into pain. I would like to become a tester because vanity! pure vanity! plus have tried every falsely @#$%!!@&^%$ advertised face cream they dont work !!! your 3 easy steps perricone promise seems to me to be a well thought out inteligent way and after spending a small fortune on @!$%#$%%@ snake oil promises have none not one $ to spare on self. kind regards vain old bat.XX.

  17. Hello, I am 62 years old and disabled. I am not as active as I use to be due to the disability. Suddenly over the past year or two I have been getting deep wrinkles and sagging around the mouth area. I have tried several different skincare products and nothing really works. I have heard that your products actually work, but I cannot afford to buy them, so I would love to test your skincare products. Thank you for considering me as a tester. If you don’t choose me, I will understand. Again thank you very much. Sue

  18. I would love to try this. I’m 61 and always looked very young until I moved to the desert SW. I protect myself, have always eaten well; juicing, mostly veges and fruits, all organically raised and mostly by me. But also have always had dry skin and hair and extreme sensitivity to many products so all I ever used before moving here was olive oil and aloe vera. Now I’m at a loss and can’t afford testing and trialing.


  20. I have read, researched, investigated, etc. on many products and yours looks so inviting but financially not obtainable to me. I am going to be 49 years old and I believe I look okay except the past few years the lines around my mouth look like I am a hard core smoker and I never have been. I cannot believe that it is so focused on that area and the rest of my face appears to be okay for my age. I will never do surgery. I would love some advise on what product to start with if I ever do have the oppurtunity to be able to financially purchase your products in the future. I am not going to purchase any products and save so I can start with yours. I just need to know hat product I should start with due to my financial situation.

    Thank you and have a good day,

    Stephanie L. Duffy

  21. I would love to test Dr. Perricone’s products. I have read his books, and he makes alot of sense.

  22. I am 46, overworked mother of 3 wonderful adopted girls all very close in age. I and came across The Wrinkle Cure book while searching for a book on exercising about 3 yars ago. I used only the suggested dietary supplements, the eye cream/serum treatment duo, face firming activator, and nighttime restorative treatment. I only loosely followed the recommended food/diet recommendations but did eat healthier. I started in November. I noticed results about 6 or 8 weeks into the plan and continued to get improvement for many more months. I didn’t see my neighbor, except at a distance, over the winter. When I spoke to him at length in May he asked if I had a face lift over the winter! besides the increased firmness, disappearance of wrinkles and fine lines, the red nose and cheeks I sometimes got were no more. This isn’t a paid testimonial and I have nothing to do with the Perricone network. I am truly just a very satisfied customer in Louisville, KY who is now the beauty go to girl in her network of friends, family, sometimes coworkers, and who is now Dr. Perricone’s biggest publicist. This regimen is an amazing discovery and those who are negative either have not tried it, aren’t remotely consistent, or need something to write about. Dr Perricone does recommend his own products, but he also recommends other brands and the supplements can be purchased anywhere. Love, love this regimine but fell off of the plan in June when I ended a relationship and I’m sarting to notice a loss of results I had achieved. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things because I loved what it did for my face and skin. Angela Payne

  23. I have deep creases in my forehead and in between my eyes that I just can’t stand looking at! I have tried many products to no avail. I desperately need to find something that works! Yes, I know I am 45 but I don’t want the wrinkles!

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  25. i came accross your book,wrinkle cure,purely by accident and it now rests in my bookcase, i found it of valuable information and i am about to put it to the test firstly with the supplements you recommend but would love to support it with the opportunity to try your products,i really want to avoid ageing for as long as is possable, till i nolonger care,i have faith in what you say. ang x

  26. I have polycystic ovearian syndrom and have always had a tendency to mild acne. Now I also have sun damage and age (51).
    Products that address mature skin tend to aggravate the acne.
    I know the Perricone approach is different.
    I would like to get a more comprehnsive approach.
    I sometimes work part time in spas so I potentially could be a walking advertisement and help sell the products.

  27. I would like to test your product as I am becoming quite self conscious of my wrinkles. Particularly those above my top lip.